"I'll never forget the songs we used to play

And when I put 'em on

The feeling never fades out my body

I hope you're thinking of me,"

"Promise me this is forever." I practically pleaded, looking up into his ocean eyes like they were holding all the answers.

I noticed the corner of his lips curve into that lazy smile of his, as he lowered his face to mine and whispers, "I promise."

The huskiness of his voice set everything in me on fire, and for all I know, I was ready and willing to give myself up to him entirely. It's like whenever I was with him, everything around would no longer be relevant, and in this crazy, uncertain world it was just me and him.

We held the eye-contact for what felt like eternity, when he finally pressed his mouth against my pouty lips. All too eager, I accepted the invitation and effectively connected our lips in a hungry kiss. It's like I'm always starving for his kisses, his love and for him in general.

His moves were slow but passionate, as he stroked the inside of my mouth. It felt as if the world had stopped spinning, and we were the only ones living in it. There was never anything rushed about him or his movements, as he alternated between gently nipping at my lip and pulling me in ferociously. He always left me wanting more.

The warmth of his hands engulfed my entire body, as I felt his grip on my bare thigh tighten and my red polka-dot dress slowly ride up. I could never get enough of him and the feeling that jolted through me each time that his skin met mine. His long, skilful fingers were literally an inch away from my crotch and I couldn't stop the desire from washing over me at the thought of him touching me there, like he had done so many times before.

Before I know it, he has me pinned against the tree and he places his knee in-between my legs, holding me in position. My arms instinctively wrap around his neck, and I pour everything that I have into our kiss, caressing the skin at the nape of his neck, knowing just how much he loves it.

"Elena," I heard him gasp between our kisses, as his mouth moved down to my neck and I his fingertips danced along my collarbone, heading for the top-button of my dress.

The black leather jacket was long gone when I ran my hands down his bare shoulders, craving the warmth of his skin and needing to rid him of any unnecessary clothing. I was too distracted by his hot mouth trailing a path down the valley between my breasts, so I missed the exact moment in which he slid both hands under my knees, so that my legs could easily wrap themselves around his waist.

We stumbled over to the blanket, our bodies entangled in one another, as he laid me down next to our picnic basket. It was dark already, but the summer heat was still prominent despite the time. The only thing that I could hear was the sound of our hearts beating rapidly, and the soft moans that escaped our lips ever so often. It was the sweetest melody to exist, and in that moment, I knew that I was at my happiest.

In the middle of nowhere, shamelessly naked and drowning in love, with my Damon.

"There won't be a night, there won't be a place

Where you don't cross my mind

Where I don't see your face in somebody

I hope you're thinking of me."

"Thank you so much for joining us tonight, we cannot wait to hear your review." I flashed a smile and shook the hand of yet another nameless face.

Well, maybe not completely nameless. The majority of these people received exclusive invites to attend the event, and when it came to selecting the right people that would give our new brand the boost that it needed, we did our research to a T. Influencers, distributors, agents - you name them, and they were here.

Tonight, was the second most important day of my career, and being the usual pessimist, I was kind of expecting something to go wrong. But thankfully, none of my ludicrous fears turned into reality, and it's safe to declare the night an epic success.

Clearly both Caroline and I were on the same page, as she approached me with the biggest smile plastered on her face, armoured with a glass of champagne in each hand.

"This is amazing Elena! It's just how we pictured it would be." She gushed in my ear, her voice literally beaming with excitement.

I returned the smile, admiring the interiors one more time. "Yep, the venue, DJ, open bar. All of it really is perfect. Rebekah sure knows what she's doing."

"Ah, perfect is an understatement." Our glasses clicked, before we each took a long, satisfying sip of the bubbly drink. "Have you seen all these people interested in doing business with us? I mean it's crazy, Varese was just a name on a piece of paper a year ago and now here we are." She said dreamily, and it reminded me of all the nights that we spent planning, drawing, arguing, laughing and sometimes even crying.

Honestly, I never even dreamed of owning a business, the way this all panned out took me by surprise. I always had a passion for drawing and designing, which is what drove me to majoring in Art and spending long hot summers in Italy, a place which I derived most of my inspiration from. And if you thought that my parents weren't happy with my choice, then you'd be totally right. But luckily for them, they got over it eventually.

For years I used to just freelance, fulfilling the creative side of me, but for most of the time I worked bar shifts just to cover the basic expenses. So, when we realised that Caroline's crazy, alcohol infused idea could turn into a great business, we didn't think twice before we spent all of our savings on making it happen. And here we were, throwing our second collection launch party for Varese, our online jewellery store.

"Well, all it took was my designing and your marketing-business tailored brain." I laughed at the statement, just as Tyler joined us. He seemed to be in a very cheery mood, and well I must admit that seeing him here makes me happy. I'd lie if I said that he didn't have a part in our success.

"Congratulations m'ladies, you did a heck of a job." He smacked a big kiss on both our cheeks, before sliding back next to Care and hanging an arm around her waist.

When they first started dating, we all thought they'd never last. Now that may sound harsh, but if you knew them personally then you would know what I mean by that. But I love that things turned out the way they did, because it just so happened that they were perfect for each other and I got to be a bridesmaid at their wedding last summer.

"Aw, thank you baby." She pecked him on the lips, and they stared into each other's eyes long enough to make me feel like the fifth wheel.

I downed the rest of my drink in one swift motion, trying to block out the thought of my plus one being late once again, but considering that it's an event that meant so much to me, the disappointment has the right to hit a little harder today. I love Enzo, I really do, and I know for a fact that he loves me too. But it's moments like this that really made me realise how his job and the life that he led outside of us kept taking priority, and I think that I'm slowly beginning to lose my patience.

"Oh babe, come on." I heard a faint voice coming from somewhere behind me, and I was convinced that it was Enzo finally showing up and ready to apologise.

But the second I turned around; my heart literally stopped.


I was basically staring, but now that my eyes have found him, I just couldn't look away. So many years have passed, and I would still recognise those crystal blue orbs in a room full of people. And once upon a time, I would have given everything just to see him again, to have the chance to speak to him that one last time. But now that I've cried out all my tears and left that chapter behind, I didn't know what to think, feel or do.

I finally managed to come to my senses and drag my eyes away from his face, before he had the chance to realise that I was standing across the room from him. Now that we were nothing to one another, I wouldn't even know how to act around him. The last time that we saw each other we were so in love, or so I thought. But now that he was actually here, my stupid heart was struggling to recall that we were just perfect strangers.

What was Damon doing at one of the biggest events of my life? I haven't seen him or heard about him since that day, when I decided to do everything in my power to block him out and ignore that part of my life. So, what the hell was he doing here twelve years later? And why did it bother me so damn much that he was here with a woman? Gosh, he was probably married by now, maybe even a father... And yet some naive part of me really did hope that he would never find anyone else again.

"Elena? Is that you?"

Oh fuck.

A/N: Hey guys, I know it's been a while. I apologise for disappearing, I really do. It's just been a struggle recently, and I had a rush of inspiration and I wrote this. I don't know if it's a one shot or maybe a story with a future, I just wanted to share. In terms of my other stories, I promise I am working on them and hoping to update soon. Let me know your thoughts, if you're still here reading my work. Stay safe, and take care everyone.