The Foreigner and the Sunflower

This is a story about acceptance. Actually, this is a story more about love and the will to do whatever it takes to see the person you care for the most smile like everything will be ok. This is the story in how a foreigner was a saved and how he fell in love.

*A slave ship heading from the Temujin Continent traveling near the Land of Fire Territory. Inside the boat held 200 slaves of men, women and child each brandishing a slave tattoo on each of their hand, each and everyone of them starving and huddling for warmth as a group of pirates look over them*

"Damn, this is going to be a good pay day for us" said a pirate crewmate walking over the skinny slaves due to the lack of nourishments. He looks to his fellow crewmate and asked, "Hey deckhand who are we sending these poor souls to?" as he looks at a young boy no more than six years old with pure amber eyes and long brown scruffy hair who looked well nourished compared to everyone else bared the number thirteen on his right hand. The pirate smiles and grabs the boy by the hair spoke "Well what do we have here? A lad like you shouldn't be this healthy? Have you been stealing rations from your fellow slaves?" The boy just stands there with his amber eyes not glimmering with any hope of survival as his hair is being pulled from his skull. The pirate scuffs and throws the boy aside and looks down at him and spoke "Let's just hope this Orochimaru bastard pays us good money."

As the boy lays there with no hope, the men and women gather around him, and the boy smiles as he looks to one of the child slaves who then presents a key which belonged to the pirate mate. The boy began to unlock several of the cuffs and one of the women came up to him and spoke softly "Bless you young lad for your idea" the boy simple nods and by doing so the woman holds him and in the act startles him "Are goal is to take over this ship as soon as possible to help save are children and swim to the nearest islands for escaping."

The boy looks at hear and tries to uncuff most of the kids only being able to total around twenty kids. The men and women now free from their cuffs, silently knocking out the pirate mates began to present flint pistols to the children and continued to whisper "Use these in-case of emergencies, these will help you to obtain food and to survive." The children began to aboard a Dinghy as there were prepped for their descent for the ocean "Row towards the island and don't look back you here." The boy with the thirteen looks at her and nods and the woman gently descends the Dinghy into the ocean with the kids unsure how to row a boat. The boy tries his best to imitate in what the pirate done when hey first captured him from his home but do to lacking strength he wasn't able to get them far even with the assistance from the fellow kids. As they slowly drift away, gun shots began to blare out with men and women screaming in pain and fear. Fellow kids began to cry but was not able to be heard do to the sounds of the waves blocking them out as they watch as fire began to spread over the ship and the kids drift away further towards the island.

It's been two days since the boat burned down into the ocean and only seven kids have survived the night with some of the kids dying from illness, the lack of food to sustain them and others taking their chance to swim to shore but drowned from the way. Little by little the seven kids learned from trial and error into learning how to row a boat. A teenage boy with blonde short hair who bared the number four on his wrist looks at the boy with the number thirteen and spoke "Thank you for saving us from those slave dealers" The boy with the amber eyes looked at the blonde before him and took note of his appearance of being a young sleep deprived teen and skinny beyond any recognition of previous state. The boy simple nods "Do you not know how to speak" the amber eyed boy shakes his head no "Are you to scared to speak" and the boy paused for a second and nods with a yes "Well were almost close to the island, then we can have a chance of surviving." The boy looks at this teen with hope in his amber eyes believing he was right and that there was a chance of survival.

As the boat drifted ashore, the seven kids feebly walked out the boat. The boy with amber eyes looked over the lifeless bodies of his fellow children took what little black powder and bullets were left and took a spare flintlock in case of emergencies and made his way into the forest while catching up to the others and as they walked what seemed like hours came across a building with a snake head as its entrance. The kids stand their scared and walked towards the building marveling at the complexity of its works and the boy baring the four gains the courage to walk up to the door and knock on its frame. No one came to answer the door, until a faint unlocking is heard, and the door began to open and standing before them was a tall pale figure with yellow snake like eyes and looks down at them.

"Well how can I help you today children?"

The kids stand there in shock and awe at this albino man in front of them trying to figure if he was a threat or not.

"Who are you?" said the boy baring the number four as he gives the pale man a look of distrust.

The pale figure gives a questioned look not understanding this boy's language but finally takes notice of his mark and eases his presence and spoke.

"Why dear child, I am a doctor and by looking at your current status I can tell you need a current place to dwell and recover."

The pale figure opens his door wide open and signals them to come in.

Each child was hesitant to enter this stranger home but the boy with amber eyes having no choice entered the house first in hope of having a better place to rest then out there in the woods. So, each child follows through and the last one to enter was the blonde hair boy baring the number four and looks at the pale figure.

"I have my eye on you pale man" as he looks at him with a burning glare.

"My dear child, this is the start of something wonderful for all of you and me" as he begins to close the door.

Days have passed and the seven kids began to recover quickly and started to gain meat on their bodies. However, something negative did have to come to this, see there were times the pale man would take kids back to his check up room and kids would leave out with needle marks on them and a new black brand marked would appear out of nowhere. By each day a child would get deathly ill and the pale man would guide them away reassuring them that it will be alright and that he would help, after that time would pass and he would return just by himself saying that they were resting. This process would go down till it was the blonde teen and the boy with amber eyes. The pale figure decides one day to examine over the amber eye boy and his current progress.

"Today is Sunday December 27 it is currently 3:00pm Day 21 since the children entered my humble abode"

He began to examine the boy

"During the 21 day stay, this rare amber eyed child made a quick recovery in gaining back his average weight and his eyesight being spectacular"

He begins to touch the boy's equipment

"It would appear he brought a mechanism that I'm all to well aware of being a firearm utilizing the power of black power and metal to injury those who go against them"

The pale figure goes to a cart and pulls out a syringe filled with black fluid and stops his recording.

"Dear child, I am going to inject into you a stimulate that will help your chakra and help with your lack of strength" he said in the boy natural tongue

The boy nods and accepts the pale man offer to help him.

As the pale man smiles, he injects the liquid into the boy's wrist.

"This poor foolish child, little does he know he will be sixth subject of Project Zero Nine"

The pale man pulls out the needle and looks at the child and walks behind him. The boy looks at the glass reflection of the cabinet to see the pale man stretch his neck getting ready to bite the boy in his neck.

Suddenly the blonde teen bust through the door aiming the flintlock at the pale man and shot at him.

The small ball hits the pale man in the shoulder, and he turns around shooting his neck at the blonde teen biting his arm.

The blonde teen yells in pain


The amber eye boy stared in horror and grabbed his pouch and flintlocks and started running for the door.

"YOU CAN'T ESCAPE ME CHILD, I AM OROCHIMARU!" screamed the pale man as he begins to slither quickly behind him.

The amber eyed boy dashed through the door and closed it behind him and ran off into the forest and never looked back at that accursed building.

Time passed since he ran away from that building and the boy came across a trail in the road. The six-year-old boy stood there for a second trying to wrap his head what to do now, since he was now all by himself. Suddenly, a burning feeling began to spread all around him, and his head began to feel in pain. The boy drops on his knees screaming his lungs out for the first time and then everything around him turned black.

"Wake up…. Wake up….I refuse for you to die on me now since I found a suitable host" said a low growling voice.

A carriage was strolling through the road till they came to a complete stop.

"What is the meaning of this! Why have come to a halt!"

"Lord Hiashi it appears we have a incident!"

Walking out of the carriage was Hiashi Hyuga and behind his back was a little girl no more than five years old. The two Hyuga's walked toward the roadblock and looked at the exhausted child.

"This is a foreigner… no more than slave boy" Hiashi said as he looked down on the boy. He ponders for a moment.

"Throw him to the side we don't need him" he said in disgust.

But the little Hyuga girl goes up to the six-year-old boy to examine him closer. The little girl marvels at this new person in front of her. Just then she catches a glimmer of his amber eyes as he tries to wake.

"Hinata I demand you step away from that slave immediately" Hiashi spoke in a parental tone.

Hinata looks to her father and spoke

"Papa can we keep him?" spoke the white eyed little girl. Hiashi looks at Hinata with a serious glare and spoke.

"Absolutely not I refuse my clan to have such a worthless being near my quarters"

Just then a woman with dark blue long hair carrying a baby in her arms walked out.

"Dear what are you doing out of the carriage" said Hiashi in a concerned tone "Its not safe out here."

The woman approached the boy and looked at his mark of the number and frowns. She then looks at Hinata and spoke "Do you wish to help this boy Hinata?"

The little girl nods her head to her mother. The Female Hyuga turns around and faces Hiashi.

"My husband by my decree as a member of the Main Hyuga Branch, I place this boy life into Hinata Hyuga hands as her new servant. From this day on she can do whatever she likes to this child and in a fair exchange, when this boy recovers, he will receive proper training to survive and learn how to socialize in our society but in receive this he will soon be moved out of the Hyuga family household at the age of thirteen."

Hiashi stares at her with anger but slowly calms down

"Very well my dear, I will follow these terms… but he will not have any respect from me."

He orders the guards to pick up the boy and place him upfront of the wagon with the guards do to not trusting this boy.

The little white eyed girl watches as the boy is carried to the carriage and a little smile creeps up on her face believing she will make a new friend.