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The Blogger

Hermione sat in front of the microphone with her notes, wondering not for the first time what she was about becoming a blogger. Hearing a sound at the door, she saw Steve Rogers walking in. He looked sheepish and uncertain what he was doing there at all.

Giving him a comforting smile, she waved him to the chair across from her. "Hello, Captain…"

"Please call me Steve," he told her, looking at ease for the first time. "This place is amazing!"

She looked around the sound proofed room and admitted, "I haven't seen much of the palace outside of this room lately. Perhaps after the interview, we can look around? And later we can enjoy a meal waiting for us in the conservatory."

His eyes went a bit wide, murmuring, "So fancy."

Chuckling, she told him, "Honestly, Steve, I'm not exactly accustomed to such either. I may have gone to school in a castle, but I wasn't treated like royalty."

That had him chuckling. "It's…different."

"That it is," she agreed. "Would you like to go over the questions before we start recording? I wouldn't want to be accused of ambushing you."

"You don't strike me as one that would attack in such a way," he said, taking the questions along with her ideas for bullet points from her despite what he had said. "Hmm, what do you mean about others effected by the Accords outside of the superhero and mutant communities?"

"There are those that are being just as hurt by the Accords as those groups, but haven't had the protection or the aid those people have gotten," she told him. "Take for example, me. I have been fired from the university I was working at, I haven't been able to gain employment, and I have had to leave the United States. Care to guess why?"

He frowned. "I can't even begin to guess."

"I'm an elemental mage," she told him. "And because of people and their fears, I've been attacked and made to pay for things I've never done."

"An elemental mage?"

Smiling, she replied, "I'm a witch."

He looked at her alarmed.

"No, I am not evil. I am not a practicing wiccan, as that is a religion. I'm a magic user. Think your Scarlet Witch, but with years of training in several magical schools and a master sorcerer." Smiling she went on with, "I do not wave my wand willy-nilly and I don't curse for cursing sake." Hermione's lips pursed in anger. "And I'm being punished, because Secretary of State Ross has a beef with everyone who isn't like him. That's prejudice in anyone's book."

"That it is," he said, in awe of the woman in front of him. "But you're putting yourself into danger doing something like this."

She was silent a moment before she rolled up her left sleeve, revealing a scar. Frowning he took a closer look and found that it said a word.


"I was in a blood war when I was a child," she told him. "This fight going on right now, it's not the first time I fought for people's rights." She looked into his startling blue eyes, adding, "And I will continue to do so until I no longer draw breath. Not for myself, but for all those that can't."

He nodded. "You're a good person, Hermione."

"I…try." Taking a deep breath, she let it out slowly. "Let's get this done, shall we?" Turning on the equipment, she said, "Hello, one and all! Welcome to the War on the Wrong. We have a very special guest for you today…" She chuckled at his blushing, going on with, "Please welcome, Steve Rogers, AKA, the former Captain America."


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