Author Note: Another Caroline and Stefan story! This time it's gonna be during the high school years and instead of Stefan meeting and falling In love with Elena Gilbert. He meets and Falls in love with Caroline Forbes and Elena meets and Falls in love with Damon. This story is AU. But I'm gonna try to stay true to the show.


"Elena!" Caroline Exclaimed running up to her best friend and threw her arms around giving Elena a very tight but awkward hug."I am so sorry." She said letting her go and facing Bonnie." How is she? Is she okay?" Caroline asked.

"Caroline I'm right here and I am fine." Elena said with a nod and a small smile."I just want to forget about the horrible summer I had spent grieving my parents and move on." Of course, Elena was basically lying through her teeth right now she just hopes Caroline and Bonnie don't notice.

Caroline nods her head." Well, in that case, we have our first cheerleading practice after school-." Caroline's voice trailed off when she noticed a mysterious new student walking past her and her friends. She couldn't help but watch him walking into the main office. She didn't even notice Bonnie was trying to get her attention.

Bonnie than waves her hand in front of Caroline's face." Caroline. It's time to come back to earth now." Bonnie said with a small laugh and the sound of Elena snickering in her ear. Caroline blinks her eyes a couple of times as she felt her face starting to blush from embarrassment.

"Sorry guys. But did you noticed the new mystery student walking by here?" Caroline asked feeling her face blushing again bright red again. She then exhaled softly once the bell rung." Hold that thought. It's time for history class with our favorite teacher." Caroline said with an eye roll closing her locker the same time Elena and Bonnie closed theirs.

Walking into the classroom Caroline noticed the same mystery student sitting a few seats across from hers. Taking her seat between Bonnie and Elena." Now, do you guys see him?"Both Bonnie and Elena turn their heads when they now recognized the new mystery student sitting across from them. Bonnie leans forward and gave Caroline a nod of approval.

"He's hot you should definitely go for it," Bonnie said with a small smirk when Elena nods her head with an agreement," She's right Caroline, You should definitely go for it, Cause he is a hottie," Elena said with a smirk and snickers as she teases Caroline, Caroline just sat there barely listening to what Bonnie and Elena was saying as she couldn't keep her eyes off him, Caroline started to wonder who was this new mystery student that has gotten her so intrigued, Caroline can't quite put her finger on it but she knows there's something about him that she finds interesting and not to mention she is feeling very attracted to him already,

Stefan couldn't help but hear the three girls sitting across from him talking about him, He glances over and found himself staring at the beautiful blonde girl sitting in the middle of her friends, Her beauty and her smile that could light up a room has gotten his heart beating faster, He couldn't stop staring at her, The longer he watched her the more he wanted to get to close to her and get to know her, But how can he get closer to her without hurting her and revealing his secret?

Stefan had a hard time contracting in class when he kept looking over at her, The more he sat back and watch her the more he found her fascinating and interesting, The moment the bell rang once more Stefan sighs in relief. He stood up and gathered his things and walked past her and her friends out of the classroom, Stefan headed for his locker. Just as he opened up his locker Stefan stood there for a moment and started to listen in on her and her friends,

" Guys come one he was not checking me out," Caroline said as they headed for their lockers," Was he really checking me out?" Caroline asked as she opened up her locker and placing her history book back into her locker,

"Totally," Bonnie said as Elena also nods her head with a smirk, Caroline couldn't help but giggle as she felt her face starting to blush again," Alright maybe he was and maybe just maybe I was kinda checking him out too," Caroline said with a smirk and gently bit her bottom lip for a moment, Caroline then shrugged her shoulders shaking her head," Well doesn't matter cause I am sure a guy like that would never go for a girl like me," Caroline said truthfully, Out of the three of them Caroline hasn't really been so lucky in the boyfriend department, Actually Caroline never really had a real boyfriend, not since Freshmen year, She has had boys who are friends but never a boyfriend,

" I don't know Caroline but from where I was sitting and watching him checking you out, it's petty clear that he is interested in you," Bonnie said with a small smile, " But if your not gonna go talk to him then I will," Bonnie started to walk towards him when Caroline quickly stopped her by grabbing her by the wrist and pulling Bonnie back,

" Bonnie Bennett don't you dare," Caroline said letting go of her wrist." If anyone is gonna go talk to him, It's gonna be me," Caroline said as she just stood there frozen not able to move, Caroline could feel her breathe getting caught in her throat and her heart beating against her chest," What am I supposed to say to him?" Caroline asked nervously,

" Well you could start with saying hi, I hear that is a great conversation starter," Elena said giving Caroline a little push, Caroline took a deep breath in and exhaled out slowly nodding her head," Well here goes nothing," Caroline said as she walked up to him, Every step Caroline took walking towards him the more nervous she has become. She could feel the palms of her hands starting to sweat and her heart beating so fast that it could've practically fallen out of her chest,

Stefan couldn't help but smirk as he could feel her presence behind him, Stefan slowly turns around and faces the blonde beauty, Stefan stares deeply into her blue eyes. He breathes in deeply as he could feel the sweet scent of her perfume invading his nostrils. Stefan found her more beautiful even closer, Stefan then clears his throat." I'm Stefan," He said with a grin,

Caroline gasps at the sound of his voice, God even his voice sounds sexier, Caroline tried to find the right words to say, But instead she sad the first thing that came into her mind," I gotta go into the girls' bathroom."Caroline blurted out and ran into the bathroom door, Caroline walked over to the sink and leans against it as she sighs deeply when she heard the door opening and noticed Bonnie and Elena walking in,

" That was smooth Caroline," Elena said with a chuckle and threw her arm over her best friends shoulder," Real smooth," She said with a smirk,

Caroline scoffed and rolled her eyes," Whatever, Come on let's get to class," Caroline said ignoring her friends snickering and laughter, as she walked out of the bathroom and walked towards their English class, Walking in Caroline, suddenly stops when she noticed Stefan was sitting up front and not just up front but he was sitting in the seat right next to hers, Caroline decided to get over her embarrassment and start over, Caroline walked over and sat down next to him,

" I hope everything is okay," Stefan said as he watched her sitting down next to him." I hope I didn't embarrass you out there," Stefan said with a grin.

Caroline just snorted and shook her head," Of course don't be silly, I am sorry that I ran away like that, I don't always do that, You know what? Why don't we just start over, Hi I am Caroline." Caroline said extending her hand out towards him and smiles softly at him. The moment Caroline felt his hand against hers. Caroline gasps softly feeling the spark running up her arm.

Stefan smirks slightly by her reaction. Not was she gorgeous and sexy as hell. She was also cute. Bringing her hand up towards his lips. He gently kisses the back of her hand nodding his head." It's a pleasure to meet you, Caroline." He said with a grin slowly letting her hand go.

This is definitely gonna be an interesting school year. Now Stefan normally doesn't fall in love that easily and he usually tries to keep his distance when it comes to the opposite sex. Mainly because of his past and for obvious reasons. But now that he has gotten this close to Caroline. He wants to get even closer.

Later that night Stefan sat at his desk in his bedroom. Writing in his Journal.

I could still feel the touch of her hand against my lips. I could also smell the sweet scent of her perfume. The sound of her voice is sweet and gentle. All day I could barely focus in class cause all I could do is think about her and how badly I want her for myself and make her mine. But the question still remains. How can I get closer without ripping her throat out with my teeth? How can I tell her everything without telling her that I'm a vampire?.

After Stefan wrote that last question. He leans back against his chair running his hand down his face as he sighs deeply. He then looks over when he noticed a black crow sitting on the edge of his window. Which only meant one thing. Stefan stood up and turns around.


"Hello, Brother," Damon said with a smirk.

" What the hell you doing here?" Stefan questioned when he watched Damon walking around his room," If I remember said you will never set foot in this house let alone this town, So why are you here now?" Stefan question again shaking his head,

"What? Can't I come and see my little brother?" Damon asked with a smirk as he leans against Stefan's desk with his arms across over his chest," Are you saying your not happy to see me, little bro?" He asked with a smug smirk,

Stefan scoffed also crossing his arms over his chest," Damon you hate small towns, You get bored easily since there's nothing here for you to do, So I can't help but think your up to something and that something could be a very dangerous thing," Stefan staring his older brother," So tell me the real reason why your back in town cause I know for a fact it's not to come to see me,"

Damon just shrugged his shoulder and shook his head," Stefan I go no real reason of being here well maybe keeping my promise of giving you lifetime of misery," He grins devilishly," Which you know I haven't forgotten but luckily for you it's not gonna happen tonight, " Damon then reaches over and grabs Stefan's journal from his desk and started to thumb through it," So I see you're interested in a certain blonde," Damon smirks slightly closing the book and setting it back down on Stefan's desk,

" Stay away from her Damon," Stefan warned Damon with a low growl in his throat,

Damon threw his hands up in surrender." Don't worry Stefan, Blonde ain't really my type. I am more of a Burdette kind of guy and I do believe the blonde one has a friend name Elena Gilbert I believe, She's a dead ringer for Katherine, You remember Katherine right? Sexy little vixen that you told father about? The one who ended up burning alive in that church?"

" That's why you're interested in Elena because she looks at Katherine?"

Damon snorts and dropped his arms down his side, Pushing himself off of the desk." No, Stefan, I am interested in Elena Gilbert because she seems to be the kind of woman who wants passion. Adventure and little danger, I think I am that kind of man who can give that to her,"He smirks slightly," Here's an idea why don't you invite the girls over tomorrow after school, so that way you can get to know Caroline better and I can get to know Elena better."

Stefan sighs and then nods his head," Fine I will invite the girls tomorrow after school tomorrow,"

" Good," Damon said with a nod and a quick slap on Stefan's back, Damon then walked out of Stefan's room towards his to take a shower, Stefan walked over to his bed and groans ni frustration as he fell onto his bed, He ran his hands over his face as he started to wonder how the hell is gonna invite the girls over tomorrow without them being suspicious. Stefan knows Damon is up to something he just wishes he knew what,

Okay maybe not exactly like the show but still kinda close to it, xD,