There were three small blood splatters by the locker of a "Taylor Hebert". Colin frowned as he held the DNA scanner against the splatters. Four names registered on it, along with contamination from the multitude of other samples leaking from the locker.

At first, the police had received calls for three missing people, the PRT received one. It was thought to be yet another case of ABB kidnapping of young girls, but the kidnapping of Shadow Stalker being sent at the same time was disturbing. The last known location of all four students was at Winslow High School, where this… locker was found. The janitor was about to clean it until the BBPD came along with Armsmaster accompanied by PRT agents. Three Biohazardous Waste officers had to come by to clean and collect evidence of the gross abomination.

It was presumed that Taylor Hebert had undergone a Trigger Event due to the stress of being trapped with biological waste. Colin took his pictures and left to send a report to Director Piggot. When she received the report, the Director was outraged. Outraged at how Shadow Stalker, a Ward nonetheless, has not been discovered to have a hand at bullying someone. At causing that someone to trigger. She wrote down that the new Trigger will be not charged with anything for that incident. Trigger Events have always been excused seeing as most powers are uncontrolled at the time and usually can't be premediated. There wasn't much they can do with the parahuman having fled the scene. They'll just have to wait for the person of interest to return to her home. The young girl has no criminal record or psychological profile that may point towards insanity. The closest thing would be depression caused by the death of her mother. Mr. Hebert was barely helpful, apparently going through the motions and barely caring about his daughter until they mentioned her disappearance. This is going to be quite the investigation. As long as she doesn't murder more, she should be free from the law, albeit being forced to join the Wards.

That was until when the night came. She didn't return. Instead, there were calls of thieves and would-be rapists screaming in pain as something white crawled up to him and disappearing. Every time Colin arrived at the scene with the shaken person, there was the blood splatter of someone with a criminal record. Someone is consuming the criminals. Extreme vigilantism at its finest. Most likely Taylor Hebert, still. A twisted psyche.

The Merchants are on the warpath. Squealer's monstrous creations had started tearing the streets up, looking for someone. Apparently, Skidmark had died. Nobody heard his screamings and when the police came by, the Merchants had evacuated the building, they found forcefields made of chalk and a bizarre chalk glyph blocking the windows. Nothing they could do would break the force field until someone had the idea to try breaking the ground the forcefield was on. It worked and the PRT agents entered the warehouse. There were stacks of Cocaine, which were seized by the BBPD to be shipped to the FBI. As they continued, more chalk creations are present. A circle that seemed to be cracked open. Sharp lines breaking through concrete walls and random chalk dust was splattered across the floor. Pictures of the chalk symbols were created as Colin Everyone departed, there was nothing left. Only the DNA evidence of someone who is most likely to be Skidmark in the storage room where there was a door gnawed through.

The entire city was walking on eggs. A murderous vigilante was loose and was shattering the facade. Both heroes and villains scoured up and down for Taylor Hebert. Capes traveled in pairs, yet the moment Villains separate for even a breath of time, they disappeared in agony. Tinkertech weapons did nothing against the constructs. Water would scuff them, but they'll reform back. Vista discovered that she can shrink them and enlarge, but she couldn't be everywhere and at random moments, the power she holds over the area would break, forcing the Wards to flee. Then suddenly, it stopped. No more deaths of mysterious circumstances. No more tiny blood splotches on the ground.

Nay, it became worse. The infection had spread. The Butcher was consumed. The Protectorate worried, but nothing came of it. So the S-Class Classification was withheld, still keeping the A-Class Threat. Until it was discovered that all of Ellisburg was emptied. Nothing remained. The plagues were contained within chalk forcefields. The two-dimensional imposing its law on the three-dimensional. Tinkers were capable of neutralizing the dozens of plagues stored in Ellisburg without the assault of Nilbog's beasts. It grew. The infection can now be seen. The S-Class Classification was granted as Dragon noticed a patch of white heading towards Canada. Towards the heart of Heartbreaker's territory. A team of Capes was sent, all fliers, yet they couldn't find the patch of white when they arrived. They returned to HQ. It was later discovered that the patch was used to distract Dragon while a small contingent of the chalk entities consumed Heartbreaker and his harem. The patch that Dragon was previously watching risen from the ground like the dead and ran up to rejoin its other brethren.

It became worse. The McVeays were decimated. Authorities were informed that a door blew up in the middle of the night to find splotches of blood that tested positive for the Fallen clan that worshiped Behemoth. The media parroted about, wondering who was removing all of the great criminal threats of the United States and whether the cape will move on to other countries. Becoming Scion. The Protectorate knew better. A mass murderer with a twisted view of the world. Maybe no longer human.

The Mathers and Crowleys were similarly executed and the now named Horde has disappeared again. She fell off the radar until the Slaughterhouse assaulted Las Vegas. The capital of entertainment was attacked at the peak of the travel season. So many tourists slaughtered as they were caught unawares by the explosion of glass and fiery explosions. The Slaughterhouse wanted a spectacle, so they delivered one. But their goal was revealed when white appeared on the sandy brown expanse of the Nevada desert. Horde has arrived. So many were trapped by Mannequin's and Bonesaw's inventions. And Jack Slash spoke up.

"Hebert, darling. Why don't you want to see Jack face to face?" he said as a greasy black shadow appeared on the ground out of nowhere. It was speculated that there is a familial connection between the two or just mocking.

Horde didn't speak. She merely tilted her head as Jack Slash started to narrate, appearing to not understand his rhetoric. Until something changed. The shadow disappeared as he backed up in shock. He ran, trying to find his group and run. He only managed to save a few. Horde's horde appeared. Crawling all over Las Vegas. The great entertainment capital disappeared under the flood of chalk. That was what earned her S-class classification. The slaughterhouse lost 3 members that day. What a mess.


Ok. So this is a combination of Worm and Brandon Sanderson's The Rithmatist. It was a good childhood read, albeit something he never continued. This inaugurates my idea bin because, while sick, I started to just read random books and therefore gain random ass plot bunnies. I am chained to my mind and I can't continue my stories. So while that is happening, here are stories that I have written one chapter of, or something like that. Anyway, some were written while feverish, some while dying internally, and some while just plain bored.