A Campione – a Godslayer – is a supreme ruler.

Since he can kill a celestial being, he can therefore call on the sacrosanct, divine powers wielded by the gods.

A Campione – a Godslayer – is a lord.

Since the power to kill a deity is in his hands, he therefore looms over all mortals on Earth.

A Campione – a Godslayer – is a devil.

Since of all mortals who live in the world, none can assume a power to match his!


I wake up on a bed of flowers naked… How droll. However, I thought that I was at my workshop at the Clock Tower trying to once again create a ball of prana fueled by the Kaleidoscope. All I remember before waking up here is a bright ….. OH FUCK! I leapt up. Fuck that vampiric troll! This is probably another one of his abhorrent pranks. Before I can continue my rant about him, a briefcase slams into my head. Stars fill my vision as I am forced low by the heavy briefcase. I glare nastily at it, now why did he give me a suitcase? It's not like I'll be staying here for very long. The briefcase is leather-skinned with a heavy golden latch on it…. Along with a Kaleidostick sticker on it. I feel the urge to burn the sticker off with some of the jewels in my pocket. It's not because of when he subjected me to Kaleidoscope Ruby.

As I check the suitcase, I see that there is no key to be found attached to it. If Zelretch wants me to have it, then why is it unlockable? Is this just another twisted prank? HUH, IS IT?

A letter smacks my face. "Ouch." I squeak in surprise as I land on my butt in shock at the creamy-white parchment scroll that essentially flung itself at my face. What excellent timing. Maybe I can find an explanation for this. I used my finger tip to break through the thick, red wax on the paper and unfurl the letter. A slight frown graces my face and then fear storms through my face. Well great.

Hey, Tohsaka:

Good news, it wasn't my fault for once! Bad news, you're probably not going to be able to get back to you home dimension for a while. So I packed up the essentials, well for me, and sent them through the already-collapsing dimensional hole that your prana ball blew open. Anyway, the reason as to why I'm contacting you by letter instead of me gracing you with my wonderful presence is because this dimension is blocked off by an extremely powerful and divine barrier. This barrier is strong enough to combat the usage of the Second Magic. (I mean, I can still enter it, I just don't believe it would be good for my health) So much, that even sending inanimate objects was quite the hassle. I hope you appreciate it! The barrier appears to be made more for containing whatever is inside the dimension, so you're on your own for that! In addition, if the barrier is truy of divine origins, I can bet that the dimension is stuck in the Age of Gods, seeing as how much divinity is still being channeled into the barrier. You know that I wouldn't troll you that much, only when I'm bored. I hope that you return home, I need my new favorite plaything to come back.

Toodles, Zelretch

P.S. You know how to open the suitcase, it is, after all, my obsession. :P

This is going to be a clusterfuck of a trip, isn't it Zelretch? He even has the gall to add such a mocking symbol to, urgh. Now, how do I open the suitcase? I only know that he is obsessed with Magical Girls…. I look at the sticker on the suitcase.

He wouldn't? …. Yes, he would. Even if the Mystic Code has access to limitless amounts of prana-does that function even work if there is apparently a dimensional barrier-I don't want to even touch that sadistic and perverted stick ever again!

Stupid manipulative stick. Probably has a fetish for furries as well. But….. I need to open the suitcase. I only have some pebble-sized jewels in my pocket. There may not even be a town for miles, nor do I have any delusions that I can stand up to divine entities with explosive jewels. Kaleidostick Ruby, or any of her sister Codes, will be able to allow me to have power to at least defend myself and access to what will probably be money in the suitcase. I release an explosive sigh. I really do need the resources, so I'll just make a deal with the devil, or in this case, the stupid stick. Now how does the activation statement work? You know what, I say whatever I want.

"Magical Ruby Activate!" I intone as I touch the sticker on the suitcase and push prana through it. That's most likely where the Mystic Code is stored sticker glows red as a cartoonishly red rod pops out of it.

"Heya, master…...Oh. It's you again." The Mystic code starts to sulk, "I thought that I abandoned you after you rejected me, quite harshly at that." (A.N. Remember this ain't Prisma Illya Universe so I can do whatever the fuck I want with their first interaction)

"Zelretch." I blandly reply as I start to look at the Suitcase, half-hoping that it unlocked right now. Is there a different passphrase that I have to say to unlock it? Do I need to enter Kaleid Ruby form… That's probably it.

I turn to the still pouting Code, "Magical Ruby, I ne-" My voice catches in the back of my throat. I just realize something, I don't want to admit that I need help from that stick of all things. It'll probably be gloating about it for the rest of my natural life.

"Yeah, that sounds like Father all right," Kaleidostick Ruby grumbles as it reads the letter on the forest floor. The Mystic Code then abruptly turns its metaphorical face at me with a gloating tone as it heard what I almost said, "Wait, do you need my help?" If the Kaleidostick had a face, it'll be sporting a massive shit-eating grin.

"Mmmph," I glower at it, trying to threaten its compliance.

"Does Perfect LIttle Rin need a stick's assistance?" The Code teases as it bumps my shoulders.

Realizing that this will go nowhere, I decide to swallow my pride and ask, "As long as you don't insult anyone that I can make a potential ally out of or harm me, I don't care what else you do. I just need your help."

The Kaleidostick floats mid-air in shock. It is most likely surprised by my loose restrictions. But, damn it! I really need money and protection! I wasn't prepared to be tossed into a completely new world with almost nothing. "Hahahaha!" It trills victoriously, "I knew that you will give in! You know what to say, partner!" It profers itself to my hand.

"Do I have to do the full transformation sequence?" I ask in slight apprehension.

"Yes." It replies.

I don't want to be naked again….. Oh well. My hand grips the handle and lifts it up:

Compact full open, Mirror World Circuits, maximum engage!

An explosion of prana fills the surrounding area as red light shines around me. I feel appendages that I never felt before become re-known. A red corset is wrapped around me as a red skirt flows down. I start to float in the air as the transformation concluded itself.

Now introducing, Kaleido Ruby!

I strike the pose. I don't like the pose, but I have to do the horrid pose.I look down at my outfit and felt the top of my head. Yep, same exact damn outfit. At least it's comfortable and self-cleaning.

"So Ruby," I ask the Mystic Code, which is vibrating in concern, "Can you open the suitcase now?"

"Why can't I connect to father?" Ruby questions confusedly, "Why can I only just access the energies of the Kaleidoscope and nothing else?"

"The Troll said that there is a barrier quarantining the dimension. I thought you read the stupid thing." I coldly respond, trying to open the suitcase. Why doesn't it want to! "And the suitcase?"

"Fine. Don't worry about my feelings…. Sure." Ruby grumbles as it touches its' head against the lock. A loud click echoes through the clearing as all of the locks simultaneously spins open. I peer into the suitcase. Huh, neat. There is a class card resting on the top of more stuff. I remove the card and look at it. It is a Saber card and…. Is that Arturia? Yes, I get to use her sword!

"Include Saber!" I bite out as I touch the card to Ruby's circle frame.

"Fine." it mutters as it transforms into a lightly shimmering sword. I'm not even going to describe it as anything else, I don't want to deal with the crisis of trying to describe a sword as bea-... I almost did it.

"Yes!" I jump in pride. I am holding Excalibur! I immediately revert it back to Ruby, don't want to capture the attention of the Fae that soon, if there is any.

I peer back into the suitcase. There is a key taped in its interior wall attached to a golden chain necklace. I remove it and hang it in place of my usual cross. I guess that it is the suitcase key. Glad to know that I don't have to transform into Ruby every single time to open this. I then see a pair of my usual clothing in it. "Can you change now?" I ask almost pleadingly, before realizing the hasty contract I made. So many regrets over that.


And I cannot even argue with that answer, because I said that Ruby can do almost anything if she stays with me. Fantastic. This is what happens when you are thinking about the present, already reaping the "benefits".

I remove the small pile and rifle through the suitcase more. There is a heavy bag of golden coins. Closer inspection reveals them to be of Grecian origin. Are these golden drachma? I think that these are only part of a God's haul, because of what magic I sense on it... Let's not sweat the small stuff.

Under all that, I notice another class card locked in a glass case. It's a Lancer Card, but the name is obscured. I wonder why. I guess I can sense something akin to the sun emanating from it according to my mana sense, but that may just be because this is a world where the Age of Gods still continue. I pack everything up. I might as well go find a town or something and sell the coins for local currency.

"Now can I transform back?" I whi- I don't whine. I implore.

"Nope," Ruby remarks, "There is a signature of Divine Energy coalescing near us."

Oh joy. Now I am going to most likely have to fight a pissed-off deity. I doubt that gods are enthusiastic about a dimensional traveler.

"Ruby! Activate all the barriers! All of them to maximum!" I shout as I stand at ready. I sincerely do hope that I don't get attacked.

The forest is quiet as I stand in the center of the clearing. Even the small critters that normally make sound has fallen silent. They had most likely fled the coming terror.

A crystal chime rings ominously throughout the clearing as a golden flash of light briefly blinds me. Do I run? Nah, deities will probably be able to easily sense me.

"Rin! You're going to die if you don't move!" Ruby shouts in my head as I unconsciously leap back from a small storm of jewelled feathers striking the ground in front of me. The sheer wind force of the feathers flying at me is enough to knock me on my back. The hell?

"Who dares steal from the vaults of Iris?" a loud feminine voice announces. The rainbow goddess?

"My teacher handed them to me!" I answer, trying to see if I can reason with it.

"Well then, traveler." The voice responds after a moment's respite, "Thanks for informing me. But your punishment for even handling them in your mortal hands is death!" I throw a Gandr at her, which she just ignores and positively erupts. In hindsight, it wasn't very samrt.

"A quick death is no longer allowed. I will DRAG OUT YOUR DEMISE!" Iris screeches as she starts to chant:

By my role of the Bright Sky, I hereby decree. Light this plane with the ever-shining opulence of the Heavens!

Is that an aria? Because if a god is using one, I'm pretty sure that I'm in enormous trouble. I still remember Medea's high-speed casting and the Gods should be able to do that wordlessly. To my shock, gold and silver start to rise up from the ground and assault. I dodge, duck, and weave the endless storm of bright and shiny stones.

"Wait. Nothing in Iris' mythology allows that!" I cry in indignation.

"Foolish Mortal! I am also Theia, Titan of sight and the Sky! I am she who makes gold and silver lustrous!"

Oh now that's unfair. She has domains in sight and aerokinesis. Fantastic! I quickly throw a dimensionally-charged prana blast at the goddess, who blocks it with stacks of gold. Wait, she isn't immune to my prana blasts, at least those charged by the Kaleidoscope? Seeing that she just let the Gandr shot splash over her, I'm going to assume so. Then maybe I can use that. I levitate upwards, deflecting gold bars, silver, and feathers with prana shields. She looks frustrated about something. Maybe she cannot control the air. Good.

Let me spread my wings and takes on all the hues of the rainbow!

Her wings start to glow and she teleports right by my side before catching my wrist. Well shit. "I cannot believe that I am going to have to try against a mortal." she hisses as she throws me down from the sky.

Crack! I think that is my back. Supporting on Ruby, I place Artoria's card on it. "Saber…. Install." I heave as my body glows golden.

With Avalon inside me, I straighten back up. I am wearing the King of Knight's blue armored dress and my gauntleted hands hold Excalibur.

"Ho-How do you have that?" Theia questions as she points one finger at it, "Are you… the King..?"

"Good question," I retort, charging prana into the greedy blade, "Not that I'm ever going to answer it."

I raise the blade up. "EX- " I shout, the sky becomes lit with golden light as the sword is bathed in it. Luckily, Ruby is supplying a large margin of the mana. Even then, my circuits are burning from being forced to channel so much at once. I still need more though. Grimacing, I push more into it. The golden light slowly starts to brighten.

"What are you doing, you cretin?!" the goddess screeches as she tries to throw precious metals at it, "Why can't I touch you!?"

My circuits are hating me so much, but at least I'll live to see another day. After all, I'm pretty sure that a Fae artifact should be able to fuck up a goddess. "-CALIBUR!"

The light punches a hole through the clouds as the beam of light slams into the goddess with the force of a freight train. "Godslayer." the goddess breathes at she stares at me in interest. "A traveler like you becoming one of hers. Maybe this will be an interesting era. I'll grant you my Authorities. Not also just because of your brilliant attack. "

Eh? What does she mean by th-? A sharp pain lances through me. Arggh! "Partner!" Ruby shouts, "Hang in there. You managed to heat up your magic circuits really badly here. You apparently forgot that this environment is much richer and your body is less used to that."

"Go-good to know." I mutter as darkness covers my vision.


In the Netherworld:

"Oh my. A dimensional traveler." I wake up to a purple haired girl with pigtails.

"Who are you?" I exclaim in confusion as I roll out of her lap.

"I am Pandora, child of mine." she smugly answers, "And as I said previously, you are interesting. For reasons unknown to me, Iris decided to pass 4 of her authorities to you."

"Wait, Pandora?" My eyes finally register who I am talking to as it snaps open. "Aren't you the one that opened a Jar to release all of the world's evils?"

"It was more like a pithos." she answers sheepishly, "And yes, out of the vase, all of the world evils emerged, and I was left with Hope, which I used to fashion this system."

"What is the system?" I ask.

"When a mortal slays a god, they become known as a Campione, Devil King, and more names." she responds.

"And what do I do with this title?" I ask, pondering how a godslayer can exist.

"Well, you are now king amongst men." she answers ponderously. My eyes flash in greed. I can finally have enough money to fund my jewelcraft. I can just demand money. Wait, even better, if Iris gave me her authority over gold….. A sinister laugh starts to escape me.

"AH HA HA HA HA!" I triumphantly pump my fists, "I am rich again!"

"Hello?" Pandora waves her palm in front of my face. Oh, I'm in company.

"My apologies," I apologize, "I use Jewelcraft so I need alot of money to fund my research in it."

She shrugs. "Well, can you call me Mama?"

"I don't know.." I sputter, my mother had died a while back as her brain damage worsened. But, I can't just let her go. "Maybe I can call you Auntie?" If the goddess wants a relative, I might as well give her one.

Now it's her turn to look triumphant. "Yosh!" she pumps her fist, "I finally got one of my children to acknowledge me!" I'm happy for her… I guess?

"Well, time to start the ritual." She excitedly says. She claps her hands together and the white atmosphere turns dark.

I, Pandora, the witch who brought forth all the disasters and a shred of hope, do declare this child to be my new daughter. Let everyone present grant their blessings and their hatred to this child.

The seventh Campione-an otherworldly traveler with the power that can rival even gods, please bestow the sacred spell words upon this child!

Hey! I'm not a child. I froze on instinct as screams and roar sound from the horizon. Pandora hugs me in comfort. It feels… nice.

By the black art that I and Epimetheus left behind this is the sacred birth of an illegitimate child, shrouded in darkness, born of a fool and a witch. A secret of usurpation made possible through the sacrifice of a god.

I, the all-giving woman Pandora, declare that you shall be reborn as a Campione. The Godslayer, the King of Kings, the Campione.

Pandora stops her speech as the roars start to eb away. In my chest, I start to feel something warm repair my broken spine and the knowledge of something. Before I can decipher what that knowledge is, Pandora interrupts me.

"Oh yeah." she remarks, "You'll probably forget this, only instinctively knowing seeing as transitioning back to the body is always a difficult process for the soul."

Wait. I was de- My hands are grasping Ruby's shaft as I stare up at the sky. What? So, I met Pandora…. And what else? Oh yeah, I became a Campione.

"Hey partner." Ruby prods me, "You are a whole lot stronger than usual."

I rifle through the suitcase for a leatherbound notebook, which there luckily is. Projecting an Azoth knife, I prick a finger and bleed onto the parchment. I noticed that it was significantly harder to cut through my skin. Just cast a Servant Discernment Magecraft seeing that "Pseudo-Divine Flesh" should be enough of a conduit...


Rin Tohsaka

Age: 18

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Strength: D+

Endurance: D+

Agility: D

Mana: A-

Luck: A++

Noble Phantasm / Authorities: C - A

Class Skills:

Divinity: C

Devil's Luck: A++

Grace of God: B-

Tongue of the Godslayer: EX

Magic Resistance: C++

Personal Skills:

Affections of a Goddess (Pandora): A+

Magecraft: B+

Greed: C-

Charisma: D+

Golden Rule: C-

True Magic - Kaleidoscope (False): E-


Shimmering Riches (Anti-Army B-)

By my role of the Bright Sky, I hereby decree. Light this plane with the ever-shining opulence of the Heavens!

Can produce infinite amount of gold and silver from nothing

All precious metals in area will shine bright enough to blind enemies

Control over precious metals

Grants "Golden Rule" C-)

Lasts up to 30 minutes, cannot be used for 12 hours

All-Seeing Eyes of the Sky (Anti-Unit A)

The Prophet of the Sky demands her eyes to know under the world's ceiling!

Has sight and knowledge for 1 mile of everything that is uncovered from the sky to the naked eye

Blinds eyes for the time equivalent to it being used

Wings of the Rainbows (Anti- Unit B)

Wings of the sky, Let me spread my wings and takes on all the hues of the rainbow!

Can produce wings with rainbows that can break the sound barrier and shoot out jewelled feathers capable of splitting stone

Can spawn rainbows at location

When deactivated, cannot be used for 12 hours

Provision of Nectar (Anti-Unit B-)

I, the Radiant Messenger, provides ye the Nectar for the Gods!

Can produce a vase with an endless flow of Nectar, doesn't differ immortality but provides heightened regeneration similar to immortality for 2 hours with every cup drank

When deactivated cannot be used for 2 days


A grin splits my face. These Authorities are…. Extremely useful. Ruby peers behind me and almost drops her shit looking at it.

"Wh-what are those?" she demands as she looks at the Authorities.

"Fun times, Ruby. Fun times indeed. I do believe that I have Noble Phantasms to call my own right now." I mutter. Now, it's time to go to a town. I have noticed that I was leaking mana like a leaky faucet.

"Hey Ruby. Can you plug up or siphon my mana? I need to be hidden." I request the Code.

"Sure. I'll just shunt them off into my storage." the poor stick is probably too confused to argue otherwise. I felt a drain on my mana production… is that a mana core? Wait, what? Huh, well then. After a little while, I no longer feel my pores just throwing up prana, so I decide to leave the area. The local Magus Organization probably saw the flash of light and sent a team to investigate. I, for one, don't want to deal with it, so I'll be leaving.

Wings of the sky, Let me spread my wings and takes on all the hues of the rainbow!

As I fly around on my new pair of wings, I notice a town below me. Is that, I squint my eyes, Geneva? So, Switzerland. "Ruby, can you hide me, please?" I ask. The request is once again easily granted.

I land on the road leading to the town before dismissing the invisibility. There is no cars currently driving down the road. So I should be okay. I walk down the road. I am glad that I took classes in French now. I'm pretty sure the Swiss can do French. I shrug, I'll go change these gold coins at a Pawn Shop and see if this Golden Rule works… What is that? I pick up a baggy on the side of the road. It looks clean. Inside it is a neat roll of 1000 franc bills. Well then, I guess I don't need to pawn off my coins. I guess the combination of Devil's Luck, Golden Rule, and Greed all worked together there.

Now then, where should I stay? I finally make it into the border of the town and I see an advertisement for Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva. Hmm, that's quite a rich one. I place a slight illusion on my ears and tail and continue on, ignoring the lustful looks of men looking at me. I rush down the streets, catching a ride on the bus. Maybe it's my clothing. I keep on catching people gawping at me. In annoyance, I give them my best death glare and they look away in shame. Come on! Is this going to be with every man I meet? Even if I have "Grace of God", it doesn't mean that horndogs should be chasing after me.

The bus stopped outside of the hotel as I step out. I look up at the hotel. Yep, seems nice. Let's go do the hotel and then I can hypnotize an official for some identification papers. I book a room, subtly using hypnotism in order to get them to go along with the transaction without identification. I collapse on the king size bed. Now then, more work required before I can fully relax.

Ruby floated out and "looks" around. "Wow!" she exclaims, "It's a nice room. Maybe you can bring someone in and bring the bed-" I whap the stick with a newspaper roll that I am reading.

"Bad Mystic Code." I said with a blushing face, "I need to accomplish a lot of things before even remotely thinking about that."

"Aww." Ruby mockingly chortles before going to the laptop that I… acquired from a tourist in order to check the world out. Some applied hypnosis gave me his passwords and make him forgot that he owned one. Before I went into the Clock Tower, computers would explode at my touch, but Zelretch forced me to. So now I can. I think that it is a nice one, I really don't care, the only reason why I have one is for Ruby to hack the Magus organizations.

In a world this modern yet in the Age of Gods, there is no doubt a magus organization operating behind the scenes, and they usually have technological footprint. And if Kaleidostick Ruby can break into the Clock Tower's own security-well the ones not protected by Zelretch-than it should have no problem compromising this world's security.

I sit down and start to practice what the vampire wants me to do, drawing energy from the Kaleidoscope. I am still practicing, even in a dimension where Kaleidoscope access is limited and I am limited in jewels. No one can say that I am not diligent in my work.


I walk out of the government building satisfied. I managed to hypnotize a chain of officials to backdate a lot of my ID in order to make me an official Swiss citizen. Honestly, I don't want to deal with Japan. I have too many bad memories attached to the region, albeit some few, such as meeting.. Shirou. Sigh, I hope that Zelretch can take care of him. Sakura is too injured to help his suicidal tendencies and Illya is currently bed-ridden from her decaying body. The very least that I want from the Dead Apostle is to help Shirou recover.

I shrug, it's not like I can do much else. All I need to do is find a god capable of interdimensional travel or find whoever is powering the barrier and escape that way. I pocket the passport and identification card in a newly purchased wallet and store it in Ruby's pocket dimension. Now then, time to find the closest Magus Organization, named the Gleichgewicht von Genf. Defenders of Geneva, how….. Lazy. According to their hidden website, their main point of access is under the United Nations Office. Time to meet some magus of the new world.


Nani!? Another story? Sorry, I just felt like posting this because I was starting to feel a little bored about the other stories. The thing is that I don't really know whether or not I should keep Kusanagi or just remove Rin from that plot entirely. Maybe, I'll do that, who knows? Nothing big. In addition, I don't really know if I portrayed Run correctly, but I don't care… sort of. Anyway, gotta go.