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A small girl with long black hair covering her body walked around aimless in the busy London street.

Where am I? Wasn't I just sleeping in my bed? Why does the world look so gloomy and old? And why do I look so small, I mean I was small before but not as small as this.

She looks around, her bright green eyes, resembling a cat, shifts around her surroundings, trying to find something familiar.

"Hello!" She jumps at the loud voice, and turns toward, meeting bright blue eyes dancing in front of her.

Huh, what pretty eyes. What a minute, why does he look so familiar? Hands grabbed the boy's cheek and pulled on it making the boy yelp in pain and stare at her in confusion.

"What's your name, boy," she commanded, letting go of his cheek so he could answer. The boy winces in pain as he rubbed his cheeks in the help of relieving the pain.

"I am Astre Phantomhive, what about you?" A bright smile filled his face and blinded the poor girl in front of him.

Astre Phantomhive? Could it be a coincidence?

"You wouldn't happen to have a brother, would you?" Suspicious filled the girl's face as she continued to be blinded by Astre Phantomhive's smiles. Astre smiled even larger at her questions, seriously, if he continues to smile like this, she was going to be blind.

"Are you from here, how could you not know my brother. He's Ciel Phantomhive, the head of the Phantomhive after my father. I thought everyone knew this." Astre answered with a slight tilt of his head.

Okay, calm down. Think, logic, logic always remain true. There must be some logic to this situation. Logic, logic, think, think, LOGIC, LOGIC.

The world swims through the girl's eyes causing Astre to look at her with concern.

"Hey, Miss, are you feeling alright." Astre walks closer to her and places his hand on her arm.

"Yeah…..," then, without an ounce of grace, she fainted right in front of Astre. Astre watches with wide eyes, he thrust out his arms, trying to catch the girl whom he still had yet gotten a name from yet. A body soon fell on top of Astre causing him to fall down with her. He flips her and looks at her face filled with grime and dust, to which he ignores and starts shaking her in hope of waking her up.

"Miss, miss!" When it was clear the child in Astre wasn't responding to his cry, he immediately thinks of the worst and starts to cry, startling everyone who has made a circle around them.

"She is in perfect health. She merely caught a cold. Nothing a little rest and liquid can't fix."

"Father, is she gonna die?"

'No Astre, she will be perfectly fine with a little rest.'

Whispering drift into her ears, she briefly opened her eyes and glanced around, the room to which she was occupied was fancy with five people standing beside her talking to each other. They blurred in front of her, she could barely make out the faces in front of her. It took a moment but soon she recognized one person, Astre, the young boy she met before.

"As...Astre," heads turns towards her voice, Astre's ran to her side with teary eyes. She looked at him, saw his beautiful eyes rimmed red, and smiled at him.

"Keiko's…..my name," Astre eye's widened at her comment and grabbed her hand, and firmly held it.

"Keiko," he repeated.

Keiko smiled at him with red cheeks from the fever which took hold of her during her trip of walking around London, and once again, fell asleep.

Weeks after

"Keiko, look, I got a new dog!" Astre cried out in happiness while running towards Keiko, who was still bed as she caught another cold a week ago right after she recovered. Keiko puts her book down and smiles at Astre, who then jumped onto her bed making both of them bounced.

"Be careful, Young Master," Phantomhive every loyal butler, Tanaka, said.

"Okay! Look at the dog, Keiko, what do you think we should name him?" Astre smiled at Keiko. A smile appeared, a little malicious, as she put her finger on her chin in thought.



"Astre, father told you not to be in here. Keiko is sick and you might get sick as well," Ciel came through the door with a frown on his face.

Wow, those two really do look like. Keiko thought as she stared at the two boys with sadness in her eyes.

It's such a shame for those two. Why do those two have to go through such sadness? Maybe this is the reason that I am here. Am I here to change the fate of these two?

"Oh yeah, if that is true, then why were you hiding behind Keiko's door and ran away when you saw me. I saw that!" Astre said with a smirk while standing on Keiko's bed proudly as he was the king of the world.

Soon, flame licked Ciel's face as his face was soon red, he turned his face away.

"That's… not true!" Ciel stuttered, Keiko smiled at him and giggled.

I might not be able to go back anymore, but this my new home. I have to protect these two and stop what will happen soon.

"Come one, you two, stop fighting. Look at this dog that Astre has brought home, isn't he so cute."

Both boys turned toward Keiko and looked at the dog, who was licking her hand and seemed to smirk at them as he continued to kiss her hand. Both boys stared at the dog with an annoyed expression, even Astre seemed to be annoyed at the dog when just before he had been so excited about it before. Keiko brought the dog up to her face and smiled at it, she then turned towards them.

"I think his name should be Sebastian"

I will protect my family this time.

Escape route plan finally finished. I can now save those two. Keiko looked proudly at the tunnel that she found in the Manor. She was keen on saving those two, the most precious thing to her now. She owes to them, without them, she would be living on the street. Because of them, Vincent had let her stay in the manor, something she will be eternally grateful for. She spent months planning the escape route for the attack.

I will save them. Keiko told herself.

"Go find them! Don't let any escape!" Men surrounded the Phantomhive, Keiko stared at them with determination.

Come on, Keiko, you know what to do. You plan this for months. YOU WILL SUCCEED! Keiko ran to find Astre, Ciel and their parents. Her hair blew behind her as flame surrounds her, though she ignores it, her only focus was on her mission.

You read this part, you know exactly where they are. Just turn left and run ahead and you'll find them. Keiko continues to run, panting a little along the way but never slowing down.

You got this, you got this.

Hand grabbed her shoulder, cold blue eyes met her own as she stared at Ciel.

Wait, what's he doing here, he was supposed to be somewhere else. Why is he looking at me like that? Never mind, I have to save the others.

"Ciel! Come on, we have to save Astre and the others," Keiko grabbed his hand and started to drag him but stopped when he didn't move.

"Ciel, why are you standing there. We have to save them, your parents, your brother." Keiko frantically cried out, when she saw he wasn't going to move, she let go of his hand and ran by herself. However, Ciel ran in front of her and grabbed her hand.

"I'm sorry, Keiko. We can't save them," Ciel said emotionless, staring at her with...nothing in his eyes. This was nothing like the Ciel that she knew and loved. Where were his smile and stern face and love for his family?

"Ciel, why!" Keiko screamed.

"It's not meant to be," Ciel answered. Ciel stared at her as she fought him to get away from him, he tightened his hold on her.

When did he get so strong?

"I won't fail, I made my plan! I will not fail!" Keiko screamed with tears streaming down her face.

I can't fail! I just can't. Keiko continued to cry and fell to the floor until Ciel caught her and embraced her tightly.

"I'm sorry, Keiko," Ciel said, finally to have some emotions in him as his eyes filled tears. He nodded the mask men behind the crying girl, who came forward and hit the girl's pressure point on her neck. The girl gasps in shock before collapsing onto Ciel, who braced himself against the weight. He embraced her even more tightly than before with a single tear trailing down his face. He gently sets her limp body onto the floor and fixes his glove, staring at her with untold sadness.

"I'm doing this for you. Please take care of my little brother, who will become Ciel Phantomhive. Don't forget me," Ciel whispered, looking at her for a moment before walking away leaving her and his family behind.

Screams of pain and fire soon consume the Phantomhive Manor.

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