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Episode 1


"Astre...Ciel, where are you." A small girl sniffles as she looks around. Earlier, she was playing hide and seek with Astre and Ciel, but now an hour has passed with no luck of finding them.

"Stop being a big baby, you never cried for something silly as this before, so why are you crying now." The girl told herself as she furiously wiped her face and instead determination filled her face, she refused to give up and cry like a little girl when she was already passed her teenage age, at least mentally, especially on something as simple as hide and seek.

"Just you wait, Astre, Ciel. When I find you, I'll make you regret ever making me cry like this." Keiko called out, warning the boys what was coming for them. However, soon small heavy bodies came crashing onto her back causing her to cry out as she fell down on the carpet like grass.

"We got you, we got you!" 2 bright animated voices shouted from behind her, both yanking on her hair in excitement. Winces of pain appeared on Keiko's face at their rough tugs and yanks when suddenly a Chester grin appeared on her face and she, without warning, flipped her body so that her body was on top of them causing the boys beneath her to cry out in surprise. Long black silky hair shields the children from the outside world as she stares at them with puffy eyes and a certain light in her eyes, something that causes the boys to stop laughing and tremble in fear as she stares at them.

"How dare you make a lady cry, didn't your father teach you to treat a lady like glass," bright grass green eyes glare at them. The boys trembled at the sight, they hadn't meant to make her this mad, they had only wanted to play with her, after all, it was Ciel who suggested it and Astre just followed his big brother. At first, Astre hadn't wanted to make her cry but Ciel said they would all laugh afterward, so he had agreed, though perhaps, seeing their consequences of their action, he shouldn't have agreed after all.

"But you are more like a boy than a girl," Ciel bravely muttered out, Keiko looked thoroughly annoyed at his comment before sighing, causing the boy to relax thinking the worst of the storm has passed. However, Keiko only opened her eyes with even more anger, both boys flinched as she leans toward their ears.

"Looks like you two need a punishment," Astre and Ciel both shivered as Keiko leaned down and blew on their ears. A grin appeared on her face with twinkles in her eyes, "How about the…", she whispered into their ears, so quietly only they could hear it. When the boys heard their punishment, they immediately started to scramble away from her, but couldn't as she had trapped them within her arm. She grinned a psychopath smiled before hugging them and started to tickle them from all directions. Both victims laughed with flushed cheeks, not by will, but by force.

"St-stop! Ple-please stop. We're ..ha..ha ...sorry! Ahahahaha!" Astre and Ciel both cried out as small tears appeared on their faces, Keiko only smiled at them with an angel smile, a smile that has fooled many people, and even, sadly, their parents.

"Are you ever going to make me cry again?" The girl purred out as she continued to tickle them. The victims shook their heads furiously while laughing uncontrollably.

"I want you to say it." Small fingers continue to tickle the boys relentlessly, she smiles at the sight of them, not at their pain (well, a little), but at their cuteness, they looked just like each other, no one would ever be able to tell the difference if they ever swapped except for her and their family of course.

"We.. ..'re sorry, we...won't do it again!" Suddenly Ciel and Astre felt free as the hands that were torturing them suddenly pulled themself away. They all sat up and stared each until they fell down laughing so hard, their stomachs were aching.

"You should have seen your face," Ciel pointed to Keiko, "your face looked horrid when you were crying, haha!" Keiko only continued to laugh, "Well, you guy's face was even worse, you guys had tears coming down your face. It looks like you boys were crying yourself," Keiko laughed, a clear joyful laugh.

"If only I had my phone, I could take a picture of you guys and laugh all day at it," Keiko said while trying to stop her laughter. Both Astre and Ciel looked confused at what she had said. Did she say a phone? They thought.

"What is a... phone?" Astre asked with a curious face, leaning closer to her. Keiko's eyes widened before she turned away from them with a sad smile upon her face.

"Well….it's something I used to have, but not anymore," Keiko said, no longer laughing. Astre and Ciel looked at each other, what was so important about this 'phone' to make Keiko this sad.

Astre though for a moment before smiling and jumped onto Keiko's lap earning an "ofph" from Keiko, "Father can buy it for you, you know father will!"

"Yeah! Father can, there's nothing father can't buy" Ciel said proudly, jumping to her lap with Astre. Keiko smiled at them, though it seemed a bit sadder than before. A breeze picked up and lifted her hair, making it fly behind her as if they had wings.

"I'm afraid this is something your father will never be able to buy, no matter how much money he has," Keiko said quietly while gently combing the boy's hair as she looked across the great big sky, touching every part of the earth.

"Why?" Both boys asked, they knew their father was not lacking in money, so why can't he buy it?

Keiko smiled before falling down on the grass once again taking the boys down with her, closing her eyes with a sad expression.

"Because it is in a place that is not from here, at least not yet."

Ciel opened his eyes and simply stared up at the ceiling of his room, it was quite large he noticed. His dream still lingers in his mind as he glanced at the sleeping girl beside him, she had grown taller from his dream, though she was now smaller than him, by a good 10 cm, something he had never anticipated, she had always been taller than him when he was younger, when he was Astre, not Ciel. Ciel reached over and grabbed a piece of Keiko's hair, playing with it, remembering the good old days, days that are only true in his dream, days that only he remembers and no one else.

Why did you forget all about us...Did they do something to you while I was… Ciel stared at the gentle rise of her chest as he continued to play with her hair by braiding it, though it was quite terrible since he was never great at hairstyling. Why should he when he had a butler who was more than capable of completing simple tasks as something like hairstyling and could do it far better than he ever could, even if Ciel practiced every day.

Ciel gently kisses her hair, taking in the familiar smell of her, Strawberries, you always smell like strawberries even though you hate them, how ironic. Ciel slowly closed his eyes as he brought her body closer to him and clutched her tightly to him. I promise Keiko, I will find out what they did to you and will take revenge for you and our family.

"Young master," a smooth silky voice interrupted Ciel's thought. Ciel looked up, finding his supposed ever-loyal butler smirking at him and at his position. Ciel loosened his hold on Keiko but still kept their position while staring calming at Sebastian.

"Did you not sleep well, sir. It is quite rare for you to awaken without my assistance," Sebastian questioned while pouring tea into teacups, steam could be faintly seen as the tea was being poured. Ciel slowly sat up while keeping hold of the girl in his arms, he picked up the tea and drank it.

"No, I just had a dream," steam filled Ciel's face as he looked down at his tea, remembering it as clearly as if it happened yesterday.

"Oh, was it a nightmare?" Sebastian asked as he placed poached salmon, scones, biscuit, and fruits on to small plates and placed in front of Ciel.

"No, it was rather nice I supposed," Ciel answered, grabbing a scone and began munching on it with a nostalgic expression.

"Mmmm.." Keiko's head turns, causing Ciel having to shift his body in order to keep his hold on her. He turns back at her and stare at her for a moment before shoving a scone into her mouth, startling her awake. Sebastian chuckled slightly at the sight before adding honey to another cup of tea and bringing it close to Keiko, who accepted while coughing harshly.

"Good morning, my lady. Would you like poached salmon, scone, toast, or fruit?" Sebastian asked. "Fr-cough- uit, cough please," Keiko answered. Sebastian smoothly walked behind Keiko and gently patted her back, helping her calm her coughing fit with a plate of fruit in his other hand.

"Young Master, you mustn't do that to a lady," Sebastian lightly scolded his Master, who merely scoffed at him.

"Last time, I checked. A lady should already be awakened at this time," Ciel said while drinking his earl grey.

Without warning, a body slammed into Ciel causing him to spill his tea with a surprised cry while Sebastian calmly picked up the spill teacup and placed it back on the cart that was beside him.

"A gentleman should never shove food down a lady's throat, brother!" Keiko screamed while hugging from behind. Ciel, who had been fighting against Keiko's hold, froze when he heard the word brother, this was not the first time she had called him that but every time she said it, stabs of pain would pierce his heart like knives.

Why… ever since that day, you thought of me as your brother. Why would you think that, don't you know I can never think of you as my sister, not even when we kids.

Keiko, who notices Ciel's silence, looked at him curiously, "brother, what's wrong?" Sebastian, who had been watching everything with amusement finally walked towards them and gently grabbed Keiko away from Ciel, freeing him from the girl's hold.

"My lady, perhaps, we should play with Young Master another day as today, both of you have quite a busy schedule," Sebastian said as he gently placed her down and brush away crumbs that happen to fell on her nightgown.

"What's on our list?" Keiko asked with a slight groan, she hated work with all of her guts. She was only a child, how was she supposed to handle a responsibility that was even difficult for an adult. Well, at least Ciel was doing it with her, it was easy doing it with Ciel, and by that, she means Ciel doing 80% of the work while she does only 20% as Ciel had to learn the hard way that paperwork had never been and never will be a strong suit of Keiko.

"Today, you two have a meeting with Mr. Hughes, the authority on the history of the Roman Empire. And this evening, Mr. Damiano of the Poseidon Company will be paying a visit to our humble manor."

"Oh, is that the man I placed in charge of stuffed animals at my factory in India?" Ciel asked, finally refocused himself back to the present and not in the past.

Suddenly a dark expression filled Keiko's face, "You mean the bastard who dares to sell my brother's company and has the audacity to ask for more money." Ciel sighed at her rather vulgar language, he was to blame, however, since she only repeated after his own way of speech.

Sebastian only smirked at her, "Yes. I'm told he's Italian. We will, of course, offer him all the hospitality the manor can provide, and now I must get you dressed up as well. What kind butler would I be if I let My Lady run around in her nightgown at this time of day," with a flash, he tore off her nightgown earning squeaks of embarrassment from both Ciel and Keiko.

"Sebastian, you bastard!" Ciel immediately turned around with flushed cheeks, trying to erase the smooth pale exposed skin out of his mind.

"Sebastian, I can do it myself!" Keiko screamed as she tried to grab the dress from Sebastian's hand, but failed as Sebastian quickly moved away and slipped the dress on her with a "swish".

"No need, my lady," long fingers flew to her waist at inhuman speed and tied her ribbon on before quickly brushing her hair and placing a ribbon on her, all within 30 seconds.

"My lady, what do you think?" Sebastian gently pushed her to the mirror, where she stared at herself decked with a smooth blue dress with ruffles surrounding her like butterflies surrounding a sweet flower and shiny black hair with a ribbon much like the color as her dress on top of her head.

"I look great as always," Keiko said while twirling herself around, in order to get a full view of herself. Ciel, who had finally turned around, stared at her with flushed cheeks and a slight daze look, something that did not go amiss in Sebastian's eyes.

Only My Lady can do that to Young Master. Sebastian smirked at Ciel through the mirror, Ciel only glared at him before turning away with flaming cheeks.

"How do you always do it though," Keiko's voice pulled Sebastian's attention back to her, "you're always so fast. Sometimes I think you're not human. It is not possible for a normal butler to move that fast."

"Think nothing of it, my lady. I merely one hell of a butler," Sebastian said with a red flash in his eyes, something only Ciel noticed with a clenched fist.


A dart flew from Ciel's hand and landed on Finnian's head with a loud thud. The poor young boy, who wasn't even aware of it, cried out in pain when the dart from Ciel came upon him, leaving him with blood flowing down his face.

"OW! Young Master, what was that for!" Finnian groaned in pain while trying to slow down the oncoming blood. Keiko, who had seen this, was immediately at his side with a concerned look as she offered him a handkerchief, to which he accepted with jittery hands and flushed cheeks.

"You okay Finnian?" Keiko's eyes flashed with concern as the blood continued to flow, she looked at it for another second before turning to Ciel with anger in her eyes.

"Why would you do that, Ciel!" Ciel barely flinched at her scolding, only calmly drinking his tea and munching on his toast with jam.

"Nothing. I don't need to justify my actions," Ciel replied with a bored look on his face, he wasn't even looking at her. This only causes Keiko's anger to rise. How dare he do that, she knew that he changed ever since that day, but she had never thought he would go as far as this. Finally fed up with it, Keiko grabbed Finnian's arm and pulled him out of the room causing the red flush on Finnian's face to spread.

"Whatever, I'm going to help Finnian!" Ciel narrowed his eyes at the sight of them. He stood up, and grabbed Keiko's wrist, preventing her from going anywhere. Ciel could never understand her heart, she was always so kind and always placed others before her, even if she did lose her memories, this part of her never changed. Something he loved and loath at the same time.

"What are you doing," Keiko asked, trying to twist her hand out from Ciel, but failed as Ciel only tightened his hold.

"There's no need to help him. He can take care of himself. If he didn't want to get hurt, he should have paid attention," Ciel said, only hand palming himself when he realized how uncaring he sounded when he said it like that, but it was too late.

"What I mean-,"

"Young Master only meant that I will take care of Finnian's wound," Sebastian seemingly came out of nowhere with more tea in his hand, said. Ciel had a look of relief on his face when Sebastian saved him from further more embarrassment.

"Really!" Keiko looked gratefully at Sebastian. "But of course My Lady, a butler can only be happy if they obey the wishes of their masters." Sebastian smiled at her before turning to Finnian with a rather scary look on his face, scaring the wits out of Finnian. "Come with me now, Finnian," Finnian's face filled with fear as he nodded quickly and followed him, feeling that Sebastian was going to kill him rather than healing him if he didn't obey his order.

Keiko smiled at Sebastian before turning to Ciel while pointing to Sebastian, "see, Ciel! That's a real gentleman. Perhaps, you should take a page out of his book!" Ciel's eyes narrowed at the smirk that appeared on Sebastian's sinful mouth and without warning, he threw another dart with impeccable accuracy right at Sebastian.

"Sebastian!" Keiko called out in warning, watching in horror as the dart flew towards Sebastian. However, 2 fingers quickly came up and caught the dart between his fingers. Sebastian glanced at his master from the corner of his eyes before smirking at him.

"My, young master, well thrown. Though perhaps, you should save your game for later as you have much to do today. Oh, remember, Young Master, jealousy only makes a person look even more hideous," Sebastian said as he and Finnian walked out with an awed look from Keiko and a rather angry Ciel.

"Oh, wow. Sebastian is amazing, " Keiko said with a flushed face.

"I am far more superior than he will ever be." Ciel bites out and grabs her wrist and the two of them continue on with their breakfast.

"So Ciel, how are you gonna deal with Sir Damiano?" Keiko asked as she and Ciel walk to their office, though, it was more likely his as he usually does most of the work and she only helps him when needed.

Ciel looked quite scary as an air of dominance and menace surrounded him, making Keiko shiver a little. "Well, I plan to play a game with him," he replied with a dark smirk, Keiko sweatdropped at him, knowing that it was anything but a game with Ciel. She almost felt sorry for the victim but knew he deserved it, after all, any person who comes in the way of Phantomhive shall suffer the wrath of Ciel, the head of the Phantomhive.

"Can I join you guys?" Keiko asked. Ciel glanced at her, he usually doesn't allow her to join the deeds that he committed as the Queen's Watchdog or as Head of Phantomhive, he prefers to keep her safe somewhere, where she will never have to suffer again. He refuses to allow anyone to cause her suffering anymore, though it was fine if it was him.

"Well.." Ciel started.

"I promise! I will behave and do everything you say." Keiko pleaded with Ciel, "besides you know, I am more than capable of defending myself if I need to. After all, there were few times where I almost defeated Sebastian during sparring times," Keiko proudly bragged with sparkles, nearly blinding Ciel, "and if I can do that with Sebastian, then I can definitely take care of a pig, like Sir Damiano!" That was true, something that had shocked both Ciel and Sebastian when they found that out. Keiko who had been quite excited about her newfound strength thought Ciel would be proud of her but Ciel had only looked at her concern at that since she had never been that strong, even when she was a child. He had a feeling she had gained that kind of strength during her disappearance, another reason to find out who did this to her and to take revenge.

Just what did they do to you? Ciel's whole demeanor had grown rather dark as he clenched his hand so hard, he could feel his ring digging harshly into his skin causing Keiko to gently touch his shoulder as if she was scared of alarming him.

"Ciel?" Ciel stiffens for a moment before forcing himself to relax and turning around to Keiko and pushing her against the wall with his arms trapping her. Keiko only stared at him in confusion, a reaction that Ciel expected and didn't want, he had wanted her to blush and get embarrassed at his approach so he wouldn't feel like a pervert for doing it.

Why in the world does she have to be so dense?

"What if he does this to you, what would you then," Ciel asked quietly as he moves slightly closer to her, taking in her scent. Keiko was silent for a moment causing Ciel to smile, he was glad that she knew when to stop fighting and started obeying. Ciel stared at her and realized just how close their bodies were from each other and decided to stop teasing her before something really does blooms from a situation like this. Ciel started to remove himself from her when suddenly he found himself flipped over and his back, hit the floor with a heavyweight on top of him. Silky black hair flew into his vision as he found himself on the floor with Keiko on top of him. She smirked at him like a little cat who had outsmarted a dog. Her brilliant cat-like emerald eyes shimmered in the sunlight before him.

"How about this?" She teased right back, her fingers gently tugged on his blue hair and smirking at him. Ciel stared at her, before sighing and covering his eyes with his hand. "Well, I suppose you could." Keiko smiled and jumped off of him with a squeal of happiness.

How could this always happen, every time I think I outsmarted her, it is the opposite, Ciel sighed in defeat as he rubbed his face and fixed his clothes.

"Thank you-" Keiko raced to hug Ciel, something Ciel accepted readily.

"Just don't come crying to me when you see something you didn't wish to see," Ciel replied while snuggling against her.

"Don't worry, I'm strong! I can handle anything!" Keiko stood in front of him in all of her glory, trying to show just how much strength she had in her tiny body.

Ciel rolled his eyes and scoffed at her, "Sure you are, I'm the Queen. Now come on, we must hurry as we have much to do." Ciel and Keiko continue on walking with Keiko animatedly talking nonstop, earning occasional nods and answers from Ciel, but for the most part, Ciel kept quiet.

"I was thinking we should do that board game, you know, to really make Sir Damiano suffer," Keiko chuckled rather darkly, "Don't you think?" Keiko turned to Ciel, only to find him standing still at the landing of the staircase and staring at the portrait of the previous Phantomhive, their parents. Keiko knew it pained Ciel to think about their late parents. In all honesty, Keiko doesn't remember them too much, ever since that day, but knew that they cared for her and understood Ciel's sorrow, even if he didn't show it.

"Ciel-" Keiko whispered, her hands reaching to him.

"I was thinking of that game as well, so we shall use it," Ciel said and turned away, completely ignoring what Keiko had intended to say.


"Yes?" Ciel looked at her, though he said nothing, his eyes begged her not to say anything. Keiko knew the subject of their parents was always a delicate subject.

Keiko looked at him sadly before shaking her head, "nothing, just….I love you."

Ciel looked pained for a moment before replying, "I hold deep regards for you as well."

Sebastian looked before rather proudly as he placed the last silverware that he polished on the table, "The silver is polished to a spotless shine." He turned to see a fine tablecloth, which he had spend quite a bit of time to revive it to its original pristine condition, "The tablecloth is crisp, clean, and wrinkle-free."

The flowers which Sebastian picked himself as he does not trust the actual gardener to do it himself, sat on the table proudly and beautifully, " There is not a single bruised blossom among Master's favorite white roses."

"And finally, the highest quality ingredients have been gathered to prepare a first-rate dinner. The table is perfect." Sebastian smiled a satisfied smile as he looked at his preparation, at this rate, the manor would be ready before supper time, giving him some time to visit and spoil his precious kittens.

Finnian, Mey-Rin, and Baldroy all stared at Sebastian for quite some time before they turned to each other with determination.

"A guest is comin'. All right, then this is our chance. Sebastian looks down on us all the time. Today we will be so perfect he won't even know what 'it 'im." Baldroy announced to the two, who nodded furiously. "Ah! is what he's gonna say when he sees us."

"Ah!" Finnian and Mey-Rin both said in determination. Baldroy looked at them as if they were idiots, "That's for him to say, not you, " Baldroy told them.

"Oh! That's a good idea. Yes, it is," Mey-Rin agreed.

"Right, we have to stop relying on Sebastian for everything!" Finnian declares, with the two agreeing with him wholeheartedly.

"It's settled then, we've got a plan of attack!" Baldroy yelled out.

"Let's get to it!" The trios yelled with determination before they all went to do their respective duties.

Sebastian, today is the day we prove to you that we're not useless.

"We're so sorry!" Heads filled with orange, yellow, and maroon hair bowed down, shaking with fear as Sebastia stood, staring down at the "failures" of life with a smile, though his smile was anything but happy, shown by the fear on the trios face. They looked rather like rabbits under a wolf's gaze, an angry wolf, who looked like he just wanted to kill them for bothering him.

"What in the world did you imbeciles do this time?" Sebastian asked with a dangerous smile, and cracked his knuckles, warning the trios that they better have a good explanation or they would face his wrath. Poor Finnian, Baldroy, and Mey Rin were trembling in fear, they had hoped they would impress Sebastian since they had a guest coming. Sebastian had always thought them as failures, they had hoped today, they would prove him wrong. They hadn't meant to destroy the garden, the laundry, the new tea set, or blowing up the new kitchen for the third time.

"We-l-l, I accidentally used an undiluted weed killer cause I thought it would be more effective. I didn't mean to kill the entire garden!" Finnian wailed.


"And I was only trying to get the new tea set for the guest, but I tripped and took the cart down with me!" Mey-Rin's face was filled with dramatic large tears.

Clumsy fool

"And I thought it would be a great idea to cook meat ten times faster with a flamethrower, so…," Baldroy admitted with a shamed face.


"We're so sorry!" They wailed to Sebastian, who looked like he wanted to snap their necks but only rubbed his eyes and sighed.

"What's done is done. We can not reverse the past, so we must try to fix all of… this before our guest arrives." Sebastian told them, all of them looked at their butler with gratitude.

"Oh thank you, Sebastian, you're so forgiving!" The trios screamed, all happy that they had survived another day at the Phantomhive Manor.

"But how we fix it is the problem," Sebastian ignored the servants in helps of trying to think of a solution that would fix the problems before him. Sebastian, who was thinking rather deeply was interrupted by a girl decked up in a new outfit with Tanaka (in his chibi form), who was on her head with a "ho ho ho" while drinking tea from a traditional Japanese teacup.

"Sebastian! What do you think?" Keiko asked. Sebastian turns, seeing Keiko smiling and twirling her Kimono, showing it off. "Tanaka helped me put it on since I didn't know how to put it on. You know what they say when in doubt, do what the Japanese do"

"It is quite lovely, though My Lady only makes it shine more," Sebastian smoothly replied while staring at her Kimono with a rather curious look as the gears in his head turn.

Ah! But of course!

Suddenly he snapped his fingers and swiftly picked up Keiko, startling the servant and Keiko herself, who squealed in surprise.

"Everyone, please be quiet." Sebastian said, showing off Keiko and her Kimono, "this is what we will do." With that, all the workers understood and started to carry out the plan that Sebastian gave them.

Sebastian gently sets Keiko down, places his hand over his heart, and bowed to her, "Thank you, My Lady, what a marvelous idea." Keiko looked rather confused, not understanding just what she had done to cause such a reaction from Sebastian, "your welcome, I think…"

While Keiko continued to think just what had she helped, a sharp bell rang out, echoing throughout the manor. Sebastian stood up and looked towards his master's office.

"Well, if you will excuse me. I believe your brother has summoned me." Sebastian smiled, bowing to Keiko.

"Oh, I want to go with you," Keiko declared, "I'm supposed to be helping him right now, but I took a small break. I suppose I should get back to work."

"But of course, whatever you wish, My Lady." Together they walked up the authentic stairs and down the halls and into the Phantomhive's office.

Keiko walked up to the door and pushed it open to see a rather grumpy Ciel scratching on various parchments with an ink pen. Ciel looked up, about to yell at the person who dared to enter without permission until he saw it was only Keiko who had opened the door.

"Brother, did you miss me?" Keiko sang as she went over and gave the young boy a hug. Ciel's mood appeared to have become much better after Keiko came back.

"What are you wearing?" Ciel asked, staring at her outfit, having only seen girls wearing frilly dresses with ribbons and bows, he was quite surprised at what she was wearing.

Keiko jumped off of him and twirled, "It's Kimono, a traditional Japanese outfit. What do you think?" Ciel looked up and down at her outfit, nodding, "not too bad, I suppose." It was then that Ciel realized that Keiko had not come alone, he saw Sebastian standing by the door, smirking at him.

"Sebastian, make me a parfait," Ciel commanded, wanting to say something, anything to distract Sebastian from what he was thinking, and besides, a parfait did sound rather delicious. Sebastian, however, only bowed, and apologies, "My apologies, however, I cannot fulfill that wish." Keiko looked surprised at the disobedience from Sebastian. Usually, Sebastian would never disobey an order from Ciel or Keiko, at least not rarely. An angry tick appeared on Ciel's face, he never liked it when his servants disobeyed him, especially when it came to Sebastian.

"Why not?"Ciel asked angrily.

"You supper shall be ready in a couple of hours with your guest. I do not wish for you to ruin your appetite before then," Sebastian answered, though it was more than that, but he didn't have to know.

"I don't care about that, make me parfait." Ciel persists on, he refuses to back down.

"I'm sorry sir," Sebastian bowed. Ciel looked like he wanted to continue to fight but only sighed when he knew it was a futile and pathetic fight.

"Fine, then" Ciel sighed in defeat before something came to his mind, something that had been on his mind since that morning in the hallway, "about the portrait in the hallway…."

Keiko perked up when she heard him talking about the portrait, what could possibly he wanted with the portrait?

Don't tell me…

"Yes, " Sebastian replied.

"Take it down," Keiko gasped, how can he do that, "I am Ciel Phantomhive, son of Vincent Phantomhive, and I am the head of the house now." Ciel declared with confidence as he stared down Sebastian, ignoring Keiko's reaction.

Keiko looked shocked at that, even Sebastian looked rather surprised, though he recovers rather quickly with another bow, "consider it done."

Keiko grabbed Ciel's shoulder, forcing him to look at her, "why would you do that! I thought you loved that portrait."

Ciel calmly grabbed Keiko's arm and looked into frantic green eyes, "Keiko, I am the head of the house, so there's no need for that portrait now that I am the new head of the house."

"But-" Keiko wanted to stop him from making a decision that could never be reversed, she may have forgotten when that portrait was taken or the occasion of it, but she knew that he loved it, or at least she thought he did.

Ciel stared at the heartbroken expression on Keiko's face before sighing. "If you really are upset about it, you may keep it. Just keep it out of my sight." Ciel concluded, he couldn't bear looking at his parent's portrait, they reminded nothing but the wonderful days from before, the days that will forever be gone, only appearing in dreams and memories. Keiko looked truly heartbroken at his statement but only nodded with sadness, knowing she shouldn't push it any further.

"Okay, if that's what you want," Keiko replied, placing her head on his chest, gently sobbing onto him. Ciel tightens his hold on her and looks at Sebastian with a nod.

Sebastian nodded back and quietly left the room.

"Oh my, how impressive," Damiano looked at the Japanese style garden in front him with amazement. Even though the garden was filled with simple stones, it was gorgeous with its design of the grass and with the occasional irises around the garden gave it an even more breathtaking view to anyone who lay their eyes on it. Even the bare branches of the trees could not take away the beauty that was placed in the garden, in fact, it only made the beauty more noticeable.

"Welcome sir, we have waited upon your arrival." Sebastian welcomed Damiano with a bow and hidden smirk.

"Ah, prodigioso! Truly an elegant garden!" Damiano complimented, looking absolutely delighted by the garden before him.

"We thought it appropriate to serve dinner al fresco this evening. Allow me to escort you inside until the meal is ready." Sebastian said. Damiano nodded with much notice, his eyes were feasted upon the garden before him.

"Of course, I expected nothing less from the Phantomhive. I simply cannot wait to see what else is in store for this evening." Damiano replied with gusto. With that, Sebastian led their guest inside to greet the master and lady of the house.

Not too far from where Damiano and Sebastian had been, the three trios turned to each other with a proud look upon their faces.

"We actually did it," Baldroy mutter quietly, he still could not believe that Sebastian managed to fix everything in such a short amount of time. It was like he wasn't human at all.

Finnian nodded with pride, "yeah we did, Who would've thought a dozen boxes of gravel could turn into an amazing garden?" Really, who knew such simple things could turn something so horrid into something so breathtaking?

"But of course, can do anything. Oh yes, he can," Mey-Rin said with a blush, she couldn't help it, Sebastian was a capable man who could take care of anything and everything….truly anything. Plus, no women could blame Mey-Rin, any women would be insane to not consider Sebastian a feast to be drooled over.

Damiano, who was impressed with the garden was even more impressed by the inside of the manor. He saw that the manor had been clean from top to bottom with the shiness that could be seen from the floor and all around him. He likes to think that they had clean it just for him.

Hmph, such a grand house for some brats. Damiano sneered at his thought.

"Something wrong sir?" A young girl's voice popped up beside him startling him. Damiano quickly turned to see a rather beautiful little girl with a hint of mischievous, almost like a cat with a nasty plan.

"No, of course not." Damiano quickly amended, he could not afford a bad reputation when he is so close getting is exactly what he wants.

"Very good. I do not wish to upset your visit here in our simple home," she curtsied in front of him before smiling a pleasant smile at him, though it looked like it had a hidden meaning behind its simplicity and formality. Sebastian snickers silently as he stared at his lady's acting ability, he would have felt sorry for the guest, for the action that Keiko would bring onto him later, but he couldn't bring himself to since he had no such bothersome emotions. After all, humans were intriguing creatures for him to observe.

"Ah, never! You never could. This estate is truly a sight," Damiano complimented. "Though I must ask who you are, my lady," Damiano asked with a slight bow, though it was more of a mocked bow than a polite bow, something Sebastian narrowed his eyes at but did nothing as he knew his lady could take care of herself. Keiko narrowed her eyes for a moment before forcing a smile, "Oh my, it seems like my brother likes to keep me hidden from his work. I am Keiko Phantomhive, sister of Ciel and the current lady of the house," Keiko said with authority in her voice. Damiano could only stare at her before screaming at himself internally, how could he have not noticed this was the Earl's sister, but then again, he had never seen her before as he only heard of her from rumors. He only hopes that the lady would not point him out for his mocked bow to her.

"Of course, my apologies for recognizing such a beautiful lady as yourself," Damiano bowed, truly bowed this time.

"Such flattery would get you nowhere," the temperature dropped at the icy tone in Keiko's voice. Damiano flinched and almost slapped himself for flinching at a girl. Damiano glanced up to see the warmth that was there before now disappeared as if they were never there before.

Damiano could not help but shiver at the sight of Keiko even though she has done nothing except speak, he could tell that if he was not careful around her tonight, then he would pay the price of it. Damiano glanced at Sebastian, hoping he could help getting him out of this situation, however, Sebastian completely ignored him and only focused on his lady.

"What is going on here?" A young boy's voice commanded, all eyes turned to the voice, finding Ciel staring at them from beside the door with a cold calculative gaze. Keiko's eyes lit up when she saw her brother and ran towards him, gently tugging him to her.

"Ciel, you're finally here. I thought you would never get here," Keiko said, focusing on Ciel, and occasionally she would stare down Damiano, who only looked at those two, wondering when he should introduce himself. He glared at the butler, mentally telling him to make him known in this room, but none of that happened.

"I had some business to take care of, I'm afraid," Ciel said, smirking at the fact that Keiko was showing her hatred to Damiano in such an amusing way, he took a peek at Damiano's expression and almost laughed at the slight tinge red of embarrassment and anger. He knew as an Earl and a noble, it would be considered rude to ignore his guest, but it is quite amusing sometimes, especially when you get a reaction like Damiano's.

Well, he shall be treated like a king later, so he must as well suffer now. Not like he deserves it, not after what he has done.

"Were you okay while I was gone?" Ciel asked Keiko, who smiled or more likely smirk with a hint of mischievousness. "Oh, I took care of the situation while you were gone," she replied.

"I'm so glad you can join us," Ciel said, finally acknowledging the guest with a slight tilt of his head. Damiano smiled at him and bowed, "I am grateful for your wonderful hospitality."

Those Damned brats, how dare they ignore me like this. Better get the money and get out here quick, no matter how grand this place is. Damiano thought with clenched fists, an action that did go unnoticed by Sebastian.

"Of course, we're glad that you will be here to enjoy the full hospitality of the Phantomhive," Ciel said before turning to Sebastian with a knowing look, "Sebastian. Bring in the game, I believe the guests wish to play with us in the drawing-room."

"But of course," Sebastian bowed and left the room to bring…..the game.

Damiano looked quite confused for a moment, he had come here for money, not to play games with some brats.

"A game?" Damiano started, "I'm afrie-"

"Something wrong? Sir Damiano." Keiko left Ciel's side and walked to him with a frightening aura causing Damiano to unconsciously step back, "you must join our game. After all, a child knows how to play best. We do own a toy company, so why not put it to use?"

Damiano looked like he wanted to say no but looking at the expression on the sibling's face, especially on Ciel's, who looked like he would end his life right there if he said no, he knew he cannot refuse even if his life depended on it.

Damiano could only smile and place his clenched hands behind his back as he replied, "If you insist."

"Oh, we insist," Ciel said with a dark look on his face with Keiko right beside him.

"The progress we've been making with the East India Factory is quite astonishing. We already have the makings of a top-notch staff." Damiano said as he watches Ciel rolls his dice and makes his move.

"Bewitched by the eyes of the dead. What terrible luck. It appears I lose a turn." Ciel said, ignoring every word that came out of Damiano's mouth.

"Oh! My turn!" Keiko eagerly grabs the dice waited for her luck. A six popped out, "yes! I must have lady luck on my side tonight," Keiko said as she moved her character 6 spaces, where she landed in a ditch.

"Ah! I landed a ditch, I lose two turns!" Keiko said as she stared at the board game as if it were her enemy. Ciel smirked at her, " I suppose lady luck wasn't on your side after all."

Damiano stared the two children before him in frustration, how could they ignore their guest like this. He made himself move forward, hoping that would catch their attention and said rather loudly, "Right now is the perfect time. We should begin expanding the company and building a strong labor force, it would-"

"Oh! Goodness me, my apology. Sir Damiano. I believe it is your turn," Keiko said with a smile as icy as winter itself.

"Oh, yes. I just spin this then." Damiano made his turn quickly, hoping to end this game as quickly as possible. "Okay there, five spaces," Damiano said as he moved himself and sly said, " Now, what I wanted to ask you. Perhaps you could contribute another 12,000 pounds to support our expansion? I believe it will be quite a profitable venture for you, my lord, and I would consider it an honor to help expand the Funtom Company…"

Ciel still ignored Damiano's word and instead only looked and smiled at the space which he landed on, "Lose a leg in the enchanted forest. And it's your turn again." Damiano looked quite frustrated at the two children, but knew he couldn't blow his head off in front of them, he may be dumb, but not that dumb.

Just play it cool. The night is almost over and soon you shall get the money. Soon.

"Pardon me, but I do believe it is Lady Phantomhive's turn as you have lost a return if I remember correctly, " Damiano said.

"No, we both lost our turn though my sister has lost two instead of one. Remember?" Ciel reminded him, waiting for his move.

"Oh, I see," Damiano said and made his move again, earning himself a 6. Damiano smiled at the 6, that was one of the few six that he had gotten during the entire game, he felt quite proud of it. He hoped to use this rub it against their face, "Oh, I move six spaces."

Take that you brats, Damiano though with a satisfied smile, however, that was wiped off by Keiko's comment.

"You mean three," Keiko stated with a tilt of her head as if telling him he was an idiot for not knowing this.

"But I rolled a-" Damiano started.

"My sister is correct about your limited spaces, You lost a leg, if you recall. Now you only move half the number of spaces." Ciel said, immediately halted his argument. The air becomes thick when Ciel said that, Keiko seeing this, gently placed her hand on his, who only continue to look forward but responded Keiko with a gentle squeeze of his hands.

"Oh my, ha ha ha ha. This is quite a gruesome-a board game, isn't it? Is there no way for me to restore my leg, then?" Damiano said with a light flair, hoping to cut some tension in the room.

"I'm afraid once something is truly lost, sir, that one can never get it back again," Ciel with a distant tone as if he was never there and instead traped in his memories, however, he shook his head, firmly rooting himself back to the present and not the past and said, "Your body is burnt by raging flames."

Keiko smiled a delightful smile at that.

The fun is just about to begin.

"How is it going?" Sebastian asked as came down to the kitchen to check on the preparation for dinner and to make sure Baldroy didn't burn the kitchen again.

"I'm doin' it like you said to." Baldroy said with a doubtful tone, he looked at the meat and grimace at the sight of it.

"Is this really what you want?" Baldroy asked as if questioning Sebastian's ability.

Sebastian, you may be good at everthin' but you sure you got this one?

Sebastian looked one look at it and nodded, "Yes, that looks excellent." Perfect, everything was going according to his plan. However, as he looked at it, he realizes it was missing one thing, he sighed and was about to call out the person who he assigned that task to until that person beat him to it.

"Sebastian! Found 'em! Aah!" Mey-Rin cried out as she fell down with a wine bottle in her hand. She braced for her fall until she felt large hands wrapped around her, halting her fall. She looked up and blushed heavily at the sight of the flawless face of Sebastian.

So-o-so close!

"Ah-ah-" Poor Mey-Rin, still in Sebastian's arms, didn't know what to do except stay frozen in his arms.

"Oh, honestly. How many times have I told you not to run inside the manor, Mey-Rin?" Sebastian scolded her as he grabbed the wine bottle of her hand and place her upright, startling her back to reality.

"I'm so sorry, sir! My glasses cracked and I can't see a thing!" Mey-Rin stuttered out as steam start to rise from her head causing Baldroy and Finnian to worry about her health.

It has nothing to do with your glasses but instead with your head, Sebastian though merciless and turn to the rest of the workers and clapped his hands, announcing, "These are the last items we needed for dinner. Splendid work, everyone. And now I believe you can leave the rest of it to me and relax for a bit. But I need you to behave well, very well, during dinner tonight."

Baldroy leaned towards Finnian and whispered, "He said it twice…"

Finnian nodded, "Ooh, that's serious."

"Do I make myself clear, you must behave very well as not to embarrass our beloved master and lady," Sebastian said, looking pointedly at each and every one of them.

"Don't worry sir, we won't let you down!" The trios said with a serious tone or they tried to.

Why do I have a dread feeling about this?

"Oh! You only get to move 2 spaces," Keiko teased Ciel, who only rolled his eyes at her childish behavior.


"Pardon the interruption, but dinner is served," Sebastian announced with a bow. Damiano stood up quickly, glad for the interruption.

"Oh, dining out in that exquisite stone garden? Shall we go, my lord?" Damiano asked with an impatience tone, he had just enough with these brats. He wanted to finish this evening as quickly as possible.

"Oh, but the game! I really wanted to finish it," Keiko said to Ciel, who turn to her and said with a smirk, "Very well, we shall finish the game later."

No! Must I be here for another second! "Oh, is there any real need to finish it? It's obvious I'm going to lose," Damiano said, hoping to change their mind.

"I'm not in the habit of abandoning games halfway through," Ciel replied as he stood up, preparing himself and pulled Keiko with him.

Damiano sneered at the thought of it staying another second with the brats and mutter, "How childish." Ciel and Keiko glared at him, having heard exactly what he said.

"Oh I, I mean that sometimes it takes a child's eyes to see what's really important. It's a true gift. Maybe that's what's made the Phantomhives the nation's foremost toy makers. It certainly impresses me!" Damiano tried to cover up his mistake with compliments, but he could tell it didn't work judging by their cold faces.

"On tonight's menu is a dish of finely sliced raw beef donburi courtesy of our chef Baldroy," Sebastian announced as he revealed the pile of raw meat in front of them. Ciel, Keiko, and even Damiano looked quite disgusted by it, it was appalling with its pink raw flesh.

"A pile of raw beef. And this is dinner?" Damiano asked with a disgusted tone. Ciel grows pale at the thought of having to eat such thing, he could tell Keiko was thinking by the same by her disgusted expression.

"Yes, but surely you have heard of it?" Sebastian explained, "this, good sir, is a traditional Japanese delicacy, a dish offered as a sign of gratitude to someone who has accomplished important work. That, sir, is the wonder of donburi!"

"Ah! Yes, of course," Damiano felt a little better after Seastain explain it and he felt the courage to take a small bite of it. Clear, fresh, exotic taste kiss his taste buds as the meat slid down his throat. Damiano's eyes widen at the exotic taste of meat as he continues to shove more in his mouth, forgetting all of his troubles during those bites. Ciel and Keiko however, refused to take a bite and only watch in disgust as their guest shove the raw meat down his throat as if he was starved for weeks.

"This is a token from our master and lady, to show their thanks for all your hard work on the company's behalf. They wanted you to know that it's much appreciated," Sebastian explained.

"Excellent, what an inspired idea! The legendary Phantomhive hospitality in action!" Damiano laughed, raising his fork in the air, enchanted once more.

Sebastian bowed in thanks, "As for vintage we are pouring tonight was specially selected to complement the flavor of soy sauce. Mey-Rin. Now, Mey-Rin." Mey-Rin only stared Sebastian in a daze when she realized that he looked extra fine tonight that she hadn't heard what Sebastian had said to her. Sebastian turned to her in slight frustration and told her in a slightly louder voice, "Why are you just standing there? Pour the man a glass of wine."

"Of course, yes, sir!" Mey-Rin startled from her daydream immediately went over and poured Damiano a glass, though she poured too much since her eyes and mind seemed to only focus on Sebastian, who continue on flattering Damiano.

Baldroy who sees think, scratch his head in confusion, commented, "Hey…."

"What?" Finnian answered.

"Is it just me or is Mey-Rin acting a little strange?" Bard asked, still staring at Mey-Rin's odd behavior.

Finnian glanced at Mey-Rin and gasped at the overfilled cup of wine and whispered, "Mey-Rin, stop it! Can't you see you're spilling the wine?" Both Finnian and Baldroy cover their eyes when they saw the wine had spilled onto the white table cloth, creating a noticeable stain. Mey-Rin, you're dead!, both Finnian and Baldroy thought as they stare the situation, not knowing exactly what they should do. Should they try to help, but that might just make Sebastian mad. Even Mey-Rin was in a frenzy when she realized just what she had done, she only hoped Damiano had not noticed the red stain. Luckily Damiano didn't even notice he continue on eating and praising the Phantomhive's hospitality.

Sebastian seeing this, quickly pulled the table cloth away in inhumane speed, leaving everything on the table at their exact position as if they had never moved.


"Oh? Where did the tablecloth go?" Damiano finally realized that the tablecloth had disappeared.

"A speck of dirt, most unsightly. I had the cloth removed so it wouldn't distract us. Think nothing of it," Ciel replied as he drank his tea.

Sebastian bowed to Damiano, "Please accept my apologies, sir. Do continue. Enjoy the meal at your leisure."

Damiano stared at Sebastian in awe, "Oh, Oh my! Lord Phantomhive, Lady Phantomhive, once again you have truly impressed me. What an able butler you've acquired.

Ciel only scoffed while Keiko clapped her hand, enchanted as well, "Pay him no mind. He merely acts as befits one of our servants."

Sebastian smiled a killer smile that would make all ladies weak at their knees, "My master is quite correct about that. Naturally, you see, I am simply one hell of a butler."

"That was a thoroughly enjoyable dinner, my lord. Now then, about the contract…" Damiano reminds them.

"Before we discuss that, we must finish the game," Ciel said, fully intended on finishing on his games.

Damiano looked hesitantly around the drawing-room before saying, "yes of course. Though I regret to say that I have a pressing-a appointment, so perhaps another ti…"

"Children can be very demanding about their games. Surely you wouldn't want us to get upset. Would you?" Keiko interrupted him, staring at him and narrows her eyes at him. She was no going to let him run away, at least not until she had her fun.

Damiano immediately waves his hands, "No, no of course not. Though, perhaps you would permit me to use your telephone?"

"Go, don't make us wait," Ciel said, waving his hand in dismissal. Damiano smiled a smile before leaving the room, finally having a breather, "I'll be right back."

Damiano quickly leaves the room and accidentally bumps into Sebastian, who had a trolley with tea and simple bite-sized snacks.

"Pardon me, Sir Damiano. But, if I may ask, where are you going?" Sebastian asked

Damiano took a quick glance at Sebastian and forced a smile, "oh, merely for a phone call. I shall be back." Sebastian watched Damiano walked further away from him and smirked at his back.

"Do watch your steps, we wouldn't want you wounded in anyways," Sebastian warned, but Damiano was already out of the room, Sebastian shook his head in amusement and opened the door to his master and lady.

"Young Master, My Lady. I have brought you some tea," Sebastian said as he begins to pour tea for his master and lady. He offered them their tea, their hands grab the tea, accepting, and siping it. However, a weird expression makes way to Ciel's and Keiko's face as they force themself to swallow their tea. Both of them immediately places the tea back on the table and push it far away from them.

"What is this? It tastes terribly weak." inquired Ciel.

"Out of consideration for our guest, I brought some Italian tea," Sebastian explained, already picking up the discard teacups and place it back on the trolley.

"Italian?" Keiko asked.

"Yes, My Lady as Italians drink more coffee than tea, sir. So finding high-quality Italian tea can be difficult," Sebastian explained, "This particular selection is not to your liking?"

"No. I don't like it, " both Ciel and Keiko said with Keiko furiously shaking head causing her black hair to fly.

"My apology. I shall see to the dessert preparations." Sebastian said, already seeing the smirk on his master's face and the gleam in his lady's eyes.

"Good. We must show him every available hospitality. The Phantomhive family is known for its courtesy." Ciel chuckles darkly.

"Wait, I wish to go as well," Keiko requests, standing up and went to Sebastian's side.

Sebastian and Ciel both looked surprised at her request, Ciel stood up.

"What are you planing?" Ciel asked, eyes narrowed in suspicion.

Keiko only smiled Ciel. "I just want to make sure Sir Damiano gets the full hospitality of the Phantomhive.

"I'm tired of babysitting these children... Yes, I've already sold off the factory. Now all that's left is to pocket the extra cash. I'm trying to squeeze more out of the brat right now... The employees? Who cares about them? Ah...! Never mind. The rest of the formalities are for you to deal with...No, it'll be easy... Please, they are the only children." Damiano growled out, slamming the telephone back in its original place.

"Tch! Those damn brats, thinking they outsmart me. They will regret messing with me."

"Ugh!" A cry of pain could be heard throughout the manor. Sebastian and Keiko both looked at each other and nodded.

"Sir? Uh, Sir? Come back," Mey-Rin's concern voice came to Keiko's ear, making Keiko's smile. They truly have some kind-hearted servants. Sebastian gently touches Keiko's shoulder, Keiko glance at him.

"It is time, My Lady," Keiko nodded and narrows her eyes.

"Let's make sure Sir Damiano will never come back," Keiko grows, completely different from the sweet person that Sebastian was used to.

"But, of course. My Lady,"

"Ah! I gotta get outta here," Damiano's frantic voice came to them as he finally came before Sebastian and Keiko. Damiano's eyes widen in fear as he sees them, he scrambles back with his broken leg, hoping to escape from them. However, he was blocked by Sebastian, who's eyes flashed in red.

"Surely you aren't leaving the manor yet, sir? We haven't given you the full Phantomhive treatment yet. We still have to serve dessert," Sebastian started, and move aside for his lady. Keiko places herself beside Sebastian.

"You've lost a leg, remember? Now you can only move half the number of spaces. So why not just relax a bit and make yourself at home?" Keiko finished with a sweet smile.

"Ah!..ah!" Damiano looked frantically before trying to run away from them, but only found darkness covered him from all around. He panted, trying clear the darkness that surrounded him, it was suffocating and dark like the water at night during a storm.

"It's really dark! Where am I ?" Damiano cried out as he feels his surrounding. It was quite small, where ever he was. Soon he heard footsteps coming close to him, he froze at the sound.

"Tut, tut, What an impatient guest we have. You couldn't even restrain yourself until dessert was out of the oven? Wouldn't you agree, Sebastian?" Keiko "tut-tut" in a disapproving tone.

What! AN O-OVEN!

"Wait! Open up! Please," Damiano begged as he felt tears streaming down in desperation.

A smooth silky voice soon came to Damiano's ears, "I must agree, My Lady. What a pity. Perhaps the Italians aren't familiar with our customs. There's plum pudding, mincemeat pie. There are many traditional desserts here in England that make use of meat. I find them all quite tasty."

"I do agree with you, though I like my extra crispy." A light chuckles escape from Keiko.

Your body is burnt by a raging fire.

Soon, fire consumes him as Damiano screams in pain, "Aghhhh!"

As Damiano was consumed by fire, he could hear a sweet voice whispering to him, "Such a shame that my brother lets you live, he's too much of a softie. If it were me, you wouldn't have even your ashes left."

"Mamma mia!"

Ciel smirked at the scream of pain, "Humph. What an unattractive scream. He sounds almost like a pig taken off to slaughter. Humph, What presumption, first he sells the East Indian factory without telling me, and then he dares to ask for more money? Did he think to retain my trust?"

"I must agree with you, brother," Keiko said from the doorway as she brought 2 plates of cake for him and her. Ciel glanced up, eyes sparkle lightly at the sight of the cake, and grabs one of the cake, "you didn't stay for the entire thing?"

Keiko smiled and sat down beside him, "Well, I was hungry since I didn't eat much at supper," Keiko shudder at the thought of the raw meat and continues on, "so I brought some cake for you and me while Sebastian takes care of the rest.

Together they ate the cake with a blissful smile without a care in the world.

Gentle snores surrounded the room of Ciel's and Keiko's as they held their hand tightly together in their sleep as if they were scared of losing each again in the unexplainable darkness of life.

However, as they slept, a silhouette of a tall man appeared beside the bed of the two children and gently leans down to Keiko's forehead and placed a soft kiss on her head, where it glowed slightly with a purple hue. Keiko stirred slightly but remain deep asleep. The mysterious person smiled down at her with a gentle expression.

"My lady, I have finally come back. Just like I promised"

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