Chapter 1: An Inevitable Encounter

The first day of College is one everybody waits their entire youth for. As soon as you get into High School you begin wondering what it would be like to finally be your own person, to have independence and to do what you want to do. The only problem is, when you've been home educated your entire life then you're not going to know these thoughts exist, not when you're so used to being on your own already. Byleth was just hoping that he would figure this all out as he went along, he had his fathers support which was always more than enough, but support only goes so far when your father will be on the other side of the country. "You ready kid?" Byleth's father asked him as he grabbed the first box from the truck, to which Byleth simply nodded with a smile. "Alright then, grab your case and we'll get you moved in," His father added once more.

Byleth moved up to the trunk and grabbed his black suitcase and dropped into onto the floor before pulling the handle up and then grabbing one of his rucksacks from the trunk, then swinging it round his shoulder. The less trips down the stairs the better, right? Byleth followed his dad up the stairs and into the hallway of his dorm to see the other students with their parents all laughing and having a good time or stressing to make sure they hadn't forgotten everything. One redhead was already bickering with his father, a guy with glasses was running back and forth way to frantically making sure he hadn't forgotten something and someone else Byleth caught a glimpse of was play fighting with his brother.

"Here it is kid, your room," the father smiled before motioning to his son to unlock the door. Byleth smiled a little and unlocked the door with his key before stepping in front of his father into his small dorm room. His bed was placed on the right against the wall and he had a desk at the end of it with a cheap looking chair. "It'll be home after a few weeks," his father spoke as he set down the heavy box, "You can start unpacking and I'll go and grab the rest."

Byleth placed his suitcase onto the bed, unzipped it, and began to pull his very neatly folded clothes into the wardrobe of his dorm. A knock sounded from the doorway and the redhead from earlier was leaning against the doorway. "Hi," he smiled as he entered the room with an extended hand, "I'm Sylvain."

Byleth smiled and shook Sylvain's hand, "Byleth."

Sylvain raised an eyebrow at the lack of emotion coming from his dormmate, "I assume you're not much of a talker?" he joked, "do you need any help at all? I just finished throwing my stuff around the room and I'd be happy to carry anything from your car or help you move anything or whatever you need! Just say the word!" he smiled enthusiastically again.

"No," Byleth replied, "We're fine thank you, but I appreciate the offer."

"Sure sure, no worries at all friend," the redhead grinned once more, "Have you met any of the others yet?" he asked. Byleth simply shook his head and the redhead smirked happily, "Oh man you are going to love the merry band we have here," he laughed.

"Why?" Byleth questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Because!" Sylvain clapped his hands in excitement, "this year is going to be awesome Byleth, and tonight will be especially awesome."

Byleth gave a look of concern to the man stood in front of him. It was almost as if he was having a conversation with himself and not even trying to talk to Byleth, not that he minded because he always appreciated not really having to say much in a conversation but even so, it was still odd.

"Why will tonight be awesome?" Byleth curiously asked.

"We're going to a party on night one baby," Sylvain cheered before holding out his phone for Byleth to look at. On it was a messenger conversation between him and a 'Felix', on it read:

Sylvain: Felix my guy is the Claude still throwing that party?

Felix: I don't know.

Sylvain: Ask himmmmm

Felix: I have.

Sylvain: Well what did he say?

Sylvain: Its Claude

Sylvain: So it's a yes right?

Sylvain: Felix?

Sylvain: Felix?

Sylvain: ….

Sylvain: Felix


Felix: Oh my god yes. Yes, he's having the party still. Now stop blowing up my damn phone you moron.

Sylvain: Awesome 😊

"Are you sure we're invited?" Byleth asked with a hint of sarcasm.

Sylvain smiled once more, "Oh for sure, me and Felix go way back so even if we aren't, we still are y'know?"

After an hour Byleth had unpacked everything he had and had said goodbye to his father. He sat on his bed and let his mind go blank for some time to soak up the life he is about to live. It's going to be something he had never done before; he was going to be more social than he had ever been, and he was going to have experiences he would never have thought he would have. The first experience would be going to the dorms kitchen where he was already hearing laughter and shouting, his dormmates had already begun to get to know each other without him. So, Byleth took a deep breath and exhaled before he swung his legs to the floor and stood up to go to the kitchen. As he entered the room he was greeted with a wave from Sylvain and a loud greeting from a short blue haired man, "Hey you must be Byleth!" he shouted. "I'm Caspar" he introduced as he flexed his arm and pointed his thumb to his chest. Byleth nodded and smiled, "Yeah, it's nice to meet you."

Sylvain stepped forward and pointed towards a slender guy with round glasses, "this is Ignats," Sylvain introduced and the boy greeted with a quiet "hello" and then Sylvain pointed towards a tough looking girl with short red hair which was just lighter than Sylvain's, "and this is Leonie"

Leonie sat up from her slouch on the table and gave Byleth a thumbs up. "Isn't this a six-person dorm?" Byleth asked. They all gave a light laugh in return, "we do have one more, but she doesn't want to leave her room just yet," Caspar informed.

"She just needs to get her bearings" Leonie spoke up, "we'll help her though, right?" she eagerly grinned.

"Definitely," Ignats replied, "But since we're talking about getting our bearings, I'm going to have to pass on partying tonight," he said meekly.

"What?" Sylvain quickly stammered, "you want to pass on the first college party of your life?" he questioned. Ignats looked away and nodded.

"Why?" Byleth asked, even though he had thought about not going himself.

"Well," Ignats spoke, "I don't think I can handle alcohol all too much, and besides someone should stay behind to make sure you all get home safe."

"Hmm," Sylvain and Caspar hummed. Caspar squinted to Ignats, "surely we'd be a lot safer with someone who is sober looking out for us, right?" he finished with a grin. Sylvain snapped his fingers into a finger gun, "you're onto something Caspar."

Byleth chuckled, "They're right you know."

"He laughs?!" Sylvain pretended to be shocked. Byleth shook his head, and ignored Sylvain, he then looked towards Ignats, "It's up to you, we would like you to come but if you don't want to then that's okay," he spoke nonchalantly, "do what you want to do."

Leonie nodded along with what Byleth was saying, "Yeah, it'll be a great night for you either way! A great party or you can get some peace and quiet for now"

"Uhm, okay," Ignats hesitated, "I guess I'll come but someone has to help me pick what to wear…"

Sylvain walked up to Ignats who was still sat down and placed a hand onto Ignats' shoulder, "Iggy, I got you," he said with determination."

A/N: Hi all, this is a quick spur of the moment story that I have quickly planned out. If you lovely people like this chapter then it would be great to know because I'm hoping to write more. I love writing this every day drama stuff so yeah, hopefully look forward to more! ~FarmingPirate

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