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"I am a Primarch, duality is a part of my nature." – Leman Russ Primarch of the Space Wolves

I could feel the cold air on my skin, as the flames of war lit my figure. The gleam of blood dribbled down my blade as I looked down over the battlefield. Many figures stood around me large in their own right but small when compared to me. My sons and my pack. They looked to me for orders as our enemies laid dead at our feet, their swords reved with the thirst for another hunt and for more prey. I smiled and raising my sword up into the air I looked at my sons. "TONIGHT, WE DRINK IN THE HALLS OF THE HRAFNKEL!"

"Marrok, it's time to wake up!" my mother shouted as I shot up from my sheets after one of my most recent dreams. I have been having said dreams since I could remember. Sometimes they were about military battles or big Viking style parties. A part of me was happy that they were all dreams as the amount of alcohol I drank in my dreams would kill me ten times over.

Taking in a deep breath, I began to think as I felt the irregular beat of my heart in my chest. What are dreams? Are they just the accumulation of chemicals and hormones, or could they be something more? I mean it had to be something. They felt so real, so alive, like I was standing there fighting with those guys. I could almost hear them now, the beating of drums, the sounds of battle, the howls of wolves, and a man in gold.

But, in the end I guess it didn't matter. At the end of the day I was still a kid living on boring Earth rather than fighting in space. It was just the overactive imagination of a young kid.

I stood up and walked downstairs to greet my mother and father. Going down the long hallway that led from my room, I walked into the kitchen. Seeing my dad sitting at the table and my mom standing by the sink looking at me with her arms crossed in her bathrobe with curlers in her hair.

"Marrok, what did I tell you to do last night?" she asked as I looked behind her at the slight pile of dishes that were only slightly overflowing from the sink. I could feel some of my nerves twitch as I knew what was going to happen. She was looking at me with the fire in her eyes, fire that could even get a lumberjack like my father scared.

'God, I hate doing the dishes.' I thought to myself before speaking.

"The dishes, right?" I asked, trying to feign ignorance.

Her smile remained as she looked at me. "Yes, now get to work on them." With that, she walked towards me, giving me a hug and petting my head as she smiled down at me. As I hugged her back, enjoying the feeling of her hand running through my black hair.

"And good morning. your friend Daniel came over not too long ago. Said he wanted to hang out with you. I said you could, but you have to have the dishes done." I smiled at her and nodded my head as I rushed over to the dishes and started to get them done. My mom smiled as she walked down the hall to her room. Father stood up after drinking the last of his coffee and walked towards the door.

"Hey, little pup," My dad greeted, he took to calling me pup when he discovered my love of wolves. "How about later when I'm back from work we can play some football with your old man?" He asked as he was opening the door.

"Maybe if I am done with hanging out with Daniel. He could play too." I shouted back. He smiled, letting out a hearty laugh and continued out the door left.

Soon my mom came downstairs as she was in her business suit as well as putting in her earrings. "I will be home later tonight. We are having elk with potatoes so can you bring out the meat to dethaw dear." I smiled and nodded my head as she turned to the door. That was when I noticed something. My dad had not started his truck yet. That was odd, seeing as he would be late for his job if he didn't leave now.

Thinking that my dad was having trouble with something I walked towards the door my parents went out. Now that I was getting close to the door I couldn't hear my mom either. Something was wrong.

"Mo-" I was never able to finish the sentence before I felt pain in my chest as well as the sound of a crack like thunder.

I hit the ground hard clutching my chest. The pain was only getting worse as laid on the floor. I felt something wet on my hand, almost like water. Lifting my hand to my face I saw why my hand was wet.

Blood. It was dripping from my hand.

My vision was starting to fade. Someone opened the door my parents went out. I didn't have the energy to look up to see who it was. However, as the door opened wide enough, I did see two people lying on the ground. I don't remember much after that.

Just a howl.

Detective Lasater took a long drag from his cigarette, he was not having a nice day. In truth the only day he would classify as nice was going a full day without hearing about a murderer. Even worse a family murder. He hated murder cases, this close to Christmas too. It was just wrong.

Letting out the smoke that was in his lungs he turned back towards the scene of the crime. A good-sized two-story house overlooking the city from the large hill. Three dead, and one injured. The only thing he could say he liked about the case was the bitch who tried to rob these people died.

However, the shitty part of the whole thing was how the bitch died. He had seen similar deaths; most involved some wild animal and a hunt for said animal. But there was no evidence of a wild animal entering the scene.

The culprit in question was found in the living room ripped to shreds, neck broken, and collapsed chest. It was like she went five rounds with a bear and a wolf, only she fought for the first round and spent the last four trying to get away.

But this did not end the headache that was coming; apparently, the child was the one that killed the burglar. As he was covered in the culprit's blood right next to her. However, the odd thing about this whole case was that the kid should have been dead. As he was found with a gunshot wound in the chest where his heart should be.

Sighting to himself he walked back to his car to drive down to the hospital. In all honesty, a part of him wished the kid died with his parents. It was events like this that changed a kid for better or for worse and more times than not it was the former. Now he had a lot of things to deal with, being an orphan now as just one of them.

It didn't take Detective Lasater long to get to the hospital, seeing as it was just down the hill. With a sigh, he pulled into the hospital as he parked then walked towards the patient wing. Some of these things weren't adding up. The child was shot and he survived, but not only that his body was fine. The Doctors couldn't find the bullet despite the wound and with the lack of an exit wound would mean the kid pulled it out or they can't find the bullet.

As the detective went to the desk in the patient wing. Walking up to the middle aged Latino nurse, he smiled as she looked up.

"May I help you, sir?" She asked as he reached for his wallet to show his badge.

"Detective Lasater MPD, I am here to see a Marrok Volk." He asked. The nurse looked down at her sheet.

The nurse got a sad look on her face. "Is what they are saying true? Did that poor child really lose his parents." typing away at her computer, she did not notice the badge that was placed on the counter.

"I'm not at liberty to answer any question concerning an ongoing case but I will need to ask him a few questions." He replied naturally.

She tried to put up a smile as she told him where the kid was. "He is in room 6 down the hall and to the right but knock first his family Doctor is there."

With a nod, he started the walk to the room.

I felt it, the snow that was on the ground. But even though I was butt naked it didn't bother me in the slightest. But I guess I could attribute it to the warm body of fur I was leaning up against. I was just sitting there looking at the trees that had no leaves as I felt a pressure on my leg, and looking down, I saw one of my brothers resting its head on my bare thigh. I just sat there enjoying the warmth from my mother as she slowly breathed. The sun was just starting to come up over the hill. I stretched out my arms as my body cracked and popped, then. It happened. A sharp pain came along with the sounds of beeping.

I felt light hitting my eyes as I opened them to see the white ceramic ceiling, as well as the warm blanket on me, looking up as I heard a slight scuffle and there before me was the family Doctor Dr. Creed.

"Hey, kiddo, how are you feeling." He asked, his smile gone as he looked at me.

"Fine, just a little tired... Dr. Creed, why am I here?" I asked, looking around the room as well as looking for my parents.

"Marrok, what do you remember last." Creed said as he looked at me.

"Well, mom saying to dethaw the elk then... then.." My head started to hurt as Images flashed through my mind, two bodies, then blood, lots of blood. I could feel anger like never before as I heard cracking and snapping, I remember looking down and seeing a torn throat as well as a broken neck then black.

A knocking at the door got me out of my head as tears started to leak down my face as a head peeked in. The person was what most would describe the generic detective if it was not for the hat he was wearing as well as the black duster coat. His face had a bulky look to him. He was looking at me with some level of sympathy.

"Hey there, Marrok. I am Detective Jim Lasater." He said taking a seat beside my bed next to my bed.

I didn't move my head to acknowledge him, I just sat there stunned as tears ran down my face. I was not making a sound.

"How are you feeling?" He said, trying to get me out of my shock. I heard the Detective sigh as he got up to talk to the Doctor outside my room, but I could still hear them clear as day.

"Did he find out..." He whispered to Dr. Creed.

Creed took a moment to respond back. "I think he is putting two and two together."

"Has he said anything?" the detective asked.

"Only the last words of his mother before they were attacked." The Doctor said.

"Look, we found out that the culprit was an organ harvester from the gun that was used, and from what was left of her. Do you know why she would go after him? and his family?"

The Doctor sighed. "Yes, I sadly do it would have been because of their family's rare condition." I stopped when I heard this.

"What do you mean?" The Detective asked.

"Marrok has over twenty extra organs, two of which is an extra heart and an extra lung." Dr. Creed answered.

"I have two hearts..." I said, looking up, feeling slight anger well up as both Dr. Creed and Lasater in my direction.

It was at this time they came back in.

"Mr. Lasater, I have to ask you to leave what I am about to tell my patient is confidential information." He nodded as he left the room turning around, he looked back at me. "I knew your father and mother, Marrok, they were good people." I felt more anger well up.

*five years later*

I was sitting on top of the semicircular jungle gym alone as the other kids stayed away from me. They all knew I was dangerous. They all knew I killed someone with my bare hands. The staff knew it too. Much like the other kids they avoided me whenever they could. I knew the headmaster for this orphanage left my profile out of the orphanage's adoption list. Hell, they even kept me in a separate room when couples were meeting the kids.

Some of the other kids nicknamed me The Wolf as my appearance had become more wolf like in the years since my parents' murder. Now that I think about it Daniel was the only one who came to see me, against his parents' orders. He would remind me that he would be waiting for me when I got out of this "prison for kids". Still had three years to go, before I would be allowed to leave.

With my parents' death everything they had went to me, as both my parents were only children and my grandparents had since died of old age. So, the powers that be put the money and house in a holding account. But it didn't take long for greedy banks to come and start hitting said account with BS charges and fees. In the end there was probably little to no money in that account.

It was break time for everyone as the orphanage I was in had a school system. The only good thing about that was I tested out of it, don't ask me how I knew that I knew but all I can really say on the matter was that it just came to me. So, all I really had to do was sit around and look pretty, just like Guilliman.

Speaking of knowledge, reason the names of people I have never heard of before having been popping into my mind. Names like Guilliman, Vulkan, and Angron just to name a few. I had stronger feelings about some of those names then others, for some reason I always got angry when I thought about Lions. I also hated magic for some reason, or at least something that I was guessing was magic related.

I also noticed that I was growing rather fast, over the five years that I have been here I was already taller than much of the staff and I was still growing. My muscles were also developing rather nicely, considering I wasn't really working out. My hair color also seems to be changing, where once I had dark hair it was now starting to become lighter. I also noticed that my eye color was starting to turn a more grayish color.

I looked down at the paper in my hands. There were dozens of different runes written all over the paper. I was the one who wrote them down, but in truth I had no idea what I was writing. However, I must have meant something because some of them were glowing in a faint blue color. Now I wasn't really into the supernatural stuff but I kind of knew that runes didn't grow blue.

I crumpled the paper into a ball and threw it behind me without looking. I really didn't care if one of the staff came and yelled at me for not throwing away the paper. I looked up into the blue sky getting lost in the moment, or I would have if someone hadn't called to me.

"Hey Marrok!" A sweet female voice called to me.

I looked to the speaker of said voice to see a pretty young lass around my age waving to me. I did remember seeing her around the orphanage nor did I remember giving a girl looking like that my name.

'Do not trust her.' A deep and old voice said into mind.

My head shot up and I tried to look for the voice, but I could not see anyone who could possibly have that kind of voice. Turns out the lass calling to me was a tad bit impatient and closed the distance between us. She gripped my arm and tried to pull me close, but she was unable to move me. From the corner of my eye I saw a pink mist start to creep in around me. I felt my will begin to slip.

"Come with me Marrok." She said in a fake cooing voice.

She began to pull me away from the playground, and with me having this drowsy feeling over me I let her pull me along. I soon found myself in one of the back rooms of the orphanage which was not visited often. She shut the door behind her and locked before turning back to me with a seductive smile on her face. She pulled me into a hug, one I did not return, she then spoke but her voice had changed.

"You smell delicious." She breathed into my ear.

That's when my body snapped out of whatever sorcery she had me under and my vision went red. I pushed her off me and sent my right first flying towards her face with all the strength I could muster. My first caught her face dead center, the sound of cracking bone echoed through the room. She went flying back into the door, her body smashing through it before she started to skid on her back a few feet backwards.

Before she could get back up, I jumped on her, pinning this thing in human skin to the floor. I began to punch its face repeatedly, all the while I was letting out feral wolf-like snarls. I noticed that her hair began to burn but that did not stop me from pummeling its face in. After beating on it with little to no resistance for about ten seconds or so I drew back my hand, but the odd thing was that my hand was not forming a fist. I can't say I was in control of my actions at the moment, but I felt like I was reaching for a weapon, a sword to be precise, but I knew I did not have one on me.

How wrong I was when I felt my hand close around a leathered handle. Bringing down my sword arm I saw a beautiful sword, much too big for me to lift, come down on the thing's head easily cutting its head in two. However, it did not stop there as it easily cut its way deep into the floor it would have gone further if the floor hadn't hit the sword's three V shaped cross guards.

I looked at my sword, for some reason I knew its name. Mjalnar, The Sword of Banelight. The sword was easily over seven feet long, but to me I did not feel heavy. I pulled the sword out of the skull and floor boards and held it up. It was truly a thing to behold. The blade was a sliver white, I also saw it inexplicably darken as it killed the creature, first to the deep red of blood, and then to a fathomless, glittering black. There were also ruins carved into the blade which ran up the sword.

The sound of people running towards my direction drew my attention away from my sword. I looked down at the thing I had just killed. They would see a girl and not a creature in human skin, they would peg me as murder. So, I did the only thing I could, I ran and I did not look back.

*four years later*

Summer was approaching and the change in temperature was more than enough to tell me that. The seasons were not the only thing changing, in the four years that I have been living up in the mountains I have continued to grow, while at thirteen I was around six feet tall. Now being nineteen I was now standing at an intimidating seven foot nine inches. Yeah, finding clothes for me to wear was a pain in the ass, once I passed seven feet tall, I had to start making my own clothes. Luckily for me the skill came naturally to me.

I was also getting a lot smarter too, I could easily do complicated math problems in my head in a few seconds. I also noticed that my teeth became sharper, I had fangs now or canines, I really don't know which, but the fact was they were sharp and I could tear through flesh easily now. My strength also went through the roof as well, at one time I wanted to see how strong I had become so I tried to pull out a tree, don't ask me why I just did it, and to my surprise it came out with little effort on my part.

There was also Mjalnar, I was unable to call it back to my side since I first had it. It disappeared while I was fleeing the orphanage. I have been trying to summon it back to me but even to this day I have had no luck with it.

There was also the fact the nature around me had some form of respect for me. The green eaters would not stay too close to my home, which was a den I dug out underneath and large dead tree, and the few wolves that live around the area kept away from me. Speaking of wolves, I had two large gray wolves that lived with me in my den. Their names were Freki and Geri, don't ask me where those names came from, they just popped into my head when I found the two injured and hungry wolves stumbling into my territory.

I nursed them back to health and they seemed to like it with me, so they stayed and helped me when I went hunting for food. They also seemed to go through some kind of mutation as they seem to grow with me. Even now they were much bigger than any other wolf in the mountains as when on their paws they came up to my waist and on their hind legs they could match me in height.

I've had to deal with a few different monsters in my time in the mountains. I've also noticed that my stone weapons have been going through these monsters like they were made of light. More times than not I have had to deal with them by beating them to death or using my teeth to rip out their throats, luckily, I have only had to do that a few times.

In total I've killed around fifty-three monsters over the course of my four years of being up here. Most of them just stumbled into my territory and decided to attack. Most of them wanted to eat me, while a few of the spider ones wanted revenge for something, I really didn't catch what they were spouting out about as I went after them as soon as I saw they were monsters. Freki and Geri helped there they could, their teeth seem to work on the monsters. One thing that all the monster had in common was that they turned to a golden dust when they were killed. Something I never looked into, they were dead and that was the end of it.

In terms of human interaction, I have had next to none. There have been a few rangers coming up looking for me but since Freki and Geri joined me they have been keeping them away. A few hunters have tried to come after them, but I made sure they got the point that they were not to be hunted. From the few times I've snuck into town I caught newspaper with poor pictures of me, sometimes with Freki and Geri at my side, turns out I have become something of a legend to these people. Some had taken to calling me a wolfman or other names with wolf in them, most likely because of my wolf life appearance and from the fact I was running with two large wolves.

I was able to catch a few news broadcasts talking about me, a few people wanted nothing to do with me since I wasn't hurting anyone… well besides the hunters after my two pact brothers. Others wanted me gone, but that was manly nature loving fanatics, others thought I was some kind of government experiment gone wrong, but I had yet to see any suits coming around looking for me. There have been a few, and I mean a very few, helicopters flying around the mountains. Whether or not they were looking for me was up for debate but I always made sure to hide in my den whenever they came around.

All in all, I kinda enjoyed life in the mountains. No one around to really bother me and I could go and do anything I wanted. But all that started to come to an end when a monster came looking for me.

I was in my den with my two pact brothers, we were sleeping up against one another to keep each other warm. Sure, the cold did not bother me, but it was always nice to be warm at night. I awoke the sound of Freki sniffing the air, Geri soon woke to sniffing the air as well. My own sense of smell got much better as I grew so I sniffed the air trying to get a trace of what they were smelling. It did not take me long to find it, the same went for Geri and Freki as they started to growl as they caught the scent. It smelt like a goat but not like the goats around the mountains, they had no business being up this late, and I also got a smell of a human from the same scent.

'Another monster.' I thought as we were up and out of our den in a few seconds, I had my crudely made stone hammer in my hand ready to bash in the head of anything that attacked me.

I was growling with my pack brothers in the direction of scent as it got closer. The sound of rustling leaves soon followed by a lad no taller than four feet stumble through the foliage. However, I knew this was no human as he had goat legs and two small horns coming out of his head. He was wearing a shirt though, so I was thankful for that. A few of the monsters I killed were topless females, though it wasn't much of a problem when the fighting started.

"What are you doing here monster!" I growled at the, Freki and Geri barked at him as if demanding the same question.

The goat monster took one look at me before fear came across his face. Not something I saw on a monster the first time I met them, that face normally came when I was beating them to death. The monster swallowed a lump in this throat before working up the courage to speak.

"M-my name is-" He stuttered out shaking.

"I don't care who you are milksob, I asked ye what you are doing here!" I yelled cutting him off, my voice taking on an accent I have never used before.

"I-I-I was looking for a demigod, a-and I-I picked up y-your scent-"

"I am not a demigod milksob, so turn around you little goat legs and get off my mountain!"


"NOW!" I ordered in a voice that was truly not my own, but it did the trick as the goat boy turned and started running back the way he came.

Once he was gone my pack brothers stopped growling, with the intruder gone we returned to our den and went back to sleep hoping that the coming weeks would be uneventful. Turns out the world had other plans. Not four weeks later I found myself with more visitors, however this time it was not just one.

I was sitting on a tree stump cleaning the leather from an animal that I had recently skinned. The wind shifted direction and with it brought the scent of a monster, a werewolf monster. I've only had to deal with three in my time on this mountain and I knew from experience that these guys were tough. Sighing I stood from my stump and started walking towards the monster, I could tell he was coming at me, sprinting in fact.

The werewolf soon busted through the tree line. He was looking behind him when he came running through. He did not see the stone axe I had waiting for him, with one swift swing of my rune stone axe his head was sent flying. He turned to golden dust as soon as he hit the ground and I returned to my stump, me not noticing the shiny object on the ground.

Not two minutes later I smelt another scent coming in fast. However, unlike the last one this smelt of nature I almost didn't notice it. But that was not the only thing, there were at least twenty-three of them on their way here. I jumped up from my stump in time to see twenty-three lasses entering the clearing all of them having bows, knives, and silver clothing. They all looked to be in their teens, I did not spot anyone over the age of sixteen.

'Be careful lad these ones are dangerous, don't let your guard down.' The same voice from four years ago said.

'Wait who are you?' I demanded but got no reply.

One of the girls in silver stepped forwards looking down at the pile of golden dust, she reached down and picked up a silver arrow.

"Boy!" The same girl called out to me; I did not miss the distance in her voice as she called out to me. "Did you kill this werewolf?"

"I did." I replied, crossing my arms and keeping my voice even. There was something different about this one, I could feel it.

"Why did you interfere in our hunt?" She demanded narrowing her eyes at me.

"He came into my territory, he is not the first werewolf I've killed." Geri and Freki were off hunting if this went south when I had a feeling I was going to need their help. "I would ask you to leave, seeing as you're standing in my territory as well."

"Do dare order us around boy!" A younger looking las yelled at me.

However, a quick glare her way caused her to back off.

"Who are you boy, you do not look like a monster and you are not a demigod." The first said walking forward and stopping right in front of me as it to inspect me. The height difference between us was on full display, I had to look down all the way just to maintain eye contact.

'I would like to know the same thing.' I thought to myself. It didn't take a magos to know I was not entirely human.

"I don't know what I am, I was born this way."

"And your parents?" She began to circle me, inspecting my form but I knew full well she wasn't looking just for my looks. This was a predator stalking its prey, but she would find out that she was poking a sleeping giant.

"Dead." I replied quickly, my fist balling under my arm.

She stopped when she heard that. She looked into my eyes as if looking for any signs of a lie. When she found none she let her stern look fall slightly into one of sympathy.

"My condolences." She then turned and walked back to her group. "Lets go."

Some of them seemed shocked to hear that but none of them questioned it. Some of them shot me a hateful glare before they followed their leader the way they came.

'So, you going to talk now?' I asked the voice now knowing it was there, but it did not respond.

"My lady why did we leave that male unpunished for interfering in our hunt?" Zoë asked her goddess after they were a good distance away from the strange male.

"He only interfered because we chased our prey into his home. In his mind he was simply protecting his home from a perceived threat. However, what did you notice about the male?" The goddess Artemis asked her second in command.

"He was the height of a small giant my lady and he is a mortal." Zoë replied.

"Yes, he is a mortal, but he is not a normal human. His size alone proves that but what surprised me was his age."

"His age, my lady?"

"Yes, he is only nineteen."

"Nineteen my lady! But that's not-"

"Possible, no it is not. Unless he was made." Artemis said while giving a hand gesture to the rest of the hunters to set up camp.

"He was made?"

"I am unsure but a mutation in this age it's not that drastic, and does not benefit the individual often."

"What do you intend to do my lady?"

"I'm going to watch him for a few more days before we move on."