Saw Volume Seven Jaune and thought he looked kinda fresh. I will do this till I'm bored.

"You're going into town to get a hair cut?" Pyrrha asked her partner.

"Yep." Jaune answered after putting on his Pumpkin Pete jacket, "My friend started up a barber shop and asked me to come in and try this new product." He made sure he had everything on him.

"Well don't stay out too late." Ren reminded reading his book, "Remember what happened to Yang the she came back past curfew."

Ah who couldn't forget how cruel Goodwitch could be when it came to curfews. He could still remember her cries.

"OHOHOH! Can you bring me back something!?" Nora asked with an ear to ear grin.

"Sure I'll bring back something." Jaune started walking to the door.

He was stopped when Nora gave him a surprise bear-hug, "Thanks Jaune-Jaune!" The two not noticing Pyrrha's jealous gaze.

"Air...a-air." The blonde tapped the girls arm finally getting freed from Nora's grasp, "Alright I'm out." Opening the door to his room he walked into the hallway.

Walking to the docks he passed the library where he saw a familiar group of girls.

"Jaune!" Ruby called out to her fellow leader.

"Yo." He lazily waved at the group.

Yang walked up to, "What ya up to Vomit Boy?"

Twitching at the derogatory nickname Jaune looked at his fellow blonde, "Well I-Jaune-am going into town to meet a friend."

"A friend?" She quirked an eyebrow before grinning deviously, "What type of friend?"

"Yaaang." Ruby pouted, "Stop messing with Jaune."

Yang smirked at her baby sister and pulled said boy closer his face almost touching her bust, "Oh~ jealous Ruby?" her answer was Ruby's face matching her face.

"Gods Yang you're hopeless." Weiss face palmed at her teammate's antics.

"Come on Ice Queen you know you're jealous too." She wiggled her eyebrows.

A blush crept it's way onto the Schnee's face, "Shut up Xiao-Long."

"You're not denying it."

Jaune pushed Yang off of him, "Okay I'm gonna go ahead and go." He started to speed walk to the docking station.

Blake finally spoke up, "You guys are hopeless."

After finally getting into town Jaune stood in front of a small red building that said 'Luis's Barbershop & Salon' in bright white letters on the top. He walked in to see the building had checkered floors and blue walls with three barber stations on each side. In the back were several sinks and hair dryers.

"Jaune." A door in the back opened showing a tanned skin man with brown eye and brown hair. He wore a white shirt with brown slacks and black work shoes.

"Hey Luis." Jaune went up and shook Luis' hand.

"Take a seat I'll get you started." The brunette put an apron around his wait and started pulling out his clippers and scissors. Jaune sat in one of the barber chair before a black cap was put over him, "I see you made it to Beacon. Tell me how it is."

Jaune thought for a bit, "Well for the initiation we get launched off a cliff..."

"...and the hot water was filled with syrup for a week." Jaune finished his latest experience at Beacon.

"My you had quite the adventure." Luis laughed trimming at the back of the blonde's head. Backing away putting the clippers up, "Well Jaune what do you think?" Luis gave the boy a mirror to see the results.

Looking at where his once shaggy hair was Jaune saw his air pointing more forward with the top pointing up at an angle. The back of his head was more smoothed out his back edged up roundly. To say he was satisfied would be an understatement.

"Nice with this I might actually score a date." He looked at himself in several different angles.

Luis smiled at the praise, "Well I wouldn't give you a bad cut or I would disgrace barbers everywhere."

Jaune gotten up from the chair and took out his wallet, "How much do I owe you?"

The barber just waved him off, "No need think of it as a favor for a friend." He smiled.

Jaune smiled and gave a hug to the brunette, "Thanks man." He walked out the door, "I'll recommend you to some friends."

"You better."

As Jaune walked out of the shop a tri-colored girl bumped into him. He looked down to s a petite woman with a color coding of Neapolitan ice cream.

"Sorry about that." He helped the girl up, "Are you alright?" He had gotten a nod from the girl, "Good sorry about that, have a good day miss." He waved as he walked away not noticing the girl staring at him still.

Jaune had looked at his scroll to see a message from Ren saying 'We're in the Cafeteria' right before he gotten back on campus. Walking to the cafeteria Jaune didn't notice the looks he was getting from the females students he walked past. He did however hear whispers a 'stud' or something. He didn't really care about what they were talking about thinking they weren't talking about him.

He finally had gotten to the cafeteria and went straight to the table his friends were.

"Hey guys." Jaune greeted getting everyone's attention.

When they looked at him they all were surprised. Pyrrha and Ruby were bright red, Weiss and Blake had a small bit of red on their cheeks, Yang was drooling, Ren looked like he approved, and Nora was-

"Holy crap Jaune, you're hot!"

-was still Nora.

His cheeks turned red at the sudden outburst, "Its's not all that just a little hair cut." He scratched his cheek as he sat beside his partner who turned more red which he didn't notice.

"Don't sell yourself short Jaune it suits you." Ren assured.

Yang grinned wiping her mouth, "Yeah Jaune you look pretty Yanging if I say so myself." This gotten a groan from everyone.

"Well thanks I guess." He turned to Pyrrha, "What do you think Pyr?"

The red head looked away from her partner, "You look good." She squeaked out.

"You know Jaune," Blake spoke to the blonde for the first time today, "You look like this character from my book." Though she left out a key word that described her feelings of said character.

"You're really comparing him to someone from your smut?" Weiss asked.

Blake hissed at the heiress, "It's not smut." She defended, "And like you're the one to talk. I saw your internet history almost filled with blo-" She was cut off by Weiss slapping her hand on her mouth.

Ignoring the two beside her Ruby looked at the boy with a blush, "Um Jaune?" she meekly called out.

"Yeah." The boy answered.

"D-do you wanna hang out sometime tomorrow? Just the two of us?" She twiddled her fingers.

"I'd love to." Jaune smiled at his fellow leader not noticing the looks he was getting.

While this was going on he didn't notice the tray of food flying towards him.

Just as he was about to get hit he dropped a fork on the floor, "Shoot." He leaned down to pick it up hearing a loud splat. Getting up he saw a tray of food on Yang's head food going along her head. Her eyes were crimson glaring at a certain direction. Looking to where she was looking Jaune saw CRDL looking in fear at the raging blonde.

It was the second time a food fight happened that semester.

It was nighttime as everyone was now asleep.

Well almost everybody.

Jaune woke up for some unknown reason still extremely tired and slightly sore from getting a watermelon to the chest. He was about to go back to sleep until he heard something coming from Pyrrha's side of the room. It sounded like sniffing and groaning.

"Pyrrha?" Jaune whispered out hearing a gasp and sheets shuffling around.

"Y-yes?" Pyrrha answered.

"You okay I heard you groaning."

"I'm f-fine." She stuttered.

"You sure?"

"Yes Jaune." Pyrrha squeaked out.

"Okay Pyr." Jaune closed his eyes, "Goodnight."

"Goodnight Jaune."

Waking up and Jaune didn't think Nora would wake him up so early in the morning.

"Jaune-Jaune!" The hammer wielding girl held her scroll to the blonde's face, "Look!"

His eyes burned at the sudden light piercing his brain. He grabbed the scroll as his eyes started to adjust to the brightness seeing what was on the screen. He read it once.

Then twice.

Then thrice.


'Jaune Arc: Hottest First Year on Campus?'

Done. I was literally bored and thought 'Yo Jaune looking kinda fresh in Volume 7'. The things I have thought up for this story will be wonderful.

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