"Moltar why do you always read that green book of yours?" Space Ghost questioned while tapping his blue card on his desk.

Moltar flipped through the pages of his mentioned book while tilting up his helmet covered head. "It's the 1 thing that can comfort me over the fact that I don't get recognition."

"For what, existing?" Zorak scoffed while rubbing his gloved hand. "You know not everything needs its own wiki page."

"Yeah but I'm the guy who keeps the show going on in the background." Moltar calmly explained, his head bobbing as he spoke. "Without me to be there, this show wouldn't take off. Just remember that I was here 1st."

Space Ghost murmured while rubbing his chin. "You raise a good point but don't you think it's about time to focus on the future while living in the present?"

Moltar grumbled as he placed down his book and left. "You clearly don't understand my plight."