Inspired by The Fake Redhead's Prompts-"My mascara's too expensive too ruin it by crying, but just know that I'm feeling a lot of things on the inside"

Draco Malfoy was beyond pissed off at everyone he came across that day; he was outraged! It seemed as if everyone was planning against him. It just wasn't his day, he decided sullenly as he stormed into his dorm room.

He'd woken on the wrong side of the bed by getting tangled in his sheets and faceplanting onto the ground. Theo and Blaise witnessed his fall and unknowingly predicted whilst joking, 'Your day's gonna be terrible.'

He'd realised too late that the special conditioner he used to make his hair all shiny and soft was empty. Oh, the horror his tresses would have to face today! he'd bemoaned his bad luck as he got dressed.

His day was just getting started.

And then, a first year student had spilled his pumpkin juice on his new robes in the Great Hall.

Afterwards, someone tripped him in the hallway and sent him flying into a wall, arms flapping like a chicken's wings. To top it off, Harry freaking Potter had seen that spectacular move.

He'd walked into Potions with a nosebleed, and Longbottom had stumbled, and knocked his flaming hot potion onto Draco's lap. He'd almost burned his family jewels off! What would have his father said? 'Oh, Draco, you truly are an imbecile,' he could almost hear his father's aristocratic drawl.

Later on, in the infirmary, Potter had strolled in and casually asked him if everything was working properly, adding to his discomfort! He had snapped at Potter and told him off. Potter hadn't moved, instead he had plopped down onto the chair beside his bed and called for Madam Pomfrey. When the old nurse hobbled in, Potter asked her for some burn-relieving cream as he'd injured his own elbow in class. In front of Potter, the nurse proceeded to give Draco a spoonful of a potion that both smelled and tasted disgusting. He immediately threw up on Potter. Potter, to his utter mortification, simply vanished the evidence and grinned, 'No problem, Malfoy! Feel better.'

After that, in the library, someone knocked over an entire bookshelf on top of him. He could have tried to protect himself with a quick Protego but unfortunately, his wand was in his bag. He had to listen to Madam Pince's shrieks of anger as she got him out from under the books. He was herded out, despite the accident not being his fault.

To study for his Charms test, he took a walk to the Quidditch pitch, assuming it would be empty. Wrong again. The Hufflepuff Quidditch team was practicing for their next match. Before Draco could turn around and walk away, one of the Beaters hit a Bludger in his direction, slamming it straight into his ribs, cracking three of them. He didn't have the time to cry out as he was unconscious long before that.

He woke up in the infirmary with the entire Hufflepuff team staring at him with wide eyes full of regret and remorse. He tried to sit up to hide his agitation at being seen in such a vulnerable position, but they started apologising. He attempted to stop them, knowing that Quidditch accidents happened regularly. But they didn't seem to understand. Resigned, he listened to their apologies, nodded firmly and told them to leave. This, unfortunately, wasn't the way to talk to an apologetic Hufflepuff, much less an entire team. The Beater, who'd been the cause of his landing in the infirmary twice in one day, burst into loud sobs which alerted Madam Pomfrey to the situation. She hastily kicked them out with a severe warning not to disturb her patient.

Right before dinnertime, he managed to convince her he was alright. She was hesitant but agreed to let him go, only after he promised to return if he felt something was wrong.

Draco, thinking nothing worse could happen to him now that the day was finally over, strolled into the Great Hall. Unsurprisingly, he tripped over the hem of his robes and landed head first in Potter's lap, knocking him into the table. 'Fuck!' Harry roared, pain blooming in his privates.

Malfoy groaned, rubbing his head furiously, 'What do you have there that's so fucking hard, Potter?' His cheeks tinged pink when he realised the accidental double innuendo.

Tears welled in Harry's eyes as he doubled over in pain. 'Merlin, how hard is your HEAD, Malfoy?' Harry moaned.

Draco scowled, embarrassment causing his ears and cheeks to turn red, 'Shut up, Potter!'

He whirled around, his robes fanning behind him, and took a step towards the Slytherin table.

A fourth year Ravenclaw tried to rush past him. In his hurry, the younger boy stepped on Draco's robes and got his foot tangled up. Screaming with the same terror everyone had experienced at least once in their life, he grabbed onto the first thing he could see which happened to be Draco's shirt and dragged him down with him. Arms flailing with terror, Draco went down with a thud that seemed to echo in spite of the noise around them, the other boy lying sideways near him.

Harry shot to his feet to help Draco up but, even more embarrassed than earlier, the blond shoved him away, yanked his robes close, and walked out with his head held high, not wanting anyone to see how furious he was.

This was how he had ended up in his dorm room without having eaten anything since breakfast. He did not dare go back down now that everyone had seen his utterly mortifying actions.

He was sprawled on his bed, staring at the ceiling, when Theo and Blaise entered. 'Don't. You. Two. Dare. Say. A. Word,' Draco growled, not looking over at them.

'You HAVE to see the hilarity in this whole situation,' Blaise joked.

'Did someone slip you an anti-Felix Felicis or what?' Theo cackled.

'My life's ruined, guys!' Draco whined, rolling over onto his belly and burying his head under the pillows.

'Potter doesn't seem to care you're the clumsiest idiot ever,' Theo countered.

'Are you kidding me?' Draco snarled from under his pseudo-shield, 'I almost cracked his dick! Of course he thinks I'm an idiot!'

Blaise guffawed at his protesting and had started to say something when Pansy walked into the room with a plate in her hand. She grimaced, looking over at Draco, but announced, 'Food for the drama queen here.'

'Don't call me a drama queen... And you didn't have to get me food, Pans...' Draco muttered from under his pillow.

'Oh, you misunderstood me,' Pansy flicked off invisible lint off her shirt, 'as this food wasn't MY idea. Merlin knows I wouldn't bring you food like a bloody house elf.'

'Then, why are you carrying the plate?' Theo questioned.

'Oh, this? Your Saint Potter sent it down. Said something about not being able to sleep without knowing you were hungry and shit. I stopped paying attention after the first sentence.'

Draco's ears pricked up, 'POTTER sent this for me?' His eyes shone with delight at the thought of Harry caring for him this much. All of a sudden, he frowned and asked, 'Wait, if Potter's sending this, then how come YOU'RE the one bringing it to me? Didn't you just say that you aren't a house elf?' He stared at Pansy suspiciously, questioning her motives like only a true Slytherin would.

Pansy stared back at Draco without blinking. Internally screaming, she recalled what happened earlier.

Pansy had been walking down the hallway when Potter cornered her and asked, 'Can you do something for me, please?' Pansy had scowled and shaken her head, vehemently opposed to the idea of helping Potter out like a bloody Hufflepuff. 'Get out of my way, Potter,' she had tried to push past him but Potter was very insistent. He'd tried to request her to do something small for him, but when she didn't budge, he'd resorted to Slytherin tactics. By that, she meant Potter had tried to bribe her with the latest fashions or whatever she desired. She'd rolled her eyes, told him off for trying to bribe her with something she had full access to anyway. He'd tried to guilt-trip her as well. Started whining about how he was worried about Malfoy and how he didn't want Malfoy to go hungry just because of what happened earlier and how he didn't want Malfoy to starve because he cared about the bloke even if Malfoy didn't know he cared and how he would even resort to begging Pansy to help him out because he cared about Malfoy too much, and so on. Pansy had watched Potter grovel at her feet and sighed, 'Potter, listen, my mascara's too expensive to ruin, but just know that I'm feeling a lot of things on the inside.' Potter had scowled at her comment and had fallen to his last tactic. He'd decided to bribe her with the one thing she wouldn't be able to get even if she had the largest Gringotts account in the world: Ron Weasley. He promised her he would get her a date with his best friend if ONLY she agreed to help him out with Malfoy. Pansy had hesitated, not wanting Potter to know Weasley was her weakness, but then Potter had threatened to warn Weasley against her! To top it off, he even threatened to tell all the Slytherins Pansy was in love with Ron. Bristling with indignation, Pansy had agreed to do what Harry wanted, secretly impressed by the lengths Potter could go to for her friend, Draco.

Shaking her head to get rid of the repulsive memory of Potter's smile when she'd finally agreed, she looked at the boys still waiting for her answer. Forcing a smile on her face which clearly looked painful, Pansy said, 'Let's not get into that. Eat up quickly and go to the Quidditch pitch. Potter wants to see you.'

Draco's eyes almost popped out of his head, 'What?! You couldn't tell me this earlier!' He grabbed the plate from her hand and started shovelling the food down his throat, almost choking on it.

Theo and Blaise snickered at his impatience, while Pansy rolled her eyes and walked out. As soon as Draco was finished eating, he rushed towards his boudoir, running his fingers through his hair to get it to settle down. He sprayed a little perfume on himself strategically.

Blaise almost fell off the bed laughing. 'Shut up, Blaise! Merlin, I have to get ready...' muttered Draco.

Theo joked, 'Pretty sure this isn't a date, Dray. If it was, shouldn't your precious Potter be a proper Gryffindor and ask you out himself?'

Draco scowled in Theo's direction as he pulled on a pair of trousers he was sure made his ass look great. 'Looks like Draco's getting ready to marry the bloke, instead of just going to meet him,' Blaise cackled. Draco quickly flipped him off, hurrying over to the door.

'Hopefully, I'll be late! Don't wait up for me!' he yelled as he rushed out.

'Uh, should we tell him his trousers are inside out?' Theo finally questioned. Blaise grinned deviously, 'Let's not. Sometimes people should learn from their mistakes.' The two boys high fived and snickered, recalling the times Draco had made fun of their own outfits.

Draco stumbled onto the Quidditch pitch, eyes flickering to the stands in search of Harry. He found the dark haired boy flying over the pitch. 'What did you want, Potter? I'm in a hurry!' yelled Draco, not wanting to show his delight at being invited down.

Draco's breath hitched in his chest when Harry flew in a circle above Draco's head, cheekily grinning down at him. 'Hey, Malf...' he trailed off, instead squealing loudly as the so-called youngest seeker in a century instantly fell off his broom and landed on top of Draco. Draco groaned under him, 'Merlin, you're so heavy! How many treacle tarts did you eat today? They shouldn't call you The Boy Who Lived but The Boy Who Lived To Eat...'

Harry rolled off of Draco and smirked, 'I'm sure your head is heavier than I am.'

Draco hissed, 'Did you call me down here to make fun of me? You utter prat!'

Harry laughed at Draco's annoyance and suddenly pulled him closer. 'No, I called you down here to do the one thing I've wanted to do for so long,' he murmured, leaning closer to Draco. 'Wh.. what thing? There is no thing. You ...' Draco was rudely interrupted by Harry pressing his lips against his insistently. Draco's bones turned to fluff when Harry lowered him down onto the grass.

'Wha' 're you doin'?' Draco mumbled against Harry's mouth, his heart pounding in his ears. Harry pulled away from Draco, stared down at him and stated, 'Whatever it is doesn't seem to be working.'

With that observation, he went in for the kill. This time, his kisses were more forceful, more dominant, just... more. He ran his fingers through Draco's hair, pushed his right thigh in between Draco's legs, and snogged him to an inch of his life.

Draco was drowning in the pleasure of finally being kissed by Harry freaking Potter, The Boy Who Lived To Torment Him. When Draco pulled back to gulp in some much needed air, he panted out, 'Potter, this does NOT mean you can do whatever you want with me.'

Harry grinned, his green eyes blazing with heat, as he teased, 'You sure about that, Malfoy?' He ran his fingers down to the edge of Draco's hips teasingly.

Draco whimpered, mumbling, 'Fuck you..'

Harry's grin widened at his words. 'Seems like we're taking this too fast,' he declared.

Not fast enough, thought Draco impatiently. Draco blushed deeply, realising he'd spoken out loud when he noticed Harry's smile widening even more.

'Really, Malfoy? You think we're...' Draco quickly interrupted Harry by shoving him down onto the ground and straddling him. 'Shut up and continue kissing me, Potter,' he demanded furiously.

Harry laughed joyously as he did just that.

This day wasn't so bad, Draco thought just before Harry blurted out, 'Why are your trousers inside out?'

Draco immediately scowled, furious at Theo and Blaise for not warning him. Deciding his best strategy was distracting Harry from the fashion faux pas he'd committed, he flexed his hips against Harry's and mumbled, 'Forget that, Potter, and keep using your tongue.'

Harry chuckled but whispered, 'Your wish is my command.'

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