Chapter 1

Amanda was a wolf girl with huge breasts and a professional genetic scientist who was working on a special serum " finally after 2 years I finally found a serum to make me super fertile and super stretchy I just need to test it to make sure it works" she uncorked the vial with the serum in it and downed the whole thing she then walked into a sealed room with a male wolf tied up with a blind fold "test subject 001 can you please state your name?" The wolf spoke " Kevin moonlight" Amanda started to write down the info " muscular build strong heart above average intelligence and a 5in member you'll be perfect for the trial run for my serum" Amanda started to strip down until she was in her underwear wearing a garter-belt and a F cup bra " before we begin let's take off the blindfold so you can see me and hopefully the reaction will be acceptable for you" with that she took off his blind fold revealing his green eyes he looked around until he saw Amanda " any questions before we start?" Kevin was starring at her chest but quickly looked away " why are you in your underwear?" Amanda just rolled her eyes" that's a easy one you have been brought here so I can test a fertility serum that if successful can be used for a breeding project that can help people with becoming parents and it would allow some people to cure their own infertility problems and finally be happy" Kevin was smiling at her "well I hope it does works but are you infertile?" Amanda blushed "y-yes I am so I hope it works so if that's it let's start testing" Kevin nodded his head Amanda took it as a sign he was ready the cup she put on him bursting so she undid the zipper getting smacked in the face in the process almost losing her glasses" well I can tell you lied on the application but thankfully it's bigger rather than small" Kevin chuckled " thanks a lot of girls seem to like it" Amanda proceeded to touch the throbbing cock making it stand at attention she playfully licked it making it stand taller she undid her bra letting her large breasts flop down she started to massage him with her chest " first let's start with some simple stimulation" she rubbed her breasts up and down his shaft alternating between left and right her flesh being soft and smooth Kevin couldn't help but moan in pleasure " given the auditory response I must be doing a good job by the way do you have any STD? Your file said you were clean but I just need to be sure" Kevin thought about it while she continued to work his rod between her breasts" no not that I know of I did go to the doctor and he said I was clean" Kevin winced as she increased her speed she took notice and sped up her pace his member started twitching "Amanda I'm getting close" Amanda went even faster than before suddenly he climaxed covering her breasts in cum " well that is really impressive now how about some anal before the main course?" Kevin smiled widely" yes please" Amanda chuckled " very well Kevin let me untie you" she walked over to the restraints on the table and caught him as he nearly fell "there we go now to re-adjust the table to flatten part of it and bring up the back" Kevin watched as she turned the table into a bed she then she hit a closet making it open and a mattress fall out" I'd like to see fondue do that you think you could help me with this please?" Kevin smiled "sure by the way have you heard of happy days by chance?" Amanda supported her breasts"yes I'm a big fan but let's leave that for later we still have a test to finish" Kevin nodded in agreement " got it now what was next" rather than awnser him Amanda turned around and took of her panties " this jogging your memory?" She walked over to the table" remember anal first Kevin try to enjoy it before we finish and since it's my ass feel free to do it inside" Kevin didn't hesitate he inserted his member into her ass she winced in pain" please be gentle I don't do anal often" Kevin started trusting slowly" you wouldn't mind if i spank you would you?" Amanda smiled" my my I didn't take you for THAT type of guy of course you can just not hard" Kevin slapped her ass it jiggled slightly Amanda yelped in pain and pleasure Kevin sped up slightly making her clench slightly and she started moaning " you seem to be enjoying this" Amanda looked back " yes "pant" I am go"mmf" harder" Kevin started pounding her ass it jiggled after every hit she started moaning loudly " yes pound my ass harder Kevin this feels amazing thank you" Kevin felt pressure in his dick he was getting close " Amanda I'm close" Amanda looked back" go ahead we should take a lunch break after this" Kevin slammed his cock inside her and released her stomach started to stretch out" well I now know my serum is half working it was not only supposed to cure infertility but also make the person extra stretchy so I know it's working now" Kevin pulled out and fell backwards with a loud thump"ow well that hurt but that was also quite good so how about we leave and grab some food?" Amanda grabbed her clothes and a coat "sure but you should probably grab your clothes there in the locker over there" Kevin pulled out" hey Amanda don't you think we should clean up first?" Amanda turned to face him" don't worry I have something for it" she pointed to a silver gun" that is a disinfection ray I built one blast and your clean instantly just don't set the power to high I found it could get rid your hair as well as dirt used it on a fellow co worker that was not the nicest person taught her to steal my research and she kept her job" Amanda walked over to the blaster" hold still and don't worry it's harmless" she pulled the trigger on him and he was completely clean" wow that is effective" she put it up to her head and pulled the trigger " see perfectly safe I may consider patenting this so I can sell it to the government think about how much time you could save in a war or in space if you had this" Kevin thought about it " yeah that would save time plus I don't know if you have showers on the space station" Amanda giggled " yeah let's get dressed and go to lunch I have some cash on me" Kevin grabbed his clothes a red t-shirt and blue jeans and a baseball cap Amanda put on her sweatpants and closed her lab coat at the top to hide her bra" ready to go we can do the final test after we get back" Kevin stood up" sure let's do it" with that they made their way to the door and left for lunch but how will the experience evolve?