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The Seven plus Thalia, Will, Nico and Calypso are sent to Hogwarts to protect Harry Potter. Ron Slash.

Couples: Dramione, Percabeth, Jasper, Caleo, Solangelo, Frazel.

Warning: boy and boy, so if you dont like, dont read.

Set after BoO, before ToA and during GoF.

Disclaimer: I dont own anything, if i did, i wouldnt be publishing on this app.

Percy POV

I woke up to pounding on my cabin door.

Who in Hades would get up this early? Then my question was answered when I heard the perky voice of Annabeth Chase, Head Counsellor to the Athena cabin, a bunch of other things, the most amazing person ever and my girlfriend.

"Rise and shine, Sleeping Beauty!" She called through the door. "I'm coming in!"

Before I could react, in bounded Annabeth, 5,9 of beautiful, with blonde hair and stormy grey eyes.

She looked at me seriously.

"Did you sleep okay?" She asked. I nodded.


She gave a tired smile that I could see through in an instant.

"You didn't, we need to have another chat with Chiron, this isn't just going away."

I was talking about the PTSD we both got from Tartarus together. We had survived, but in nightmares, not so much. They usually ended with the worst.

"Well, you can tell him now, he needs us," she said.

I groaned.

"Now, now? Or have breakfast, and chat to you first now?"

Annabeth sighed.

"Now, now Seaweed Brain. Get up, the rest are already there," she said while walking out the door.

"Whose the rest?" I yelled after her.

"Now, Seaweed Brain," she called back.

Grumbling about centaurs and girlfriends, I pulled on one of my Camp Half blood t-shirt and jeans. I walked to the Big House, admiring the scenery. The camp had almost been destroyed under that idiot Octavian's command, I was obviously going to enjoy it. Walking into the Big House, I was relieved to see that I wasnt the last to arrive. Jason and Will were already there, Annabeth was probably yelling at some poor soul to get their ass out of bed. I didnt envy them.

One by one, people started filing in. Annabeth came back and as we were chatting to Jason and Will, in came Leo, Piper, Frank, Hazel, Calypso and Nico. The Roman's had been staying over this week. Lastly, the door flew open and in burst Thalia in all her

lightning-y glory, though I would never say that to her face. Thalia explained that Chiron had Iris Messaged her two days ago, saying that she was wanted here. And that she got Artemis's permission and travelled here yesterday. We were all catching up, when Chiron trotted in. Actually, should I say walked? You know, because he's a centaur?

We all gathered around the ping pong table and waited for Chiron to start talking. Leo, of course, was the one to say:

"So Chiron, what's the deal? Any reason to drag me put of bed, better be good." Chiron sighed.

"I'm afraid, it's not good, Leo. I didnt want to be the one to tell you, not did I want it. But she insisted..." he trailed off.

I did not like where this was going.

"Yes...?" Annabeth asked.

"I'm afraid, that you have been given a quest."

An: okay, this is my first fic, I'm rlly nervous, my friend is beta-ing for now, um... review? any constructive criticism would be appreciated. thanks.