A/N: Ok, so this brilliant idea was not all originally mine. Some of it was based on flyingcrowbar's work, I Got A Boy, a "She's the Man" AU, from the PJO fandom. Go check it out! Also, I do not own SVTFOE or the sleeping reference I dropped in the story. Enjoy the first chapter! And don't forget to drop some comments...

Star gulped nervously as she and several other princesses were led inside a sinister-looking castle by a robot named Gemini, who was boasting about the orderliness of St. Olga's with pride. A person behind Star suddenly lurched into her when they stopped. Turning around, she saw a princess in a purple crinoline gown and a long luscious ponytail looking back nervously. The princess had a mole by her eye and was sweating profusely.

"Sorry!" she yelped in a voice that cracked in the middle. The princess cleared her throat, "Hey, I'm-uh- Princess Turdina from Earth! Who are you, uh, fellow princess?"

"Oh, I'm Star Butterfly from Mewni! Hi, new friend!" Star exclaimed, "Doesn't Earth have no magic?"

"Yup, no magic", murmured Turdina, looking down at her feet.

"How do they SURVIVE?" Star wondered out loud, Turdina shrugging in answer, and looking away. She couldn't imagine a life without magic. However, that was exactly what she would be going through. St. Olga's had magic sensors placed every 25 feet, so she couldn't use magic even if needed, nor dimensional scissors to escape (yikes!).

As soon as they reached Ms. Heinous's office, Gemini stopped and spun around, looking using his gemstone-eye thing at them(Star honestly had no idea how that worked). Then, Ms. Heinous, a woman with pale skin, a pointed nose, and a mole like Turdina's, glared at each of them, opening her hand out for dimensional scissors she knew they sneaked in. Several students dropped them, but Star did not. She knew this pair was stolen, and valuable, even if useless for now…

After the tour, which consisted of several classes, including interaction with animals, singing, tea party etiquette, and more horrid nightmares, their dorms were assigned. Star chose to share a dorm with her new bestie, Princess Turdina, since Pony Head wanted to have one alone. She cautiously turned the rusty doorknob, not knowing what to expect.

The room was mostly gloomy, but luxurious, with two purple beds, opposite from each other, with canopies. There was a big glass window, showing even more gloomy scenery consisting of dead black trees and a view of the Tramorfidian Crystal Tower, which blocks the usage of dimensional scissors. Star could tell this place needed a little fixing up. With a flick of her wand, she cried out, "Sparkle glitter bomb expand!"

Nothing happened.

Turdina sighed, "Remember, no magic here?"

"Oh, yeah," Star remembered. She'd forgotten about that. "Wait, I brought a few things…" she said, pulling out some pink fabric.

She and Turdina spent the rest of the day until dinner remodeling the place, adding some sparkle here and there, and making it less gloomy. The princess, it turned out, was good at karate, and could bust out some pretty sick moves. In the end, the room looked much more bright and comfy, and so was Turdina, Star noticed. Turdina was a pretty cool person to be with when she wasn't stressed out.

Soon enough, Ms. Heinous came to check on the new princesses and yelled at them if they were not in bed. Star and Turdina quickly took turns changing in the grimy bathroom, then dove under the covers just as Ms. Heinous opened their door to check on them.

After she went away with her pointy nose in the air, Star sat up and looked over at the bed opposite her. "Turdina, are you awake?", she whispered.

A faint response came, "No".

"Oh, okay," Star whispered, disappointed. Then her brain started working, "Wait…"

Turdina chuckled, "Just go to sleep, Star."

And she did, having a brighter image for her time at St. Olga's, now with a new best friend.