Kim could hear the fight going on inside, she placed her hand on the door knob but she hesitated to turn it. Many things flashed through her mind but the two things that stood out the most was Adam and the baby she was carrying. She placed her hand over her baby bump, the three of them was a family already and she hoped one day they would add to that family.

As she felt the baby kick, she still fought the war with her self go in and save the girl and maybe have something happen to her baby or wait outside for the team and the girl might die but her baby would live. She had never been selfish since joining the force

"5021 Eddie to 5021 Ida what is your ETA"

"5021 Eddie I am five minutes out just hold tight be there soon "

"Copy that 5021 Ida Will be in a holding pattern until you get here but whatever you do hurry because it sounds like it's getting bad in there "

Kim was waiting for Adam to get there when she heard another scream this on was different then the others this one sent a shiver down her spine...…. she raised her eyes to the sky

"Forgive me Adam" with a deep breath and one last rub of her bump she kicked down the door quickly making her way to the back of the apartment. she was that the bathroom door was cracked open which made her uneasy nudging the door open a bit more she could see rushing to clean up and she could see Emma out of the corner of her eye in the tub motionless "CPD HANDS UP!"

The guy charged at her and she side stepped him but wasn't quite fast enough, his body crushed her arm against the door facing she heard a crack and itfacing she heard a crack and it caused her gun to go sliding across the floor. She tried to move toward the girl who was motionless in the tub she was able to pull her head above water but the guy grabbed her from behind.

She swung at him trying to cause some separation, which she succeeded at. But it didn't last long enough he shoved her back against the wall. He grabbed her and tossed her on the floor. She kept trying to hit him but it was only making him Angrier


She could hear the fear in Adam's voice as he called out


she yelled back. She could hear their footsteps pounding on the floor getting closer and closer she kept trying to get free from his grasp but it was no use he was too big and too strong after what seemed like an eternity she felt the pressure fall away from her body finally able to take a breath she looked down seeing Adam smash his face into the floor with his hand.

she was able to crawl over to the tub and pull Emma's head above the water she gingerly popped herself into the tub two keep Emma out of the water

"Kim are you OK?"

Adam looked At her Out of the corner of his eye she was shaking her head seriously and holding her belly that's when it hit him like a ton of bricks the baby oh god the baby their baby

" I don't know I don't know I don't know oh God I don't know help me please help me help me please I don't know"

He made his way over to her gently lifted Emma out of the tub placing her on the floor starting to administer CPR in addition to calling for back up but his eyes never left Kim's after back up arrived he lifted Kim out of the tub and into his arms she kept repeating help me help me over and over again it broke his heart into 1000 pieces he sent up a silent prayer to the man upstairs that his family would be OK

"Shhh shhh I've got you everything's gonna be OK you're going to be all right "

He whispered in her ear

. There was going to be Hell to pay if they weren't OK he would make sure of it

He quickly packed her to his Jeep and then got went to the driver's side. As he pulled out of the drive he turned his blue lights on and sped toward med.

"I'm so so sorry Adam" She said quietly fighting the pain "Hey it's okay everything is going to be okay. I'm right here" "What if it isn't? What if I killed our baby?"

As she said that Adam intertwined his hands with hers and brought her hand to his mouth and kissed the back of it

. "If we do lose this baby, we can always try again but there's a chance our little naval orange is okay"

he he pulled into the parked in the towing zone he threw is CPD placard on the dash then ran around to Kim and picked her up and carried her inside. Has they come through the doors he noticed Will Halstead who waved them through

. "What happed?

He asked has they led them Through to a exam room.

"She got roughed up trying to save a girl, shes 15 weeks pregnant and she's experiencing some pain

. Adam said speaking for her cause he could feel her tears on his neck. He laid her down on the bed.

"Let me to grab the ultrasound and I'll be right you change into this gown for me'

Will said handing her the gown, then he walked out of the room.

"Do you need help?

she nodded her head. He quickly helped her with her clothes and helped her put the gown on she then laid back on the bed and he stood by her head with their hands intertwined. Will returned with the ultrasound, he rearranged the gown and put some gel on her stomach.

"Let's see what's going on

" he said picking up the wand and put it on her leaned down and kissed Kim's forehead while stroking her hair. They both directed thier attention to the screen. "There we go." Will said hitting the sound button and the baby's heartbeat filled the room causing both Adam and Kim to tear up

"Is the baby okay?"

Adam asked in a nervous uneasiness rubbing Kim's back as silent sobs overtook her body coming down from the adrenaline rush from the attack all hitting her at once

"Yes the baby is okay, Kim I do want you to stay overnight just so we can monitor you. Do you want to know what you're having?

She pulled herself away from Adam looking up at him and into his eyes for conformation

" "It's up to you Darlin'" "

She looked back at will

"Yes we want to know"

Kim said a small smile on her face as she looked at the screen "

"Congratulations your parents to a baby gir"l

Kim couldn't hold the tears back anymore she clung on to Adam for dear life everything was going to be ok she had Adam and their baby was safe and sound that's all that mattered in that very moment them , their little family. '

"I'm am so sorry Adam I shouldn't have gone in without back up we could have lost everything when I got Emma's phone call earlier today I could just feel in my bones that something was wrong and just followed my gut no thought involved".

"Darlin you don't ever have to explain yourself to me your gut instincts are one of the many reasons that I fell in love with you in the first place …. was it beyond dangerous to go in without back up especially when your pregnant yes but Darlin our jobs are dangerous regardless I'm just glad you both are ok I don't know what I would've dome if you weren't" he let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding. "you know this is the third time in seven years you have scared years off of my life at this rate I'm going to have gray hair before baby girl is even born"

. "I promise no more scaring years off your life till after the baby is born"

Kim laughed teasing him

"I'm not strong enough for you to make fun of me right now"

Those words made her blood run cold they took her back to a time in their relationship the she tried so hard to lock away and bury so deep that nobody could find it only a place she and Adam knew about …the day she got shot

he said those words quietly much like what he had said them to her all those years before

. "Hey both of us are okay and it's going to stay that you hear me?"

He nods his head

"Good now come here"

"Whatever you say Darlin"

She laughed tugging on his arm To get him to lay down beside her, he toed his shoes off before he climbed into bed beside her and wrapped his arms around her.

"We need to think of names"

." She said quietly has Adam ran his hand over her baby bump.

"Hmm Liza, Moon, Kyla"

He said trailing off as Kim hit him

"I'm serious Adam!"

he kissed her to shut her up and because he couldn't fight the urge anymore he has wanted to do it for so long. it was a kiss that was soft but full of so many promises …. Promises of a life together, a future , a new beginning a fresh start . Soon the need for air became too much with them both pulling away forehead to forehead

"I love you Darlin"

"I love you too now where were we before you distracted me with those lips of yours?"

"Baby names I always thought I would name my 1st born after Al. I owe everything I have to him what do you think?"

"I love that , what about Alison?"

"I love it and I think she does to" Adam said has the baby kicked

Kim laid her head om Adam's chest letting his heartbeat lull her to sleep Adam held her close thank god that his little family was sound

He whispers into the silence

"Thank you"