Hey, everyone, this is the first time I have Published a story for FanFiction, anyway, this story is what if Captain Rex prompted Anakin to investigate what Fives was pleading to them towards the end of the Season 6 episode 'Fugitive'. Anyway, here it goes.

It was a few minutes after the dreaded incident at the lower levels of Courascaunt where the Courscaunt Guard killed the loyal ARC Clone Trooper Fives of the 501st Batallion after he resisted arrest for attempting to murder Chancellor Palpatine when, in reality, the latter attacked him. Although Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and his faithful ARC Captain Rex didn't know about that fact.

For Anakin, Fives accusing the Chancellor of deception was an insult to him. Ever since he first arrived at the temple, Palpatine was a father figure to him ever since he first began training under his master Obi-Wan Kenobi. His loyalty to Palpatine was also because he was one of a few people that Anakin could trust since 'The Hero With No Fear' didn't agree with most decisions made by the Jedi Council. For Fives to accuse the Chancellor of creating a plot to destroy the Jedi through chips placed in their brains was an insult to him. Despite that though, Anakin's selflessness would result in him investigating more of what Fives was pleading about moments before his death thanks to a little persuasion, after all, he trusted Fives as well.

The Second-in-command of his battalion, the 501st, Captain Rex, would provide the said persuasion. He knew, trusted and loved Fives like a brother. Rex saw in Fives, someone who was loyal to the core who would never accuse a Republic higher-up unless they would do something diabolical. With that, he went up to his General to discuss his thoughts. That is because he knew that Skywalker was a considerate man he could trust. What's more, his tendency to defy the Jedi Council's instructions and no-nonsense decisions could play an advantage to his plan. With that, he queries his loyal General.

"Erm... General Skywalker?"

It was that cautious question made by Rex that, as it seemed, caught Anakin off guard. However, the said question could change the fate of the Clone Wars, the Jedi, the Republic and the Galaxy for the better.

"Yes, Rex?" Anakin responded in a cautious tone.

"I suspect he was telling the truth about the Chancellor and the chips before he died, he would never commit to such a thing unless something isn't right. I would like us two to investigate further what he was pleading"

Anakin paused for a moment; he never suspected such words of that scale coming out from Rex. However, he does listen to his thought. He therefore responds.

"You may have a good point, but we need to keep it under the radar. We cannot afford to alienate the Senate further during this ordeal."

"So what's the plan?" Rex then askes.

"We head for Kamino; we should do so under the supervision that we are looking for a Clone to fill Fives' vacant position. When the Kamionoians are preoccupied, we should check-up the infant clones to find the Inhibitor chip Fives was talking about" Anakin responded, prompting Rex to comply...


That night, both retired for the night. For Anakin, it meant spending it with his wife, his angel, his soulmate. Senator Senator Senator Padme Amidala. For many moments during the war, he wanted to leave the Jedi Order desperately so that he could have a domestic bliss with his wife. Especially since his former Padawan Ahsoka Tano (who was like a sister to him) was falsely accused of treason and murder and her subsequent departure from the Order. Despite those thoughts, Padme turned down every opportunity for the sake of duty and her belief that being a Jedi meant everything to him.

However, Fives' death and Rex's subsequent pledge resulted in Anakin thinking of possible outcomes. One of those scenarios after he finds out the Inhibitor chip mess, was that he had no choice but to reveal his marriage to the public. That and the 'subsequent Jedi Council investigation' would be used as a cover-up for the removal of the Inhibitor chips for all Clone battalions.

That thought waltzed away as he arrived at the 500 Republica apartment he shares with his beautiful wife. When he came, she immediately spotted him, no wonder why she held him tightly in a matter of seconds.

"Oh, Ani."

She was relieved to see him back in one piece, the look on his face though was enough to worry her.

"Anakin what happened?" She then questioned.

Anakin then proceeded to tell her the events that began with what happened to Tup during Ringo Vinda and what happened to Fives just moments ago. What concerned her most was that he mentioned her the possibility of revealing their marriage as a cover-up.

When that possibility was spoken, Padme held him for what seemed to be tighter than ever.

Padme then sighed "Ani, if you wanted to reveal our marriage before I would have reminded you that the galaxy needs you most, but with this, I fear that you don't have a choice."

"I agree with you, angel, remember who I need most all my life. Besides, if I reveal the truth about why I'm grounding the 501st and what Fives said was true, the Jedi Order and the Republic will be in danger, let alone our future." Anakin said while tenderly caressing his wife.

"Whatever you do Ani, please be safe." Padme silently pleaded as Anakin continued to offer all the comfort he could.

"I will Padme. Rex and I will find an opportunity. Our investigation will start tomorrow. For now, can we be together?"

Anakin's request made Padme practically pull her husband into their shared bedroom. In Anakin's mind, this may be the last time they will be living in secrecy. For which a possible outcome of his investigation in Jedi Master Tiplar's death may force him into such action.

Well, well, well, a possibility that a forbidden love may have to be revealed if the Inhibitor chips were an issue. We'll have to wait and see. Next chapter, we'll see Anakin and Rex join Shaak Ti in observing the Clone cadets on Kamino but why would Anakin like to discuss Jedi business to Shaak Ti during the hyperspace journey in private?

I hope you enjoyed my first taste in FanFiction; let me know what can improve in terms of quality and format. Until next time, bye!