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The next day, after Anakin said his typical goodbyes to Padme, he requests a meeting with the Jedi council regarding observing the clone cadets that are being trained by Jedi Master Shaak Ti in Kamino. He is well aware that the Togrutan treats the clones like proper human beings and even cares for them. For Anakin, he and Rex sharing his experiences in the Clone Wars with the cadets and his connection with his clone troopers, including Rex could motivate the cadets even more.

The one thing that puzzles both of them is when and how do they sneak into the infant laboratories and analyze them to find those Inhibitor chips. One thing is clear to Anakin though, as reckless as he is, he cannot afford to remove Rex's Inhibitor chip until he returns from Kamino.

Those thoughts are the least of Rex's concerns as he is awe with the palace that is the Jedi Temple. True he did cooperate with various High Council members throughout the war, but this is the first time he ever met them in person.

Those thoughts evaporated when a youngling, Petro, who Anakin's faithful padawan helped mentor during the youngling's clan's gathering, approached them and informed them that they are ready. With that, the two went into the High Council chamber to discuss their plan.

As the two went into the chambers, they could see that a mere third is in attendance, with only two (Kit Fisto and Plo Koon) attending via hologram. That's surprising considering someone like Skywalker was addressing to them and the fact it's the first time a clone stood in the chamber. Luckily the said third is Mace Windu, Yoda, Anakin's old master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Shaak Ti, which he expected, given the request.

A short silence before Yoda spoke; "Young Skywalker, a pleasure to see you, it is." The Grand Master then turned to the clone standing alongside him; "Captain Rex, correct, am I?"

Rex then responded, "Yep, that's me."

"It's a pleasure to meet you" Mace Windu then said to the captain. "We have heard about the brave actions of the 501st battalion; please come to the centre."

Rex and Anakin then came to the centre of the chamber before they discuss the plan.

"To what I owe your presence, I do?" Yoda queries Skywalker and Rex.

"I am sure you all heard of Fives' death yesterday?" Rex queries the Council members who responded with a nod. "Well after his death, we were both discussing what to do, and we decided to observe the cadets General Shaak Ti is training on Kamino".

The Council members looked at each other before Obi-Wan askes his former apprentice; "Anakin, are you sure about this? I fear there may be an assignment which suits you perfectly."

"With all due respect master, Fives was one of our best soldiers, and I would like to honour him by recruiting a cadet who has similar levels of determination. But, of course, no can replace him."

The council members then thought genuinely about what Anakin said, Mace Windu glaring at him, as usual. All of a sudden, Yoda responds.

"Young Skywalker and Rex, more to say, have you two?"

Anakin then froze and sighed before responding; "During Fives's plea, he told me that in the chips there is something which makes the clones 'do something someone wants, even kill the Jedi' and that the Chancellor has a role in it. I didn't believe him about the Chancellor at first, but Rex persuaded me to investigate it in more detail."

The other Council members looked at each other before they fell into deep thought. Finally, Shaak Ti responds.

"The Council will grant you this request on this condition that you don't interfere with properties of Kaminoian higher-ups; meet me at docking bay six when you're ready."

"With all due respect Generals, may I request that the Chancellor does not know about our investigation just to be on the safe side?" Rex askes.

Mace responds; "Understood, we'll keep this quiet until we know more about the chips along with Fives's and Tup's death. May the force be with you."

With that, Skywalker and Rex bowed then headed over to prepare themselves for their trip. During preparation, Skywalker says something about their meeting.

"Hey Rex, I never knew the Council would listen to our concerns. I usually had trust issues with them, amplified by Ahsoka's departure from the order. Maybe our investigation can mend that trust."

With that thought, Rex then asked Anakin; "Erm, General, if I remember, when you handed Barriss to Commander Tano's trial, she mentioned that the Republic is fighting for the dark side."

"Erm yes, although I'd rather not discuss it" In truth, Anakin was deeply affected by Ahsoka's departure from the order.

"I know it was wrong for Barriss to bomb the temple and frame Ahsoka, but perhaps with once we sort out our investigation, maybe we'll find out if what she said during her confession is true."

What Rex said surprised Anakin as he looks at him with a slight gasp and his eyes wide.

"It's possible."

Once Rex and Anakin made their preparations, they (and Anakin's faithful astromech R2-D2) made their way to meet Shaak Ti in the docking bay where a shuttle awaits them to make their journey to Kamino. Once they made their jump to hyperspace, Anakin askes if he could speak to Shaak Ti in private. Stating 'Jedi business' as the reason considering Kamionian doctor Nala Se is with them. The Togruta master complies.

Once inside Anakin then askes the Jedi Master; "Master Ti, may I ask you about Tup and whatever happened to him on Ringo Vinda is linked to those chips?"

Ti complies, "Thanks for asking Skywalker. When Rex and Fives brought Tup to Kamino, and you requested Rex to return to the front lines, Kamionoian doctor Nala Se did a series of scans on Tup while a concerned Fives was watching. I turned the glass opaque as a result. He was repeatedly saying 'Good soldiers follow orders' and 'Kill the Jedi'. Scans indicated he was in perfect health, although his episodes continued. A medical droid requested an atomic level brain scan and I, therefore, presented the said request to the Jedi Council. For some reason, there was a slight argument between the droid, Nala Se and myself. During the time I advised the Council and Nala Se doing the same to Lama Su, I suspect fives were going behind our backs to do his investigation on the matter. I wonder who he gets that from?"

That last sentence by Shaak Ti prompted Anakin to laugh slightly and respond; "You know me too well."

The Togruta then continued; "Not long after, we heard an intruder alert which turned out to be a false alarm caused by Fives." That caused Anakin to laugh "Oh, that is something I would do if I were concerned about a close friend." Shaak Ti then continued.

"When we found Fives, he was arguing with Nala Se over something as they both tried to grab something. Not long after, Tup died. Not much was known then, but further antics by Fives resulted in us entering the climax where Fives showed both his and Tup's Inhibitor chip. Fives's was pink and subtle. Tup's on the other hand, was black, and according to the medical droid, it had indicated 'a malfunction of some sort'. We then proceeded to Coruscant where we took Fives to the Galactic City Hospital where Chancellor Palpatine was at attendance. Everything was fine until we were told by the Chancellor to leave Fives with him. A few minutes after that, we heard shouting and screaming. The moment I opened the door, I found the bust-up between him, and the Chancellor that you saw on the hologram. You know the rest."

That conversation with Shaak Ti shook Anakin to the core. After a brief sigh and a slight spike of anger, he proceeded.

"Master, something is going on, regardless if there is a plot or not, I suspect there is a reason Nala Se didn't want us examining the chips. They could be hiding something. What that is, I will find out."

"I would admire your thinking Skywalker, but if you want to remove Rex's chip, I suggest you do so in the Halls of Healing, that way we will find out precisely what the Kaminoians are hiding. I suggest you scan the embryos first."

"I agree with you, Master, I must say, I have a cover-up that I can use should I conclude that these chips threaten our lives. What that is though, I can't tell you at the moment."

With that, both Jedi retired. For Anakin, the conversation with Shaak Ti changed everything. He suspects the Kaminoians are hiding a diabolical secret and starts to reconsider whether living a double life is the right thing or not. For now, he drifts off to sleep, knowing there is still a long way to go before Kamino.

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