Hey Everyone, I know what you're thinking, "Why have you jumped Many months past the last chapter?" Well, the reason is simple; I have lost interest in making this an incredibly long story. Luckily, if any of you haven't known, I have started writing a Fanfiction called 'The Reformed Jedi Order'. The story is thirteen years since Rex persuaded Anakin to remove his Inhibitor Chip, although it isn't a direct sequel to this story. That is somewhat because I started writing this before I saw Season seven, so I made changes like Vokara Che using the force and the atomic level brain scan to locate Rex's chip. Another change was instead of a full-scale invasion of Serenno, Anakin and Ventress infiltrated Dooku's palace, similar to the Season three episode 'Nightsisters.'

All that said, in this chapter, Obi-Wan reflects on Naboo and learns of the birth of a future Jedi as he awaits to become an Uncle. Also, Anakin has a surprise in store for Rex.

The past few months went by in a blur for Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi as he looks over at the bright, reflecting lake on Varykino. He and Katooni, with Petro's help, had just returned a group of Naboo that were held hostage by the Rorgungans and spent the past two days at the tranquil icon sat in the lake. It just happens to be when he is expecting to become an uncle. Two days ago, Padme was admitted to Theed hospital as a precautionary measure as her due date draws ever closer.

Obi-Wan, Petro and Katooni aren't alone in the Lakehouse; Ahsoka and Rex are also present at the lake retreat, although the former whisked off to Theed to see Lux head back to Courscant as the latter insisted on stopping by on Naboo while on Senate duties.

From the corner, he could see Petro and Katooni enjoying their conversation with Rex on how they overthrew Jabba simply by covertly deactivating the Slave transmitters. That, in turn, caused an uprising spreading throughout Tatooine, eventually resulting in a revolution. Around one month after the uprisings began, Jabba was killed by a Tatooine rebels group that Bo-Katan trained, aided and supplied. All credit Anakin took is helping the making of deactivation wand supplies after info about said wands came from Watto under Ahsoka's urging once the Toydarian learnt who she is the moment her Lightsabers slammed onto his desk. The eventual uprising eventually proved too much for Jabba. The notorious crime lord attempted to flee only for his assassination at Clan Rook's hands; Bo-Katan sent them to Tatooine to aid the Jedi. Weeks after the revolution, Tatooine officially became a Republic world.

As for the Order, everything is on the mend for them; since marriages were allowed, more and more Jedi found themselves forming friendships similar to Petro and Katooni; one which has serious potential to develop into something more. In fact, from Master Billaba's report on the relief mission with Cham Syndulla, Obi-Wan assumes something is going on between Cham's daughter Hera and Master Billaba's Padawan Caleb Dume. Nevertheless, the Order's actions following Palpatine's exposure has mended the Republic's trust in the Jedi Order. However, there is still a long way to go. Missions such as Ryloth, Tatooine, and Lothal prove the Order's stance in the Galaxy is healing.

Beep Beep Beep

Obi-Wan's comlink suddenly alerts him to an incoming transmission, one that states, Ephraim Bridger. Since his and Katooni's trip to Lothal, Obi-Wan remained in close contact with the Bridgers; they even stopped over at their house before they embarked on a mission to Garel. Soon a hologram of Ephraim popped up.

"Ephraim?" Obi-Wan asked.

"Hello, Master Kenobi, it's nice to see you are well."

"Thanks, it's nice to see you are well too. I'm at Naboo at the moment. My former apprentice is becoming a father very shortly. He and his wife are at Theed hospital as I speak." Ephraim began chuckling at Obi-Wan's comment of the impending arrival of the Skywalker twins.

"Ephraim, what's funny about that?"

"Nothing, just," Ephraim regained his composure as he continued, "Mira and I want to introduce someone."

Obi-Wan indicated what was coming, what Ephraim said, after explaining what he's doing at Naboo gave it away. His suspicions were confirmed as his heart melted when Ephraim and Mira appeared on the projector, the latter carrying a little bundle in their arms.

"Hello, there." Obi-Wan gaped in awe at the sight of the blissful family. "Congratulations on officially becoming a family. I hope Lothal has recovered enough for your child to prosper?"

"It has," Mira responded. "Ever since the war ended, your aid and that of your comrades have allowed us to recover. Perfect for our son to grow. Well, at least until he's enrolled into the Academy."

Obi-Wan's eyes widened slightly; he was about to ask what gender is their child before Mira spilt the tea. Still, at least he doesn't know what his name is. "Then I am glad we did just that. Does your son have a name?"

"Yes," Mira responded. "his name is Ezra. He was born two days ago, and we have just returned home." Mira glances at her husband briefly before glazing her attention at her newborn son. "The happiness we felt when he arrived is just... just..." Mira's facial expression is that of a tearful smile as she leans onto Ephraim carefully so Ezra doesn't get too uncomfortable.

"I'm happy for your new family, even more so that you can raise..." Obi-Wan's admiration was cut short by an incoming message. Glancing, he read the notification, which was under Anakin's name. Once he opened it, his eyes widened when it said, 'they're coming. Obi-Wan knew what or who was coming; the little Skywalkers.

"Master Kenobi?" Mira asked with concern.

"Ah, my apologies." Obi-Wan regained his attention to the Lothalites. "But I am afraid that I have to end this call. My former Padawan's children are about to arrive."

"We understand, Master Kenobi," Ephraim responded with understanding. "take care."

Obi-Wan returned the thanks before entering the garden where Petro and Katooni were sparring each other. Over the past few months, the two Padawans endured missions together with their respective masters, and the Jedi master was starting to see familiarities between him and Satine. However, they are still close friends and would instead let those feelings evolve naturally. Give five or seven years; when they become Jedi Knights at this rate, maybe their friendship could blossom.

"Am I interrupting something?"

The two Padawan learners looked at the Jedi master before Petro responded, "Nothing, we just finished sparring."

"Good, because we've just heard from Anakin and Padme."

Suddenly, the two padawans froze, and their eyes widened. They immediately knew what happened by the tone of Obi-Wan's voice. "Does that mean?"

"Yep," Was Obi-Wan's response. "The twins are coming. Come on, let's not keep the new parents waiting."

Petro and Katooni could only share eyes of excitement; both they and Obi-Wan were looking forward to this day ever since Padme announced her pregnancy. Now, heading to Theed on their speeder, the three knew the moment where they would finally lay eyes on the twins would soon be upon them.

As expected, the Theed Hospital receptionist directed the three Jedi to a private waiting area explicitly booked for those who wish to see the newborns. All Obi-Wan had to do was explain that he was Obi-Wan Kenobi. By then, the receptionist knew why they came; they were here to see the twins. Ob-Wan did spot Ahsoka in the waiting area, but he hadn't anticipated another familiar face who's here to see the little Skywalkers.


The Clone turned his head round to view the Jedi Master. "Obi-Wan, Anakin wanted me to come and see his children. Said he has something special in-store that requires my attention; that is if one or both is a boy."

Obi-Wan rubbed his chin in thought, "Whatever it is, let's hope he doesn't keep us in suspense."

"It's alright," Rex responded. "My new role in training the Republic's new peacekeepers is less time-consuming than out in the front lines. Not only will there be fewer men to train due to the Defence Force downsizing by two thirds, but there will be others to cover me. Besides, I could always spend some time here on Naboo."

Obi-Wan then scoffed, "Rex, you act like it's been years since you last came to Naboo; the last time you came was the Festival of light not that long ago."

"How can I forget," Rex pondered. "at least we had a more spectating role than last year's."

"Indeed." Obi-Wan's face darkened, memories of the Rako Hardeen mission coming back to bite him. His regret of those actions steepened ever since the Jedi (with Rex's and the Security Council's help) revealed Palpatine's true identity. "So much for faking my death and operating undercover as a bounty hunter."

"Now now, master," Ahsoka perked up, "We all weren't aware of Palpatine's duplicity at the time; it just goes to show how much he was a master of deceit. "Sidious escorting Skyguy to that 'banquet' that evening only do discover Dooku there was one of those examples."

Suddenly, an elated Anakin Skywalker appeared before the visitors. "Are they here?" Katooni piped up.

"Yes, and guess what..." All of the guests raised their eyebrows, bets on what gender they would be were circling left, right and centre. Now, the moment of truth is upon them. "It's a boy and a girl! Both of them and Padme ware perfectly well and are at the post-maternity ward."

Everyone in the room gasped with joy, Ahsoka specifically as she predicted the twins would be one of each gender. "Ha, I knew it! Lux owes me five credits."

Anakin made a silent chuckle before clearing his throat, grabbing everyone's attention. "Before snips becomes five credits richer, perhaps you guys would like to see them?" Anakin's polite request received nods from everyone.

"Lead the way, my old friend." Obi-Wan glances, and soon, the group arrive at the post-maternity ward where Padme was waiting.

Their hearts warmed at the sight that fell before them.

Padme was resting on her bed, only just woke up to see the guests. Judging by her facial expression, they can tell she is elated and rightly so as she was holding a bundle wrapped in a rose blanket. At the same time, Anakin swiftly picks up another bundle from the adjacent cot.

"Feel free to see them," Anakin suggested to the visitors, "but don't crowd them or anything, just be gentle with them." Ahsoka was the first to greet the newborns; already, she feels a rush of adoration greater than the encounter of Rotta the Hutt the moment she laid eyes on the newborns.

"Awwww," Ahsoka melted the moment she saw the babies. "They look so adorable, Anakin." Her former master didn't usher a response; it appears the reality of finally becoming a father still hasn't sunk in yet. "And to think I am their godmother is just..."

"Oh, I know, Ahsoka, thank you." Anakin happily responded.

"Congratulations, Chancellor," Katooni responded.

Padme Smiled. "Oh please, just call me Padme; this isn't a formal greeting or anything."

Petro was next to have a good look at them, "They're lovely, master; perhaps you could take care of them while I go on missions."

"I wouldn't go too ahead of yourself, Petro, while you are progressing as my Padawan. You do still have a rash tendency."

"Anakin's right Petro," Obi-Wan responded. "Remember the stories of what happened when both Anakin and Ahsoka did something rash."

"How can I forget," Anakin pondered. "Those actions ended up compromising the respective missions. Don't worry, Petro, give a year or two, and you'll be up there."

"I agree," Rex countered. "Besides, I am just worried about two more Skywalkers running amok at the creche hall, given who the father is."

Obi-Wan quickly rushed to Anakin's defence. "To be brutally honest, the twins do have Padme as their mother, so there will hopefully be some obedience. Speaking of which..." Obi-Wan turned his attention to the new parents. "Have you two decided on names?"

"We have," Anakin responded. "We've named the girl Leia."

Padme then explained the reason why. "When she came out, she was louder than her brother, which made me deduce she was going to be a daddy's girl. And we all know Ani here has a competitive streak. And among the names that fit in that category, Leia was the one that suits her. We did give her the middle names Ryoo and Shmi, after two members of mine and Ani's family."

"Leia also means mistress in ancient lore." Anakin continued. "And, I swear by the force, she'll end up in politics."

"Imagine this," Obi-Wan wondered, "Senator Skywalker..."

"Ah," Padme interrupts. "I must confess, while we do think the twins will commonly be known as the Skywalker twins, given my family's status as a respected house on Naboo and the fact that they will have Naboo as their registered home planet. Ani and I have decided to have their real surname as Naberrie-Skywalker."

Obi-Wan ponders down in thought. "That's not a bad idea," the Jedi Master then had the opportunity to change the subject. "What name have you chosen this future Jedi, that is your son?"

Anakin made a small laugh at Obi-Wan's question before proceeding, "We've named him Luke; it's Naboo Latin for light. And speaking of light..." Anakin turns his attention to Rex. "Luke's middle name is the reason why I wanted to you come here, Rex."

"Okay, I'm not sure where this is going."

"You know Luke means light, right?" Anakin asked.

"Uh, huh," Rex responded.

"Well," Anakin turned to his wife and shared a quick smile before facing his faithful Clone. "In light of the events that lifted the veil of darkness throughout the Galaxy. Padme and I have decided to name Luke's middle names after two men who weren't Force-Sensitive, yet played a crucial role that helped me fulfil the Chosen One prophecy."

Rex was stunned; while both Anakin and Padme honoured both Rex and Fives in various forms, what they just announced goes far beyond that. Turning around, he could see the others were smiling as if they knew what's coming.

"G-General," Rex stutters. "A-are you serious?"

Anakin could only smile and place a hand on Rex's left shoulder. "I am, Padme, and I gave Luke's middle names Rex and Fives."

At this point, Rex flew himself into Anakin, enveloping him into a warm embrace, in which Anakin returned. "Thank you, Anakin; you've proven your friendship and loyalty to us more than we could have imagined."

Anakin laughed. "Rex, if anything, I should be thanking you. I trusted you long enough to let you into my then-secret. And, had you not been persuasive enough to make me see reason, to make me realise the only way to determine whether Fives was telling the truth was by finding other sources, I'm not sure we'll be sharing this moment of bliss." Anakin then gently pulled away from Rex. "So thank you."

Obi-Wan, ever the pragmatic person he is, pipes in, "There's still a Galaxy full of trouble out there. Are you guys ready to return to your duties once the long respite is over?"

Anakin glanced at Padme and his newborn twins before answering. "Well, it just gives us more to fight for."

And we are done. I had to get this epilogue out of the way before proceeding with 'The Reformed Jedi Order' primarily to alert you readers of the new story and give the coveted complete label to this story.

A couple of things to point out. Firstly was the decision for Luke and Leia to have Naberrie-Skywalker as their surname. Consider that in Legends, Padme's sister Sola marries a fellow Uni student Called Darred Janren, who they later marry. Yet, Darred chooses Naberrie as the family name due to the house's status within the citizens of Naboo. And so, with Skywalker and Naberrie being highly respected, it made sense for me to essentially double-barrel Luke and Leia's surname.

Secondly was Luke's middle names. I did that primarily because both Rex and Fives helped save the Galaxy from Palpatine's clutches and cleared Palpatine's influence from Anakin. And to me, that debt should be repaid and honoured in many ways possible.

Speaking of Luke, feel free to comment and guess who will be Luke's Jedi Master in 'The Reformed Jedi Order'. We shall find out soon.