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A few heads up when I say (Insert Character's) POV it means it will be told from a third person's limited. If I do not mention anything then it is being told in third person omniscient. One last thing this chapter starts off from the episode called. "An Invintation From The Sound". Alright, get comfortable & lets get started.

Naruto: Finally, I thought you would never shut up

Lazy: You must got me confused with someone who can't kill you off

Naruto: GRRRR, Just get started already

Konohamaru POV: Konohamaru finished his training and started walking home. Ever since Naruto told him there were no shortcuts to becoming Hokakge he started training almost everyday. As he walked and looked up at the sky. The old man would be proud but I can't stop now. He continued to walk through the village and startled by a sound in the background.


Hmm…. Is someone singing? He decided to investigate himself as he walked quickly to the direction of the noise. As he got closer he saw five ninja in the distance. I have no idea who they are…..Wait I think I recognize one of them...Isn't that Naruto's friend? I think but I can't tel...The ninja starts jogging, moving faster than before but careful enough to avoid being seen or heard. What is he doing with them? He gets close enough to hear and hides behind a bush. Konohamaru is close enough to see them but not close enough to identify their faces.

Hmm What does Lord Orochimaru even want with this kid? Gen'yūmaru would have been much better. If you just keep playing Ninja with all of your friends here you will continue to rot on the vine.

Who is this Orochimaru guy they are talking about…. should I step in or get some help he asked himself, his thoughts interrupted by a feminine voice.

You're acting like a fool, you should come with us; Lord Orichimaru offers you power…..He said there is no point in us taking you by force, you have to decide.

Gee That Orochimaru fella sounds dangerous….He's not seriously considering going with them is he? The grey haired Ninja throws Sasuke across the concrete wall and starts speaking again.

This is turning out to be a real pain….What's it going to be kid?...Grr If this runt makes me wait any longer than i am going to ring his little neck…

Naruto's friend finally spoke OH YEAH, come and try it!

What the hell are those black marks on him?

Sasuke charged at them just to be punched in the gut and landed right back against the wall. The other ninja laughed at Sasuke as black marks started appearing on the grey haired one as well. You didn't think you're the only one Lord Orchimaru bestowed this gift to? Do not use the curse mark so recklessly kid….But it doesn't look like you have much of a handle on it anyway, do you? If you unleash it for too long the curse will eat away at your body? Lucky for you, you're in the early stages of it so it shouldn't synch its teeth into you yet. However, once it spreads through your body, your former self will be gone...Forever.

Konohamaru had no idea what they were talking about, but one thing is for sure these guys are dangerous. He noticed the black marks going away on the shinobi as the Kunochi started speaking.

In exchange for the curse's power you will be tethered to Lord Orochimaru….All the freedom you have will be gone; to gain one thing you must lose another… Tell me What is your purpose in life? I am sure you haven't forgotten Itachi Uchiha.

Uchiha? The last statement confirmed that they were indeed talking to Naruto's friend, Sasuke Uchiha. He wondered who Itachi Unchia was though? Maybe a dead relative he pondered to himself. Sasuke is the last remaining of the Uchiha clan or so he thought.

The male Ninja started speaking again. Do not lose sight of your purpose. Life in this village is just bondage for you, sever your ties to this pathetic place and if you can do that there will be know limit to the power you can wield. Konohamaru watched as the Ninja jumped off. *End of Konohamaru POV*

The sound four were on top of a branch were still looking at Sasuke from a distance, unbenounced to him. Jirōbō began to speak should we take care of that kid who was spying on us?

Much to his annoyance Tayuna and Kidōmaru started laughing, the kuncochi with the dark pink hair retorted Ha scared of a weak little shit are we?

Grrr I was just he was interrupted by Sakon The kid is not a threat and would merely serve as a distraction. The sound four jumped off away.

Sasuke POV: Grrrrrrrr they're right, if I am going to avenge my clan I have got to sever ties with this village. He hears a thump, What's that? Sasuke sees a familiar looking kid jump on to the roof.

I was right; you're Naruto's friend….Sasuke right?

Sasuke is caught off guard. What do you want?

Do you remember me?

Sasuke did not respond, instead choosing to look at the ground and grunt. Was he there the whole time?

I am Konohamaru, we met a while back…..After a period of silence What do those guys want with you?

Sasuke began to get hostile Look kid stay out of it

First off I am not a kid you are talking to the seventh Hokage, you hear me!

Sasuke laughed and retorted Hmph Naruto has a better chance of becoming Hokage than you.

And that is why he will become the Sixth Hokage!

Sasuke growled, subconsciously upset that he did not pick up on Konohamaru saying seventh instead of sixth. Listen Kid i don't have time for this. Sasuke got up and jumped off the roof back toward the isolated street.

OH NO YOU DON'T the younger ninja following suit. I didn't understand most of the conversation between you guys, but I do know they were asking you to leave the village.

Sasuke began to get more annoyed This doesn't concern you


Listen I am going to give you one last warning; I have something that I need to get done and I will not let you or anyone else get IN MY WAY. Sasuke felt the curse mark beginning to activate.

Konohamaru starts clenching his fist Well if you have to betray the village to accomplish your task then I WILL BE IN YOUR WAY.

Sasuke immediately kicked Konohamaru who flew ten feet hitting a tree.

Hmph. Sasuke turned and started walking…..What the… He turns around to see four shuriken heading straight to him; The Unchiha counters front flipping over the shurikens and throws a kunai that hits Konohamaru slightly left of his chest….The injured shinobi turns into a log, A substitution Jutsu? This idiot is turning into a huge pain in my ass, what is that!? He looks up in the air and sees the young shinobi


Sasuke started coughing heavily and when the ash cleared he saw a fist coming for the right side of his face and grabbed his fist before it could make contact and did not let go. ENOUGH OF THIS, Sasuke kicks him in the chin sending him to the air, attempting to jump in the air with him but he collapses to the ground screaming in pain as black spots started to appear on his body. This damn curse mark, I have to end this quickly.

Konohamoru does a flip in the air and lands on one knee with one fist on the ground. He stands up and sees Sasuke laying on the ground in agony. He walks up to him. Are you okay?

He does not respond, instead he gets up and looks and stares at his opponent…. He then kicks the young ninja and he goes flying. Sasuke runs, catching him by the neck, and starts squeezing, choking the younger Ninja. You let your guard down

Konohamaru attempted to speak but could not, only letting out a grunt.

Sasuke's hand becomes filled with an electrical force.

CHIDORI the ninja then strikes the heart of his adversary knocking him unconscious he immediately throws him to the ground and starts screaming. What did I just do? The black marks began to fade. If he doesn't get help immediately he will die... Grrr, DAMN IT. Sasuke punches the ground. After several minutes of silence he stood up, there's no going back now, I had to do what I had to do… He sighs and whispers, time to get out of here. Exhausted he started walking at normal speed back to his home to gather some of his things. *End Of Sasuke POV*

Sasuke is walking out of the village and spots Sakura standing in front of a bench, almost like she has been waiting there this entire time. He stops slightly a couple feet in front of her. It is the middle of the night; what are you standing around here for?

She was trying to hold back tears and her voice began to crack. This is the only road out of the village.

Sasuke pretended not to notice the sadness in her voice. You should go to bed.

The kunoichi was unable to hold back her tears any longer. WHY SASUKE!? HOW COME YOU NEVER TELL ME ANYTHING? YOU NEVER SHAR-

WHY SHOULD I TELL YOU ANYTHING? Just stay out of my way, it is none of your concern.

I know you hate me, ever since the beginning. When we made Genin and we were assigned to our three man squads? We were alone together for the first time right here in this very spot…..You got so mad at me that day.

*Flash Back*

Saku: Think about it.. Naruto does whatever comes to his head but if you don't have parents to tell you how would you know any better? He's selfish and bratty, he's all alone.

Sasu: Alone….Isolated….

Saku: Hugh?

Sasu: It's not about your parents scolding you; you have no idea what it's like to be alone.

Saku: W-why are you saying that?

Sasu: Because….. you're annoying

*Flash Back ends*

I don't remember that.

The pink haired ninja is hurt by Sasuke's words but pretends not to be. Yeah sure; I mean it was so long ago...But still that's the day it all began. You and me..Naruto too..and Kakashi sensei. The four of us started going on missions, it was rough back then but we had each other…...I know about your clan Sasuke ….but seeking revenge that won't bring anybody happiness. Not you and not me.

Sasuke closed his eyes for a moment and thought about Konohamaru. Look Sakura, I am not the same as you; I am traveling a path the rest of you can not follow. I know the four of us worked together and for awhile I thought I could take that road instead….He continues to think about the moment he struck Konohamaru in the heart. But it is too late now Sakura, in the end I decided on revenge. That's always been my reason for living, my purpose; in the end I will never be like you and Naruto.

Sakura now vividly cries as she speaks. Please don't do this, you don't have to be alone. You told me how painful loneliness can be...I understand that pain now; I have a family and friends but if you were gone Sasuke, it would be the same thing...I would be all alone...PLEASE SASUKE I AM SO IN LOVE WITH YOU I CAN'T STAND IT. IF YOU WOULD ONLY BE WITH ME EVERYDAY WOULD BE A JOY. I CAN BR- The pink haired ninja's speech was interrupted as Sasuke kissed her on the lips passionately rubbing the tears off her face as he did. This can not be real, this has to be a dream, she turned completely red

Sasuke broke off the kiss after awhile. You're right Sakura…...

The kunoichi smiled and whispered. S-Sasuke...Tears of joy began to pour out her eyes.

The dark haired ninja still expressionless. Sakura?

Yes Sasuke-kun?

I have something I want to give you. Do you know that abandoned building near the rooftop Naruto and I fought on?


Get there quickly and I will meet you there.

A smoke cloud forms and Sasuke disappears. Am Sasuke's girlfriend now? YESSSSSSSSSSS. She quickly scurried away with a smile on her face to the location Sasuke told her to be at. For a moment Sakura was the happiest girl in the world.

Sakura approached the place she was told and the grin she had on her face quickly disappeared when she saw a body laying on the ground not moving. She couldn't identify the body but ran faster to see who it was. OH MY GOD, much to her surprise she saw a battered and bloody Konahamru lying on the ground unable to move and barely able to speak. She embraced him, W-Who DID THIS TO YOU!? She was not prepared for the answer she was about to receive.

S-sas-Sasuke Unchiha, he said in a whisper.

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