"But I'd be a great guard! If only you'd give me a chance," said a little Sandwing dragonet, crossing her arms.

The older one laughed. "You're not old enough to be a guard yet. You've still got a long way to go." He patted her on the head with his six-clawed talon.

"Come on. Just give me a chance."

The dragonet got bored waiting for them to leave their post so she pulled out her blow darts and shot them at the two Sandwing guards. Well, one Sandwing guard.

As she heard them hit the floor she bolted down the hall and took the keys from the guard. She unlocked the gate and slipped through.

She ran down a long tunnel until she came upon three doors. She used the keys to unlock the middle door. Inside there were piles full of gems and gold.

She picked up a few sapphires, an emerald, a few gold coins, and a black diamond statue that caught her eye. It was a Sandwing standing in a position that looked like it was waiting for the moons to give it something. It's talons were held out and it's tail curved up. She decided to keep it, just because it was pretty.

As she was closing the door she heard someone yell,"Six-claws! Ostrich!"

"They're not dead. Just knocked out."

"The gates open! Someone must be stealing from the treasury."

She locked the door when to Sandwings came down the tunnel. One was a tall female with pale yellow scales and snake tattoos on one arm. The other was a young male that looked like he had just started yesterday, but his scars showed that he didn't.

"It's a Rainwing!" the young Sandwing shouted.

"No it's not, it's a Skywing. It's wings are way too big to be a lazy Rainwing," the other argued.

"But it has a ruff behind its ears. And it's tail is too curvy." He squinted at the dragonet.

"It doesn't matter what it is. It's a thief and it should be arrested," they both pointed their spears at her.

The dragonet opened her jaw and breathed fire onto their spears, catching them ablaze. The Sandwings dropped their spears and rose their tails menacingly.

The dragonet opened her wings and snapped her jaw open. She hissed at them as she shifted her scales between colors.

They both stared at her in surprise.

"What are you?" asked the young Sandwing.

"I," the dragonet said, "am a freak." She shot venom onto their faces and bolted down the tunnel. She heard their screams as she ran past the fainted guards. She felt bad for doing it but she couldn't think about that now.

She tried going the same way she came from, but the Stronghold was a maze. She finally made it to an arena type area and spread her wings to lift off.

"Halt!" someone shouted.

The dragonet stopped instinctively. She turned around to see Queen thorn and all the guards behind her.

"Those aren't yours," the Queen said calmly. The guards started to move towards the dragonet but the Queen stopped them.

The dragonet hissed and changed her scales. The guards blinked in confusion while the Queen stayed calm.

The dragonet slowly turned around and flew off. She didn't hear wings beats as she flew away. She looked back to see Thorn looking at her fly away.

The dragonet ignored it and headed for the Sky Kingdom.