~Chapter 1~

A/N: There will be some bad language and some adult themes later on.

Erza finally arrived to Fairytail High. Words could not express how much she wanted to be here. After Simon, she swore she'd never let anyone she loves get hurt. Simon was her closet friend, sometimes they even acted like they were more than friends. He was there for her when others weren't. He was the only person she would ever let in. His death broke her. She couldn't bare the thought of facing the world alone, for the first time, she felt afraid. Afraid of what people thought, afraid of what people would say. Slowly but surely that fear turned to determination. Erza was determined to protect those dear to her, and that's the reason why she's standing on the steps on Fairytail High.

Erza's P.O.V

I stare up at the huge sign at the front of the building. It reads "Fairytail High" in a fancy red font. Well, this is it. The best highschool for up-and-coming witches and wizards in Fioré. I begin to make my way inside and I'm greeted with a friendly face.

"Hey, Erza is it? We've been expecting you." She says warmly. The friendly face is accompanied by a shorter old man who seems to be about knee deep in paperwork. I simply nod at her words and she makes a gesture to follow her. The girl introduces herself "So...I'm Mirajane but my friends just call me Mira. The principal has instructed me to show the new people around and help them settle in". We continue down the hallway as I try to remember the layout of the building. We turn the corner and Mira points to a interesting looking area. "That's where most of us eat lunch, mainly because of the fights, but if you want a quiet lunch you are welcome to eat outside." She says pointing to a much more appealing area.

After Mira is done showing me the bottom floor, we begin to head upstairs. I can hear loud cheers and claps from here. There might be a- My trail of thought is interrupted by Mira "Everyone should be in class right now so it shouldn't be that noisy." We reach the top of the stairs and witness what's going on. It is a fight. A blue haired boy is pinning a guy with black hair and eyeliner up against the wall. The guy with black hair responds by punching the blue haired boy in the face. Strangely enough, the blue haired boy laughs it off and strikes him twice as hard in the stomach. Yikes...that look like it hurt. The fight really kicks off and the boys wrestle each other on the floor. Each punch and kick looks as painful as the next. Neither me or Mira could get a good view of what was going on because there was so many people. The fight was eventually broken up and the boys were dragged away from each other. "What were they fighting over to get them that riled up" I utter.

"No clue." Mira replies. As the boys were getting dragged away, I make eye contact with the blue haired boy. Weirdly, he smiles at me. I can't help but admire his features. He was cute, sure, but there was no way I'd be crushing on a guy I just met. No way.

Mira finishes up the tour of the school and hands me my dorm key and leaves me at the entrance of the dorm because she had to do some "important business". What a first day this has been, first I witness an extremely violent fight, now I've been left at the entrance of a building I've never been too. I glance at my dorm key and notice the numbers "326" engraved on it. I'm guessing that's my room number. Eventually I found my way upstairs and to my dorm. 324...325... there it is, room 326! I fumble with my dorm key and open the door. The room is quite nice, small, but really cosy. The type of room I really like. I begin to wander around the room, admiring the room I was assigned to. I go towards a door to what I think is a bedroom and open it. I was right. It was a bedroom, and the bed was huge. It must be at least a queen size. I start to look around the confined space and notice a drop of blood on the bed and a dent in the wall. What the hell happened here? Is someone in my room?

"Hey." an unfamiliar voice spoke. Carefully, I turn around. It was the blue haired boy from earlier. Despite his wounds he gives me a somewhat welcoming smile.

"Why are you in my room?" He questions.

"There must be some mistake," I reply "This is my room."

"Nope, this is my room." He says sternly. I pull out my key and show him. He sighs and smiles at me. "I guess we are roommates then. I'm Jellal Fernandes." He utters while nursing his bleeding nose. I can't help but laugh at him.

"Hey! What are you laughing at Red?!" He shouts at me. I don't say a word, I just stand there trying to contain my laughter. Finally I say "You should probably get that checked out"

"It's only a nose bleed."

"It looks like it's broken."

As I said that, blood started dripping from Jellal's nose onto the floor. Almost instinctively, I grab some tissues out of my bag and pinch his nose. He just looks at me, confused, but doesn't fight against it. He just grabs my hand and repositions it to a spot that's more comfortable for him. Simon used to do that. I miss him so much. I remember he always used to hurt himself and I took care of him. Maybe if I had-

"Hey Red, you never told me your actual name." Jellal states with curiosity in his voice.

"Erza." I reply blankly.

"Erza what?" He asks

"Nothing. Just Erza". Jellal looks at me confused. Did I do something wrong? Simon didn't mind that I didn't have a last name, he thought it was cool. Maybe if he were here-

"I like your hair," Jellal blurts out of nowhere. He grabs a handful of my hair and plays with it. "That's it! Why don't I call you Scarlet." I actually kind of like that name. Erza Scarlet. Sounds pretty cool. I give Jellal a nod of approval. "That way, I won't forget you. All I have to think of is your pretty hair." He says. I can't help but be taken back by his kind words. My face starts to heat up and I give Jellal a warm smile. By now his nose has stopped bleeding and I should probably go and unpack my stuff. I don't have a lot with me, but it's enough to take at least an hour.

Jellal's P.O.V

Holy sh!t her smile is cute. My nose bleed has stopped because she took care of it. Dang, that Midnight kid hits hard. To be fair, I shouldn't of provoked him. I hate that, that, was Erza's first impression of me. She probably thinks I'm some violent bully or something like that. If only I could think of some way to show her I'm not like that. Unfortunately, Erza noticed my nose had stopped bleeding and I point her towards a spare room. I really enjoy her company, she's quiet and doesn't say much but something about her seems comforting. These next few weeks should be interesting.

Erza's P.O.V

I close the door behind me so I don't get sidetracked or anything. I begin to unpack my things onto the bed. I could get used to this. A lot of times passes before I'm finished packing away so I begin to make my way out of my room to see what Jellal is doing. Not like I care, I'm just curious. I carefully sneak into his room but he wasn't there. Where could he be? I make my way back into the living area and sit down. The room was dimly lit with the fairy lights that Jellal hung on the walls like earrings. Two antique couches stood the opposite sides of each on the hand-woven rug in front of the ashen fireplace, accompanied by rich velvet and bronze wing-chairs that stood as a sidekicks. On top of the fireplace was some sort of TV that was probably made from a lacrima. After I'm done admiring the room I start thinking about Simon. I don't know why I'm thinking about him. I just can't get him out of my head. Maybe if I had stopped him from going on that stupid mission he wouldn't be dead in the first place. I need to get over him. I need to stop thinking about him. He's dead, and there's nothing I can do about it. I pull out my phone and plug my headphones in. For a moment I just stare at my lock screen, it's a picture of me and Simon, just before his mission. He looks so happy, it was his first S-class mission. I had a feeling he wasn't ready, Why didn't I stop him? Oh, Simon, I'm so sorry. As I'm lost in my thoughts, a teardrop streams down my face. I instantly wipe it away, because ,if I want to protect everyone I have to be strong. I go on Spotify and play my old playlist, it was mainly influenced by Simon's taste in music since we were around each other majority of the time. The song 'Be Alright' by Dean Lewis comes on and I can't help but shed a tear. This is one of my favourite songs and I can't enjoy it because it was Simon's favourite song too.

My little mourning moment comes crashing down when I hear a loud thud coming from the bathroom. Is Jellal okay? I place my phone down on the coffee table and go towards the bathroom. The door was the brown of rotting wood, dull and spotted with years of damage. Where there should have been some fancy matching handle was only a sphere shaft of dark cold metal. I close my fingers around it to twist but they simply slipped over the surface. I resort to knocking on the aged door. "Jellal?" I call "Jellal are you okay?". For a minute I got no reply and considered breaking down the door until he finally uttered "Yeah...I'm fine". His words were slurred. Is he drunk? But how? I was only gone for an hour. I weigh out the possibilities of him being drunk and finally decide to go in and see if he's alright. "Jellal, I'm coming in" I mutter. I hate having to take care of such a childish boy, but I guess this could be training of some sort. I push open the door to find Jellal sitting on the cold bathroom floor, hitched up in a corner near the shower. He was drunk. Foolish boy. "Don't you have school tomorrow?" I question the drunk.

"Nooooo...th-the...school-I... got sus-suspended" he barely managed to get out.

"For how long?" I ask him

"2...days...I-I think" He slurs. I sigh and help him to his feet. He stumbles and grabs my shoulder for support. "You're going to bed." I order him.

"un-undress...me...Erzaaaaaaaa" he giggles

"W-what?" I almost shout.

"Puuuut...me...in...m-my...pyjamas" he says playfully. My face burns at the thought. I start to think of all the possibilities-No. This is wrong. I can't. I won't. We reach Jellal's room painfully slow and I just throw him onto the bed and head for the door. Before I leave, I take one more look at the drunken bastard. His cheeks were stained pink and he was rolling around like an eight-year-old. I admire his features before I bring myself together and leave his room to go to mine. Tomorrow will be interesting.

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