A/N: Police /The shield A/U

A/N: Idea taken from the TV show the Shield Episode "Carte Blanche"

Now outside of the club. Now away from Aimee. He lightly tugs him by the arm. He'd use a sleeve but Eric likes to party in tank tops.

"What's so important Ad? You know I was working my magic on Anwar!"


"You saw the chemistry, he wants me..." Eric whines.

"Yes Tromboner. Now you've got that promotion, it's funny, how quickly he's up your arse" Adam said getting out a cigarette. They're in an alley that's in desperate need of a good clean. They can see trickles of vomit running down the bin in the corner. Eric twitches his nose, when a stray cat decides to use a fry packet as a toilet. To look presentable, the walls do get cleaned daily. They're both leaning on the cleanest parts.

"I want in on that Mackey investigation" Adam told him offering him a cigarette.

"You know I don't smoke that poision. Your Dad already picked Brett Talbot out. You wanna swap, go crying to daddy"

"He listens to you. More than me. Put in a good word" Adam asks. He wants to smoke the cigarette, but Eric hates smokers, so he changes his mind and tucks it behind his ears. It's dark and cold, but Eric's dressed like he's ready for a beach party. He's modelling a purple and orange striped tank top with knee length shorts covered in stars and glitter. On anyone else, it woud look like a LGBT tragedy. But his top brings out his eyes, and Adam's having a very hard time trying NOT to stare at Eric's slim, dark legs.

Why was Tromboner ALWAYS so fit?

"I guess one good word won't hurt, let's go back in, you know Aimee can't handle her booze" Eric said starting to walk away.

"Tromboner, I heard Mackey's abit of a FAG!" Adam shouts, hoping the slur would make Eric turn around, which he did.

"Our target is Bi, actually"

"Same difference" Adam shrugs putting the cigarette into his mouth.

"That's bullshit!" Eric squeaks stomping back to the wall, and back to Adam. "I know how much you love Aimee but..." He frowns as Adam disolves into a coughing fit. The cigarette falls to the floor and Eric walks over to rub his shoulder.

"You okay man?"

"Yeah, hay fever or some shit...you were saying?" Adam asks.

"Ummm...so I know you have issues with us. The LGBT unit, but we all can't live your life. Not every love story ia a boy meet girl thing. Of course it's gonna be hard for you to wrap your head around, but I'll hold your hand" Eric smiles and Adam leans against the wall, holding his stomach. He's convinced that smile has turned his guts to mush. He hold's his hand out but Eric's shakes his head.

"What? You said you'd hold my hand!" He whines at Eric.

"In theory man! Through the investigation, not literally. I'm saving these hands for my future lover, Anwar!"

"Yuck!" Adam groans.

"Hey Ad, this is a steroid bust that's worth nearly half a million. Your dad will go NUTS if you mess this up"

"I know"

"Mackey also think's he's hot shit. He falls for charmers" Eric advised.

"I know" The taller man nods.

"I know you've read up on him. But you're gonna have to pretend that you're bisexual Adam. Fifty, Fifty. Get some acting classes because you have to get excited over men, six packs and of course, you've got to thirst over dick! Do you think you can pull that off?" Eric raises his eyebrows.

Adam nods stepping closer to Eric until they're nose to nose. His index finger trembles slightly as he cups the inside of Eric's thigh. Which surprisingly is cold. He works his magic fingers against those bright shorts until he can feel Eric harden in his boxers.

"Do you think I can pull it off Tromboner?" He asks. He removes his hand as Eric just stares at him open mouthed. "I think I'm the Daniel Day Lewis of the police unit. I may not be bi, but I can sure as hell try!" He winks as he softly grabs a gobsmacked, Eric's hand, and pulls him in the direction of the club.