"Can it, Clark. No one's paying any attention." said Lois as she fell over her fiancé." "Yes, Miss Lane." responded the bumbling reporter Clark Kent, the man who stole her heart over a nearly two-decade period. "That's so hot. Mm." Lois whispered to him, "But listen, this is serious. Do you have them?" she asked. "You mean these?" Clark replied, holding up two rings. "Yes. Are you ready?" she said, absolutely ecstatic at her long-awaited marriage, just a few hours away. "I've been ready for seven years," he told her. "Somebody tell Perry White! Just came in over the wire! There's a bomb in an elevator uptown!" an unknown man exclaimed to the entire bullpen. "Just tell the minister I'm gonna be a few minutes late," said Clark as he sped off to the roof of the Daily Planet, flying off to handle the emergency.

We zoom out to see the screen of a flat-screen TV. A light-skin African American male with electric blue eyes, and hair of the same shade, fading to black further down, reclines in his chair, a satisfied look on his face. "Damn, that was great, no wonder it lasted ten years. Although I can't help but feel we can make that an even better ending," he said as he rose from his seat, his cloak moving with a mind of its own, draping itself over him. The man walks over to a lead case, a memento of a once good man. He unlocks it and takes out three stones. The stones combined to form a clear diamond, shaped in the familiar crest of a certain Kryptonian. A bright light shines with a loud FWASSH, as a nerdy-looking reporter falls out of seemingly nowhere. "Huh… where am I?" he exclaims as he looks around and sees the man. "Yo," The man says. "Who are you," the disguised Kryptonian asks. "All in due time, Kal-El. Or do you prefer Mr. Kent, Clark?" Clark looked at the man in surprise, a tinge of horror mixed in on his face. "Uhm, Clark is fine…" he replied. The mystery man gave a warm smile, "Relax man, I mean you no harm, but I did take the liberty of casing the place in Blue K, didn't know how you'd respond to being yoinked into another dimension… again."

Clark looked on in confusion, staying silent. "I imagine you have questions, so let me break it down for you, my favorite Kryptonian. Sit and allow me to enlighten you. Questions are afterward I'm afraid, I know you can be very curious. First off, as for who I am…" the man paused. "Well, I am known by many names: Electric Death, Black Merlin, The Bird of Ruin, but you, you may call me... Tiffany." the man said, silent for a few second before he burst into laughter, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA AAAAAAAA, oh, oh, I'm sorry, I couldn't resist, but in all seriousness, *ahem* my name is Blue J, the 993rd iteration, but you can call me Blue. I'm a God, essentially. Very, very powerful, more powerful than anything in the multiverse. As for where you are, you are in my pocket dimension. A place outside of space, time, and space-time, that bends to my will and any who I allow. But I have called you here for a purpose, Clark. I have brought you here to save someone." Clark stayed silent for a minute, then asked, "Who?" "Lex Luthor." Clark laughed bitterly.

"Lex is beyond saving, I should know." "Yes, you should. I mean, you did try to save him, but you gave up too soon, far too soon. Hell, look at Lionel, he started a devil, but he turned into quite the friend, didn't he?" Clark looked away. "Anyway, back to Lex, I want you to save him because I believe that with you two combined, you can make a near utopian world, a world safe for everyone." Clark looked stunned for a second. "No. I won't do it. Lex had his chance, and I'm not messing with time again, last time, it cost me, my father." "Your father," Blue said simultaneously. "I'm well aware, Clark, but rest assured this is a purely pro proposition, I want to improve your world, but I can only do so if you agree." Clark sat there, silent. "Well, I figured you could use some convincing, that's why I brought some very special people," Blue said. The god clapped his hands twice, causing a white doorway to appear, and out walked Johnathan Kent, Tess Mercer, and Lionel Luthor. "Clark. if you go back and fix Lex before he goes dark." "D-Dad?" Clark asked, with tears in his eyes. "Hello, Clark," Jonathan said as he greeted his son with his warm smile. Blue walked up to Johnathan, "Mr. Kent, how are you?" "I'm good. But if you don't mind me asking, who are you?" "Ah, loaded question, to shorten it, I'll show you," Blue said as he offered his hand. "Shake my hand, and you'll know everything." As Jonathan does, his eyes go white, and from the back of his head, a white tendril shoots through the deceased. He releases Johnathan and all the dead look at him. "I uploaded the entirety of what happened from the moment of your deaths to now," Blue said, looking at Johnathan, an understanding nod between the two. " I'll give you two a moment," Blue said as he escorted the other two out of the living room.

"So what? You want us to convince him to save Lex?" Tess asked. "No, Ms. Mercer, I brought you here to watch, because if all goes according to plan, Clark will agree, and we get to see how he does the second time around." A few minutes later, the two Kents walked out of the living room. "I'll do it," Clark says. "Awesome. Now to further the plan, I do have to erase your memories, to send you back." "Alright then, how do we-" Clark began to ask as he was suddenly swallowed in a white vertical stream, and disappeared. "Like that, that's how we do it. Now, who wants to watch?" Blue asked his guests, making four recliner seats appear. "Folks, we are about to experience something that occurs very rarely in life, a second chance. So strap in, it'll be a while."

Episode 1: Grand Unveiling

As Morgan Edge lay dying on the wheel of his car, a clean bullet hole decorated his newly reconstructed face. With his life now snuffed out, his foot slams on the gas, sending the car careening down the brick driveway towards a crouched, Lex, frozen in fear, with nowhere to escape. As Lex sees the vehicle approaching, his life flashes before his eyes, strangely he has a sense of comfort, reflecting on his time in Smallville and how, for the first time, he was happy. The car closes in faster and faster, as Lex braces himself for impact. *CRASH* the sound of impact echoed throughout the estate. '…' "Huh?" said Lex, surprised that he wasn't a stain on the wall.

In front of him stood the enigma, his closest friend Clark Kent, with his shoulder lodged in the hood of the car. Clark began to stand up, seemingly unscathed. He then tossed the car back as if it were a can of soda. "C-Clark?" Lex gasped, understandably freaked out, "How did you do that? You tossed that car, like…like it was a toy?!" Clark remained silent as he began to turn around and look at Lex.

As Clark stands up, he looked over at Lex and sees that he is safe. Clark looks to Lex with a worried expression, as he is relieved to have saved his friend. Clark realizes, his fatal mistake, but then reflects on how far Lex has come in the last couple of years and is overwhelmed with a feeling of regret. 'Ever since I saved Lex from the car crash three years ago, he's been a good friend, his actions over the past two years have proven him to be very deserving of my trust so much more so than his father. He fears that he'll become like his father, but when I look at Lex, I see this enormous urge to do good in the world. I wished this wasn't the way I wanted to introduce Lex to my world, I wish I could've explained this to him this out of choice, but it looks like that option has gone out the window.' He turns around and looks at Lex.

"Lex, I know you must have a million questions, and I will answer each-and-every one of them," Clark says. The young Kryptonian was suddenly interrupted by the sounds of approaching cars. He uses his enhanced sight to see black vans pulling up in the distance. "Just not here. It's too dangerous." Using his super-speed, he grabs Lex and speeds away to the caves. Lex looks around, confused, and bewildered as he sees the drawings on the light brown cave walls: A man with two heads, one human, one snake, a man shooting fire from his eyes, multiple symbols, still unknown to him, but all too familiar. "We're in the caves? H-how? We were just at Edge's place," Lex stutters out, utterly baffled at what just happened, and he looks to the source of his confusion, "CLARK! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!"

"Lex," Clark says. "I need you to calm down, so I can explain."

"Oh yeah, sure Clark, explain to me how you collided head-on with Morgan's car, and how one second, we're at Morgan's estate, and now we're in the caves."

"Well, Lex," says Clark as he takes a deep breath, "My name is Kal-El. I come from a planet called Krypton, and as far as I know, I am the only Kryptonian on Earth."

"Clark, you mean to tell me that… that you're not even human? You're what, some alien?" Lex says, thinking he's finally gone mad.

"Yes, Lex, I am. Due to my physiology, I was endowed with extraordinary abilities when I landed on Earth. My powers come from solar radiation. I have super strength, which is how I took the crash. I can run at super-speed, which is how I brought us here." Lex stares at him for about a few seconds and finally says, "Oh, and I suppose you can fly too, Clark?" in a sarcastic tone.

"Actually, no, but I do have heat vision and X-ray vision," said Clark as he then lit a pile wood aflame with his heat vision.

"Jesus, Clark, I was kidding." sighed Lex in exasperation. Lex then began to realize something, "Wait, so all those times I faced certain death but was saved, you mean, that was you?"

"Yes, yes, it was," Clark said.

"I don't know how I can thank you, Clark, but I know words alone won't do. But wow, you have to tell me everything about yourself. The fact that aliens exist is fascinating." said Lex as he digested the information.

"So, what's it like having all these abilities, Clark? Or should I call you Kal now?" said Lex, having, at last, calmed down.

"Clark is fine, Lex, I'm still the same guy who you hang out with, who helps you with anything you need. As for the powers, they're great and all, but despite these abilities, I would give anything to be normal," said Clark. "These abilities allow me to do incredible things, but they also hinder me from living as normal as I can."

Lex stares in shock, "But why would you want to be a normal man, Clark? People would kill for the power you have Clark, to be able to do anything. Most would try to conquer the world and abuse that power for personal gain, but you Clark, you use your abilities to save people from calamity, to be a hero."

Clark sits in silence for a few minutes, digesting Lex's words. "Thank you, Lex. Is there anything else you want to know?" Lex thinks for a moment, "There is one more thing I'm quite curious about, the meteor rocks, do you know what they are?"

Clark pauses, 'Can I do this, should I disclose everything to Lex...? No Clark, you're in too deep now, you can't second-guess yourself now; plus, omitting information now will only make you seem shady,' Clark looks over to Lex, who has a mixed look of curiosity and awe. Clark then steels his resolve, "According to the data I gathered, with Dr. Swann's help, we discovered that the meteors are radioactive remnants from the planet Krypton, my home. We named those radioactive rocks, Kryptonite."

Lex sat against the cave wall, amazed, "Hold on, so we know that Kryptonite gives ordinary humans different abilities, but that raises the question, what does it do to you?"

Clark takes a breath, "Essentially, it's like an extremely potent, and volatile poison. But I should tell you it comes in various colors, each with its unique effects. So far, I've only encountered two types of Kryptonite, Green, and Red. Green Kryptonite, the poisonous one, as you said, gives humans abilities, but when I'm around it, it makes me feel nauseous as if poison is pumping through my veins. Red Kryptonite doesn't affect humans, as far as I know, but when when I come into contact with it, it feels as if all my morals vanish, and I act on pure instinct alone, it's terrifying in all honesty."

Clark stands up and makes his way towards the exit. "Clark..." Lex says as he stands up, "I wanna thank you for being open and honest with me, I mean that sincerely." He continues sarcastically, "This may come as a shock to you, but being a Luthor doesn't get you many friends without ulterior motive." Lex and Clark smile at this. "You're a much-appreciated change of pace, Clark," Lex says as his voice cracks, and he embraces his best friend in a hug, as a tear shed from his eye.

"Thank you, Lex, it's nice to know I can keep my secret safe with you. Now, let's go home, I'll run you to the mansion," Clark says as he tightens his grip and uses his super-speed, zooming through the woods as a blur, back to the Luthor mansion gates.

"Woah...hahaha!" Lex laughs, looking around his estate, as he catches his breath. "That was awesome, Clark." Clark smiles at Lex, "I'll see you later, Lex, thank you for being there for me," he says as he speeds off, and Lex makes his way to the mansion, neither aware of the minuscule camera, no bigger than a computer chip, hidden on the gate's lock, capturing their whole conversation. We zoom out to see the video played on a computer screen, as a mysterious shadow watches from a penthouse, "Well, well, well," muses the shadow, "just who are you, really, Clark? And what else can you do?" The sinister shadow says as it chuckles menacingly.

"Lex, where have been? Are you okay?" Lionel asks his son. "I'm fine, dad. There's no need for doctors or any therapy. After all, I'm a Luthor- we're stronger than some island."

Lionel chuckles smugly, "Yes, Lex, we are."

*Cut to black*

"Good, Clark. With the seeds sown, let's hope all goes well." Blue said. "Who is that?" Johnathan asks Blue. "Well, we can't have absolutely zero repercussions when dealing with time." the god answered, "So you lied to him?" Tess asked, she and Johnathan glaring at the diety. "No, I didn't lie to him, I did tell him this was a purely pro proposition, and it is. But understand, when dealing with time travel, there is a requirement for balance. I can minimize that balance, but it an ever-present constant." "So, you don't know who it is." Lionel summed up. "I mean if you wanna put it that way, then yeah. I have no clue. As of yet." Blue replied. "In life... there are triumphs and perils, with Lex out of the way, someone needs to fill the role, now we just have to see who. All you can do now is pray, and I'll try my best."