Harry stood on the edge of the broken astronomy tower overlooking the razed ground before him. The final battle had been long and bloody but in the end he had been victorious. But at what cost? All his friends and family were dead, it had ended with just him and Tom locked in battle, everyone else had either been cut down around them or had succumbed to their injuries.

The duel had been fierce, spells flying around, almost too quick to react to or see. After 2 hours, Harry finally got the upper hand. Both were almost running on empty. Voldemort in a last ditch attempt started to conjure fiendfire. As his arm was stretched backwards, Harry managed to nail a piercing hex right through the heart. Ending it all, once and for all.

Harry walked over and picked up Voldemort's wand, the fabled death stick. He felt a burst of power run through him, warming him up. Looking down he muttered "no coming back this time Tom." He cast fire from the wand he had picked up and burnt Voldemort's body to ashes. Turning to face the forbidden forest, he cast the summoning charm. A small object came whizzing out of the trees towards him. He reached out and grabbed it. You could hear phoenix song faintly in the background, but Harry didn't notice, he was too weary. He turned round and trudged back up to the castle, passing the bodies of friends and foe alike.

He made his way up the stairs of the astronomy tower and looked down at all the bodies strewn everywhere. "I'm sorry I failed you," he whispered. He jumped off, there was nothing left to live for. His body hit the ground and it all went black.

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