Mme Valerius closed the door behind her and the silence was loud and cold in the room. After an eternity, his shoes on the stone floor signaled his approach to her. She looked up at his reflection in the mirror.

"You shouldn't be here, Raoul," Christine's voice was weak.

"You look beautiful, Christine," The Victome smiled. "Radiant; the breath of fresh air as you've always been."

"You look a mess."

"I have been since he didn't let me die," Raoul leaned up against the wall. "If he would have let me die, I would not have had to cope with you leaving me. I wouldn't have to witness this!"

"Then why did you come?" Christine stood and turned to face him. "I do not know what more I can say, Raoul. Are you angry he cut you from the noose because it proved he wasn't the complete monster you wanted him to be? Are you angry with me because I still love him and I could not live denying that?"

"I came for a glimpse of my Little Lotte," The Victome advanced towards her. He took her hands into his; they were clammy but The Soprano did not pull away. Oh how nervous he must be!

"But I am no longer Little Lotte," She gave a sad smile. "I wasn't even her when we got engaged."

"But you loved me then," The Victome bent down on one knee, not letting go of her hands. "And if you didn't stop loving him, there has to be a part of you that hasn't stopped loving me!" His eyes were wide, frantic. "Please tell me it's true, Christine. Don't do this to me; don't do this to us! Run away with me! We can still be wed! Leave him a note as he often so cruelly did all of us!"

Christine looked to the door and then back at her former fiancée, "And say what? I am leaving you again because I love you?"

"No because you still cannot forgive what he has done! He murdered people! He almost killed me! He stalked you, terrorized you and everyone at the opera! And you're going to repay him by marrying him?"

Mlle Daae, as she still was, yanked her hands away and rushed to the other side of the room, her veil billowing behind her. Tears in her eyes, she took deep breaths to calm her nerves.

"Love requires forgiveness. Love requires redemption. Erik has been working on redemption because I forgive him."

"But I require no redemption! What did I ever do but love you, Christine?"

"That's it, Raoul all you did was love me!" The Soprano exclaimed. "You never tried to understand the woman I am!" She sat down on the rattan chair that was on this side of the room. "You've always come in like a knight on a white horse to save me."

The Victome threw himself at her feet, resting his head in her lap, "Christine what else was I supposed to do? You were always in distress; being swallowed by his darkness…"

At that moment there was a knock at the door.

A few minutes earlier…

The masked man walked to and fro in front of the altar, pausing every so often to smooth back his already slick hair and straighten his already immaculate tux. While not exactly old, the priest could not recall a more anxious groom in the time he had already served. It was probably the mask; did his bride know what disease or deformity lay beneath? No other guests had shown except for the bride's "mother" and that young man who had just handed him this note.

"Monsieur," The priest approached the pacing groom. "I was brought this note to give to you."

The eyebrow on the exposed side of his face arched as he took it and opened the envelope. Eyes widen and scowl formed as the letter was read.

"Excuse me, Father," The masked man rushed past, dropping the letter and envelope to the floor.

"Monsieur!" The Holy Man turned his robes spinning.

He was gone, the doors finished closing. The priest bent down and picked up the note:

Did you really think she would go through with marrying you? Did you really believe her love for you is true and still not out of sympathy or fear? Her love for me is genuine. You know she will never want with me and will never be shunned by society. Take comfort in that. I hope you are dignified enough to receive notes as well as you were to distribute them.

-Raoul Victome de Chagny