Hey all! I recently watched the 2017 movie (which I really liked Rudolph's character, he's adorable) - but some of the fanfictions have confused me. If there are other movies with the same characters please tell me in the reviews. Constructive criticism appreciated, haters not! Also, I may throw in a plush or two for good reviews.

Val is one of my more based characters. Based on the idea that girls do not have to wear skirts to be female. Her clothing choice is kinda based on me (I wear a ton of black t-shirts and blue jeans, and I also do have that pair of boots, shh) as well as her love of music. I am deep into classic metal and rock, and symphonic medleys. I'll throw in a Gregory plush in the comments if you can tell me the answer to the following; from what horror movie did I get the name Val from? If you get the second bonus answer, I'll throw in the cow as a plush too.

Val sighed, heaving the toolbox back onto the temporary table that was set up outside the house frame. She'd finally gathered all the tools that had gone 'missing' from her toolkit (more like stolen by coworkers, her tools were in excellent shape), and she was tired of the physical labor of the job. Oh, and that weird necklace she'd found in one of the pits. It was two hours past her normal break anyways, so she'd best be off.
The current construction of the site was short-staffed, so she applied for a summer job helping out. It was enough pay to get by and then some. She huffed, picking the toolbox up after she took off the outer layer of construction clothes to reveal her normal attire; a black t-shirt sporting a band logo, regular old blue jeans, and her favorite pair of heavy boots.
She walked by a pair of parents arguing outside their house. "We can't just leave him alone!" Her interest piqued at the desparate tone, she sat down on a bench to listen.
"We don't know anybody here though!"
"But this meeting can't be missed!" The wife argued as Val crossed the road.
"Hey, let's both calm down now. What's up?"
"Why should we tell you?"
"I'm a local person who has nothing to do on the best of nights." Val said bluntly. "I do work all day and then nothing engaging mentally at night. I need some sort of entertainment."
"Well... our son, Tony, he's thirteen and we both have to leave for some work. We're gonna be gone a lot during the next few days... and we need someone to watch him to keep him out of trouble. Goodness knows his friends get into enough."
"I could try that." She offered. "I work in the mornings though, so you'll probably have to get someone for the mornings unless he wants to come watch construction..?"
Five minutes later and she was walking into the Tompson's house, with a twenty in hand in case the duo got hungry.

"Hey, kid. Tony, right?" She said as she looked at a blonde-haired blue-eyed thirteen-year-old kid. He grinned.
"Yup! Who're you?" He questioned.
"I'm babysitting you for the next few days, your parents said something about meetings. What do you like to do?"
"Play, draw, and read!" He grinned, showing her the cover of a vampire book.
"Ah, into the supernatural are we? I preferred dragons." She grinned. "We only hear about how big and nasty they supposedly are, but with every book written from the side of the winner, you never learn about how the others feel or think."
"I've never thought about it like that." He admitted as there was a sudden knock on the door.
"Were you expecting anyone?"
"No, but one of my friends does show up unannounced on occasion." He said hurriedly as she followed him to the door. He opened it, revealing a kid she didn't recognize. Black hair and clothes, red eyes... she could easily mistake him for a goth. "Hey, Rudolph! I didn't know you were coming over!"
"I wasn't planning to but the house is currently being renovated. Wanted to come over and get away from the noise." He explained. His skin was blue, but she shrugged it off.
"Oh yeah! Lemme show you what I stumbled on." She darted over to her toolbox, her shoes off and resting by the doorway. The soft socks didn't make much noise on the flooring. She opened her toolbox, lifting out an amulet with a bat symbol on it. It was outlined in red, mainly black, and was resting on a silver chain. Rudolph's eyes widened as he gazed at it. She chuckled. "If you want to keep it..." She dropped it over his head, his eyes gleaming with shock and joy. "Fine by me."
"Thanks!" He said, forgetting for a moment that she didn't know he was a vampire. He grinned as she blinked twice before paling slightly.
"Ah... that explains some of the vampire fascination." She said weakly, sitting down. Rudolph's face fell as he realized his slip-up. He took a step back.
"I should go..." He said quietly, turning around to only pause when she spoke.
"Stay." She whispered out. "You're obviously a friend of his, I'm just a little overwhelmed right now."
He reluctantly turned back around, sitting down at the offered chair. "I'm sorry for scaring you."
"It's fine. You didn't mean to."
"Still, I'm sorry, ..." He paused. "What's your name again?"
"Ah! Knew I forgot something. I'm Valentina, but I go by Val." She offered her hand for a handshake, which he accepted. "I gather you're Rudolph and he's Tony?" She said, sticking a thumb over her shoulder to point at the blonde.
"Yep." He said as a second male vampire literally flew through the window. "Hey, Gregory."
"Hi, Rudolph. What's with the new necklace?"
"Oh, Val found it and gave it to me." He said. She could practically hear the pride dripping from his voice at having something like that. She just smiled.
"Huh... it looks kind of like the Vampiric Tutor's Amulet." He said, picking it up off of Rudolph's neck. "I think it is that... where did you find this?"
"It was down in a pit by the new construction site, think I found it where they were laying a land line."
"Well then, you've found one of the most powerful items a vampire can have." Rudolph said, shocked he missed it. "Apparently, it teaches the hardest-to-learn secrets that a vampire can have."
"Like?" Tony asked curiously, amazed by the wonder and longing in his friends' eyes.
"Like being fine with sunlight. Like eating regular food. Like having the best of both worlds." Gregory whispered as he looked at it in awe. "Apparently, the secrets come when we are asleep. You keep it, little brother. It's your gift." He watched his brother nod and put it back on. "See if you remember anything in the morning."
"So..." Val said, watching all eyes swivel to her. She held up a game disc.
"Anyone up for a game or two?"

That is a wrap on the introduction! I've always hated the stereotype that if someone is something, such as a dragon, werewolf, vampire, or snake, they must be bad and thus must be punished. Snakes are adorable boop noodles, werewolves already lead cursed, painful lives, vampires are vampires, and dragons most of the time just wanna sleep. The amulet is my way of being creative, of saying 'what if', and of starting something for this. Cookies to all the readers!

- Fun fact, dragons are second only to snakes for me. Reminder to review!