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Five games and a bathroom break later, and all four of them were quietly sitting on the couch, wondering what to do. Val had destroyed them in a game called Guitar Hero, in almost every sense of the word but the physical one.

"How do you play like that?" Gregory asked, wheezing. He'd put too much effort into playing and wore himself out. She just smiled, checking the time. It was about seven.

"So, anyone up for a movie or two?" She asked, pulling two hidden movie disks out of her toolbox. She'd learned to always come prepared. "I don't have the entire series on hand, but these are the first in two of my favorite series."

"Which are?"

"Jurassic Park and Tremors. Even though Tremors might be above you guys..." She grinned as Tony's eyes lit up.

"I've seen Jurassic Park! Can we watch it?" He begged, Rudolph attempting to look disinterested.

"And the four sequels, if your parents allow me back here..." She smirked when he only grew more excited.

"YES!" He said happily, giddy. She put it in.

"I will warn you all now... I really get into it." She warned. "Just let me know if you want me to turn the volume up or not."

"Ok." Gregory said. "What should we expect?" He wasn't trying to hide that he was intrigued by the concept of 'movies'.

"Lots of jumpscares, loud noises, angry dinosaurs, and screaming." She said with a grin, putting it in. "And me cheering on the dinos at certain points." She handed the controller to Tony, then left to go make popcorn.

When she returned, the two vampires seemed keenly interested in the movie, while Tony looked about ready to die of boredom. She smiled, settling in and waiting patiently for the movie to get to the interesting parts.

When they encountered the brachiosaurus, she noted that their eyebrows rose. "Ain't ever seen a dinosaur before?" She asked sarcastically.

"No.. are they myths?"

"Nope. They used to exist, but they're extinct now. This is what people think they looked like back in the 80s. We have advanced technology now, that has changed our thoughts a lot." She lapsed back into silence.

Then the rex came up, making her chuckle. "What?" Rudolph asked.

"My favorite part is coming up."

"Will we know it?"

"Yeah." She grinned as the goat leg flew over the electric fence, making the vampires jump. "Like I said, lots of jumpscares and screaming." The power in the movie went out, allowing the rex to escape. The lawyer quickly bolted for the bathroom, making her chuckle slightly.

"Does he really think he can hide in there?" Gregory asked, staring as if he were stupid. Which he was, let's face it.


"How well does it work?"

"You'll see." She said as the rex chased Ian. They could hear her mumbling about how he was an idiot, not that they blamed her. They watched as he was bitten, and then the lawyer's tiny shack knocked down.

"Do it, do it, do it, do it..." She muttered.

And goodbye lawyer.

"Good Rexy." She grinned.

"You'd have that as a pet wouldn't you?" Tony said, the two vampires looking at her as if she were crazy. Which she probably was.

"Nah, too much of a dent in my budget. I'll gladly take one of the Hissy Boys though."

"Hissy Boys?" Gregory questioned, looking slightly offended.

"You'll see." She said mysteriously.

"So... these guys all live right?" Rudolph asked uncertainly.

"Yeah, it's not real. It's all faked, done with actors. Some of which return for later movies." She grinned. "There are tons of different kinds of movies, some being more horror themed, others comical, romance, ew, supernatural... this one would be more science fiction."

"What makes them different?" Gregory seemed confused.

"Their content." She held off on the long explanation.

"We need to get Anna to watch this." Rudolph perked up.

"She'll probably fall into the romance category, a lot of women like it for some reason..." She sighed, settling down and letting the others react to the movie.

The vampires were as expected; jumpy and hating the suspense. Tony, however, was watching and timing everything.

The only time that Val made any other sound was when Timmy was electrocuted. She whimpered, rubbing her arm. "I feel ya, lil guy."

"You've been shocked?"

"Yep. Wasn't too happy about it. Had a nasty spot on my arm for weeks."

Eventually, the movie ended, with the vampires a fair bit more excited than before.

"That was great! So when are you babysitting him next?" Rudolph asked.

"No clue. Whenever I'm needed, I guess. Anyway, you tired yet Tony?"

"Yeah. You three can stay up, I'm gonna go crash."

"Have fun." She said sarcastically.

She turned to the vampires. "So... anything we can do close by that's quiet?"

So that's a wrap! It's been a while since I've actually seen Jurassic Park... I need to watch it again. Tremors, however, I have seen more recently. I love the series (until the fifth movie) and the quirks it has. I know I don't upload frequently, I'm trying to get into the habit of writing but it's difficult sometimes. However, I am enjoying it more now so that's good. Free Rexy plush for reviewers! And until next time, may you never have luck as bad as mine!