The Allfather cannot place full trust in the tension filled Avengers team. Instead he sends his oldest son to assist in retrieving the Tesseract and return his two youngest sons back to Asgard. His oldest son who has not set foot on Midgard in over 2000 years. The one that carries a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead and holds a certain mastery over death.

"Put on the suit, let's go a few rounds" Steve sneered into Tony's face.

At this point the tension in the room was causing Bruce's mind to fog. Breathing became a chore and fog seemed to fill his ears. He briefly thought he'd heard Thor make a snide comment towards Stark and the Captain, however he couldn't be sure as maintaining his emotional control had become his entire focus.

He'd just opened his mouth to confirm this fact to the others occupying the lab when a resounding CRACK filled air. In an instant he felt both his mind slip and his body freeze. Bruce's legs and arms locked together causing him to fall to the ground. His mind, which had already been stressed, had snapped and the Hulk was currently fighting against the mental and physical paralysis. Then as soon as the transformation began it stopped. A soothing sensation seeped into his bones and sleep took over.

The others in the room had all readied their weapons the instant the noise interruption had sounded, only to have said weapons fly out of their hands. They'd turned around to confront the intruder to find that a man had somehow entered the lab previously undetected.

The man in question had wild midnight black hair that swept down to just past his shoulders. Half pulled back in braids, keeping his face clear. The only visible blemish on the man was a scar on the left side of his face. It shot in a lightning bolt pattern across his forehead and down across his eye. Fierce, calculating green eyes swept the room. He was dresses in armor that resembled something similar to Thor's. Thick leathers in a slate grey with onyx colored plates strategically placed for protection. His midnight black cape shimmered with an almost blue hue and seemed to sweep the ground in an imaginary breeze. He was tall, similar if not equal to Thor and held strong, handsome features. There was an almost etherealness to him. Even more so than the two known Asgardian's held.

His belt held one noticeable weapon. A sword with a ruby encrusted handle, though no one in the lab presumed this to be the only weapon this person held.

With the shock of the intrusion slowly fading through the space, it was Fury that broke the silence.

"And who are you?" The director's voice was firm. Years of training kept the man seemingly calm in even the most dire of situations. However, it was Thor that spoke the answer.


The man in question regarded the Asgardian severely before answering. "Thor." His voice matched his appearance. The deep, smooth baritone commanded attention even when speaking one syllable. "Mother sends her regards."

The minds of the others in the space were reeling. Did he say brother?

"The Allfather requested my assistance in returning our wayward brother back to Asgard. His schemes as of late have gone too far and it seems you are unable to handle the simple tasks appointed to you." Thor had actually looked bashful at the accusations.

The man took a moment to look around the room.

"I take it this is the team assigned to assist you with the task?" The unnamed Asgardian's eyes rolled over each of the Avengers before settling on the form of Bruce still lying on the floor. "I apologize for the unexpected intrusion. However, as this is a matter of urgency, I felt practicality overruled decorum."

Both Natasha and Fury, being the closets, stepped protectively over to Bruce's sleeping form.

"Have no worry regarding your scientist. I placed a strong sleeping spell over your companion. This way we're are able to discuss matters without worry of any… emotional disturbance."

"I'm sorry but who exactly are you?" The question came from Steve who was still standing next to Tony. The latter held a calculating look.

"Apologies, I am Prince Haraldr Odinson God of Magic and Master over Death." Haraldr gave them a brief moment to ingest the information before turning towards his brother again. "Tell me what you can of Loki's current plans. I assume the Tesseract is currently in his possession?"

"Not exactly, he obtained it while the Midgardian's were testing its qualities." Thor readily explained. "I believe they were looking for way to harness its power. They unknowingly sent a signal that attracted Loki to the Tesseracts whereabouts." It was almost laughable how quick Thor was to metaphorically throw the rest of them under the bus. "Loki sent it off with those under his control. We know not of its current location."

The rest of the Avengers watched as Haraldr's strong jaw noticeably clenched. "When will mortals learn that some objects weren't meant for their use." As he said this, he unconsciously spun a black stoned ring on his finger.

It was at this point that Fury decided he'd been quiet long enough. "Now who exactly do you think you are coming in here and telling us what we should and shouldn't mess with?"

"I think I'm the one that's going to fix the mess that you caused." A new fire seemed to light in Haraldr's eyes, "Have you any idea what exactly it is that you were experimenting on? That if put in the wrong hands the safety of not only this world but billions of worlds across the universe would be affected." Haraldr stopped to regain emotional control. "The Tesseract is much more than a simple power source. The fact that you mortals see it as such is precisely why it will be returning to Asgard with me and my siblings once this ordeal is dealt with."

"Now wait here just a moment…"

However, the director's words went unregarded as Haraldr returned his gaze to Thor ignoring the rest in the room. "Answer their whatever questions they have Brother and wait for my instruction. In the meantime, I am going to speak with Loki and see if I am able to find clarity into what precisely is going on in our brothers mind."

He turned to walk out the doors however he stopped right before existing. "By the way Director, you'll find an aircraft full of your men suspended in the air not far outside range of this Helicraft. I believe them to be the ones previously held under the control of my youngest brother. You might look into checking on them. Mind control can take quite the toll on a human body."

With that he swept from the room, cloak blowing behind him.

It took all of three seconds for Fury radio to Hill and order her to check into the situation that Haraldr mentioned. He then turned to Thor and demand an explanation.

"Haraldr is the oldest son of Odin and Frigga. He is greatly skilled in both Seidr and battle—"

"—so a more powerful Loki?" Rogers interrupted.

"Have care how you speak. Haraldr holds more honor in one hand than even you hold in your entire being, Captain." Thor spoke fiercely of his older brother. "Haraldr has long been my father's favorite son. Father has been grooming him to take over the throne for many centuries. His power reaches levels that Loki could only dream of. The two have always shared a strong bond but Loki's always known not to cross our brother, for he would surely lose."

"Then why not send him right away?" Natasha questioned. "If they're as close as you say wouldn't Haraldr have been the obvious choice to stop Loki?

"Haraldr has been away from Asgard for close to a century now. The Allfather gifted him a sector of Alfheim to rule over until Odin is ready to step down in his role as King of the Nine Realms." Thor explained to his companions. "The light-elven army of Alfheim that is under the command of Haraldr is easily the most feared in all of the Nine Realms. The demands required to manage such an army have kept him away from our family and out of contact until recently. I also have already had contact with Midgard before Loki decided to make his return here. Along with the fact that Haraldr is not overly fond of this Realm"

"What do you mean by that?" It was Tony that questioned this time. The genius had been shockingly quiet up until this moment. "What would Boy Wonder have against Earth?"

Thor regarded his new comrade closely before choosing to ignore the disrespectful nickname and continuing, "Haraldr has his reasons for regarding Midgard with caution. More importantly, now that he is here, we should have little trouble managing Loki from this point on."

Before any of the other Avengers could comment farther Hill entered the lab, "Director Fury, the information was correct. All of the agents Loki took over are returned and seem to have control over their own minds." She then directed her focus to Natasha, "Barton's asking for you."

Without another word Natasha, Fury, and Coulson filed out of the room and headed to the medical unit. A few minutes later two men came in to collect Bruce's continued sleeping form leaving Tony, Steve, and Thor to silently mull-over everything that was discussed.

Down in the holding chamber Loki stood, mentally calculating the chaos that should be starting at any moment. He'd planned everything accordingly and a mind-controlled Clint Barton should be detonating his arrow right about…now.

"I've already stopped the explosion for happening Loki."

Loki's blood ran cold at the smooth tone of voice. He knew instantly that his moment was over. There never was any use in fighting Haraldr to begin with. However, Loki wasn't ready to backdown quite yet. Keeping his back turned he chose to goad his oldest brother before the inevitable was sure to take place.

"Odin must have had faith in me succeeding in my tasks to find it necessary to send you." Loki was proud that he'd managed to keep his voice steady as he spoke. Turning around slowly Loki briefly regarded his brother. Haraldr looked just as he always had. Strong, terrifyingly stoic, regal, and ominous as ever. "He must be desperate."

"Perhaps so. Or perhaps I demanded to be sent down here to stop my favorite brother from possibly ruining himself forever." A light layer of magic sizzled around the air. "Tell me brother, what exactly were you hoping to achieve here? Did you truly expect to win against all of Midgard's armed forces?"

"I would have if you hadn't interfered" Loki almost sneered. "I've changed Brother. The power I now wield is stronger than ever before. The army I command; more powerful than even that of yours. I hold true power now Haraldr, Thor and his little mortal companions never would have stood a chance."

"Ah yes," Haraldr spoke as he magically stepped his way into the cell, "this extra power you wield. Just exactly where did you receive such a gift"

"My benefactor gave it to me." Haraldr was looking directly into Loki's eyes at this point.

"Yes, your benefactor." Haraldr was now within arm's reach of Loki by this point. Haraldr's shrewd gazed caused an almost uneasy feeling to settle into the pit of Loki's stomach. "Tell me Loki, when exactly was it that the God of Mischief fell into another's trap?"

Before Loki could even think of a response Haraldr placed a hand on his forehead. Instantly there was a flash of blue combined with a sharp pain, and then the blackness of unconsciousness overtook him.

A/N Hello Everyone! I'm here again with a story that's been sitting in my brain for YEARS. I've always loved Harry Potter/Thor crossovers and really enjoy the idea of Harry being taken in by Odin before Thor or Loki were even in the picture. I think Harry and Thor both have the bravery and heart of Gryffindors, but Harry also knows and understands Slytherins enough to be exactly what Loki might have needed while growing up. The perfect big brother to them both!

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