Chapter One

Another deadly virus had struck Port Charles. This time, Carly and Jason couldn't save the day. They couldn't risk their own lives in order to retrieve the antidote. This time it was much worse, because there wasn't a cure or a vaccine to stop the spread of the illness called Covid-19. So much was unknown. Even Dr. Hamilton Finn didn't know what to do. The city went on lock-down as Laura Collins announced a shelter-in-place plan to protect the city.

Unfortunately, Laura's announcement couldn't have come at a worse time. It was little Violet's Finn's birthday party. She hadn't even had a chance to blow out the candles on her pastel-colored unicorn cake when they got the harrowing news. No one got to sing Happy Birthday when Laura's text reached Finn's phone. Anna got one at exactly the same time as did Robert.

Robert frowned as he looked down at his phone. "This is bad," he mouthed to Anna as he didn't want to ruin little Violet's fun.

"Daddy, when do I get to open my presents?" Violet asked with innocent excitement.

Finn wrapped an arm around his adorable daughter. "Listen, Violet. Things just aren't going as planned. Something's happened," he attempted to explain.

"What-what happened? Was that Mommy texting you on your phone? Is my Mommy coming back?' Violet asked with hope and longing.

"No, honey, uhhhh... that wasn't your mommy. It was..." Finn looked at Robert and Anna, hoping that one of them would step in and help him try to explain to his daughter what was happening without frightening her.

Peter was sitting at the end of the table across from Violet. He and Robert had been the only guests. Violet had invited both of them, although the two despised one another. "Violet, I can explain," Peter spoke up. "You see... sometimes people catch things like viruses, they get really sick and sometimes they die..."

"Ohhh hush, you're scaring her," Robert hissed so only Peter could hear.

Violet stared with blue eyes which were wide with fright. "Who's sick?" she asked.

She reached for her daddy's hand. "Daddy?" she asked uneasily.

"No one's sick, sweetheart," said Finn. "I will explain everything, I promise, but for now, I need you to go upstairs so all the grown-ups can talk."

"What about my party? What about my cake... and the ice cream?" Violet asked with noticeable sadness.

"There will be time for all that later," Anna said to Violet. "Why don't you run upstairs and check on Roxie?"

Violet smiled. "Okay," she said as she gave Robert a warm hug on her way out. "Thank you for coming to my birthday party."

Robert's heart warmed as sweet Violet hugged him around his legs. She was the cutest little thing and reminded him a great deal of Robin when she was a youngster.

"Happy birthday, Violet," Robert said.

Suddenly he thought of Robin. She wouldn't do well if she caught the virus. He had to reach her at once.

As soon as Violet bounded up the staircase, everyone started speaking at once. "I should probably get to the hospital," said Finn. "But it's a shame about Violet's party."

"Anna, we need to get in touch with Robin to make sure she's okay," Robert said to his ex-wife as she stood next to Finn.

"I need to get back to Maxie and James," Peter chimed in.

"Peter, I want you to bring Maxie and James here... and we will all wait this out together," Anna insisted.

"I am not waiting this out with HIM," Robert said as he looked with Peter in disgust. "He doesn't need to be in lock-down with Maxie either and no one wants him around here."

"I want him here," Anna argued.

"No one wants Mini-Faison around. He can go," Robert spat.

Peter reached across the table and picked up the unicorn cake. Thankfully the candles had yet to be lit as he tossed it at Robert. Purple, pink and white icing covered Robert's face.

"Nice one, ass-hat," Robert said in a growl as he rubbed the icing out of his eyes.

"What the hell?" Finn gasped, becoming furious. "Violet's cake!"

Anna reached for a cloth napkin and did her best to help Robert wipe the mess off his face. "You're going to pay for that!" Robert said as he approached Peter in an angry stance.

"Stay away from me!" Peter yelled as he picked up a wrapped gift and threw it at Robert, hitting Robert in the chest.

"Stop it!" Anna cried out.

"Get out!" Finn demanded of Peter. "You've ruined my little girl's cake and now you're trying to destroy her presents. I never liked you, so LEAVE!"

Peter looked at Anna. "Are you going to let him talk to me that way? I'm your son."

"Finn," Anna said, visibly upset.

"I am tired of his shenanigans. I WON'T stay here if he's around," Finn said vehemently.

"But he's my son," Anna said.

"Your son is a criminal and it's time you stopped protecting him," Robert said to Anna.

"You're all ganging up on me!" Peter said pathetically.

"You heard Finn. You should go," Robert said to Peter.

"Peter's not going anywhere," Anna said stubbornly. "Peter, you're staying."

"Okay, then I am packing up my daughter and I am going," Finn said.

"But where will you go?" Anna asked.

"Does it matter? All you care about is your son... even after the terrible things he has done. You don't seem to care about anything else. I am going upstairs now and I am getting Violet. We won't trouble you any longer," Finn said to Anna.

Finn turned on his heel and left the room. Robert looked at Anna. "Aren't you going to stop him?" he asked.

"No," Anna said with a heavy sigh. "He doesn't accept my son. And I think you should leave, too, Robert."

"But what about OUR daughter? She's high risk. If Robin gets the virus, she doesn't stand a chance. We need to reach her and make sure she and her family are alright."

"Okay, you call her then," Anna said as she was trying to clean up the huge mess Peter had made. He wasn't even apologetic as he sat down at the table, glaring at Robert with distain.

"I can't believe you... and how this little weasel has blinded you," Robert said. "You'll lose everything to protect him, won't you, Anna? Finn, Violet, Robin, me..."

"Ohhh no, I can never get rid of you. You're always here, breathing down my neck."

"Violet invited me here. Today was about her. Stop making it about him," Robert said as he once again set his gaze on Peter.

Meanwhile, Finn finished packing he and Violet's essential items. He grabbed Roxie's aquarium, then they were ready to depart. "Are we moving out again, Daddy?" asked the little girl with sadness. "Where will we go?"

"Don't worry about that, Violet. I have a great place in mind," Finn promised.

"But my birthday party..." Violet said with disappointment. "I was having fun."

"I know, but... well, sometimes unexpected things happen and now we gotta go," he said as they made their way down the stairs.

Violet stood in the foyer, looking into the living room at Anna. "Goodbye, Anna," she said as her little voice trembled.

Anna spoke a sorrowful farewell to Violet as Finn rushed his daughter out the door. This time he knew he'd never come back. Peter was too much. He had definitely had enough.

"What a party pooper," Peter quipped as he picked up a party favor and blew it rudely in Robert's face.

"I am going to punch you so hard," Robert said through clenched teeth.

"And he says I'm the violent one," Peter said to Anna. "How did you ever put up with him as your husband?"

Robert ignored Peter. "Anna, I am going in the other room and phoning Robin. When I get back, he better be gone."

Anna sunk into the nearest chair. She looked frazzled. "He's right. I should leave... get back to Maxie and James. With this virus going on, she'll need me," Peter spoke.

"I wish you'd stay."

"I have overstayed my welcome," Peter said as he stood.

Another heavy sigh left Anna's lips as Peter too walked out the door. A moment later, Robert returned. He looked deeply troubled. He didn't even notice that his nemesis had departed.

"Robert, what is it?" Anna asked with worry.

"It's Robin," Robert replied. "My calls keep going to voice mail. She doesn't answer."


Across town, at the Corinthos residence, Carly was settling Avery and Donna down in the nursery. It was the nanny's night off, so Carly was alone with the children. Josslyn had Trina over for the night and the teens were playing a board game in the kitchen.

"Good night, little princess," Carly said as she kissed her youngest child good night.

She had just left the nursery when an emergency message came through on her cell phone from Laura Collins. Because of Covid-19, no one was allowed to leave their homes. The city was on quarantine until further notice to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

Sonny was at the hospital at Mike's bedside. The elderly man had become suddenly ill and had to be hospitalized. Did Mike have the virus? Carly shuddered, worried about Mike and knowing that Sonny wouldn't be able to leave his father's side.

Carly's cell phone rang on her way down the staircase. It was Jason. "Carly, did you hear...?"

"Yes. Jace, I am so scared. I am here alone with the kids and..."

"I know, but everything will be alright."

"Where are you?"

"I'm at my place. Alone. It was Sam's night to have Scout and Danny."

"Ohhh Jason, you're alone. You shouldn't be alone. Not during this."

"I'll be fine and so will you. We'll all be fine. We've been through a lot, haven't we? We always make it out alright. Exploding buildings, car crashes, burning hotels..."

"Ohhh God, don't remind me," she said, shuddering again. "What if I get sick? What if one of the kids get sick? What if YOU get sick? You're all alone over there and you don't have anyone to take care of you."

"Calm down. Breathe and count to ten," Jason said calmly. "No one's going to get sick."

"You don't know that. MIKE COULD BE SICK RIGHT NOW!" Carly exclaimed. "Sonny's at the hospital with him and he's not well at all. What if he has the virus? What if we've all been exposed?"

"Carly..." Jason said, his voice deeper as he tried to reason with her.

"What about Michael? And Wiley? I need Michael here now! He should be here with me."

Jason could hear her crying. He knew she was trembling. He could feel it through the phone as if he was right there beside her. "Hey, it's gonna be okay. I am just a phone call away. If you need me..."

"I need you right now, Jason. To hold me. To tell me it's alright. You're my best friend. I need my best friend."

"I know and I will always be here for you. Right now though, you need to calm down. The kids will feel your stress. You need to talk to Joss..."

"She has Trina staying the night. I need to tell her. I need to explain."

"Okay, you go do that... and I'll call Michael. Just stay calm... and if you need me, call me. Anytime. Okay?"

Carly nodded and wiped away her tears. Her cheeks stung like fire, but she intended to put on a brave act for the teenage girls in the kitchen. She didn't want to frighten them. After all, they needed to stay strong.

"I love you, Jason," Carly said into the phone.

"I love you, too," he replied before he ended the call.

Staring at the phone in her hand, Carly reached the bottom of the stairs. Squaring her shoulders, she did what she had to do. She entered the kitchen to tell Josslyn and Trina the news. Corona virus had hit Port Charles and nothing would ever be the same again.