Chapter Seven

It was nearly midnight when Portia made the decision to deliver Kim's baby by emergency Cesarean section. With Kim being unresponsive and so close to death, there was no other option. Elizabeth and Bobbie assisted Portia with difficult delivery. "Hurry! We're losing the patient. Her vitals are dropping!" Bobbie cried out urgently.

Portia made the incision into Kim's abdomen as Elizabeth and Bobbie were both holding their breath in trepidation. A baby's cry filled the room when Portia lifted an infant from Kim's womb. "It's a girl," Portia announced.

Portia handed the infant off to Elizabeth as she was working on Kim. "We're losing her fast," Bobbie warned.

Elizabeth cleaned the baby girl and wrapped her in a blanket. As Elizabeth cradled the newborn against her chest, her heart was aching. As much as she loved her boys, she had always longed for a daughter. Was this Franco's daughter? She gazed at the sweet baby in wonder.

Meanwhile, Portia made a discovery. "There's a second baby in here!" she called out. Bobbie watched with wide eyes as Portia delivered another baby. This time it was a little boy. The child was pale and lifeless.

Portia cut the cord and handed the infant to Bobbie. She then worked tirelessly, trying to save Kim. "Come on. You can't die on me!" Portia said as she did everything she possibly could.

As Portia was trying to save Kim's life, Bobbie was working on the baby boy. She managed to hear a little cry for her efforts. "I am taking him to NICU," she announced as she rushed out of the room with the fragile infant.


When Robert awoke the next morning, he had Anna in his arms. They had both crashed in the only available bed. Robert savored the moment, holding Anna, but he knew they had to get up to check on Robin. "Wake up, luv," he whispered in her ear. She snuggled closer as if she were in another place in time. She even smiled in her sleep.

Suddenly then she shot up from his embrace and called out, "Robin! Something's wrong with Robin!"

It was mother's intuition. Somehow Anna just knew. With Robert close on her heels, she hurried down the hallway where Patrick was watching over Robin. "She's only getting worse," Patrick said to Anna and Robert. "I have to take her to the hospital."

"Ohhh no!" Anna gasped. "Can't - can't we just call an ambulance?"

"That would only waste valuable time. I can carry her out to my vehicle and I'll take her myself," Patrick said.

He lifted Robin up in his arms, her IV still connected. Robert reached for the bag of liquid as Patrick carried Robin down the stairs. Anna watched from the top of the staircase, her hand on her heart. Robin was so pale and sickly. Each and every breath was labored as though it might be the last. She felt tears trickle down her cheeks as Robert helped Patrick load Robin into Patrick's vehicle.

When Robert came back, Anna met him half way up the stairs. "Robert, I should be with her..." she said as she cried on his shoulder.

"No, Anna. She's in good hands with Patrick. We have to stay here and look after our grandchildren." He caressed her hair as they held each other tight.

At that moment, Emma approached them and tried to speak. Her voice sounded strange. "Grandma, Grandpa, I feel so sick," said the young teenager.

Robert pressed a hand to his granddaughter's forehead. "She's burning up with fever," he announced fearfully.


Finn awoke holding Hayden. He realized they must have fallen asleep as they were talking on the couch. "Hayden," he whispered quietly as she stirred. She was lying half on top of him and he couldn't help it. He was becoming aroused. He was trying to ease out from under her before she realized his predicament, but it was too late. Her eyes were already open and there was no denying how much he desired her.

"Well, good morning to you, too, Finn," she said with a knowing grin.

"I - uhhhh... you're a beautiful woman and I..."

"Ohhh Finn, don't try to spoil it by explaining it away," she said. "That's just not possible."

She eased off him, her eyes skimming his body. "Hayden, I..."

"Damn!" he groaned. His cell phone was ringing. He reached for it on the end-table and pressed it to his ear. As he spoke to the caller, Hayden quickly gathered that it was the hospital needing his assistance.

"You have to go, don't you?" she asked after he ended the call.

"I do, but I don't want to leave you and Violet alone. Who knows how long I'll be gone. The hospital's locked down on quarantine."

"True, but you made an oath as a doctor that you'll heal the sick. And besides, Violet and I will be just fine. We have a lot to catch up on."

"I don't know what I will be walking in on at the hospital. It's most likely complete pandemonium. Not everyone who walks through that door will be walking back out."

Hayden stared into his brilliant blue eyes as the gravity of it hit her. This might be the last time ever she saw Finn! He was going into a dangerous situation with so many patients gravely ill with a deadly virus. She stood up, too, and lay her hand on his arm.

"Finn, I know you have to leave, but I just want to tell you something before you go..." she said, gathering all her courage as she pushed the words passed her lips. "I never stopped loving you. Not ever. I know you love Anna, so you don't have to say anything. I don't expect you to -."

He suddenly grabbed her in his arms, holding her close against his body as he was kissing her hungrily. When he set her back down on her feet, she was greatly astounded by his passionate kiss. Violet walked in, seeing her mom and dad in an intimate embrace. "Violet," said Finn when he realized they weren't alone.

Finn went to his daughter's side and knelt at her level. "Sweetie, I have to go the hospital," Finn said. "You be a good girl for Mommy, okay?"

"Why do you have to go, Daddy? I want to stay with both you AND Mommy," the little girl protested.

"I know you do, but at the hospital right now, there are a lot of sick people. I have to go there, so I can help them get well. You understand that, right?"

Violet nodded her little head. Finn hugged his daughter close and held her tightly. He then lifted Violet in his arms and carried her to Hayden.

"I'll call you just as soon as I can," Finn promised as he looked into Hayden's eyes. She was still wearing that same stunned expression from moments earlier when he had kissed her.

"Finn, wait!" she suddenly called out, but he rushed out the door and didn't hear her.


Sam awakened in bed with Drew. They had sought each other's comfort the night before. She lay with her head on his chest as sunlight streamed in the window. "Hey, we better get up before the kids do," she said. "How are you feeling?"

"A lot better, Sam, since you kissed everything better," he said with smirk.

She barely had a chance to pull the sheet over them before Danny and Scout burst in. "Daddy?!" Scout cried out.

Danny looked really confused. "We thought you were dead," Danny said in shock.

"It's a wonderful surprise, isn't it, Scout? Your daddy is alive," Sam said to her daughter.

"But where have you been all this time?" Danny asked his uncle. He didn't look as pleased as Scout. In fact, he looked betrayed.

"Daddy, I missed you so much!" Scout spoke in excitement.

"Danny, I promise. We can explain everything. Just give us a moment," Sam said as she knew both she and Drew needed to get dressed. "Why don't you take Scout into the kitchen and fix a couple of bowls of cereal?"

Danny grumbled as he took Scout's hand. "Come on, Scout," he urged.

After the kids left, Drew said, "Dang, that was close. Why don't you get dressed and go into the kitchen with the kids? I will be in later. I'll call Jason. I need to tell him about Peter."

Sam nodded as she climbed out of bed and reached for her clothes. "Alright. But I have no idea what to tell Danny and Scout."

"You'll think of something," said Drew as he lightly kissed her lips.


When Carly fell asleep in his arms the night before, Jason had carried her to bed. He had been unable to leave her side. She clung to him in her sleep. "Carly," he had said as he tried to pull away, but she only held onto him tighter. Realizing he couldn't bear to wake her, Jason had fallen asleep next to her in the bed.

"Ohhh my God!" she gasped as she sat up the next day, completely disoriented. "Jason, what did we do? Did we...?"

A small smile came to his lips. He had been watching her as she slept. "Uhhh... no, we didn't."

The night before had been awful. It had been so stressful and taxing that Carly at first felt as though she were lost in a time warp. She stared into Jason's eyes as she tried to keep it together. "Mike died last night," she whispered.

"I'm sorry, Carly," he said as he lightly caressed her cheek.

"Ohhh Jase, I can't take it if anything happens to anyone else we love."

They were both startled when Jason's cell phone suddenly rang. Jason reached for it and brought it up to his ear. "Sam, are you alright? Are the kids alright?"

"This isn't Sam," a familiar voice spoke.

"DREW?!" Jason said as his eyes widened in amazement.


Joss and Trina woke up early and decided to make breakfast for everyone. They were making bacon, scrambled eggs, and pancakes when Michael walked in, carrying little Wiley. "Mmmmm... something smells good. Where are Mom and Jason?"

Josslyn shrugged as she turned the pancakes on the griddle. "I haven't seen them this morning."

"One of us should go wake up Cam," said Trina.

"Cameron's here?" Michael asked as he sat down, holding his son.

"He is," Josslyn replied. "Trina, you watch the food. I am going to go wake up Cam, then get Avery."

"Sure," Trina said as she took over the cooking tasks.

Josslyn walked into the family room and saw Cameron sprawled out on the pull-out couch. "Rise and shine!" she said as she opened the drapes so the sunshine could pour in.

She turned to look at Cameron, but what she saw scared her. He was pale as beads of moisture covered his brow. He shivered as he tried to open his eyes. "Joss?" he spoke to her in a scratchy voice.

She didn't have to touch him to know he had a high fever. "Ohhh my God, Cameron!" she cried out. "I think you have Covid-19!"


Spinelli too got a huge shock when he went to check on Maxie. Both of the kids were up and they were hungry. "Maximista, I hate to be a bother so early in the wee hours of the morning, but..." he said as he cautiously entered her bedroom.

Maxie lay half-way across the bed as though she had just collapsed. She was wearing nothing more than a thin nightie. Despite her scanty clothing, her flesh was hot to the touch as Spinelli went to her side and nudged her arm.

"Georgie!" Spinelli cried out to his daughter.

Georgie came running when she heard the urgency in her father's voice. "Call 911!" Spinelli urged his daughter.