"That's enough for today," A masculine voice that belonged to a man of about seventeen. He had sea green eyes that would turn sharp when threatened but soft when next to their loved ones.

His name was-

"Percy, I need to speak with you"

Percy complied and strolled over to him. The man- if you could call him that, had the normal body of a human from the waist up but then, then that's when things started to get...weird, the rest of his body was composed of a horse.

Percy nor anyone else seemed bothered by it as they have seen him countless times by now and are therefore used to the sight. He was a kind man after all, that it was almost impossible to hate him. Anyone who knew about Greek heroes would know who the man(?) was.

His name was: Chiron, trainer of heroes such as Heracles, Jason from the Argonauts, Achilles from the Trojan War, and many more. As he has trained many heroes, the gods bestowed upon him immortality so he can continue training great heroes even past his own time.

Chiron knew he could trust the Percy the most out of anyone else in the camp. As he's proven time and time again to be capable of fending back the forces of evil even when times seemed hopeless. Gaea, Kronos, and the other monsters can attest to that.

Percy is the demigod son of Poseidon who is the god of sea and horses and bearer of the Curse of Achilles, which made Percy invulnerable in all but one spot, it was in a spot even Chiron didn't know. In fact, the only thing he did know was that it was not in the heel like his student. The son of the sea god wasn't arrogant with the powers he was given however and used it to train the other campers so that the demigods could make it to camp safely.

So far though, it yielded great results. The death count was its lowest with only 3 campers dying in the past few months.

"Percy, there have been reports of a mysterious shadow creature consuming the humans in the city without a trace." Chiron explained getting straight to the point. The two met up in the Big House, a place where they usually discussed important things with the other Half-bloods. However right now, they were alone since this was serious.

"Do we know why it's attacking specifically New York?"

"Your guess is as good as mine. We took in one of the bodies this 'shadow' corrupted and we found out that the life force was drained completely and the soul was taken."

Now that shocked Percy, he never heard of something like that, but now he knew he had to get involved. This 'Shadow' could reach his mom Sally or her husband and Percy's stepfather, Paul Blofis a teacher of his. He didn't know what he would do with them gone and honestly, he was scared. He was tempted to bring them to camp but knew that was specifically forbidden and he would have his request denied.

"Sounds like Hades is having a feast then?" Percy quipped despite the situation. Chiron simply gave him a flat look. Percy relented.

For all of Percy's invulnerability, it only applied to him, that was one thing he had to learn these past few months. Just because he could easily escape unharmed from a booby trap doesn't mean others can and a few times he was sparring he forgot that.

"Don't worry Chiron I'm on it. I'll get ready to go as soon as possible" Percy promised.

Chiron nodded in acceptance before smiling. "Recent spies have told us that it's been heading in the swamps and has been simply sitting there. Waiting for somebody or something."

"Sure sounds ominous"

Chiron didn't disagree.

Percy would have preferred to know more but knew that it was better than absolutely nothing so went with it. With nothing left to be said, Percy said his farewells and walked towards his cabin which was the Poseidon cabin. It's inhabitants. Percy, Percy, and Percy. It was once forbidden for one of the big three Poseidon, Zeus, and Hades to have a child. Of course, none of them could keep it in their pants, and Percy, Thalia, and Nico were created. They were no other children of Poseidon around besides Tyson who out in Poseidon's forges. Even when he did come it was only for summer so he didn't count him.

He opened the door and Annabeth, his girlfriend, was there sitting on his bed sleeping. Percy walked towards her, careful not to make a sound and wake her up. She usually stayed in his cabins as it was usually empty and very few came in here. Percy opened his closet to equip his battle gear.

There was an armor stand with shiny Celestial bronze on it, courtesy of his brother Tyson. He always forged things for his brother, including a shield that he once used. The armor covered up all the vital spots but wasn't too heavy, so it isn't hard to move around in. He knew he didn't need the armor as he had a Curse of Achilles, but he still felt safer with it on and not everyone knew he had the curse.

Other than that, he had his wristwatch, now triple-reinforced with Celestial Bronze making it harder to break. It always seemed to break anyways and he had no doubt it would in this mission.

"I really do have bad lucks with shields" Percy muttered to himself.

He didn't need anything else and was ready as ever. Just as he was about to walk out Annabeth stirred. She looked around rubbing her eyes and looked at him with those calm grey eyes he saw every day.

"Where are you going?" she demanded.

Percy turned around slowly now scared for his life. He knew better than most at this camp that Annabeth can be extremely scary when she's mad and it was best if you did what she said.

"Chiron gave me a mission" he responded vaguely and suddenly found the floor more interesting than this conversation which Annabeth noticed as usual

She glared at him.

"What. IS. IT!" she demanded about to get up. Percy knew she was losing her patience with him and that meant she was going to beat him up with the Curse of Achilles or not. In fact, she seemed to hit harder whenever he had it.

"Basically the boogeyman has come and is killing people. Chiron assigned me to take care of it" he relented and Annabeth's glare softened a little. So, he continued "It was last spotted at a lake 20 miles from here"

Her glare turned into a worried look. "Be safe" she kissed him on the lips then gently sat him down on the bed.

"Do you need me to help?" she offered."I could come with you; I have some time before I have to head to Olympus again" Percy of course didn't want to risk her getting hurt because of his incompetence. When in the heat of battle his ADHD acted up and he always lost focus on those around him. He would never be able to live with himself if he was the cause of her death.

"I.. I know you can handle yourself but this mission is in a swamp where anything can happen so I don't want you to get hurt" He wouldn't trust her if she had on a certain scientist' mech suit filled to the brim with energy cannons.

"Well, it looks like I can't change your mind but I can give you something" she reached in her back pocket and pulled out a Yankees cap. The son of the sea god's eyes widened as he instantly knew what it was, it wasn't a simple Yankees cap it was an enchanted cap given to her by her mother Athena the goddess of wisdom that has the ability to turn the user invisible when it's put on your head. This was one of Annabeth's most prized possessions and the fact that she gave it to him showed how much she trusted him with it.

"I can't accept this wise girl; this is one of the only gifts given to you by your mother" he cried out shocked at the gift she was giving him

"No, I want to give you this so you're safe. I don't know what I would do if you were gone from my life Percy"

He didn't know what to say, so he did the only thing he could think of to do and gave her a hug. He grabbed her by the shoulders and told her

"I'll be back" he promised with full confidence he was going to come back. He faced worse than some weird evil going around.

He exited his cabin and took his time looking around the camp as he knew that this mission was probably going to take a while to complete, so he wanted to save it all in his ADHD mind. As he walked, he passed by a couple of campers absently waving at them. Everybody was doing something whether it was Archery, rock climbing, mock battling so it wasn't unusual for him to be in full armor.

He arrived at his destination. It was a cabin made of marble that looked recently polished as he could see his own reflection in the mirror.

He opened the door and found that Chiron was there reading what looked to be a book about horses which he found strangely funny. When the Trainer of Heroes noticed him, he put down the book and walked up to him.

"Are you ready?" Chiron questioned even though he knew that there was no chance he was leaving. "There's no backing down now," Chiron said with the utmost seriousness, so Percy lost his smile and nodded back.

"keep the camp safe for me. Make sure the stolls twins don't burn the camp while I'm gone," he said lightening the mood a little. Gods know they need the mood lightened as it was too tense, and he couldn't even think of anything witty to say about this whole situation.

Percy called for all the camp members to come to the center for a meeting. He went straight to the point as there was no use beating around the bush about this.

"I have a quest to do and I might not be back for a while depending on how it goes. Jason's in charge. " Percy said bluntly, he couldn't think of anything else to say that would matter. He continued on telling everybody what they have learned. Needless to say, everybody was worried about him and prayed to the gods he would return.

He wasn't even sure himself to be honest.

While he has fought gods and monsters this thing was something he has never dealt with before. Something the camp hasn't dealt with before.

"I'm leaving in an hour. Every second I waste it could be on a rampage and I don't want that to happen" In all honestly he cared more about the camper's safety and wellbeing then he did anyone else including the gods.

Everybody was sad to see him go but nobody stopped him. A couple of people he's been on adventures with said their farewells.



Nico (surprisingly)

The stolls twins who were grinning of course still like they wanted to put a firecracker down his pants and light it

Before he knew it the time had come and he was ready to leave.

A lot of people came to see off the Hero of Olympus on his journey and in the crowd, he could see a small girl who had chocolate brown eyes and literal fire in her eyes as she was waving him off. The fact that many came and supported him made him smile a little and made this a little more worthwhile. He could also see of course his girlfriend Annabeth with them too looking at him with a silent message that he could interpret after years of being with her.

You better get back safely Seaweed Brain.

Will do.

He called Blackjack which is his personal horse and most reliable one.

'Hey boss' Blackjack greeted in his mind which Percy could understand clearly as his father is the Father of Horses and as such he can speak to them.

'Got any donuts for me man?' Blackjack questioned and Percy groaned at the horse.

'No, I'm on a mission we don't have time to stop by D&D' Percy answered exasperated. Blackjack just glared at him. Which surprised Percy as Blackjack rarely glares at him.

'C'mon man, you can't just do that to me dude just let me get one doughnut' Blackjack pleaded to his master.

Percy didn't budge. He was used to this already.

'Okay how about this, when we get back you can have a dozen donuts' the son of the sea god compromised. Blackjack silently cheered.

'Deal' Blackjack agreed easily.

Percy sighed. Blackjack could be such a handful sometimes that he didn't know what to do with him.

The rest of the time was spent in silence.

Percy could see the swamp in the distance and looked on and saw that everything was normal- well as normal as a dark creepy swamp could be. The mist was thick and even Blackjack shivered a little, feeling the atmosphere.

'Alright, buddy, land down I need to investigate' Blackjack complied and landed down on the grass. Percy got off gently and surveyed the area; he couldn't see anything out of the ordinary maybe it's underwater? He honestly hoped so, as when he's in the water he gets a significant boost in strength and speed and felt safer there then he did on land.

'Ah, what the Hades, can't hurt to try'

He told his personal horse to stay here while he went underwater to investigate. He expertly dived underwater swimming faster than any Olympic swimmer could ever dream of and coupled with the underwater breathing he was born to be underwater and stay. If he didn't have a life in the surface world, he would definitely be here all the time.

He searched around looking for anything suspicious or he guessed shadowy? Of course, he found nothing except fish and other sea creatures welcoming him into the sea.

'Prince Percy!'



The last one had him swimming faster than he ever has before. While the fame was a little unusual for him and uncomfortable, he got used to it over the years, though there is always that one person who just causes him to squirm.

While Percy was thinking he didn't notice a shadowy tendril stalking towards his legs or that all the sea life around him was dying or that everything was red. He noticed though when it finally grabbed onto his leg pushing him underwater to join the other dead life around him. He struggled to get out, uncapping his sword Anakalumos or Riptide, his special Celestial Bronze sword that could turn into a pen and return to his pocket.

In a blur, he cut all the shadowy tendrils that tried to reach him, Riptide blurring in a shower of gold that lit up the dark atmosphere. The tendrils came in masses now, turning into spikes that attempted to skewer him but failed when he proved he was the faster one. He felt a tugging in his gut and activated his ice powers freezing everything in a 5-mile RADIUS. During the summer, he trained and reached a level where he could freeze things. That was one of the biggest milestones he made.

Percy, let his guard down for a second and was impaled by sharp pitch black spears that were sharper then most swords.

It would have instantly killed a normal person and maybe even a demigod.

Unfortunately, for it he wasn't a normal demigod and had the Curse of Achilles which protected him from the damage easily.

He easily cut through all the spears and landed down on the floor.

However, that proved to be a mistake as a wooden stick was thrust at him forcing him to duck low and backflip to dodge the attack.

It took Percy a good second to recognize the shadowed figure. Before his eyes widened in shock, disbelief and worry.

It was Bob the janitor, who's true name was the titan Iapetus who helped him and Annabeth escape Tartarus. Except he was different from last time. Almost Distorted.

He still had white hair except it was an unhealthy white instead of his normal cloudy hair. He also had no expression on his face which was very unlike the cheerful man Percy once knew.

Bob stood there and slammed the blunt end of the broom onto the ground and spoke.

"P-P-Percy Jack. Son, you. Are. coming. With. Me" Bob said with no emotion. If he wasn't mistaken it almost sounded nasally.

He couldn't help but quip despite the situation.

"Uh, my Mom always told me to never accept a strangers offer. Not even yours."

Despite his jokes he readied Riptide as he knew this was going to be a very tough fight. Though, a small part of him felt almost.. excited to be fighting a strong opponent.

"vErY wElL tHeN sPaWn Of tHe sEa God." Bob then got into a stance that almost looked comical to him if the situation wasn't so dire of course.

"Bring it."

Then the battle was on.

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