"Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends." Kirei Kotomine recited the verse, eyes closed in a prayer. "How foolish. One's life is their own and should be lived for themself."

"Those are quite the wise words, Kotomine." A rich voice commented from an unknown location.

Kirei's eyes opened as his dull eyes were set straight forward. "Gilgamesh. How was your adventure?"

From the darkness of the dimly lit Kotomine lit, Gilgamesh stepped out wearing his usual casual clothing.

"Couldn't have been better." Gilgamesh grinned. "It seems this war will not be as dull as the last. The one who interests me the most after Saber is Rider."

Kirei's eyes quirked upwards. "Rider? The blindfold women?"

"Don't play foolish, Kirei." Gilgamesh swat his air in the air as if physically dismissing his question. "That snake is of no concern to me. What I am referring to is one of the two other demigods preceding in this war of ours."

"He's a demigod like you?" Kirei questioned.

"Most definitely. A very powerful one at that."

This shocked Kirei. Gilgamesh didn't throw around the world 'powerful' to just anyone. He'd seen a brief display of his skill and he had to admit that the servant of the steed was for one, fast. In fact, he hadn't realized at first that the servant was even with him and Ruler. The question on his mind though was when had his servant came in contact with Rider.

"What do you plan to do with him?" Kirei couldn't help but ask. He knew Gilgamesh could wipe out the servant on the spot. No servant was stronger then the King of Heroes. He'd seen first-hand how powerful Gilgamesh was a few years ago when they had taken a trip to Israel. Destruction ensued of course. The thought to this day gives him joy. The fire, the screams, the burning buildings and the lack of hope. It pushed Kirei Kotomine forward to achieve an even greater destruction.


Kirei blinked. "Nothing? Wouldn't you want to eliminate him before he becomes a threat? From what I've heard he was able to escape from the mad servant, Berserker in one piece. Not only that but just the other night, by himself he was able to fend off Saber and Archer while still maintaining a calm and cool attitude."

"Do you believe I cannot face him at his peak, Kotomine?" Gilgamesh's blood-red eyes narrowed down at him.

"I have no doubt that you could but… giving him time to plan is a dangerous thing." Kirei clamped up.

"It Shan't make a difference even if he had a moment or a thousand years." Gilgamesh stated with absolute confidence.

"You are indeed…"

"Question is however, when the time comes, will you be ready to kill your daughter?" Gilgamesh smirked. "Out of everything in this world, she seems to be the one constant thing you don't seem to gain pleasure out of."

"If she gets in the way of our plans I will kill her personally. Daughter or not. I have severed ties with her." Kirei replied with no visible change in expression.

Gilgamesh examined him for a moment before continuing. "Very well then, I'll leave her up to you. Now, who was the woman that entered this church?"

"Ah, Saint Martha. The grail has spontaneously decided to summon a Ruler class servant to regulate the war. As such…" He rolled up his sleeve to show that he was missing quite a few command seals. "My fourteen command seals have been revoked. I now only have four."

"The grail…?" Gilgamesh wondered. "It's supposed to be blackened. No saint should be able to be summoned in it's conditions."

"It is indeed one big mystery. Perhaps there is one portion of it that remains untouched…"

Kirei decided to "withdraw" her being able to command servants. He didn't need him to blow his fuse and try and kill Ruler now. That wouldn't be very interesting.

What Kirei wanted to do was show her suffering. As a pure-hearted saint, seeing something like perhaps his "prizes" in the basement would surely break her.

'How magnificent. I'm shaking with excitement right now!'

It would be the ultimate show of suffering yet. Kariya had unfortunately been fed to the worms over the years and died so Kirei was left with a lack of entertainment. Rin was a project he was working on throughout these last few years, but he wouldn't get to see her despair until he officially denounced his intentions and revealed to her who actually killed her father.

Kirei knew though...

That all good things come when you wait.

Kirei turned back to his bible.

"A priest's daughter who loses her honor by committing fornication and thereby dishonors her father also, shall be burned to death."

Percy Jackson.

"Are you ready?" Questioned Percy.


The two were at the bottom step of the Ryuudou Temple. This is where the leylines were located and thus most likely where the Caster servant camped out at.

"So the plan is like I said earlier: We rush in, you, go find the master and restrain him with your weird church magic while I fight off the Caster servant."

"A simple plan." Caren commented.

"Yeah, well, I don't have any other ideas in mind."

"But your a Grecian Hero..."

"Hey, not all of us are war generals! Plus, I had help from my friends a lot of the time when it came to strategies."

"But do you think you can defeat Caster without taking much damage?" Caren asked with a speck of worry in her eyes.

Percy's eyes flicked around awkwardly. "No promises but I'll try. I've fought my fair share of magicians so I know how the business goes. Old long-bearded dude with a robe shoots fireball and I attack. A bit Flintstones for my taste but I can adapt."

What Percy didn't say was that he didn't know if he could actually win. He had already used Blackjack once which took out the majority of his mana and when he had used it, Archer had dodged almost all of its attacks rendering it a waste. The only reliable tool he had on him currently was Riptide but personally Percy didn't mind that. He'd been drawn into worse conflicts with just this blade and he would continue to do so.

The two then decided that they would scale themselves up the stairs, making sure to keep quiet not only to not alert the people living here but so that the ser-


The sound of wind splitting alerted Percy to an incoming attack. Thinking quickly he released Riptide and parried the attack to the side, creating a spark but was forced down a few steps.

"Greetings, Master and Servant pair. My name is Sasaki Kojiro, the Assassin Class Servant. I'm afraid I cannot allow you two to enter this temple while I still breathe."

Sasaki Kojiro was a man of about six feet. He wore Samurai robes you would typically depict one to have and had Indigo hair matched with equally indigo eyes. For his weapon he wielded a wide blade that had to be over 140 centimeters and it was about as tall as he was.

'That blade. I wasn't even able to detect him until he swung. The force behind it too isn't something you would expect from the servant that's supposed to hide in the shadows and fight at a fair distance with traps.'

This wasn't looking good for them. This man would hold them back from reaching the top for at least as long as he could and Percy wasn't feeling too confident on being able to beat him quickly.

"So, you are the servant that stays here?" Caren asked incredulously.

Kojiro shook his head. "I am but a mere gatekeeper sent to stop any intruders with ill will."

"That makes no sense though. Why would a master have a servant just watch this gate. That's a waste of a servant."

"I will leave you two to your own conclusions. However, turn back, now and I will not cut you down."

Percy looked at Caren. 'Do you want to stop now?'

'Can you defeat him?'

'Errr, maybe but I'm not 100% sure…'

'Engage him then, Rider!'

Percy immediately followed her command and slice forward, hoping to catch the swordsmen off-guard. However, the swordsmen simply flicked his blade to the side forcing Percy's movement to follow Kojiro's.

Seeing as Assassin had easily deflected his attack, Percy pressed harder, swinging at all angles at an attempt to find an opening. None were found as Kojiro, who had the high ground constantly pressed Percy and not allowing him to gain any ground. No matter what trick Percy tried he could not move up even a step.

Kojiro quickly took control of the situation and starting aiming for Percy's head, forcing the demigod to descend down the steps to avoid getting his head cleaved off.

Caren watched in shock as her servant was being easily handled like it was no big deal. She could do nothing but watch.

"You're certainly not bad. If you were but a novice, your head would have been off ten times by now." Kojiro complimented, shifting to a relaxed stance.

"That's not very reassuring." Inwardly, Percy was very much contemplative. Whoever this man is, he's very skilled. Probably the best swordsmen Percy has ever met and that included people like Luke and Ares.

'It's not the force of the blows that's hard. It's trying not to get hit. As long as he remains up there I'm never going to be able to get at the top. Maybe I should take a risk and just rush in. His blade doesn't look very special besides its large length so I might be able to just ignore his blows and carry on. But that still leaves Caren who's not invulnerable…'

'Caren can you hear me?'

He kept his eyes on the smirking Kojiro the entire time.

'Yes, I can hear you.'

'Ok, we might have a minor setback here… I can't defeat him in raw combat so I might just have to ignore him.'

Caren was alarmed by the statement. 'What?! No chance, he'll cut you down in an instant!' Her objections were pretty clear.

'I can handle it.'

Not waiting for her to respond, Percy dashed towards Kojiro at full speed, shocking Kojiro. Nevertheless, he swung forward, blade coming in contact with Percy's head in a blur of purple.

Only for his blade to recoil back as if hitting metal. Stunned, Percy was free to hurriedly run up the stairs.

"Caren! Stay back there, I'm going to go find the master!" He called out before disappearing into the shrine.


"It seems we have intruders Souichirou-sama…" A hooded figure said.

She was undoubtedly female, possessing curves that no man and even no women had any right to possess. She wore a long purple robe that flowed all the way down to her feet and obscured her, leaving only two aqua blue locks visible.

"I see… And what shall you do about it, Caster?" Kuzuki asked.

Caster thought about it for a moment before answering. "I'll send out some of my Dragon Tooth Warriors to test this intruder's might. If they can get past them then I will simply deal with them personally…" She decided.

Kuzuki nodded. "Very well, bring victory."

"I will Souichirou-sama!"


Percy dashed through the various hallways of the shrine, looking for the master. It seemed like it could go on forever as Percy must have been through at least forty rooms.

'Just how big is this thing?!'


The sound of bones grinding together, alerted Percy to a presence. A room to the side broke down and skeletons wielding swords came slowly walking towards him.

Percy, wasting no time, rushed forward cutting apart the various soldiers with ease. In no time at all they were all eliminated with Percy not having broken a sweat.


An arrow was sent Percy's way but he sidestepped it.

There was a group of skeleton archers trying to snipe him from a far-off corner. He moved like water, flowing through all of their attacks with grace none of them possessed and easily cut them down. A large stomp ensued and a large skeleton warrior who looked like he had purely bone smashed into the spot Percy was previously at.

As it swung again, Percy took this opportunity to cut off its arm with Riptide, leaving a golden streak. The brute hardly looked phased and used its other arm to try and attack Percy. However, a powerful knee to the skeletal chin sent him crashing away.

"These things just keep coming don't they?" He asked rhetorically. As he said that the skeleton warriors around him started to dissipate. Before he could comment on this a voice interrupted him.

"I've seen enough of your tricks." A female voice spoke. Percy quickly turned around only to meet a purple beam of magic which pushed him out of the shrine.

The women seemed to be floating in the air with various purple magic circles around her.

"Attacking a Caster class servant in her own territory is suicide, don't you know?"

Percy chuckled. "I've been told a lot of things are suicide if I go in. I'm guessing those boney lackeys were yours? I handled them already."

Instead of being even slightly intimidated she simply laughed. "Boy, you have no idea how easy it is to create more. It would be insulting if you couldn't defeat them. They were merely a distraction. Speaking of that, how did you get past that buffoon, Assassin?"

"Would you believe me if I told you he invited me here?" His answer was a purple magical beam.

Backflipping just in time to avoid it, Percy set his target on the Caster servant.

'I think I remember Caren saying something about Caster servants usually not having much offensive capabilities. So if I get up close I should be able to win!"


Caren and Sasaki Kojiro were currently engaged in an intense stare lock. After her daring servant had just completely ignored the Assassin's strikes, the servant was left with none other than the enemy master.

"I see he has left the Vixen alone. Quite a bold move on his part." Kojiro said, leaning his long blade on his shoulder.

"You're not going to attack me?" She was pretty much completely open right now and she had little doubt that should he choose it he could kill her with the same ease it took to swat out a fly.

Kojiro shook his head. "I would never attack a defenseless woman. But I find it interesting that you don't seem afraid at all, almost like you're accepting it..."


"If you will not fear yourself then what about your servant? My master up there will kill him without mercy. She's quite the dangerous women, I'd say."

"Your… master?" Caren repeated, confused.

"You see, I'm not a true servant in the sense that I was not summoned properly. I was summoned by Caster."

Caren's eyes widened. A master summoning a servant was nothing impressive but a servant summoning another one was almost unheard of. One, it would require an abundance of mana that only those of great powers contained and two, balancing keeping your own mana regulated and a servant's is too taxing, even for the greatest.

A thought came to Caren in that instant. 'That's it! What Caster is most likely doing is tying his mana to this temple. It would explain why he was here this entire time and not out in the city.'

Plans started forming in her head. "You're being controlled by Caster right? I bet they aren't allowing you to leave Ryuudou Temple, am I right? You're stuck here being the guard dog for them…"

"I suppose that's one way to put it. I care little for being a servant, I just wish to spread my wings and fight who'd I like. You are indeed correct though that my master is a cruel one which is why I warned you not to pass. If you think I'm challenging then you're not ready for Caster."

"Just how powerful is she?"

"I cannot say. I'm obligated by my master to total obedience. She would know in an instant if I chose to rebel and trust me, it's not pleasant…" Assassin replied.

It was worth a shot. The two lapsed in silence for a while until the sound of explosions were heard.

"That must be Caster." Kojiro chuckled.

Caren hid away her thoughts as she trusted her servant would win. Her servant has pulled through in impossible circumstances before. This time should be no different.



As Percy dodged another laser beam, he thought to himself on how the Hades he was going to get out of this situation. She by now had at least a dozen magic circles firing at him at all times and it didn't seem to be slowing down any time soon.


A carefully aimed beam hit his sternum, erupting an explosion that sent him backwards into a wall.

Magicians in his world weren't like this at all. At occasion you would see them shooting out spells but not at this quantity. The attack that impacted him hadn't just knocked him back it hurt.

"Finally starting to learn your place, servant?" Caster mocked as she slowly flew down, magic circles following in tandem. "I may be a Caster but I'm not to be underestimated especially in my own domain. I'm feeling merciful today though so I'm willing to disregard the chaos you've brought to my territory for one simple price. Your allegiance."

Percy didn't even need to think to answer. "No chance. I'm here to win this Holy Grail War but I'm not going to do it fighting for some bumpkin witch."

Caster angrily bit her lip. "Why you…! I was actually going to spare you but the moment you called me that word you sealed your fate!"

"η λάβα θα λιώσει, η λάβα θα λιώσει, η λάβα θα λιώσει!" Suddenly, from underneath Percy a flaming hot magic circle appeared and his figure was engulfed by scorching hot magma.


Percy could feel the burning of the magma onto his skin, burning his clothes. Percy tried leaving the circle but the magma seemingly had a mind of its own and followed him.

"How does it feel? The magma that you see is no ordinary lava, it can be compared to Hephaestus' own forge lava!" Caster said, smirking beneath her hood. However, before she could continue to celebrate the magma swirled for a moment, not unlike water before expanding in every which way, sending the lava everywhere. Last second Caster was able to create a magical barrier to protect herself from the lava.

Steam arose and out came Percy, shirt and armor incinerated into nothing leaving him bare besides his jeans which now went only up to his knees. His skin was heavily red but otherwise he was perfectly fine.

Rage filled Caster as she had just watched him break out of one of her most lethal spells like it was nothing. Now that she thought about it, he wasn't damaged when one of her Light Rays hit him either. Something suspicious is going on…

"H-How?!" Caster said, dumbfounded.

"That lava is pretty intense, I'll admit. But far from the worst I've received." Percy proclaimed, looking at her with a fierceness in his eyes.

"Thinking back, I think I've figured out who you are... The spell you just said earlier. It was 'Lava Shall Melt' Wasn't it? That means your Greek like me. There's only two female Greek Magicians that I know of… You're Medea, princess of Colchis aren't you?"

Chapter end.

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