Timmy Turner

Chloe Carmichael

Cosmo Cosma

Wanda Cosma

Poof Cosma

Denzel Crocker

Mr. Turner

Mrs. Turner

Sam Puckett

Cat Valentine

Dice Corleone

Nona Valentine

"I'm glad we got 6 weeks off from school." Timmy said.

"I'm going to be bored." Chloe said.

"That's why we got fairies." Timmy said.

"Oh that's right." Chloe said.

"Got any wishes Chloe?" Wanda said.

"There's one place I've always wanted to go." Chloe said.

"Where?" Cosmo said.

"Los Angeles." Chloe said.

"I want to go there too." Timmy said.

"Just say the words and we will take you there." Wanda said.

"I wish we were in Los Angeles." Timmy and Chloe said.

(Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof grant their wish)

"Wow we're in Los Angeles." Timmy said.

"This is so cool." Chloe said.

(The camera zooms in to Sam & Cat's apartment. Sam, Cat, and Dice are watching Drake & Josh)

"Cock a doodle doo. The cow says moo." Crazy Steve said on the TV.

"Crazy Steve is so messed up." Dice said.

"Not as messed up as my brother." Cat said.

"So are we going to be animated for the whole story?" Sam said breaking the fourth wall.

"Looks like it." Dice said.

"I like it." Cat said.

(Timmy, Chloe, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof walks up to Sam & Cat's Apartment)

"Let's go to this house and ask them if we can stay with them." Timmy said.

"I'll ring the bell." Chloe said.

(Chloe rings the doorbell)

"Ding dong." Cat said.

"You'll get it." Sam said.

"I'll get it." Cat said.

(Cat opens the door and surprised to see The Fairly Oddparents)

"Hi I'm..." Timmy said.

"Timmy Turner?!" Cat said.

"Yes how did you know...?" Timmy said as Cat faints.

"Whoa you're The Fairly Oddparents. I love your show so much." Dice said.

"Me too. Which is weird because I don't like a lot of things." Sam said.

"Wait we're a TV show?" Cosmo said.

"Yeah you've been with the Nick company since 2001." Cat said.

"Some dunderhead put us on a TV show and have been watching us." Timmy said.

"Well I'm Cosmo." Cosmo said.

"I'm..." Wanda said.

"We know who you are. I'm Dice." Dice said.

"Sam." Sam said.

"Cat." Cat said.

"Oh cool you're named after the animal." Chloe said.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Cat said.

"Nothing." Chloe said.

"She likes cats." Poof said.

"Why do you sound like Timmy?" Sam said.

"I don't know." Poof said.

"We can grant you wishes." Wanda said.

"Cool. I wish for a 15 gallon case of Bibble." Cat said.

"What's Bibble?" Timmy said.

"Is it a drug?" Chloe said.

"No it's a British snack that Cat's been obsessed with since 2012." Dice said.

"Yeah it's candy popcorn." Sam said.

"Oh okay." Wanda said.

(Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof grant Cat's wish)

"Sam what do you want to wish for?" Cosmo said.

"$1,000,000." Sam said.

"Sorry you can't wish for money. It's against Da Rules." Wanda said.

"What's Da Rules?" Sam said.

"A rule book that tells us what you can and can't wish and wishing money is against the rules." Wanda said.

"Damn it. Then I wish for a 12 case of Root Beer." Sam said.

(They grant Sam's wish)

"What about you kid with great hair?" Cosmo said.

"Well I wish I had some more products to sell." Dice said.

(They grant his wish)

"Oh what's this?" Dice said.

"A fork and a knife. A fike." Wanda said.

"Cool." Dice said.

"Oh I have to go to my Nona's. Could you poof us to Elderly Acres?" Cat said.

(They poof them to Elderly Acres)

"Hi Nona." Cat said.

"Cat what the hell are those things?" Nona said.

"Fairies." Cat said.

"Have you been eating Bibble again?" Nona said.

"Maybe." Cat said.

"Nona, they're from that TV show The Fairly Oddparents." Sam said.

"Well it is kind of cool to meet you. My granddaughter has been obsessed with your show since 2001." Nona said.

"We didn't even know we were a TV show." Chloe said.

"Chloe you didn't appear on the show until 2016." Sam said.

"It feels weird that people are watching us." Poof said.

(Everyone looks at the readers for a split second)

"If you have a wish, we can grant it." Wanda said.

"Well I do wish for a hot tub." Nona said.

(Wanda grants her wish)

"Oh that feels nice." Nona said.

"Anything else?" Poof said.

"Yes. I wish for a mini fridge in my room filled with cherry sodas." Nona said.

(Wish granted)

"Fairy God Parents!" Mr. Crocker said.

"Mr. Crocker how did you get here?" Timmy said.

"I followed you guys. Now give me those fairies." Mr. Crocker said.

"I wish Mr. Crocker was gone and had no way to find us." Chloe said.

(Wish granted)

"Who was that crazy guy?" Nona said.

"My teacher Mr. Crocker." Timmy said.

"He hates Timmy and is obsessed on capturing us to drain our magic." Cosmo said.

"Why are his ears on his neck?" Dice said.

"Obviously the animators are too fucking lazy to draw his ears on his head." Sam said.

(Cat laughs)

"Cat gets it." Sam said.

"Can't you wish his ear to be where it should be?" Nona said.

"We would." Chloe said.

"But we don't grant wishes for our enemies." Timmy said.

"Oh." Nona said.

"Oh Timmy." Mr. Turner said.

(Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof turn into Timmy's pet fish)

"Mom, dad how did you find me?" Timmy said.

"Tracking devices." Mrs. Turner said.

"D'oh." Timmy said.

"We need you guys to come home." Mrs. Turner said.

"We got 6 weeks off from school." Timmy said.

"I know but Chloe's parents want you guys to come back to Dimmsdale." Mr. Turner said.

"Do you have to go so soon?" Cat said.

"I thought this was going to be an extended episode." Sam said breaking the fourth wall.

"It is for our show." Timmy said.

"You see your show lasts for 22 minutes. Our show lasts 11 minutes since we got 2 segments for each episode." Wanda said.

"Wait we're a TV show?" Mr. Turner said.

"Yeah. Apparently we've been on TV since 2001." Timmy said.

"Your show ended back in either 2017 or 2018." Dice said.

"It did?" Poof said shocked.

"Yeah. Your creator officially left Nick in 2018." Dice said.

"His last show he made was Bunsen is a Beast." Cat said.

"That show sucked ass." Sam said.

"Watch your mouth. This is a kids' show" Mrs. Turner said.

"You're not the boss of me. I'm not even a kid. I'm in my 20s." Sam said.

"I wish we were back in Dimmsdale." Timmy said.

(Wish granted)

"That was a crazy adventure." Dice said.

"I'm glad we got a hot tub." Nona said.

"I'm glad I got a 15 gallon case of Bibble." Cat said.

"Just don't eat all of it up in a day." Sam said.

"Or go crazy." Dice said.

"Yeah you have been obsessed with it since your friend Tori sung at the Platinum Music Awards." Nona said.

"I won't." Cat said.

(Back at Dimmsdale)

"That was the best adventure ever." Chloe said.

"Yeah. Los Angeles was so much fun." Timmy said.

"We should go again sometime." Chloe said.

"And you can." Cosmo said.

"Anytime you want to go to LA or anywhere else, just say the words and we will take you there." Wanda said.

"We know." Timmy said.

"That was really the best trip ever." Chloe said.

"Yes, yes it was." Timmy said.