Three months later, Violet was walking out of her school with some friends on the way home.

"So Vi, you got any plans for the weekend?" asked a girl.

"Actually I do," said Violet with a big smile.

"Hey Vi," said Karen as she stood next to a convertible in the parking lot.

"I thought we were supposed to meet at my house, Karen?" asked Violet as she walked up.

"Thought I would surprise you, I already stopped by and got your stuff," said Karen as she motioned to the back seat which had a small suitcase in it.

"So Vi, this another friend of yours?" asked another girl.

"Oh, this is Karen, she's my girlfriend," said Violet with no hesitation. This made Karen blush a little from embarrassment.

"Wait, you mean girlfriend as in a girl who is your friend, or the other kind of girlfriend?" asked the first girl.

"As in the other kind of girlfriend," said Violet before kissing Karen's cheek.

"I'm spending the weekend at her place while we also visit the new water park that recently opened," said Violet.

"Wait a minute," said a woman that was storming over to them.

"Is there a problem, Mrs. Hoover?" asked Violet who already had an idea of what this was about.

"Ms. Parr, did you really just say that you are dating this woman?" asked Mrs. Hoover.

"I did, and before you say that I'm too young, I would like to inform you that I turned sixteen three days ago," said Violet. This caught the teacher off guard.

"Now if you will excuse us, Karen and I have to get going," said Violet as she got into the car. Once Karen had gotten in on the driver's side, they left Violet's friends and the teacher standing there, all shocked.

"I can't believe you actually stood up to your teacher like that," said Karen while slightly laughing.

"What else was I supposed to do, just let her yell at us?" asked Violet.

"Valid point," said Karen as she smiled while they drove off.

The end.