It was a beautiful morning in the city of Fair City, everyone was doing their own duties, everyone was smiling and everything was peaceful.

At the Fair City mall, Becky Botsford and her family were shopping for new clothes for her to wear for school, Becky right now was by herself because Huggy had to stay home to take care of T.J, who wasn't feeling well.

So it's just been her, her mom and her dad that went to the mall, her parents weren't around because they were at the store looking for some new clothes to buy for them as well.

So right now, Becky was by herself at the book store looking at some new books she thought were interesting like puzzle books, word searches and different mystery novels.

"Oh hey there." A voice called out in the distance, Becky turn to her right and saw that coming towards her, was a girl that looks like the exact same age as Becky, she had messy dark blondish grey hair that was covering half of her face, had baggy clothes which consist of a green sweeter, baggy jeans and old slip on shoes. "You must be Becky Botsford right?" The girl asked.

Becky was a bit unsure about talking to this girl, it's not because of her appearance, it's because she knew that if she talked to a random stranger, she would probably get hurt.

" parents said that I'm not allowed to talk to strangers." Becky said while holding her shoulder.

"Oh you don't have to worry about me, I'm perfectly harmless." The girl said while she gave a fake smile. "Now, are you by any chance someone called Becky Botsford."

"Uh...Yeah?" Becky said she was still unsure about who this girl is.

"Oh, so it really is you, some people have told me so much about you." The girl said to her. "How you are one of the smartest kids in school, how you know so many big words, guess it's not every day that I meet someone as smart as you."

"Looks like you seem to know a lot, Huh?" Becky said with a nervous smile.

"What can I say? I'm just a big fan of your work." The girl said as she now put her arm around Becky's shoulder and with her hand on her neck, this made Becky a little startled by her move. "I can't believe I get too meet someone as smart and talented as you."

"Y-Yeah, what a coincidence." Becky said nervously as she then looked at the girl's hand that was on her neck. "You can let go now."

"Let go?" The girl asked as she was now fondling her neck with her fingers. "Oh no, this feels nice, I mean it is my first time meeting someone like you, what do you say we spend some together, just the two of us?"

Becky was about to force her to let go, but after she saw the menacing look of a predator that the girl's deep green eyes had, all she could do was stand still.

"Aw, What's with the scared look on your face?" The girl asked while still smiling. "I'm just saying that we should just have a conversation, somewhere that is more private than here, oh and I wouldn't recommend on running away or trying to fight, other wise that will cause you a problem, as soon as found a good spot on your neck, your body will be left to disintegrate into nothing dust and powdered bone."

Hearing that word caused Becky's pupils to grow smaller and to shiver like a leaf. "D-Disintegrate? As in break into small pieces or decay?" She asked as she was frightened.

"Why of course, you really do know so many difficult words don't you?" The girl asked while feeling impressed.

"B-But if you do that then someone will come here and catch you, you'll never escape." Becky said with a little determination in her voice.

All that girl did was stay calm. "Well I don't doubt That, but just at all of these little sheep here." The girl said as she pointed to everyone that was inside the mall. "They all look like they have abilities of their own that they can use to impress anyone, yet they're just here, smiling, laughing, they all think that they're safe because of all the laws and rules that they have, people think that there could be nothing that would hurt them, after you, I could eliminate three of them, or four, or five, or maybe even more before the police or anything else show up to try and stop me."

After knowing how brutal it would've been if that happened she then decided to agree with the girl's offer and gave up. "Okay, you win, let's talk."

"Clever girl you are, Becky." The girl said as smiled. "What do you say we find a seat and get comfortable? And remember about what I said, okay?"

So Becky then went with the messy haired girl to sit at a bench that was distant from the other people. After that, all that they did was talk about some stuff that they had about themselves.

"You don't really need to know my name just yet," The girl said as her hand was still on Becky's neck. "But I suppose I can tell you some stuff about myself. First I used to live in Miami, where there were beautiful trees, crystal blue oceans, lovely little animals, basically anything that had to do with nature, but there has been one thing that I hated about Miami, it was all the people that was there, all that they did to make me angry was destroy stuff that had many important meanings and replace them with useless junk. So that's why I never really seem to get along with others, all that people do is destroy stuff just to make themselves look great and powerful, to let others know that if they go up against them, they would get harmed."

Becky gave a sigh and looked down on the ground. "I can understand that," She said as she was starting to agree with the girl's point. "but not all people are like that, sure some can be cruel or mean, but some people do seem to care about others, and they don't mean to destroy things, some people just do stuff because they want to hide their insecurities, maybe if you try to get close to someone, you'll learn more about the different reasons about their choices, and then maybe you'll see the bright side of the world around you."

After she gave that speech to the girl, all that Becky can hear from the girl was the sound of giggling. "Ah I see the problem now," The girl said her smile became wider. "It's been right in front of me all along, the reason why humans always seem to make me angry, and why you seem to be so perfect, it all because of the negative energy that's deep within them,'s all so clear now, it's the most rational explanation for why all this chaos that has been going on around here, how could I have so blind? And these oh..these other people that you were saying about, the people that do seem to care, they're also the reason why everyone seems to smile without a second thought."

As she was giggling more, the girl than squeezed Becky's neck a little more tighter with her hand, causing Becky to be in pain and start to choke. "They all feel so safe because those other people who they call heroes were smiling without a second thought too, as if there's not a care in the world." The girl said as she continued to squeeze Becky's neck. "Oh I'm so glad that we had this chat, I can't thank you enough for this Becky Botsford, it looks like I don't need to travel to another place to find the answer to my problem after all."

Becky tried to take the girl's hand off her neck but the menacing look that the girl had on her face managed stopped her. "Nuh uh uh, remember what I said about no struggling?" The girl asked as she had held on to her neck with a tighter grip. "You wouldn't want all these people to be in a panic, do you? You know Becky, you seem to have everything that I desired other people to be: Strong, caring, smart and most importantly: to have a clean, pure heart that's made of gold."

Suddenly, before Becky started to think that no one could come for her, a familiar voice then heard out. "Becky?" She then turned around and saw a familiar person standing in front of the two girls, it was one of Becky's rivals: Theodore McCallister III, or Tobey for short, at first when the young British boy saw Becky, he was about to say how it was quite a surprise to bump into his rival at the mall, but when he saw Becky's face, his heart started to change.

The look that Becky had on her face looked like someone that was scared half to death in a horror movie, he then noticed the girl she was with and started to get confused. "I-Is that one of your friends?" Tobey asked nervously as he looked at the messy haired girl.

After he saw the wide smile, the menacing look that she had in her deep green eyes and the tight grip that her hand had on Becky's neck, Tobey was then starting to get worried about Becky. "H-Hey, what are you doing? Let go of her!" Tobey said begged as he was starting to get scared of the girl's look.

Becky at first was surprised on how her rival was starting to care about her, but she ignored it and just said to him. "T-Tobey it's alright! There's nothing for you to worry about! Just don't come any closer or-" Before she could finish, the messy haired girl then let go of Becky's neck and took her arm off her shoulder, leaving Becky to start coughing and hold onto her neck so that she can regain her breath.

"Oh is that a friend you have there?" The girl asked as she had a normal and happy expression on her face. "I didn't know, apologies for what I did Becky, this always seems to happen when I try to socialize with people, oh well, guess I should get going."

The girl then got off the bench and left Becky and Tobey alone. "Oh, and one more thing I should mention Becky," She said as she gave a frightening glare at Becky and stopped walking, "The next time that we meet, I can assure you that it won't be anything pleasant."

After the girl continued to walk away from them, Becky still had that scared look on her face and looked down on the ground, deep inside herself she was starting to become scared of that girl that she just met.

After the girl was gone, Tobey went over Becky to see if she was alright. "Are you alright? You aren't hurt, are you?" Tobey asked as he felt concerned.

Then, after Becky regained her breath, she got up and put up a fake smile to hide her fear. "Yeah, everything is just fine." Becky said while lying a little. "Nothing to worry about, I'm just going to find my parents before they start to worry about me."

And so with that said, Becky then got off the bench and left to go find her parents, Tobey of course didn't believe her because he heard that last message that the girl said to her, that's why on this day forward, he had a nee task that he had for himself.

"Okay whoever you are," He thought as he clinched his fists and pictured the girl that almost chocked his rival. "I know Becky is my rival, but whatever you have done to her, I will make sure that you won't get away with this!"

(Just a reminder, the girl that was with Becky is just someone that I made so don't judge me.)