After they managed to escape from Rosalia, the robot, Word Girl, Tobey and Captain Huggy Face hid inside the forest so that Rosalia and her plants won't be able to find them, Word Girl had her ankle bandaged after the vine sprained it a little.

"We should be safe now, now that I added a camouflage technique to my robot, that plant girl won't be able to find us." Tobey said as he used a remote to camouflage the robot with the forest, making it entirely invisible.

Word Girl just looked down on the ground and hugged her knees, she didn't feel like talking to anyone after what happened last night, how she was so ashamed of herself for not being brave enough to stop Rosalia, how she got rescued by her rival twice, and how her mom scratched her face while being mind controlled by her spell.

Tobey noticed this and got a little closer to Word Girl. "Word Girl? Is everything alright?" Tobey asked as he looked concerned.

"Oh sure, Tobey, everything is just fine," Word Girl said flatly and looked away. " the most successful hero everyone thinks I am, just failed to stop a new super villain that I just Met, thank you so much for asking."

The british boy didn't believe anything that Word Girl said, since he knew that there was something wrong with her. "Come on Word Girl," Tobey said concerned. "I admit, you and I haven't ever gotten along ever since our first encounter, but I can still see that you aren't actually fine."

"And why would you care?" Word Girl asked trying to defend herself. "All that we've ever done was fight, how would you know that I'm not fine!?"

"Because I saw everything that happened when you were battling Rosalia!" Tobey yelled at her.

This made her froze with shock, Tobey just told Word Girl that he saw everything that has happened, Captain Huggyface was frozen with shock too.

"Y-You saw...everything?" She asked as she was shocked. "Rosalia revealing my identity, my fight with my mom as she was controlled by her, the plant zombies saying things about me? Everything?"

Tobey now started to regret what he brought up, he knew that Word Girl would hate it if he found out who she really is, like she usually does with him, but he decided that instead of being a coward and lie to her, Tobey decided to tell her the truth, no matter how mad Word Girl would be.

Tobey sighed with regret and said with guilt, "Yes, I saw everything."

Instead of getting mad at him, all that Word Girl did was sigh sadly and took off her helmet, revealing herself as Becky Botsford, which to what Tobey saw, he was quite surprised.

"I guess there's no use in hiding anymore." Becky said sadly as she looked at the ground and sat down on a log.

"Look Word Gir—I-I mean, Becky, I know you probably want to punch me in the face after what I said," Tobey said as he sat next to Becky. "But if there's anything wrong, you're okay with talking to me, I promise I won't be mean to you, or tell your secret."

Becky still felt like she couldn't trust Tobey, but from how things were looking, she felt that she doesn't really have much of a choice. " you think you can keep a secret?" Becky asked, in return, Tobey did a zipping his lip pose, to show that he can keep her secret, she then continued to talk. "Look, at first I didn't understand what my powers were or how I got them, but after some time, I was able to understand them and use them to defend the city from evil, that's how I became Word Girl, and how Bob became Captain Huggy Face, but even after I've learned to control my powers, I've always had this fear that was inside of me, I was afraid of failing everyone that I cared about in the city, I mean, being a super hero can sometimes be pressuring and I'm just a kid, and seeing how it was hard for me to keep my alter ego a secret, I didn't have the guts to tell anyone That...that I...that I was..."

Seeing as Becky was now at the brink of tears, Tobey then took his arm around Becky's shoulder and did something that made her shocked, Tobey gave Becky a comforting, warm hug.

"T-Tobey? Wh-What are you?-" Becky stuttered while tears were still in her eyes.

"Yeah, I know that this seems shocking to you," Tobey said in a calm voice. " but I felt like you might needed this, since I knew what you were gonna say, I thought that I would give you some comfort and to let you know that it's okay for you to be afraid, sometimes, you just need someone to help you through your fears first."

After hearing Tobey's now kind words, Becky lowered her head onto Tobey's shoulder, and started crying, Tobey started to shed some tears and hugged Becky, Huggy started to cry a little and hugged the both of them.

After a while of crying, Becky lifted her head, revealing her now pink eyes from the crying, and wiped her tears. "Wow, would you look at this now?" Becky asked as she was still Crying. "Becky Botsford, AKA Word Girl, is crying like a little girl, now I'm starting to feel embarrassed."

Tobey wiped some tears off his face and got something out of his pocket and gave it to Becky, it was a fresh clean tissue, Becky then took the tissue and blew her nose. "Thanks." She said while sniffling, she then looked at Tobey asked him. "I just don't get it, Why? After all the times we've kept fighting, why would you save me and be nice to me?"

Tobey sighed and decided to tell her the truth. "You see Becky, I wanted to build robots so that I could impress someone other than my mother, but seeing as how everyone hated it and how it's turned me into a huge jerk," Tobey said honestly to Becky. "I've realized that now, all that my plans have caused for everyone was nothing but stupid, and after what happened with you and that weird girl from the mall, I've decided that I now wanted to end our rivalry and say that I am sorry for everything that I have caused for you."

Hearing Tobey's now kind words caused Becky to feel touched, she smiled and gave Tobey and hug. "Thank you Tobey, and I'm sorry for everything too," Becky said as she apologized to him.

This caused Tobey's cheeks to blush red, he smiled and hugged Becky back, Huggy who saw this, smiled with joy at the new friendship that they have made.

"So, what should we do now?" Becky asked as she and Tobey let go of the hug.

Seeing as how damaged Becky's house is now, it would be hard for her to sleep, especially with Rosalina and her Plant Zombies there, he saw a cave that was near them and got an idea.

"Let's get settled in for the night," Tobey Said as he got up. "It's been a very long day and I think that it's best if we go to that cave over there, since of what happened earlier."

"That's sounds fair enough." Becky said as she got up and agreed with Tobey's suggestion.

So she, Tobey and Huggy went to the cave to get some sleep, as they found a comfortable place to sleep, they all then fell asleep and slept for the night, unaware of the other dangers that would fall to them.