Christmas Cards Pt II

The car pulled up onto the thin driveway. They could both see faces appearing in the doorway, waving and ushering them inside. They got up out of the car, Delia first, Patsy next. Her parents were, to put it lightly, mildly surprised, but were expecting her. They somehow knew this year, that Delia needed Patsy and that was what okay. Excepted slightly, not quite, but slightly.

They climbed through the door, pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome, and after all it was Christmas, and all that worrying was for nothing. Bags were brought upstairs and they settled into bed. They had to share because the house only had one spare room, they were staying in Delia's old room, basically the same since she was twelve. Pale yellow walls and lots of books, it was a small box room at the end of the landing, but it suited them for the time being. Patsy had been supplied with a sleeping bag and a mat for the floor, but they both knew it was not going to be used, the single bed was big enough for the both of them, and they always woke early enough to cover it up and she laid out the sleeping bag, for the sake of it.

It was already late enough to go to bed, so they said their goodnights and drifted up the stairs sleepy from the drive. They lay in bed, matching pinstriped pyjamas, they couldn't get away with shirts at Delia's parents. They lie side by side talking into the night, Delia still believed one should get an early night on Christmas Eve, but this year there were no clocks around and they were ignoring their watches.

"So Pats, are you excited? Our first Christmas morning in the same bed." Delia smiled into the dark, not that Patsy could see, but she smiled back.

"I think we should make use of this situation, it doesn't happen a lot." She was using her quiet, hoarse voice, she used when they were alone. It was a perk of the same bed, that voice. Patsy was trying it on, she hoped for a response, but she knew Delia's weak spots if she wanted to sleep.

"Pats, I didn't know you were such a dark horse." Delia decided now was the time to accept and crack out her own 'when we're alone' voice. "I think yes, this would be the perfect moment for making use of this situation." She smiled and put her hands on either side of Patsy's face, kissing her, it was deep and passionate and wonderful, pure fun, rather than desperation or longing of a better place.

They broke away, panting, shifting to let Delia be on top. She grasped Patsy's outstretched hand and kissed her again, keeping herself up on one elbow, kissing her with love.

"You really are very pretty." Patsy was staring into Delia's eyes, the ocean blue. She stroked her cheek with the back of the hand.

"I know." She replied cheekily, the corners of her mouth moved into a smile as the lay back down and settled into each other. Delia was nestled in Patsy's neck as they drifted off to sleep.

Light streamed through the window, white and shining onto the bed, it was early, around seven, when Delia woke first, she was curled up in Patsy's red curls, their hands still entwined. It was Christmas morning. She slapped her shoulder until she woke up.

"Pats, wake up, it's Christmas." Patsy startled and lifted her head, she kept one eye closed until she saw Delia and smiled. She leaned over and kissed her lips, light and pink and raring to go for a day of joy and cake.

"Good morning." She said, and bright and early it was too. They peeled themselves away from the bed and each other to get dressed, frocks all round, because it was Christmas and they had to make the right impression.

It was mid-afternoon, the Christmas pudding was settling in their stomachs and they were opening Christmas cards. Patsy and Delia were sitting on the sofa, their legs up and leaning a little too close into one another when they laughed at one of Mr Busby's jokes.

"Okay Deels, your turn." Patsy handed Delia a card, it was in a large golden envelope and had been addressed with love. There was a round of go on open it from the family as she tore into the paper.

"Oh Pats." There was a pause as she read the front, it had something along the lines of my one and only written on the inside, as she read the very long and heart-throbbing message written on the inside, she couldn't read it out loud it would have been too eluding. She put the card down on her lap and looked round to Patsy, she smiled and they both caught the drift of what she was thinking. So they took off, making their excuses they raced upstairs, they needed to find a quiet, vacated spot for this.

Walking up to the bathroom door, Patsy knocked and asked. "Anybody in there?" When the sounding reply of yes rang through they moved on to Delia's bedroom, the more obvious choice for some privacy. Delia crashed through the door first, she walked into the room and paused. Patsy came in next and closed the door, she stood with her back on it as Delia turned around. She was looking at the white door, but all she could see was Patsy. She took a step towards her and crashed her lips into hers, their lip-gloss was slippy, but they managed it. A kiss. It was quick and over but Delia didn't open her eyes. She had her hands cupped round Patsy's face and and their foreheads melted together, Patsy's skin was so smooth and comforting, she reached in for her lips again, catching the edges. She just held onto her, two as one. They moved into a bigger space and began to spin slowly, dancing. Their foreheads were still touching as they moved, kisses stolen every now and then, it was so alive.