I Own Nothing

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AN2: The name Muirgen I found is Irish and has reference to a woman turned into a mermaid then after 300 years turned back into a woman. I really liked that theory and the name was so lovely.

Summary: Brian finds a surprise on at the door when he opens it up one morning.

Title: Surprise Baby

Brian opened the front door after someone had been ringing the doorbell for a good fifteen minutes. He'd been so far into the sleep zone that he thought he was dreaming someone was calling on the phone. Justin didn't even move when he'd tried telling him to get the door. He might have said get the ringing to stop, but that was before he realized it was someone at the door. They had only gotten in an hour before after being gone for the last two weeks. He'd taken Justin and Gus to Disney World.

They had Gus for the entire summer up until the week before he went back to school. They would be getting him for Christmas this year too, which he was happy about. He was just glad he'd talked some sense into the girls before they'd hightailed it to Canada. Melanie couldn't even practice law there because he had checked on that. He had been prepared to find a way to keep Gus in the US. He loved his son and didn't want him more than down the road from him; which he had convinced them to move to West Virginia.

The sound of crying got him to look down finding a car seat with an extremely unhappy baby in it. He thought he was dreaming for a moment, but there was defiantly an infant sitting on the front stoop. He stepped out the door looking around to see if anyone was there. There wasn't anyone that he could see and the closest neighbor was a good mile down the road either way. He could have heard a vehicle if one had pulled up he thought. He knew he'd heard the doorbell just now unless he'd fallen back asleep again, which he hoped he hadn't if the baby was here.

"Okay let's get you out of this before you cry up your lungs." Brian said bending down picking up the baby out of the car seat.


The baby was dressed in yellow ducky clothes with a bib that had baby girl on it. Unless someone had put the little girl in the wrong clothes and she was a boy instead, but she looked like a little girl. Brian got her comfortable in his one arm before getting the car seat and diaper bag with his other one. When he got inside he sat the car seat down before he started the process of calming the little girl down. She didn't seem to be injured or hurt, just upset. It took a little bit, but when he finally caved doing what he did for Gus when he was sick by singing, she calmed down.

After he did get her to stop crying she kept watching him moving her little hands. She couldn't be more than a week old if that. She was small too, more so than Gus had been when he was born or J.R. He smiled at her not sure exactly what to do since she had been left at the door. He looked in the car seat seeing if anything was there before he checked the diaper bag. It was a little difficult with only one hand, but he managed. There were diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and powders. He hated the baby powders though all they would do was stop the baby up. Justin had refused to use them on Gus when he'd been a baby, plus his allergies too.

Brian checked the side pockets not finding anything in the small ones. However, in the last section he checked that had Velcro flap he found a big yellow envelope with Muirgen Taylor-Kinney written on it. He was shocked too since the words under that was Open Me Cousin Brian. He hadn't told anyone in his biological family about him getting married.

He hadn't even seen any of his cousins since his dad died either. The only cousin he could remember being old enough to have a kid was... well he couldn't remember her name off hand. There was another cousin who had been thirteen, but even so she'd be about sixteen or seventeen now. As strict as her parents were he couldn't see her having a baby.

He laid Muirgen back in the car seat since she'd fallen asleep. He needed both hands free and she seemed content at the moment. He hated putting her there, but had no where else to lay her that would be safe. He opened the envelope finding lots of papers along with a birth certificate. There were also legal documents with his name where it said father and Justin's name was down as well. He finally found a paper that had the mother's name on it signing away her rights to them. It was his cousin Shannon who had been thirteen the last time he'd seen her. He was defiantly shocked that it was her daughter. He sat down when he found a letter that was inside of a smaller envelope with his name on it.


'Whatever you do, please don't tell my mom about this. She thinks that I got rid of the baby months ago when I found out I was pregnant. I've been staying with some friends until Muirgen came. I know that our family doesn't really get along with how you live your life, but I'm not them. I don't care that you're married to Justin or anything like that. I got pregnant at sixteen after one stupid party mistake so I can't judge anyone either. I can't give her a good home, you know who my parents are. I won't let her live there and listen to all of that. I can't stay where I am with a baby either, but I know you can provide for her.

It may sound stalker like, but I watched you with your son a few times in the last nine months. I had to know if you were a good dad or not before I made my decision. Gus was having a bad day I guess and he started getting upset. Instead of telling him to shut up like you know my parents would have you picked him up and asked what was wrong. Whatever was the problem you took care of it and he was smiling before long. I saw Justin with him too letting Gus help pick out what they were getting in the grocery store. He didn't complain or make Gus stay in the buggy while they were there. They were both standing on the shopping cart at one point going through the store. I was laughing like they were even though others were giving them glares.

You two are the kind of dads I want for Muirgen, loving, caring, and that will have fun like that. I have seen the home you have and it's beautiful with so much space. I know that she'll love it there as she grows up. You are her legal parents now, I made sure it was all right so there wouldn't be any hiccups if somehow my parents did find out. She deserves to have a life that neither one of us had growing up. I know that Justin and you could do that for her. Don't worry about finding me, by the time you read this I'll be gone again. I walked up from the woods if you were wondering why no vehicle was there. A friend brought me there and I'm going stay with her to try and finish school.

Take care of the sweet little girl for me and it's okay if you don't tell her about me. You don't know much about me either. I don't blame you for that like I said our family sucks. If you do decided to tell her about me I included a picture of us. She's healthy as the papers I included says so from the hospital. She got her first week old shots, but the rest you'll have to handle. I put the doctor's number I took her too, but you can find another one if you like. I know that you have money, which I do not want any and would never ask for any because that's not who I am. I did include other pictures in this envelope of the ultrasounds, me carrying her, and more from the hospital at her birth.

Thank you in advanced for doing this she is a sweet little girl that needs a loving home. I don't want her to ever think she was a mistake, which where I'm at she would be told that a lot. Goodbye, Shannon.'


Brian read the letter three times before he looked up at Muirgen who was still sleeping. He wasn't sure if he'd walked into some alternate time or place, because one of his family members actually willingly giving him a baby was not what he ever expected. It was a little funny that she'd stalked them like Justin had when he'd been desperate to get him to let him stay. He didn't remember seeing Shannon though. She was the most recognizable member of their family since she'd ended up with her dad's red hair.

Her sister and two brothers both had brown, but she was the odd one out. He still remembered a comment once when he'd seen Shannon and her mom; she'd been refereed to as Ariel. His egg donor though had been drunk another time, when wasn't she, but she wouldn't even acknowledge Shannon as if she was the worst thing on earth. His egg donor tried talking to him getting him to change, but Shannon she had hated.

Brian looked at the little girl sleeping away as if she didn't have a care in the world now. She was beautiful and she had bright red hair like her mom. Her eyes were bluer than Justin's were, but the smile that Muirgen had was defiantly a Kinney one. He had thought about down the road maybe, possibly, who was he kidding, Justin would wear him down on one; but now they had a baby. He smiled thinking about what Justin might say if he walked in their bedroom with her. He'd seen how Justin was around J.R. and Gus too like Shannon had. He was wonderful with kids. He'd helped him when Gus stayed since Gus had been born.

Brian got up putting the things back in the bigger envelope before he picked Muirgen up. She didn't wake up as he carried her upstairs wanting to surprise Justin. He was going to have to get someone to look at the documents to make sure that they were full proof. He didn't need someone coming in trying to say it wasn't legit. Just looking at Muirgen he knew there was no way he could part with her. She was technically his blood after all on his mom's side of the family. They were going to have to buy some things too since Gus was five now and J.R.'s diapers weren't going to fit her.


Justin was coming back from their bedroom's bathroom when Brian walked in. He looked half asleep and then confused when he saw the baby that Brian was holding. "How long was I in there for?" He asked because he was certain he'd only gone in there a couple minutes ago at the most. He'd laid in the bed when Brian had left until he had to get up. He didn't even know anyone who was pregnant to have a baby that small.

"I don't know, but if you're referring to where I got this little one she was at the door." Brian said before he gave Justin the envelope. It was easier if he read it his self than explaining what he was still his self trying to process. He was a dad again and this time if the documents were legit he'd have her full time.

"I'm not reading this wrong am I? We have a baby an actual baby?" Justin asked looking at every thing inside before he read the letter that Shannon had written to Brian.

He was stunned and nervous too because he still hadn't been able to get Brian to agree to that one day have a kid of their own. It was one of the things that he still wanted even though he was married to Brian. He'd been getting Gus to help him too with the idea of another sibling. However, there was a baby right there in Brian's arms. The papers he read said that they had a daughter together. That child he had kept wanting since he knew that being gay didn't mean you couldn't have one was in his husband's arms. Brian didn't seem to be freaking out either, he actually had a smile on his face.

"We're going to have to get someone to make sure it's legal, but you're not reading it wrong." Brian said. "There is no way that I'm about to give her to my family. Shannon's mom thinks she killed her already. Her mom would never love Muirgen as her own since the way she was conceived. You have been trying to convince me to no end about having one." He added looking at Justin. "You just got the answer you wanted." He smiled.


Justin sat the papers down before he went over to Brian smiling even brighter. He made sure not to jar Muirgen as he hugged Brian as tight as he could. They had a daughter even if it was only a few months after they got married. He kissed Brian showing him how happy he was. Brian had already taken Gus and him to Disney World. He'd wanted to go as a kid, but his 'sperm donor' always said no. If he hadn't gotten sick when he was thirteen he could have gone with Daphne's family. Brian had made that wish come true this time though and another one was as well.

"We need to get things she's going to need. She only came with a car seat and diaper bag." Brian said after returning Justin's kiss. "She has enough for a little while so when Gus wakes up and we eat we'll go out." He added before he let Justin hold her.

"She's so tiny, but I saw the papers she's healthy. I know we usually go within the family for our lawyer, but I think we need to ask someone that specializes in something like this. I couldn't take it if someone tried taking her away if they found out." Justin said smiling at Muirgen when she opened her eyes. "You are the most beautiful little girl I have seen. Just don't go telling J.R. that or she might get me." He added with a laugh.

Brian smiled looking at Muirgen over Justin's shoulder. He would do anything for Justin and he'd thought about having their own child. He knew that Justin wanted one, it was one of the things that had broken them up before the bombing. He'd realized that he wanted Justin in his life and he wouldn't mind having a child they could raise together. It was as if that child was handed to them.

"No one knows that she's alive, but I agree." Brian said smiling at her.

He wasn't sure if he was going to want to hear what the family would say though. They were all still shocked that he married Justin. Lindsay had tried for days to get Justin to leave for New York, but his Prince had stayed with him. That had been months ago and they were happy already with how things had turned out. The baby would cause changes, but as much as he had been against another child at first, he might have also thought about one with Justin after they got married.

"My mom is going to either be over the moon like about our wedding or faint when she finds out she's a grandma." Justin laughed brushing his nose against Muirgen's.

"We make sure everything's legal before we do that." Brian replied, but he decided if something needed to be worked out it would. The baby girl in his husband's arms wasn't going to find another home. He moved in enough kissing Justin showing him all the love that he had in his heart.

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