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Hansha sat with a blank face in a dark wooden chair in the corner of his rather spartan room. He had woken up here, and presumed that somebody had obviously brought him there. His piercing black eyes scanned the room yet again, making note of the furniture and general layout of the room. He was sure he wasn't in danger as he would most likely have been killed while unconscious if whoever had brought him to the room wanted him dead.

Warm sunlight filtered into the room through the open blinds over the large window to his left, illuminating the small space and contrasting with the slightly unsettling tone of the location he had awoken to. A small bed sat opposite of the chair Hansha sat in, parallel to a nightstand which similarly opposed a tall dresser which was next to the aforementioned chair. Aside from these items, not much was in the boring room; nothing adorned the off-yellow wallpaper, and there was nothing in the closet, either. There was also only one door, so Hansha guessed it was probably the exit.

Hansha had sat here observing the space for what felt like an hour now, simply adapting to the relative lack of sensory input which had contrasted with the complete overload of unfamiliar sensations which had combined to leave him unconscious in the first place. He did nothing else since he had awoken, but a dull feeling in the back of his mind served to inform him that he had some notifications from the game which served as his life.

He ignored it for the time being and instead stared unblinkingly out the window.

'What am I going to do?'

Hansha knew what his ultimate goal was. He wanted to become strong enough to ascend back to his higher level of existence. Unlimited power and knowledge, his to wield through this material vessel. This Game he was playing would be helpful in this goal, obviously, but as a means to an end. He was unsure exactly how he would go about using his power and the opportunities available to him to reach that pinnacle. For now, he supposed he would simply obtain as much mortal power as he could in this world. After all, why else would his power send him here with such an ability?

To that end, it was probably a good idea to check in on whatever the Game had for him, and drawing on the basic knowledge his higher self seemed to have left him with, he thought to himself the input he knew would show him the information he desired.

'Status', and there it was.

Adaptations Gained!

[Enhanced Regeneration] (Passive)

You might not be regenerating any limbs anytime soon, but cuts, gashes, burns and bruises will disappear before your eyes, and you'll be fatigued less often.

HP and SP regen changed from END x 2 to END x 5.

[Manic Strength] (Passive)

You get a little stronger in times of need.

Gain a 20% modifier to your STR when under physical or mental duress.

Skill Converted

Skill "All For One (Quirk)" has been converted into two upgrades for skill "Plunder".

[Plunder 3] (Passive / Active)

Steal a bit of the stats of your fallen enemies.


Plunder racial abilities.

Plunder unique abilities. (CONVERSION BONUS!)

Plunder beings without killing them (CONVERSION BONUS!)


You may now Plunder creatures by simply being in contact with them for a short period.

Congratulations, this is a unique upgrade as a result of the conversion of a unique compatible skill!

Which skill name would you like to use?

[Plunder] [All For One]

Hansha sent a mental command and the All For One option was selected. Upon confirming his choice, the panel shattered briefly and reformed into a new skill window.

[All For One]

A dark power wielded by the one known as the Symbol of Evil. While it normally allows the user to simply steal, distribute and combine genetic superpowers known as "Quirks", the combination of All For One and the unique skill [Plunder] has granted the user the powerful capability to steal enemy stats and racial classes.

Shigaraki Hansha

Level - 1

Class - Martial Artist - LVL 1/100 [0%]

Race - Human [?]

Rank - Mortal [?]

Alignment - ?

HP - 200 [100 per minute]

MP - 100 [20 per minute]

SP - 200 [100 per minute]

STR - 20

END - 20

DEX - 20

INT - 10

WIS - 10

CHA - 10

LUK - 10

MP Regen = WIS X 2

MP = INT X 10

SP/Health Regen = END X 5

SP/HP = END X 10

Additional information collapsed. /-]

'I have a last name now… Shigaraki? It's oddly familiar…' Hansha thought contemplatively.

Well, the adaptations were nice. He could effectively heal his entire health pool or regenerate all his stamina in a minute, provided he lost nothing or used nothing, and Manic Strength would come in handy in a pinch. Still, the real reward here was the upgrade to his Plunder.

'Does this mean I could just plunder anybody I can touch the shoulder of? That's…'

"Hm..." Hansha took a deep breath and then grinned. He could absolutely work with that.

He paused at the sound of steps outside his door, and steeled his face. As soon as he did so, the door slid open and in walked an extremely tall man, who had to duck in order to step through the room. He wore a fine black suit and had a large, imposing frame, and yet the perhaps most terrifying thing about him was his face- or, rather, the lack of one. The man had huge amounts of scar tissue covering where his eyes would be, and Hansha would be unsure if the man could even see him if the man didn't turn to look right in his direction.

Hansha felt, in that moment, the most distinct feeling of pure dread he thought he ever would, and yet it suddenly vanished before he got even close to any sort of panic attack; certainly, he didn't approach the mental state he found himself in upon originally waking up. The distinct feeling in the back of his mind made him aware that he had a new alert from the game, which he mentally brought up.

Authority of Evil effect: Impose Dread canceled by Gamers Mind.

He dismissed the pop up and focused on the man before him.

Shigaraki Arumoto [All For One, Level ?]

The Symbol of Evil

Information seemed to become available to him the moment he read that text.

They stared blankly at each other for a minute until Arumoto cracked a small smile and began to speak.

"So… you're awake."

Hansha didn't respond.

"Such a quiet young man… do you not have any questions to ask me?"

Hansha remained silent.

"Who you are? Who I am, perhaps? What your purpose is, or where you came from?" All For One asked, a smile on his face as he fiddled with the button on the dress shirt underneath his suit.

"I already know." Hansha responded softly.

"Oh? You do now? Please enlighten me then." All For One grinned and took a step forward.

"My name is Shigaraki Hansha. Your name is Shigaraki Arumoto, villain name All For One, and you genetically serve a role similar to my father. My purpose is to gain unstoppable power and take down this society of heroes and you created me with this purpose." Hansha replied softly, eyes locked on where Arumotos eyes would normally be.

"And how do you know this, Shigaraki Hansha?" Arumoto said, grin still plastered on his mutilated face.

"You, or perhaps a geneticist of yours, implanted this knowledge into me during the creation process." Hansha intoned, softly and in a monotone, the oddly formal choice of language coming naturally to him, almost as if he were reading a script.

"Indeed. Quite the astute observation." The symbol of evil chuckled, and simply stared at Hansha for a moment, an oddly contemplative look on what visibly remained of his face, before speaking again.

"Do you have an idea as to how you'll accomplish this goal? Do you even have a desire to?"

Hansha didn't respond.

"You know, you don't have to do any of those things."


"Truly, you don't. An unmotivated villain isn't exactly a good one after all."

"I said 'yeah'. I do want to." Hansha responded somewhat moodily. Truthfully, it probably wasn't a good idea to catch an attitude with one of the most dangerous men alive, but he had a feeling that All For One wouldn't react in an extreme manner; the man might appreciate it even.

The man in black grunted and walked to the door. He stopped before leaving and turned to look back.

"Somebody will be along with some clothes for you soon. We'll talk again later."

Oh yeah, he was pretty much naked; he supposed the compression shorts he was wearing really didn't do much to protect his modesty.


Hansha looked himself over in the mirror and silently appreciated his features. While he wasn't very vain, he would be remiss if he didn't acknowledge that he was, at the very least, highly attractive. Long, slightly spiky hair of a snow white color that laid in well-groomed, somewhat curly waves across the top of his head and down his neck, brushed away from his face with the exception of one lock that served to frame his face. Sharp, masculine features consisting of a broad jaw and a strong chin that contrasted well with the more bishonen features such as high cheekbones and a small nose. His teeth were perfectly straight, perfectly sized, and perfectly white. The stark white coloring of his hair strongly contrasted his dark skin and black eyes.

Broad, muscular shoulders and a wide back served to frame a large chest and cut abs, which themselves were framed by well muscled obliques. Long, powerful arms were capped by large hands well-suited to the grappling his chosen class would require of him.

Long, well muscled legs aided in his large stature that very well may match up to his 'fathers' own imposing height at some point in the future as well. Overall, he was highly attractive and held a powerful build which was well suited for combat. He was clearly still in his youth as well; somewhere between seventeen and eighteen, most likely, but he couldn't be sure due to his unique method of birth.

He was dressed in a well-made set of comfortable white sweats which fit loosely around his legs, but tightly around his waist and ankles, and a loose fitting silky white long sleeve. White… Combat sandals? Not unlike those found in a certain piece of japanese media, they were unusual but oddly comfortable. Hansha wouldn't object, at any rate. His fit was completed by a silky black haori. Honestly, it wasn't terribly extravagant but it was

obviously both expensive and well-made; perks of being the son of Japan's underground crime god, he supposed. Hansha found the dress somewhat formal, but figured that to be fitting for somebody of his cosmic origin, not that he would tell anybody that.

Stepping out of the large bathroom he had gotten cleaned, groomed, and dressed in he walked down the hall and back to his room, passing a boy with bluish hair and angry red eyes who stared intently at the dark skinned man passing him by. Time almost seemed to slow, the boy following him with hate filled eyes and the feeling of malice was palpable. Hansha felt slightly perturbed, but opted to ignore the odd looking boy for the time being and continued back to his room.

Upon stepping inside, he sat on the bed and brought up his status, looking for a specific item among it.

[ID Create] (Active)

Creates an instant dungeon.

Dungeons available


He looked out the window and found the sun to be setting, so he figured nobody would be coming to bother him. If he was going to experiment with his ability, the time was now.

Casting the skill, the world around him shattered and reformed into a pretty typical cityscape. Rather than his room, Hansha found himself standing upon the flat top of a multi-story building, looking down at a derelict facsimile of Tokyo. Large groups of the rotting creatures shambled through the streets, brushing up against each other unbothered. There were isolated groups of only a few of the things he could spot, but they seemed similarly unfocused.

What exactly was this place? Clearly it was some sort of alternate dimension, but was he traveling to a completely separate universe? Perhaps a parallel timeline? It was honestly kind of disturbing to think about. Was he creating an entirely new world under his own power? The answers to his questions seemed unsure to the point of being, well, pointless to think about and Hansha pushed it to the back of his mind and peered off the edge of the building.

He could just jump off, it's definitely the fastest way down… Is it him or is the drop looking further and further?

'Yeah, no chance. ' He scoffed in his mind. 'No way in hell I'm jumping off, that's just suicide. Only an idiot would do that.'

Hansha looked around for another way, and spotted a door leading to the stairwell. As he walked towards it, he glanced at the edge of the building one last time before shrugging. Jumping off might've been faster and cooler, but with his current level, he should probably prioritize safety above all else. No use being a show off for the undead.

Exiting through a fire escape at the bottom of the stairs, he scanned the surrounding environments for any of the worm-filled creatures he was hoping to batter.

Almost on queue, a few of the rotting creatures shambled towards him at a relatively slow pace, as if incensed by his smell but not quite provoked by the idea of eating him yet. Hansha took the time to adopt a simple thai stance, hips forward and relatively unbladed, arms tucked and hands in loose fists in front of his face, marching in place on the balls of his feet. He figured such an unfamiliar form would feel uncomfortable, but it seems his Proficiency skills provided a feeling of experience, even at the lowest of levels.

As the creatures got progressively quicker, Hansha took the time to observe his foes.

Undead Citizen, Level 3

HP: 300/300

The shambling remains of a human that was. Reanimated by some means, either external or internal, this creature poses little threat but becomes dangerous in groups. Slow and more fragile than an ordinary human, its primary advantages lie in intimidation, heavy blows, and an inability to feel any pain.

Weak to fire-based attacks.

Well, that last tidbit wasn't of any help at this time. Still, Hansha took a cautious step forward as the creature approached, and, stepping across center line, launched a powerful rear leg body kick at the zombie.

-244 HP! Enemy crippled!

The zombie ragdolled in the air, finding itself launched at quick speeds and its torso severely damaged. Its already fragile ribcage was shattered, shredding the side of its weak flesh and leaving the zombie near death on the ground and sure to succumb soon to its wounds.

Hansha doubletaked at the damage he did with a mere kick. Was this simply a case of his foe being weak, or was he simply more powerful than a baseline human? There was no way to tell at present, but perhaps the 20 STR he had started with as a result of his martial artist class was better than he expected.

Regardless, he found himself tightly clenching and unclenching his fists, and marching with slightly more energy. Facing his next few opponents, he quickly found another reason to amass power.

Shigaraki Hansha simply loved the feeling of crushing others underneath his heel.


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Formula for Damage

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10% of result added



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