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Chapter 17: This bites...

Sitting on the edge of the infirmary bed, I spend a moment considering if coming here was a good idea or not, I don't want my supernatural origins being discovered but Shani is… a determined woman, and if I refuse it will look like I have something to hide.

Which I do, but still.

"Thanks for coming so quickly, I'm sure you're enjoying your new growth spurt but I want to try and confirm my suspicions and more importantly, make sure there won't be any negative side-effects." Shani says as she approaches, giving me a smile as she draws the curtains to give us some privacy.

Most people don't realise this, but the curtains are enchanted to prevent sound from leaving for most people while allowing the healers to both see and hear through them, I got curious about them a while back and looked it up.

For a time I had considered becoming a healer, they are well respected in our society, it doesn't require an immense amount of power and few make the cut due to the high skill requirement, but fate had a different idea for me.

"It's nothing, and I am enjoying being tall for once but I can see the logic behind your concerns." I say with a smile, making her return it.

"I knew you would, I'm just glad it was you who had a growth spurt instead of Damian, something tells me he wouldn't be so reasonable." Shani said with a giggle. "Now, remove your robes please." she says, watching as I rise and undo them easily, placing them on the chair next to the bed. "And your shirt as well please, no need to be embarrassed."

If she was expecting embarrassment, she is rather mistaken and with utter indifference I unbutton my shirt and fold it, placing it on top of my robes.

"Oh, wow… I've been your physician long enough to know you didn't have those muscles at the start of the year." Shani says, lifting her wand and silently casting something as she stares at my well-defined chest and my newly muscled arms.

"I didn't have any muscles at the start of the month." I agree, making her nod, running her wand down my arm with a serious look on her face. Her eyes dicker to my abs briefly but she remains professional enough as she casts a few more spells I don't recognise.

Shani Vanderbeck

Faction – Hogwarts Staff

Thoughts about you – Concern, Arousal

Fetishes – Public/Risky Sex, Taboo relationships

Lesser Secrets – She is bitter that Yennefer won Geralt away from her

Major Secrets – She has slept with four upper-year students while working at Hogwarts

Biggest Secret – ?


"Very few wizards do, even the most active wizards tend to just play Quidditch and sitting on a broom all day doesn't exactly get you in shape." Shani agrees as she continues scanning me. "Do you know what your father did for a living?"

"He hunted monsters." I say, making her nod, looking up from my chest.

"He did, but you have to understand that there are countless monsters that are almost impossible to beat with magic alone, some that are so fast and strong that they could remove your arm before you could finish reaching for your wand, so the monster hunters that Geralt worked for came up with a solution. I don't know the specifics, they keep it under wraps and they are very secretive about how it works but I know it involves a mixture of potions, spells and runes, I also know that many don't survive the process." Shani explains before she pauses. "It also has some unpleasant side effects, including complete infertility."

...that doesn't sound quite right.

"Did he go through it after I was born?" I ask after a moment, making her shake her head.

"Geralt joined almost straight out of school, it was a bit of a scandal since he was the last Raum and he'd made himself infertile, he never cared much about his responsibilities to his family name, but much later he met Yennefer and she found a way to return his fertility. It's probably for the best it took her so long or you'd have a hundred siblings." Shani mutters, before shaking her head. "You have to understand, no Witcher has ever had children before, and while Damian, Keira and Morrigan haven't shown any side effects of Geralt's mutations, we are in uncharted territory. I healed Geralt a lot of times, I'm familiar with the changes the spells, potions and runes made to his body. If you've passively gained the benefits without the side effects that is wonderful, but I want to make sure they aren't going to harm you, both in the short and long term." Shani explains, making me smile at her gratefully.

"I understand, and you have my thanks." I say with a small smile, which she returns.

"It's my pleasure, Gray." Shani says simply, pausing to give me a small hug. "Now, I know it might be a bit awkward but I need you to strip completely." Shani says as she breaks the hug and steps back slightly. "Don't worry, there's no need to be ashamed or embarrassed, you don't have anything I haven't seen a hundred times be- Oh!" she gasps, holding a hand in front of her mouth as her eyes drop to my crotch as I casually drop my trousers and boxers in one go.

I'm still mostly soft, but my muscles aren't the only thing that have grown recently, and despite her claims she freezes up for a moment as she stares down at my cock in shock, her cheeks flushing slightly.

"Would you like to take a picture, or are you satisfied just staring?" I ask with a light smirk after a moment, her cheeks heating up as she pulls her gaze away.

"I'm sorry, you… caught me off guard. It turns out you do have something I haven't seen that often, you could put the seventh year boys to shame. I wonder if your… size is another side effect of your sudden growth?" Shani murmurs, her gaze flickering back down briefly.

"You are welcome to… investigate as much as you want, feel free to get as hands on as you need." I offer with a flirty smile, making her roll her eyes, even as she glances back down, her lips quirking into a small smile.

"That's another thing I'm a little worried about, you were always rather… introverted, now you even flirt. I don't think the changes are just physical." Shani says as she continues her scans. "Have you noticed any changes recently? Any new urges?"

"I'm a little quicker to anger maybe, and I won't deny that my libido has increased, but I'm also a teenage boy" I say. Using puberty as an excuse for my somewhat changed personality can only help me in the long run, and if I can get her to write off my unforeseen growth spurt as a side effect of my father's career, all the better.

It takes some suspicion off my shoulders, and that's a wonderful thing.

"Ahh, I see you've already started." a soft voice says as Poppy enters the enclosed space, making Shani smile at her.

"I have, and my scans have confirmed what I already suspected. His growth is definitely unnatural, I just can't work out why only Gray showed signs of it when he has three siblings." Shani says calmly, writing something down as she scans me again.

"Hm, it might be worth calling the other Raum children in for a check up, just to be safe. Shani, be a dear and run to the storeroom and grab some nutrient potions please, rapid growth can leave people malnourished after all." Poppy asks, making Shani's eyes widen slightly.

"Of course, I should have thought of that. Be right back." Shani says, leaving us as Poppy watched her leave the infirmary through the curtains before she turned back to me, falling to her knees in front of me

"My apologies for this, Master. Shani summoned you here before I could stop her." Poppy says apologetically as she stared up at me.

"It's fine, I can use this." I admit, stroking her long red hair slightly.

"You want to bed her, do you not master? I can feel your lust for her through our bond." Poppy says, making me nod in agreement. Poppy is mine, there's no reason to lie to her.

Shani has always been a crush of mine, the attractive older girl, caring and affectionate, even if she and mother never got along.

"That's why I drugged her, she'll be ripe for the picking soon master. I put a slow acting aphrodisiac in her lunch when I heard she had called for you, enough to push her over the edge… should I help you get her?" Poppy asks as I pause, my slave is acting on her own violation to try and predict my desires, that could be good or very bad.

"Yes, do so… I expect you to impress me, pet." I say, staring down at her as she stares back up at me in awe and submission.

I'll need to keep a close eye on my slaves if they can act independently like this, but I can at least try and benefit from it.

If both Poppy and Shani are under my control, then the Infirmary is mine.

Shani -

Of course he needed nutrition potions, he'd grown a foot in a week, no amount of food could be enough for that kind of growth.

She was a good healer, but it really showed Poppy's experience that she'd seen an issue within seconds while she'd missed it entirely. Not only had Gray grown tall, he'd bulked up as well.

Grabbing a month's worth of nutrition potions, she shook her head and took a deep breath. Very few people needed this type of potion anyway, usually only a particular fanatical quidditch player who wore themselves out with constant practice, and they were rare so it wouldn't be a problem giving Gray them.

Gray had certainly grown, and as she grabbed the potions she paused again as her mind went back to the place she was trying to avoid.

Gray, sweet, quiet Grayson, sitting on the edge of the bed naked with that monster sitting between his legs. She could feel her panties dampen at the thought of it, her nipples hardening beneath her shirt.

It had been months since she last got laid, and studying to become a fully fledged healer was busy work, so she hadn't had much time to get reacquainted with her second wand either.

It didn't help that Gray hit her type too well, the strong silent type with a sexy buff body to match. He didn't look like his father that much, but he hit all the same boxes and it sent shivers through her body.

Carrying the potions, she shook her head and set off back towards the infirmary, unable to quell the growing warmth running through her body.

As she entered the infirmary, she froze as she looked through the curtain around Gray's bed, watching him stroke his cock slowly with Poppy sitting in front of him.

Moving forwards, she pushed through the curtains and immediately both turned towards her, Gray still stroking himself.

"Ahh, excellent. Place them on the side table please." Poppy said calmly, making her look between them in shock. "Oh yes, as this condition was passed down from father to son, and since Geralt is no longer among the living for us to test him, I thought it would be helpful to have a sperm sample from Grayson, both to see if there are any irregularities and to make sure he hasn't been made infertile." Poppy explained easily, unconcerned as Gray continued to masturbate right in front of them.

"I… well, I can see the logic, but shouldn't we give him some privacy?" Shani asked as she placed the potions down, trying not to look at the now erect cock in his hands, and mostly failing as she felt herself grow even wetter.

"Usually yes, but Grayson told me something rather unusual and my scans are confirming his words." Poppy explained as she rose. "His touch is having very little effect on him, I thought that he had lost his sense of touch down there at first but he also told me that he can feel it when it is someone else doing the touching. Simply put, if we want a sperm sample it will require someone else to retrieve it." Poppy explained, making her eyes widen as Poppy undid her robe and placed it on the chair. "I'm not sure what has caused this effect yet, but it isn't psychological. That's why I was watching him, and my scans told me that he was right. He can't feel his own touch."

"Wait… are you-" Shani stuttered slightly, watching as Poppy undid her shirt and pulled it open, lifting her bra up to reveal a pair of modest but perky breasts.

"We need to know if his fertility has been affected, or if this will pass down to his children. If he can't do it himself, then there is only one logical path. Don't be such a prude, Shani… this isn't the first time you've been hands on with a patient, or do I need to remind you of what I caught you and John Belby doing last year?" Poppy deadpanned, making her face turn bright red as Gray turned to her with a raised eyebrow.

John had been a seventh year student who graduated last year, he also had a fairly serious medical condition that meant he spent multiple nights a week in the infirmary. He was… charming and sweet, and she'd felt sorry for him after there was a ball for the upper years and he ended up spending it stuck in the hospital wing.

So she'd danced with him, and when he kissed her she didn't push him away. She didn't mean for things to get so out of control, but before she knew it she was bent over his hospital bed with her trousers and panties around her ankles.

Poppy had given her every unpleasant job for a month after she caught them, but she hadn't reported it and it had even continued for the rest of the year, maybe she'd just been too lonely herself.

Of course it turned out he was engaged to a pureblood heiress from Durmstrang, she had a bad habit of going for men who were already taken without realising it.

"That was…that was different." Shani said weakly, making Poppy stare her down blankly.

"I'm sure it was, now do you know the spell to track patients' senses?" Poppy asked, making her shake her head. She's heard of it, but it was so rarely needed she'd never been taught it.

"I see, very well then. You can help the patient and I'll track his sense of touch." Poppy said bluntly, making her eyes widen as she looked over at Gray.

She… she was serious.

Something was very wrong about all this, but as she glanced back at Gray's long, hard dick, she just bit her lip slightly and nodded.

If Poppy was telling her to do it, there was nothing wrong with it right?

She was just doing her job, right?

Feeling the heat rush through her body, she slowly moved in front of Gray and moved to her knees in front of him, and reaching forwards she gently grasped his length, making him hiss slightly as it twitched in her hand.

"Hmm, he definitely felt that. Start stroking the patient." Poppy ordered, making Shani blush at the clinical tone as she started to stroke Gray as he stared down at her with lustful violet eyes.

His gaze was far warmer than Yennefer's, even if they shared the same eye colour. It made this enjoyable despite the reminder of the woman who took the man she loved, not that she could really talk as he was already with Yen before their affair.

She just didn't realise that until later.

Wait, wasn't Gray engaged to Daphne Greengrass?

As she stroked his cock with Poppy watching her, she stared almost blankly at one of the walls. Did she just have some aura around her that said she was an easy lay for taken men?

Not that she could disagree, since she'd barely tried stopping this.

Merlin, she was easy.

Eh, it was too late to do anything about it now, and it'd be rude to blueball Gray anyway.

Speeding up her stroking, she mentally shrugged as she reached up with her free hand and unbuttoned her shirt, parting it as Gray stared down at her.

"Ahh, good idea. Providing a visual aid should speed up the process." Poppy complimented, making Shank mentally frown as Poppy quickly stripped out of her robe, Poppy was acting weird and she didn't know why.

Poppy had always been a stern mentor, and the change from calm professionalism to this was almost jarring, even if she was still sounding professional.

She certainly wasn't acting it.

Stripping to her underwear, Poppy unclipped her own bra and tossed it aside, her small breasts on display for Gray as Shani paused, before mentally shrugging and pulling her own bra up.

She was almost proud that her breasts were bigger than Poppy's and as she moved forwards and engulfed Gray's large shaft in her pillowy mounds, she smiled up at him.

"Fuck…" Gray groaned, making her smirk even as Poppy moved behind her, a vial in hand to catch the 'sample'.

"Mhmm, he's definitely feeling that." Poppy chuckled, watching as Gray's cock started to twitch, his balls churning as he approached his climax.

As Gray groaned, she braced herself as his seed started to spurt up towards her, hitting her chin and dripping down into her cleavage.

A bit landed in her mouth, and with a hint of hesitation she stuck her tongue out and licked it up, her eyes widening at the surprisingly pleasant taste.

As Gray's climax came to an end, Poppy swished her wand and the cum fly from her body and landed in the vial, Poppy placing a stopper on it as she rose.

"That should do it, and it looks like you don't have to worry about infertility." Poppy said, casting a diagnosis charm on it. "As for whether your… altered growth will pass down to your children, that will take longer to test."

"That's fine, thankfully I'm not in a rush to have a child anyway." Gray said easily as he rose, fixing his clothes. "So there's no immediate danger or issues?"

"Erm, no." Shani said as she rose, fixing her own clothes. It was almost unnerving to go from stroking his cock to casual conversation like this. "You need to make sure you don't miss any meals, and drink those nutritional potions, but aside from that there shouldn't be any danger or issues. Your growth seems to be slowing down, so you don't need to worry about growing to the size of a troll." Shani said as she watched Poppy dress herself.

"Excellent, you have my gratitude Shani." Gray said formally, making her smile at him, Gray had always been her favourite of the Raum kids.

"It was no-"

As she went to reply, he pulled her close with his great strength and kissed her, her eyes shooting open as his tongue delved into her mouth, his arm holding her against his chiselled body.

Despite her shock, she melted into his arms and returned the kiss, it just felt right to do so, and it wasn't like she hadn't just been stroking his cock.

As he broke the kiss, she blushed slightly at how she was acting, and the way his hand was resting on her ass.

"Like I was saying, it was nothing…" Shani said, feeling a mixture of relief and disappointment as he let her go.

"Is that so? Perhaps I should come back for a weekly check up then?" Gray teased slightly, making her blush at his tone.

"Don't expect such a hands on treatment every time." Shani warned, making him chuckle to himself.

"Ahh, we will see I suppose." Gray said with a light shrug. "If that was all, I have other things to do today. Shani, Madame Pomfrey, a pleasure as always.

She had no idea how this had gone so strange, but as she watched him leave, her panties soaked and her mentor looking at the vial of cum, she was almost disappointed that things had stopped so quickly.

If Gray had pushed her for more, she knew she'd have given in and let him do whatever he wanted to her…

Gray -

Something is… off, and I'm not sure what.

My demonic power was doing something during that encounter, and I don't know what. But, when in doubt, read.

Heading back to my room, it doesn't take me long to find the issue in my Grimoire… a new power, next to my eyes and my Mindslaver magic in the page that tracks my skills.

Simply called 'The Corruption', the tome claims it is an inherent power I have awoken, and while the description excites me, it also makes me worry somewhat.

The chapter on the Corruption helps me understand, describing it as a method of which demons used to spread sin.

An aura which increases the likeliness of those caught in it indulging in the sins of the demon.

For example, a demon of Wrath would make those around them more short-tempered and quicker to anger.

I'm a demon of Lust, with Greed, Gluttony and Envy as secondary sins, and a little Wrath thrown in. I wasn't doing it consciously, so I believe it was just spreading my primary sin to those around me.

It wasn't just the potion in her system making Shani so open, my aura was making her… sluttier, removing her inhibitions.

This power could be very, very useful… or it could be a problem, as according to the tome, repeated and prolonged exposure can cause permanent personality changes.

This time it made Shani be more willing to go along with Poppy's ridiculous suggestion, but if I use it too much I could make Shani a complete slut.

Which means… I need a practice dummy.

Heading back out into the school, I think about who would make a good test subject for my new power. It has to be someone I do not care about, someone who would attract little attention.

According to the wisdom of my ancestor, it can be used as a targeted aura focused upon a specific person or a passive aura affecting those around me. Masters of this power could send entire cities into lust-powered orgies or wrath-fuelled massacres in a single night, but I'll settle for working out how this thing works.

Passing a couple making out on one of the benches, I walk slowly and focus on my book (a random book on Herbology), as I try and call upon my new power again.

Bringing up my aura, I watch the couple out of the corner of my eye as their kissing becomes more intense, the upper year Hufflepuff's hand moving under his girlfriend's skirt.

I don't want a reputation as a voyeur, so I keep walking even as she moves into his lap, their hands wandering the others body.

You're welcome, random Hufflepuff guy.

Clearly, I am more of an angel than a demon, bringing joy to all the horny teenagers of Hogwarts, I should be given a medal.

"Raum!" An accented voice calls out as I'm walking through the school, making me pause as I turn around slowly, raising an eyebrow as Fleur Delacour half-glares at me.

"Delacour, is there any particular reason you're bellowing at me across the school?" I ask dryly, making her give me a dirty look as she storms up to me, somehow still looking dignified as she does so.

"We need to talk, now." Fleur says, taking my arm and pulling me towards one of the empty classrooms. I can hear people whispering as she does so, but I'm mildly curious as to where this is going so I just let her, she is physically weak and I could tug my arm back and send her flying, but at the end of the day I was raised to be something of a gentleman, and it'd be rather rude to harm a woman if she hasn't given me reason to.

Admittedly, that's one of the few gentlemanly things I still do. After all, being a lust demon and a gentleman is quite difficult.

As she pulls me into the room, she turns around and glares at me, the anger in her eyes inflaming my arousal as I smirk slightly.

Angry is a good look on her.

"What did you do to me?" Fleur growls, marching up to me, stopping inches away from me as she glares into my eyes, our height fairly equal.

She has a couple of inches on me, but then she's two or three years older than me.

"I have no idea what you mean." I say casually, making her growl as she glowers at me.

"Bullshit." Fleur scoffs, the crude words far more amusing when spoken with a posh French accent. "You had to have done something, so what was it?! A charm? Slipped a potion into my food at the feast?""

"I didn't even attend the feast, I don't like eating with that many people around when I can have food brought to my private room. When would I have had a chance to charm you, or get something into your food? Don't flatter yourself Delacour, before you approached me, I didn't even know you existed." I point out, watching her scowl grow at my words.

"Then why can't I stop thinking about a dumb English boy like you? Why do my panties become drenched at the first sight of you? You did something, you had to have!" Fleur half shouts as I stare her down in bemusement.

"I hate to break it to you, but you aren't important enough for me to waste my time and efforts drugging. I'm sure you have an over-inflated opinion of your own importance, but I really don't care about you one way or the other. If you're so sure you've been potioned, go see a healer." I deadpan, reaching out with my new power and kindling her lust and wrath slightly.

"I have! They found nothing, but your family is old and infamous, you-"

"Ah yes, I used my family's legendary secret lust potion to make you horny, that makes perfect sense. I definitely had a dose of it just sitting around waiting for some French girl to come and bother me, and I definitely had a way to get it into your food. You realise how little sense you're making?" I ask dryly, making her growl again as she slaps me, her palm not even moving my head as I stare down at her dangerously.

"You are obviously… not quite yourself at the moment, so I'll give you that one for free, but that's the only one you are getting." I warn her casually, staring at her blankly as she shakes her hand slightly.

I'm not that strong, by demon standards. By human standards, I might as well be a demigod.

Staring back at me, she glowers for a moment before she swings again, attempting to slap my other cheek despite knowing it won't do anything.

She gasps as I catch her hand easily, but she is past the point of reason as she immediately tries to kick me.

This is a girl who isn't used to fighting physically, that much is clear, and while I don't really know how to fight either, my superior strength, speed, and reaction times make it all to easy for me to stop her sloppy kick, grabbing her leg and holding it by my side as I step forwards, pushing her against one of the desks as she glares at me.

With her backed up against a desk, my crotch is pressed against hers as I hold her in place, her skirt pushing up and exposing her wet, white lacy panties as she stills in my grasp.

"I'm warning you, Delacour…" I say darkly, making her stare up at me defiantly. "When I let go of you, do not attack me again." I growl, making her shiver as my tone goes deeper, a bit of my demonic voice slipping out.

"Or what, you son of a whore? You'll rape me?" Fleur scoffs, unafraid despite our position. I can see her wand in a holster on her waist, and letting go of her arm I reach down and grab it, pocketing it in my enchanted pocket as she scowls. "Do it, prove me right."

Letting go of her, she immediately swings at me again and with a growl, I grab her arm and immediately spin her around, pinning her arm behind her back as I grab her head and force her to bend over the desk, making her let out a pained gasp.

"I don't care that you attacked me, you're so weak I couldn't even feel it… I barely care about your ridiculous accusations." I say calmly as she struggles against the desk, kicking back at my legs ineffectiveness. Grabbing her skirt, I flip it up and stare down at her exposed ass as she stills, my hand resting on her firm backside. "But if you insult my mother, or any of my family, one more time, you won't like the consequences. Apologise." I order, making her look back at me in defiance.

"No. Your mother is a cheap whore, your sisters are bitches, and your brother is a crude bastard." Fleur spits back, her eyes widening as I simply grasp her panties and tear them from her body. "Go on then, do it you English barbarian, or do you have no balls?" Fleur spits at me, gasping as I reach down and run my finger along her soaked slit. "T-that means nothing." Fleur says defensively as I reach down and undo by robe, parting it as her pupils dilate, her legs spreading slightly as she watches me undo my belt and trouser buttons.

"Last chance, take it back." I warn as I pull out my cock, the large throbbing length resting on her backside as she hisses.

"Never." Fleur says back, panting slightly as I drag my tip along her dripping cunt.

Before I can push forwards, the door to the classroom opens, attracting our attention as Fleur finally blushes, two Durmstrang boys walking in and closing the door behind them.

I let my wrath and lust get in the way, I shouldn't have been fucking around like this in public, and as I fix my trousers, the two older boys walk towards us, sharing a look before they turn back.

"Grayson Raum?" One of them says in a deep east-European accent.

"That's correct, can I help you?" I ask as I move away from Fleur, making them smirk. My danger senses are going wild, and I'm proven right as one of them swishes their wand, ropes binding Fleur to the desk as she squawks in anger.

"The mistress wants you dead, little Raum. The girl can wait, we'll take care of her when you're gone." The other chuckles as his eyes take on a deep red glow, his skin paling as a spell fades from them.


Ivan Solovev

Faction – Carmilla

Thoughts about you – Hatred, Envy, Bloodlust, Hunger

Lesser Secret – He cheated on his school tests, he fucked his brothers girlfriend while she was drunk, he was attacked by a vampire while sneaking out to Hogsmeade

Major Secret – He is a recently turned vampire, serving an elder Vampire named Carmilla, he raped a younger student after she mocked him

Biggest Secret – ?

Why are their vampires in Hogwarts? Do the famous wards of this place do literally nothing?

Before I can reply, he lunges at me with claws outstretched, aiming for my throat as his friend circles me, I don't have time to draw my wand so I make do by punching him in the face, sending him tumbling back as his friend pounces.

These two are far stronger than Fleur, but they aren't much better fighters, and as the second vampire grabs onto my back and attempts to bite me, I manage to draw my wand from its wrist holster and after a moment of consideration, I cast a cutting charm aimed at Fleur's ropes, tossing her wand towards her as the fangs pierce my supernaturally tough skin.

She catches it and without a moment of hesitation, she casts a piercing spell at the vampire latched into my neck, making him howl in pain as he is forced to let go, a hole in his cheek that is rapidly healing.

The first vampire has recovered, and as he tried to lunge at me again, I go to aim at him with my wand, my eyes wide as he snatches it out of my hand with ridiculous speed, his hand blurring as he backs away, smirking as he snaps my wand in two.

As this happens, I see Fleur get knocked into the wall by the much faster vampire as it attacks her in retaliation, her uniform shirt being shredded as she screams in pain, three long cuts across her chest tearing her shirt and bra.

Somewhere inside me, I despair at the loss of my beloved wand, but that's buried incredibly deeply by the overarching rage I feel as I immediately rush forwards myself and punch the bastard in the face, sending him flying into the wall.

Before he can recover, I charge forwards and grab his head, smashing it against the wall several times before I lose my cool entirely, quite literally as I call upon my Hellfire, his eyes widening as the hand clutching his head bursts into a deep purple flame.

His screams barely satisfy my rage, and his struggles do nothing to stop the demonic flames from engulfing his body as I throw him across the room, my flames already completely covering him as he screams and thrashes, unable to quell them.

Turning to his friend, I watch as the other vampire stares at his dying friend in horror, looking into my glaring eyes in a panic.

This obviously isn't how they thought this would go, and as he blurs, he reappears behind Fleur and grabs her, pulling her against him as he places his clawed hand on her throat.

I'm sure he had some grand plan to escape here, but I'm not in the mood to hear it as I charge forwards and grab his arm, twisting it as Fleur immediately uses the opportunity to break free, diving to the side as she spins in place and casts a spell I don't know, the deep red spell striking true as it hits him in the chest, shrieks of pain leaving him as I grab him by the throat.

"...burn." I say, his eyes widening as my flames start again in my other hand, his struggles making me smile as I reach for his open mouth and guide my flames inside him. He claws and kicks at me, tearing my shirt and robes as he draws blood from my chest, but it's too late to stop this now.

Tossing him aside, both Fleur and I watch as he writhes in agony, smoke leaving his mouth and nose as my flames consume him from the inside out.

Turning to Fleur, she stares back at me in a mixture of emotions, but before either of us can say anything, the door bursts open and Professor McGonagall charges in with her wand drawn.

I wish I could come up with some witty comment, but it probably wouldn't be heard anyway over the dying screams of the immolated vampire anyway.

Calling on my magic, I quell the flames as he falls still, slowly turning to ash.

The appearance of Flitwick, his wand drawn, makes my decision of what to do rather simple. Flitwick is one of the best duellists in the world, and I have no desire to be on the business end of his wand.

"Professors, I don't suppose you know why there are a pair of bloodthirsty vampires wandering the school? Is this school not famed for its safety?" I ask caustically, making McGonagall stare at me in disbelief. "I would suggest you call the Aurors, I believe my mother will want to know why her heir was attacked in a place where I was supposed to be safe."

Being a pureblood has its privileges, and I'm going to abuse them to their fullest.

Amelia Bones -

"Your precious heir just killed two of my students!" Karkaroff yelled at Yennefer Raum as she sat in her seat, staring back at him with an icy stare."

"Because your students attacked him and Heir Delacour, on account of them being bloodthirsty vampires, brought into the school by you. I'm sure the Wizengamot would love to know why you decided to bring two vampires to a school filled with their heirs and family members." Yennefer drawled back, making Amelia mentally sigh. "My son did what anyone with a brain would do when faced with a bloodthirsty monster, he slew it. I think you'll find that killing non-humans in self defence is quite legal."

The chance of Grayson getting into trouble was non-existent, despite his own admittance of using 'family magic' to kill the two vampires.

Yennefer knew how to play the game far too well for her to even try and push for Grayson to get into trouble, despite the magic he used sharing an uncomfortable similarity to Fiendfyre.

It was obviously very dark magic, but by claiming it was family magic Yennefer had shut down any hopes she had of learning the exact spell.

"Nobody is suggesting that young Grayson is in the wrong here, Yennefer." Dumbledore said kindly, making her scoff. "But the magic he used, wandlessly at that-"

"Is Raum family magic, and I suggest you keep your crooked nose out of it, Headmaster." Yennefer retorted caustically.

"Heir Raum, according to yours and Heiress Delacour's testimonies, the attackers claimed that 'the mistress' wanted you dead, do you have any ideas on just who this mistress could be?" Amelia asked, looking over at Grayson and Fleur as they sat separately from the peanut gallery.

She'd have preferred to question them in private, but it took no time at all for Yennefer, Dumbledore, Maxime and Karkaroff to stick their noses into her investigation.

"I do not, I've never met any vampire before today." Grayson answered politely, making her sigh.

"Her name is Carmilla, and she wants to get revenge for Geralt killing her Coven decades ago." Yennefer said after a moment, attracting their attention. "She attempted to get into my estate to kill me less than a day ago, but I was under the impression that Hogwarts was safe for my children." she continued, staring Dumbledore down. "Should your precious wards not have picked up the two bloodsuckers lurking around?"

"I assure you, Hogwarts remains the safest place in Europe." Dumbledore said calmly, quite literally every person in the room scoffing as he did. "Due to the fact that Durmstrang teaches the Dark Arts, exceptions were made to prevent the wards from triggering on any of the students from the other schools. I believe it was Minister Fudge who made that particular demand, as part of the concessions for the Tri-Wizard cup taking place in Hogwarts. In any other situation, they would have of course been detected, but my hands were tied."

A very polite way of saying, not my fault, blame Fudge.

Dumbledore was good at that, nothing was ever his fault and the Cult of Dumbledore wouldn't have it any other way.

"We made no such demands, I was clear with my students that they were to not use the so called 'dark arts' while they were here, and they were not vampires! I knew both of them, they were good students, from respectable families. Now they are dead, dragged into your family drama. Your minister will hear from me, and our government." Karkaroff growled, storming out of the room.

"You didn't think to warn anyone that a vampire hunted your family, Lady Raum?" Amelia asked, making Yennefer scoff.

"Of course I did, I contacted Vesemir, one of the best monster hunters in the world and Gray's godfather. As I said, I discovered this merely days ago and didn't expect Hogwarts to be so easily infiltrated, though with the rumours leaving it over the past few years I don't know why I'm surprised. Trolls, Basilisks, Serial Killers, Dementors, and a Cerberus! The safest place in Europe, my perfect pale ass." Yennefer scoffed.

Amelia knew she couldn't push Yennefer, the Raum's were one of the few 'dark' families that actually supported the Auror department. Merlin, she hated politics.

"Very well, one last thing then… may I ask what you and Heir Grayson were doing in an empty classroom in the first place?" Amelia asked, focusing on Fleur.

From what she'd heard, there was arguing and a commotion coming from the closed room, and her examination of the crime scene had found Fleur's torn underwear, but she never mentioned the vampires doing anything like that.

"My family has business with Grayson, we were merely negotiating." Fleur said calmly, staring her down. "Nothing the auror department needs to worry about, certainly."

"I see. Heir Grayson, you may be called to speak before the Wizengamot, but this is a rather clear cut case of self-defence, the ruthlessness of the retaliation aside." Amelia said reluctantly, trying to prosecute a pureblood Heir for killing a vampire was a fool's errand.

Half the Wizengamot would want to give him a medal.

"I understand, you know how to get into contact with me." Grayson said with a small nod, at least he was a polite murderer.

It made him better than many of the Lords of the Wizengamot, former death eaters who escaped judgement through bribery and connections.

She had fought against the Dark Lord in the first war, as a junior Auror, and she had lost family, friends and her husband to the bastards.

It hurt to see people she knew were killers walk free, death eaters she had personally captured sitting on the Wizengamot without a care.

But that was how the game was played, and she wasn't going to waste time fighting a lost cause when she could spend her time better elsewhere.

"As Grayson has already been targeted once, I believe an auror guard would be appropriate, Lady Raum." Amelia started, making Yen's eyes narrow at her as the door opened at her invisible signal.

Yen relaxed slightly as one of her aurors walked into the room, she knew how to play the game and she had zero guilt about abusing the fact that she had Grayson's cousin under her command.

"Junior Auror Nymphadora." Amelia started, not even pausing at Tonk's dirty look. "I'm assigning you to Hogwarts to keep an eye on the Raum children, especially Grayson." she continued, making Tonk's nod slightly.

She'd assign a dozen auror's to Hogwarts if she thought she had the manpower to do it, or that Dumbledore would let her. He hated having Ministry interference in Hogwarts, and he'd done his best to stop any and all aurors from investigating the weird events surrounding the school for the past three years.

But his hands were tied, Yennefer had been the one to call her and the Auror's after she was brought in due to Grayson refusing to talk to the teachers without her.

And Tonk's wasn't looking into Hogwarts, she was just guarding Grayson.

"I'll supply you with a way to call for assistance should any other attackers show up, I take it that won't be a problem, Headmaster?" Amelia asked, enjoying the brief scowl she spotted on his face before the gentle old man returned.

"Of course not, my dear." Dumbledore said, smiling at them all with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Got it, boss. Old Mad-eye taught me how to fight vampires, among a few hundred other things." Nymphadora grumbled quietly, making her smile slightly.

Of course he did, no student of Moody's would be caught unprepared.

"In that case, I'm heading back to the Ministry, to prepare for the inevitable shitstorm heading our way thanks to having two dead foreign purebloods on our hands." Amelia said bluntly as she rose, their corpses, what little was left, had been tested and confirmed as vampires, vampire ash was very distinctive after all, but she doubted that would be enough to get their families to not make her life hell.

Though, 'if they had been turned after arriving in England, she could understand their anger.

Gray -

"I take it I don't have to mention that having an Auror, who isn't under your control, following you around is a bad thing?" Mother starts as she finishes warding the room she has led me to.

"Of course not, I'll deal with it." I say calmly, making her nod proudly.

"Andromeda was always a soft-hearted fool, and her daughter is the same. A bright-eyed optimist, and a follower of Dumbledore and his ridiculous second chances. Expect Dumbledore to call you to his office to lecture you on why killing is wrong, even when it's someone trying to kill you. Ignore him, laugh in his face, or just don't go, he has no power over you. As for Nymphadora, I'll leave her to you." Yen said as she approached, grabbing me in a tight hug. "If you get attacked again, don't hold back anything, call on every trick and tool you have, these two were weak, their mistress is far less so. Still, Geralt would be proud of you, killing the monsters and saving the girl." Yen teased, making me smile slightly.

It is… pleasant to hear, even if father would be less than proud about all the other stuff.

"If you have to use your… additional powers, do it. Your safety is more important and I'll take care of any consequences, I'll even work with Malfoy if I have to, the Ministry won't touch you, as long as you deal with your babysitter… besides, I'm sure a lustful man like you can see the benefits of taming a metamorphmagus." she teased,

making me smirk slightly.

"That I can, I'll handle it." I swear as she breaks the hug.

"Then I'll get going, I need to make my own moves before Karkaroff can cry to the Bulgarian Minister." Yen said, moving away. "I'm proud of you, Gray. You did the right thing, and those abominations won't be missed."

With her final words spoken, she left without a goodbye, making me smile slightly as I left the room myself, immediately spotting Fleur waiting for me.

Nymphadora is also lurking nearby, and after Fleur gives her a look she turns to me.

"I… apologise for my words towards your family, Grayson, I wasn't thinking straight. I wanted to provoke a reaction, and it was… wrong of me." Fleur bites out, looking physically pained to apologise. "As for what we discussed, I am still not convinced that you were telling the truth, but you have my thanks for aiding me."

"It was nothing, I'd prefer a 2 on 2 fight myself, anyway." I say easily, making her scoff.

"I barely got two spells off, and you could have won without me. They were… far faster than I expected, I couldn't handle their speed." Fleur admits painfully, rubbing her chest where the vampire had clawed at her. "They might have been after you, but Veela blood is an aphrodisiac for vampires, it would not have been an easy death for me if you hadn't helped me." Fleur admits, giving me a slight courtesy. "I still don't like you, barbarian, but at least your brutish ways came to my assistance." Fleur adds, her voice almost teasing as she gives me one last nod. "We will talk again, Raum, but I think you have a babysitter to deal with." she adds as she backs away, heading down the corridor.

"Babysitter? That's kinda mean." Auror Tonks, my cousin, says with a laugh as she approaches. "Heya, Gray~ haven't seen you in years, not the best way to reunite, huh? My baby cousin, the vampire slayer, and the Veela Layer judging from the look on frenchies face." Nym adds with a laugh.

"Cousin, it has been a long time." I say giving her a nod.

"Nah, just call me Tonks, and don't you worry your pretty little head, I won't cockblock you, I'm just here to make sure you don't get devoured by anyone you don't want to be." 'Tonks says as she throws her arm around my shoulder, ruffling my hair with her free hand. "Most of the time, you won't even know I'm there, kinda the advantage of being a Metamorphmagus, you know?"

"I imagine there's many benefits to it, Cousin Nymphadora." I reply calmly as I extract myself from her grasp, watching her scowl as the tips of her black hair turn red for a moment.

"Okay, that's how it's gonna be? I see how it is." Nymphadora says with a playful glare.

"...I have no idea what you're talking about, Nymphadora."

Bonus Scene - Lucifer -

"Brother! I'd say it was a pleasure to see you again, but you know lying is a sin… oh wait, I love sin. It's truly a pleasure to see you again, Amy." Lucifer said with a smirk as his brother glowered down at him.

"Cut the crap, Luci." Amenadiel said in his usual no fun allowed tone. "Heaven is in an uproar, war is approaching, and despite Michael's belief I actually don't think it's your fault this time."

"...explain, I'm not sure how much trouble I can cause running a bar, did I deflower another would be Saint? I said I was sorry for the whole Joan of Arc thing." Lucifer said easily, making Amenadiel roll his eyes.

"Are you seriously telling me you can't feel it? The barrier between Heaven, Earth and Hell is weakening, and we have worked out the cause… a demon walking on earth." Amenadiel said gravely.

"I can see two in this room alone, and we've been here for… all of a couple hundred years." Lucifer chuckled, making Amenadiel nod as he took a seat, glancing over to where Maze was very subtly sharpening a devil-forged knife.

Mazikeen was truly a master of blending into human society, truly.

"Which is why I don't buy Michael's claims that it's you that's breaking the barrier down, I don't know how you did it, but I know you've hidden yourself and your lapdog assassin from the barrier, there's another one living on earth, and Father left some kind of trigger in the barrier to break it under the right conditions, whatever this devil is doing is triggering those conditions." Amenadiel said, making him lean back in his chair.

Now what was little Gray getting up to that would be trashing his dear old man's prized barrier?

"Well, that's all very interesting." Lucifer said drolly, smirking. "But why should I care exactly? If you've already accepted that it isn't my fault perhaps you should stop wasting both our time?"

"Don't play the fool, Lucifer. You aren't as lazy as you like to act, and if anyone could find this devil before they plunge the world into utter chaos, it'd be you, the King of Hell." Amenadiel said coldly, just getting a smirk in response. "If this isn't stopped, demons will flood the mortal realm… and the angels will follow right behind, chaos and destruction will engulf this world, and the great war will start all over again."

"Sounds fun, I'll clear my schedule." Lucifer said with a laidback smile. The barrier didn't just stop demons from entering the mortal realm, it stopped almost all angels as well. Some like Amenadiel were exceptions because they had duties that required them to come to this plane, which was ironically the same system that he used to sneak in, he just sabotaged his fathers work and added himself and Maze into the system.

Amenadiel glowered at him for a moment longer, disbelief on his face. It was always fun to annoy Amenadiel.

"Micheal will come for you." he warned, making Lucifer chuckle.

"Then I suppose we'll find out which of us truly is the strongest of dear old dad's sons, won't we? It's immoral to bet on yourself, but that's never stopped me before." Lucifer said easily, confidence in his tone.

He pitied most of the heavenly host, just slaves following the commands of their long dead master like the mindless machines they were, but Michael? Michael, he actually hated.

As Amenadiel stared him down, he stared right back until his brother lost their staring contest, vanishing as quickly as he had arrived.

He'd be back.

Still, what in hell was Grayson doing? He had no interest in helping Amenadiel protect his fathers oh so amazing creation, but he was certainly… curious.

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