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Chapter 19: Weasley Woes

Grayson Raum

"What is this, an attempt to gather blackmail?" I ask, narrowing my eyes at the naked milf as she laughs in response.

"Blackmail? Lord Raum, I appreciate that you apparently think I'm that brave, but I assure you, I wouldn't dare try and blackmail the next Lord Black, I certainly wouldn't blackmail a Demon Lord, I enjoy living far too much," Natalina Zabini laughs, her breasts jiggling enticingly as she does. "The best result I would get is a quick death at your hands, or perhaps you'd make me suffer before you ended my life. If you were feeling especially cruel, you could let me go and your mother and the Lodge would make me wish you'd tortured me to death," Natalina laughs once more. "But allow me to set your mind at ease, my Lord." She says, passing me a file, watching as I take it and flick through it, eyes widening slightly at the contents before I turn back to her.

"Brave of you to pass me this, you risk much, which means you think you have even more to gain," I say coldly, making her smile even as the file disappears from my hands.

It held evidence, proving that she did kill her last seven husbands, everything anyone would need to ruin her forever.

"It's your reassurance, I'm sure you've been warned about me, that I'm manipulative and only act for my own benefit, they're right of course, and that's your guarantee that I won't act out against you. You could have me in Azkaban by the weekend, and the Lodge would make sure nothing I said ever came to light." Natalina says calmly, kneeling before me as she stares up at me.

"That's thoughtful of you, but I can't help but to notice that you didn't tell me what you want," I say, my voice taking on a demonic growl, making the prisoners flinch back in terror even if they don't understand the words.

"What I want is to prove I can be useful to you, so I can reap the rewards as you rise to power. I want wealth, power, and immortality, and I can get them all just by serving you," Natalina admits easily, making me blink before I chuckle.

"So easily?" I ask, making her smirk.

"I've always found the pride the other Lodge members have to be foolish. They're all desperate to solve their problems and far too stubborn to admit it. I'm just jumping the queue, getting ahead," Natalina admits with a smirk. "I wasn't sure what a proper offering for a demon lord would be, so I decided to get a selection. They're yours to do with as you please, as are Blaise and I."

Narrowing my eyes, I push into her mind as she lowers her occlumency barriers in submission, allowing me to rifle through her memories and innermost secrets without complaint.

She's telling the truth. That or she obliviated herself so expertly as to not leave any traces. Her goal, her reason for joining the Lodge, for all her murders, couldn't be more simple. She's terrified of death, of growing old and dying. She used her many ex-husbands wealth and libraries to search for a solution, which attracted the attention of the Lodge, someone called Sabrina Glevissig, who recruited her.

She wants to use me, that's obvious, but that's just how she is. I can use this. She wants me to succeed so she can benefit from my success, but that's just business as usual.

Which leaves me with one final problem, what do I do with the family she casually kidnapped for me.

They represent a lot of power, a lot of essence, and they are just muggles, there are billions of them and I don't have the time or power to play nice.

"Who are they?" I ask, making Natalina smile calmly.

"Nobodies, literally," Natalina says idly, picking up her wand from a nearby table and slashing it at the father, his body freezing up as she paralysed him.

Petrificus Totalus, by the look of it. Silently cast though, which isn't exactly unusual since they teach it in sixth year DADA, but it means she studied defence to NEWT level at least.

Which means she's probably decently dangerous.

"Oh?" I ask, making her smile.

"The father is a gambler, he fell deep into debt with the Russian mafia, who grabbed him. I bought them and paid off their debts. Frankly I probably did them a favour and if I release them they'll all be dead, or wishing they were, within the week. Nobody is going to come looking for them if that's what you're worrying about," Natalina said calmly, getting a reluctantly impressed nod from me.

I need power, especially with some ancient vampire wanting me dead, but I won't be pushed into acting rashly just because some blood sucking whore has a grudge.

There's a trap here, and the fact that I can't see it just makes it all the more dangerous. Besides, if my power just keeps jumping in leaps and bounds it's just going to attract even more unwanted attention.

"So, you're all mine to do with as I please?" I ask, making Natalina bow, her breasts bouncing as she does so.

"Of course, Lord Raum," Natalina agrees, making me smile as I gesture for her to follow me, heading back to the lounge we passed on the way to ten dungeons.

Both her and Blaise follow behind me, Natalia with confidence in her struts and Blaise with far less confidence as she slowly trails behind.

Taking a seat on the large loveseat, I stare at them as they come to a stop in front of me, their naked bodies on display.

Natalina is rather well developed, d-cup breasts and a nice curvy backside as she poses slightly, using her body as a tool.

Blaise is far less confident, barely developed b-cups and a slimmer figure as she goes to cover herself up before stopping, her olive face darkening.

"I want you to obliviate the family, or get someone in the Lodge who can do so, and rewrite their history. The next time I see them I expect well-trained servants, not cowering peasants. The short term benefits of sacrificing them wouldn't be worth losing out the long term benefits of making them worship me," I order, watching Natalia's eyes widen.

"I'm sorry, my Lord but I am not that skilled with the obliviation spell," Natalina admits, making me smirk.

"I could do it, but you want to prove to me that you're useful to me, don't you? If I do it, then I don't need you," I deadpan, watching her confidence falter as she pales.

Good. She needs to remember she's dealing with a fucking demon.

"O-of course, I won't let you down," Natalina says, regaining her composure.

"Blaise," I say, turning towards the younger girl as she jumps. "Put your clothes back on, I have a far more important job for you. You're friends with Pansy and Lyra, correct?"

"N-not really, Lyra just makes me follow her and the others around, she likes having an entourage," Blaise admits, a hint of relief on her face.

"That's good enough, your job is simple. Watch Lyra and Pansy, I have plans for them both and I don't want them to be able to go to the toilet without me hearing about it. You've kept yourself in the background so far, which will work to your favour. Succeed and you have nothing to fear, you'll find me a generous and understanding Lord," I say, running a hand through her soft hair as she blushes and nods. "Good girl, now leave us and return to Hogwarts. I have something to discuss with your mother."

"Y-yes, my Lord," Blaise says quickly, wasting no time before she leaves, not noticing my eyes on her firm ass as she leaves.

Lyra is going to act up, she's too prideful to do the smart thing, and she has no idea that Pansy, Blaise and Millicent are all under my control. I'll be ready for her next scheme, whatever her stubborn little mind comes up with.

Turning to Natalina, she straightens herself up as she goes to speak, but with a swish of my wand the doors to the lounge close and her words are cut off as my body grows.

Whatever she was going to say is completely forgotten as my body rapidly grows, going from being eye to eye to me towering over her.

My demonic form just keeps growing, and as I stare down at her I realise that I'm probably closer to nine foot tall now.

My clothes are torn and straining, but I grab them and tear them from my body without a care, her eyes widening as they flicker down to my crotch, my hardened cock on display as she gasps.

I've grown everywhere, and the mixture of arousal and fear isn't misplaced as I sit back down.

"I shouldn't need to give you a step by step guide for what I want from you," I deadpan, grasping my length and slowly stroking it. "You want to prove your usefulness? Get on your knees."

Hesitating just a moment, she falls to her knees between my legs and stares in trepidation as I slap my large cock against her cheek.

"What's with the hesitation, surely you knew showing off that sexy body of yours would only arouse my interest, or did you think I was one of your husbands who you could control?" I ask, grasping her hair and holding her head in place as I rub my shaft against her face.

"Of course not, my Lord, I simply wanted to show you all my assets. I'm happy to serve you however you wish. I was simply wondering how to best go about it, you're quite a bit bigger than any of my former partners after all," Natalina says submissively, gently kissing the shaft.

I can see the calculating look in her eyes, but as she goes to speak again I decide I prefer her using her mouth for an alternate purpose, and thrusting forwards as I push her head down, her words are cut off by my thick hard cock pushing its way into her mouth, but she adapts well as she immediately starts rubbing her tongue against it, sucking as she does and gently grasps the lower half of my shaft with one hand as she carefully fondles my balls with the other.

She can't take my full length into her mouth, barely managing to engulf half of it before she starts to gag, but her hand makes up for what she can't fit and her long digits skilfully stroke what she can't suck.

"Even if you fail, I think I can find a place for you, you'd look good chained to my bed," I say as I watch her obediently pleasure me. "It won't be the position you want, but as long as you don't fail you won't be reduced to a set of holes for me to fuck, well not only my personal cumdump."

There's something about this woman that's pissing me off, and I can't even put my finger on what it is.

It's not that she's trying to use me, that's a normal day in the Slytherin house, I expect people to use me and I expect to use them in turn. It's just how life is.

Holding her head in place, I thrust up into her mouth and smile as she chokes slightly, still simply letting me do whatever I want with her.

Frankly, I'm horny and as my power grows it's getting harder and harder to suppress my lust, so she's going to have to deal with the consequences of waking up my demonic lusts.

I don't trust her, but I don't need to trust or like her to use her as a sex toy.

Pulling her off my cock, she gasps for air as I casually toss her onto the table in the middle of the room, moving forwards with demonic speed as I grab her legs and spread them, smirking as she looks down at her wet slit, as I grasp my length and slap it against her mound, probably shaven for the occasion as I smile down at her.

"M-my Lord, at least give me a moment to get used to your… impressive size," Natalina says submissively as I push the thick head against her slit.

Hm, I have no real desire to actually hurt her so instead of just thrusting forwards, I slowly start to push forwards, listening to her moan as her lower lips are parted.

Sinking inch after inch into her, she can do nothing but lie there and take it. She might be a decent spellcaster but I could rip her head off her shoulders with ease and she knows it.

As I feel some resistance from her painfully tight cunt, I grasp her hips and push harder as I break past her cervix, the tip of my cock penetrating her womb.


Bottoming out inside her, I reach up and grope her breast as I start to pull back, pulling half my length out of her before I slam my hips forwards again, moans and whimpers leaving her as she gasps in shock and pleasure.


She'd made a slight error in judgement.

When she'd decided to seduce Grayson, her information was entirely out of date, expecting a small teenage boy she could wrap around her finger.

Instead she got a confident young adult, and she'd still been sure she could handle him.

"O-oh fuck! Slow down, please!" Natalina whimpered as the massive cock currently plundering her cunt slammed into her again.

She knew Gray was a demon, but knowing that he was a demon and seeing it were two very different things. The moment she saw his giant slab of meat she knew she was in for a rough time.

She was used to being in control, through potions, charms, and her own feminine wiles, but a love potion was more likely to get her spine torn out, she didn't want to try and charm a demon, Gray had already set the power balance between them, and he made it clear she was his bitch.

And there was fuck all she could do about it, because she absolutely would not risk pissing off a rising Demon Lord, she'd been in the Lodge long enough to have heard the horror stories of the cruelty of Demon Lords.

She didn't intend to be the first person Gray would inflict his special brand of hell onto. That was the game, the risks were incredibly high but so were the rewards.

As a clawed hand groped her breast, she locked her legs around his waist and tried her hardest to be a participant in this defilement instead of just a hole for him to fuck, her hands touching his incredibly well-defined chest before she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down to her so she could kiss him.

Her legs slowed his thrusts slightly, a minor mercy as she felt herself cum again, but she knew she was fighting a losing battle against him as he pounded her into the table, and she was utterly unsurprised as the expensive table legs broke beneath them, leaving her laying on the floor.

Her third husband would have been horrified, that was his grandmother's favourite table after all, but then he wasn't around any more.

She'd hadn't even killed that one, a business rival figured that they could kill him and she'd take the blame, which she did. They'd saved her the trouble after all.

It amused her to think about what her husbands would have thought of this and took her mind away from the insane pleasure he was inflicting on her, but it couldn't distract her for long as she felt his fat cock slamming into her cunt, and while the sharp claws on his blackened hand did hurt a bit as they lightly dug into her back, it just added to the pleasure as one of her hands moved up and grasped one of his long horns, immediately letting go as a small scowl crossed his handsome face, instead grabbing his hair.

As his thrusts sped up, she spent a moment praying to Merlin that contraception potions worked on demonic offspring, because she was in no position to tell him to pull out like she wanted to, so as he bottomed out inside her all she could do was lay there and take it as his demonic seed flooded her womb, a lewd moan leaving her mouth as she came around his cock.

Feeling him slowly pull out, she looked down at her abused and gaping slit as his seed started to leak from it.

Too transfixed by the sight of so much cum dripping from her, she didn't even see him approaching before he grabbed her and easily picked her up, bending her over one of the couches.

Knowing what was coming didn't help her as he immediately slammed back into her already flooded inner canals.

He was a demon of lust and a great many other things, and as hard as it would be to keep her mind in the face of his insatiable lust, she didn't want to find out what those other things were.

This would be a long day.

As he started to hammer into her, she could only moan like the cheap whore he'd made her.

Philippa Eilhart

"You look terrible," Philippa said calmly as she lifted the spell she had placed on Natalina's mind.

The fact that she was blind didn't make her statement any less true, and she could smell the demonic seed in Natalina's abused body.

"I look like a well used whore, I feel like one as well," Natalina said as she sighed. "If I'd known he had a dick that big I'd have prepared myself."

"I don't care how big his cock is, did he do it?" Philippa asked bluntly, getting her answer from the short pause.

"No, he didn't sacrifice them, or even touch them. He wants me to alter their minds and train them as cultists. He said the long term benefits were better than the short term gain he'd get from sacrificing them." Natalina admitted, hesitant and afraid.

"…leave me. Do what he said, I'll send Cynthia around to perform the spell. Serve him and give him no reason to suspect you," Philippa said slowly, waiting until she felt the weak magical aura of her minion leave.

Slamming her hand down on the desk, she growled as she felt her demonic brand burn, her soul slowly being tugged into hell by Radovid.

Gray wasn't a fool, long term benefit was better than short term gains, but that wasn't what she needed.

She was running out of time, only having months at most before Radovid pulled her soul into hell. She couldn't wait for Gray to slowly build up his power, she needed him to be powerful enough to defeat Radovid's magic and remove this damnable brand from her body and soul.

She didn't blame Grayson for his caution, it spoke of how well Yen raised him, but this once it wasn't a trap. She needed Grayson strong or she was doomed.

But Grayson was no fool, and she had no wish to exchange one demonic master for another.

Still, she'd learnt that Grayson couldn't detect her own mental manipulations, and that was powerful information indeed.

Fleur Delacour

Gray was far stronger than she'd realised, and watching him fight left her with more questions than answers.

Why did his fire feel like her fire, but stronger and more primal? Why did people say that Gray had been a weak midget until this year, why couldn't she stop thinking about him?

He was going to rape her, and she was egging him on, taunting and only giving up a weak token resistance as he prepared to take her.

She'd been furious at the vampires, not because they'd threatened to 'take care of her,' but because they'd interrupted her violation.

She knew how it looked, she'd been in a room alone with Gray when they were attacked, and beyond that her clothes were clearly torn, the rumours that she and Gray were fucking at the time had already spread far and wide.

The professors probably thought she was a deviant since the mandatory check up had revealed her missing panties and some rope burns. They'd carefully asked her if she'd been… defiled, and while she'd very bluntly told them that she hadn't been, that didn't change the fact that they knew she was mostly naked and tied up when the attack started.

Madame Maxine hadn't asked any questions, just warning her not to allow her desires to interfere with her goals. There was no doubt she'd be the champion for Beauxbatons, she was simply better than everyone else, stronger, smarter and more powerful.

Professor Ghislain had warned her that she shouldn't be openly arrogant, no matter how sure she was of her superiority. It made her unnecessary enemies but her Veela side took pleasure in displaying her superiority, and she often failed to heed Vivienne's wise words.

Like on the journey to Hogwarts, where she had made an idle remark to Leilanna that she didn't understand why anyone else was bothering to put their name into the cup, since it was guaranteed to pick her. She hasn't exactly meant for that seventh year to hear her, but by the hour every hopeful competitor had heard of her remarks.

But she didn't care, she was right after all.

She came from a powerful and influential family. Her grandmother was the practically right hand of one of the Duchesses of Magical France, her mother was the Lady of one of the richest families in Europe, and she was one of the best students Beauxbatons had ever produced.

She'd be one of the best Triwizard champions as well.

So why couldn't she stop thinking about some English prick? Literally in some cases, the memory of his throbbing length pressing against her slit making her bite her lip.

She'd fuck him.

She'd corner the little, well not so little asshole, and fuck his brains out, finally getting it out of her system.

Then she'd find out why his fire felt so very Veela-like, he owed her since she covered for him against the professors and Aurors.

And she intended to collect.


Vampires aimed to target her family, for something their long dead monster hunting father had done no doubt.

Their mother cared more than she would openly admit, keeping them safe in Hogwarts while she schemed with their Godfather to deal with this threat, but Morrigan had never been good at being passive.

She wanted power, to become the Hogwarts champion, to show that she was better than Damian and those who looked down on her, but now she needed power for an altogether different reason.

Not much mattered to her, but her family was definitely an exception, and if some pathetic bloodsuckers thought they'd get away with attacking her little brother, they were very much mistaken.

If they'd snacked on Damian, she might be less furious, but they tried to kill Gray, the ugly duckling of the Raum family that was rapidly becoming a beautiful and incredibly powerful swan.

Yes, she liked children's tales. They held a surprising amount of wisdom for those who paid attention.

"Can I help you, sister dear, or are you just here to scowl at me?" Keira asked, looking up from her book.

"I require a ritual, and Gray has made you his little pet ritual creator, has he not?" Morrigan asked bluntly, making Keira's eyebrows rise.

"Oh? Don't forget that you're as much of a pet as I am, sister. You traded your freedom for power, didn't you?" Keira asked, a smug smile on her lips.

"I did, and it's time Gray paid up. My maidenhood is intact, ready to be plundered by our demonic brother, I want you to make a ritual to empower me when our brother defiles my body," Morrigan admitted bluntly, Keira pausing.

"And why is that? And I take orders from Gray, not you," Keira reminded her, eyes narrowing as she stared up at her.

"Because our family is under attack, and I won't sit around and wait for other people to solve our problems. I need power to turn the vampire scum that thinks they can attack us into ash and bones," Morrigan said coldly, watching as Keira paused. "Gray is strong, perhaps even stronger than me now, but they won't stop after one attempt on his life, nor will they underestimate him again. If I am to serve our demon lord of a brother, I need the power to keep him safe."

"That's a blatant attempt to use my love for Gray to get me to help you," Keira deadpanned, before smirking. "But it's also true. Fine, I should be able to rework the ritual I used with Gray to empower him to empower the woman instead. Of course, I'm also telling Gray and he'll have the final word, I hope he accepts though, it'll be fun to see you on your knees."

Scoffing, she stared down at her bratty little sister.

"I don't intend to have an audience, plus I already know exactly where I wish to give up my first time, the forest is full of power and I intend to grasp as much of it as possible," Morrigan said idly. "And a spoiled brat like you has no business in a place as dangerous and mystical as the Forbidden Forest."

"If you get Gray killed because you wanted to get fucked in a forest, you better hope you die as well, because if you come back without him I'll kill you myself. You might be stronger than me but I fight dirty," Keira said warningly, Morrigan paused as she realised that Keira meant her words.

"Well, well… the brat has a backbone after all. Perhaps Gray fucked some confidence into you," Morrigan replied, her tone unconcerned.

"And perhaps he'll fuck some common sense into you, or just put that bitchy mouth to better use," Keira retorted, making Morrigan's lips twitch in reluctant amusement.

"Perhaps you could give me lessons, you do seem to spend a lot of time on your knees," Morrigan quipped, a moment of silence passing as they both smirked slightly.

Keira was annoying, but at least she wasn't Damian.

Ginny Weasley

Looking up at the notice board, she silently cursed her family's poverty as she read the single line that stopped all over her hopes and dreams.

There was going to be a Quidditch Tournament between the schools, one of the events for the students who didn't stand a chance of being Champion to take part in, and each school would have multiple teams.

She was a good Chaser, and a better Seeker. Sure, she'd be competing for the spot with a lot of good players but one of the teams was for the lower years, she was sure she could get a spot on the team.

It meant she didn't have the problem she had with trying out for Gryffindor, Rose and the Crimson Vixens were unbeatable, and they already had a backup seeker and chasers.

Or she would be able to if it wasn't for a single little line.

'Applicants should report to the Quidditch pitch 9pm Saturday morning, bring your own broom.'

Hogwarts probably didn't want to have their notoriously bad brooms on display, but the broom she had at home was actually worse.

A good broom could cost you a month's wages, a very good one cost more than a small house.

It didn't matter how good she was if she didn't have a broom to keep up. Sure she could probably ask Rose to lend out hers, but Rose was very protective over her Firebolt, and rightfully so since it was the only gift she had from her godfather.

Hearing someone walk up next to her, she shook herself out of her increasingly unpleasant mood, turning to see the surprisingly large frame of Grayson Raum looking over the same notices.

"Interested in the tournament?" Ginny asked, deciding to try and strike up a conversation. Rose seemed impressed with Gray, especially with how he was protecting Juliet from the rest of his house.

"Hmm? Oh, not really. It should be fun to watch, the dueling tournament especially, but I have no real desire to put my skills on display for the world to see," Grayson said calmly, turning and looking at her as she shivered slightly.

There was something about the way he looked at her that just made her feel naked, like he knew more about her than she knew herself.

"I suppose everyone already knows what you can do, the whole school has heard about the vampires that attacked you," Ginny said, making him scowl slightly.

Whoops, she meant that as a compliment.

"Indeed, but power is more useful if nobody knows you have it. I certainly don't plan to put all my tricks on display for the entertainment of the public," Gray grumbled before he shook his head. "And you? You've been staring at the Quidditch announcement for the past five minutes. Planning to try out?"

As her face turned as red as her hair, she shook her head.

"Oh, no I don't think I will be," Ginny admitted quickly, making his eyebrow rise in curiosity.

"Really? Why do I get the feeling that there's more to that than a lack of interest? I was under the impression your family were rather good at Quidditch. Charles was apparently one of the best Seeker's Gryffindor has had in decades, and the twins are apparently very good at hitting balls around," Gray deadpanned, making her giggle slightly.

Sure, it was his name but Charlie hated being called Charles.

"I didn't know you followed Quidditch," Ginny deflected.

"I don't. Astoria realised how much I dislike sports trivia very quickly, which means she's made sure to spout as much of it at me as possible," Gray said bluntly, a glimpse of distaste crossing his face as she giggled again.

He looked an awful lot like Hermione when she and Rose were talking about Quidditch. Somehow she didn't think either of them would like being compared to the other.

"But I know a deflection when I hear one, so I'm curious. Why aren't you going to the try outs? I've heard scouts from the professional teams will attend the tournament itself, it's a good place to take your first step if you've any interest in going professional," Gray said, making her eyes widen slightly.

It wasn't like she planned to go pro, but that was because she didn't really have any long term plans whatsoever. Trust the Slytherin to be looking that far ahead, but he was right.

"I don't have a broom at school, and the one I have at home is… bad," Ginny admitted, feeling her face heat up as he looked over at her.

"Ahh, I wonder whose idea it was to have students bring their own brooms? A lot of the Board of Governors are from rich families with students in Hogwarts after all. Nepotism is alive and well," Gray said with a dark chuckle.

"You don't agree with it?" Ginny asked in surprise, making Gray laugh again.

"I don't, skill matters more than blood or wealth, even if I value all three. My mother made sure I'd have all three in considerable amounts, but blood and wealth is inherited, skill is yours alone," Gray said calmly, turning to her with a calculative gaze.

"W-what is it?" Ginny asked quickly, feeling her cheeks light up from his intense stare.

"I actually have a Firebolt myself, as do my siblings. My mother felt that we should have the best equipment available, mine is gathering dust in my room because frankly I don't like flying, so tell me, what would you give me to lend it?" Gray asked as her eyes shot open.

"W-wait, you're serious?" Ginny gasped, making him nod easily.

"I am, I have no use for it and I certainly won't be trying ou," Gray agreed, giving her a small smile. "Follow me and I'll show you it, I need to get back to my rooms anyway since I promised Juliet I'd check her Transfiguration homework."

As he turned and walked into the school, she hesitated for a moment before quickly chasing after him, heading into a part of the school she'd never even seen before.

Hesitating again, she followed him into his private suite, relaxing slightly as she spotted the smaller Hermione sitting at the table, quill in hand.

"I'll be with you in a moment, Juliet," Gray said calmly, making her beam at him as they walked further into the suites, her eyes widening as she spotted the aforementioned Firebolt just leaning against the wall in what was clearly his bedroom.

The sight of a girl's bra on his bed made her face turn bright red as she tried to ignore the implications.

It almost offended her to see such a masterpiece going unused and neglected but…

"I don't have much, nothing you'd want anyway," Ginny admitted as Gray turned to her, lips quirking upwards.

"Then how about a game? You can lend it for the try-outs, and if you don't get a place on the team, you owe me nothing. If you do, you owe me a favour, nothing unreasonable of course. If you get the spot, and make it to the finals you owe me three favours. If you win the finals, you owe me five favours," Gray offered, sitting on the edge of his bed with a smile.

"W-what favours?" Ginny asked, undeniably tempted, making Gray chuckle.

"I have no idea, but we have a few years in Hogwarts together to decide that, nothing unreasonable like I said. If it's too much you can just say so," Gray said easily.

"Two favours if I get to the finals, three if I win," Ginny countered, making him laugh again.

"Negotiations? Interesting, you're more fun than I thought you'd be," Gray said calmly, clearly not offended by words. "Three favours if you make it to the finals, four if you win and a kiss." Gray countered again, making her face go bright red as his words registered.

"W-what?!" Ginny stuttered.

"You heard me, four favours if you win and a kiss, on the lips with tongue. I might find the sport itself boring, but I can't say I don't find athletic women appealing." Gray admitted easily, her face burning at his easy admittance.

"You- three favours, one kiss on the lips with no tongue," Ginny stuttered before she could even think about her response. Her eyes widening as she listened to her own words.

"Oh? Three favours if you win and a kiss on the lips, but the kiss happens right now, final offer," Gray said, his smile teasing as she felt her ears burning.

"W-why? Aren't you engaged to Greengrass?" Ginny stuttered as he chuckled.

"Daphne and I are engaged, but it's mostly political. She doesn't mind, as for why? You're cute, and you seem fun. Do I need more reasons to want to kiss you?" Grayson said, her face still burning as she thought about her options.

She wasn't exactly opposed to the idea, but she'd never even been flirted with before, guys preferred to try and hit on Rose.

Grayson was nothing like she expected, and he was definitely handsome.

"No tongue?" Ginny asked in confirmation, making him chuckle as he rose up and walked towards her, grasping her chin and angling her face up to look at him.

"Was that an agreement? Do we have a deal, Miss Weasley?" Gray asked playfully, and as she silently nodded she couldn't stop her heart from pounding as he lowered his head and gently placed his lips against hers.

This wasn't how she thought her first kiss would go, but despite her earlier words she couldn't stop her lips from parting as she closed her eyes and let him have his way with her mouth, his tongue slipping in and dominating her own.

As they broke the kiss, she knew her cheeks were bright red, his eyes filled with hunger.

"I said no tongue…" Ginny said weakly, making him chuckle as she placed her hands on his covered chest, feeling the muscles beneath them.

"And you said one kiss," Gray said as he captured her lips again, finding no resistance as she tilted her head and moved her tongue in clumsy tandem with his.

Typical Slytherin, breaking his word so easily.

As they finally broke their kiss a minute later, she blushed as she panted, short of breath and burning with embarrassment and lust.

"I-is that all?" Ginny asked, not sure if it was disappointment or relief that flooded her as he stepped back from her.

"It is, good luck in your try-outs, Miss Weasley," Gray teased as she smiled despite herself.

"Gin, or Ginny, I think we're on a first name basis at this point," Ginny countered, still blushing.

"And I'm Gray to my friends," Gray retorted as he passed her the incredibly fast broom.

"Is that what we are?" Ginny asked, getting a mysterious smile in return as he led her back out.

"For now, who knows what the future holds," Gray replied as he sat down next to Juliet. "Good day, Ginny. I wish you luck in your try-outs, for both our sakes."

As she hugged the broom and headed out, face bright red, she knew she was smiling as she heard him starting to tutor Juliet.

Gray was certainly interesting. She'd be lying if she said she'd never had a crush on Damian, but his little brother might actually be a lot more intriguing.

Returning to her common room, she told a slightly altered version of how she ended up with a Firebolt, leaving out stolen kisses, and that night she dreamt of Gray using his favours for a lot more than kisses, waking up with a burning face and a need to change her underwear.

Bonus Scene – Molly Weasley

Staring at Amelia in shock, she tried to take in what the other woman was saying, growing fear and panic bubbling up inside her.

"Are you sure? I can't imagine-" Molly trailed off.

"I am, Nymphadora might be Grayson Raum's cousin but I trust her, and your sons have reluctantly admitted it, under some light questioning. Fred and George attempted to blackmail Heir Raum with information about his sexual exploits to get back the money he won from them in a poker game," Amelia explained as she sat down in shock. She wasn't foolish enough to accuse Amelia Bones of lying, but this was insane even for those two.

"I… what happens now?" Molly asked in shock, Arthur was busy thanks to some drunken idiot deciding to enchant a bunch of muggle postboxes so she'd been the one to be called to deal with this.

She was used to dealing with the consequences of the twins' actions, but this was far more than anything they'd done before, and held far worse consequences than the possibility of suspension.

"Legally? Nothing, yet. Guilt aside, unless Grayson or Yennefer Raum actually press charges nothing will come of it," Amelia said bluntly. "If they do? Well, blackmail is a very serious charge, expulsion from Hogwarts at the very least, fines, probably a few years in Azkaban depending on how much Lady Raum leans on the Wizengamot," Amelia admitted, her tone still incredibly blunt,

"A-Azkaban?!" Molly all but whimpered, making Amelia nod seriously.

"Plus Arthur will most likely lose his job, Yennefer Raum is a powerful woman and few would risk crossing her. The Minister wouldn't hesitate to fire Arthur if it made himself look better, he's wanted the support of the Raum-Blacks for years, especially now that they seem to be getting involved in politics again," Amelia warned as Molly slumped down in her chair.

What in Merlin's name had those reckless idiots done?

"What should I do?" Molly asked quietly, making Amelia sigh.

"Honestly? Go to either Yennefer or Grayson Raum and beg them not to press charges. That's about all you can do, because if this goes to trial I'm afraid you'll lose," Amelia admitted with a sigh.

Amelia had made no attempts to hide how much she disliked the power that noble families had in their society, especially considering the countless Death Eaters who had escaped punishment just because they had wealth or connections. It was probably why she had so few allies herself.

"I see, thank you for the warning and the advice," Molly said as she calmed herself.

"I've spoken with Professor McGonagall and we've agreed that it's for the best that the twins return home with you for the next week, it isn't an official suspension and it won't go on their record unless charges are pressed," Amelia said as she rose. "Good luck, Mrs Weasley."

She understood why Amelia wasn't willing to offer any more help, because she knew enough about Yennefer to understand the other woman's unwillingness to draw her ire.

Parting ways, she headed to the room where her idiot sons were being kept.

Before they could even finish opening their mouths, she cut them both off.

"What on earth were you two thinking?! Trying to blackmail someone, honestly where did I go wrong raising you two?" Molly shouted, knowing the room was soundproofed. "And gambling? Where did you even get the money to lose in the first place, not from me or your father, I know that much!"

"I-it was our savings, and we only lost it because Grayson cheated!" Fred said quickly as she turned to him, eyes narrowed.

"And how do you know that? All gambling is chance, the only way you'd be able to be sure you'd not lose your 'savings' is if you were cheating yourself," Molly said sternly, watching them both pale slightly even if they tried to hide it. "So not only did you try to cheat your fellow students out of their money, you got out-cheated and decided that blackmailing the winner was your best option? Do you have any idea how much trouble you're both in, how much trouble you've gotten our entire family in?!" Molly half-shrieked, watching them both flinch back.

"It was pocket change for Raum, we were sure he'd just agree since the money didn't matter to him," George admitted quietly, pale as he avoided eye contact.

"Then you're a bigger fool than I thought, the Raum-Blacks didn't get their infamy by being pushovers, Yennefer certainly wouldn't have raised her son to let people walk all over him," Molly said before she sighed. "Come on, you're coming home with me where you're going to spend the next week explaining to me and your father why you thought any of this was a good idea. If you're extremely lucky you might even get to go back to Hogwarts at the end of the week."

"And if we aren't?" Fred asked quietly.

"Then I'll have to watch two of my sons hauled off to Azkaban, your father will lose his job and our family will probably never recover from the fines," Molly said bluntly, watching as their mistake finally set in.

They were silent the entire trip home, which gave her time to think.

Yennefer Raum frankly terrified her, they'd gone to Hogwarts together and she'd heard the rumours that Yennefer had been the one to kill her own father.

She'd also heard that Grayson had killed a pair of vampires recently, but she'd take her chances with the young heir instead of his mother.

She just hoped he was nicer than his mother, or at least more reasonable.

Author's Note: Kept you waiting, huh? My bad. I actually like the Weasley's, they just ended up on the wrong side of Gray.