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Chapter 02: Cults and Summoning

Finding a deer was surprisingly easy. With my new senses, I could hear their hooves on the forest floor, and catching one was trivial.

I simply transfigured a log into a wooden wolf, then chased one of them towards me, a single stunning spell did the rest. Stupefy is a fifth year spell, but when has that ever stopped me? The only reason I couldn't cast it before is that it would be too tiring.

My magic hasn't suddenly become all-powerful, Potter would wipe the floor with me in a duel even now, but her magic is particularly potent, and she seems to have no end to it... but it has definitely improved.

Before my transformation, I could cast a few stunners before needing to stop now it was super easy, barely an inconvenience.

Levitating it deeper into the forest, I find a nice clearing and start setting things up, transfiguring the grass into a stone circle so I can draw the circle of Dantalion.

I erase it almost four times before I'm satisfied with it, summoning a Great King of Hell isn't something to be done sloppily after all.

Then I throw up some basic privacy spells, the only ones I know. I'll have to look into better ones, but silencing and aversion charms will have to do for now.

Pausing as I bind the deer in the circle, I stare down at the unconscious beast with a frown. The letter said animals will do, but a single deer for the Great King of Hell?

No, I can't risk making an unworthy sacrifice. Pissing of the Great King is a real quick way of ending this path that I've chosen.

Heading back into the forest, I take a moment to be thankful that the deer population is so high around here, by the end I have six deers and a wild boar ready.

I have to redraw the circle to be far larger and re-stun the slowly waking deer again but before long I am ready.

Pulling out my ritual dagger, I hesitate as I notice the demon carved into the handle seems to be grinning. I'm sure it was scowling when I first found it.

Too late to back out now.

Dantalion does not enjoy torture or sadism, so I leave the creatures asleep as I slice their throats open. They die without suffering, it's the least I can do.

My hand is surprisingly steady as I end seven lives, their blood draining onto the ground, moving unnaturally as it forms itself into the same circle I just drew.

Did I jump as the animals I just killed got back up, their eyes glowing a baleful red? Possibly.

"Well, aren't you an eager one? Normally the first sacrifice is a cat or even a rat." Each animal speaks in a different voice, a somewhat eastern European male voice, a melodious female voice, there's a Russian accent in there and an Asian one, and that's just the ones I can hear over the howling winds. Even as wrapped up as I am I can feel the icy winds biting at my skin. "I devoured the moron who tried sacrificing a rat to me, by the way" Dantalion points out, amusement in his tone.

"Great King Dantalion, it's an honour to make your acquaintance," I say. Honestly the years of Pureblood training in manners and courtesy are taking over.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I can see more animals approaching the circle, all standing around the clearing as they stare at me with blank eyes. Dozens of deer standing beside wolves and foxes, hundreds of birds landing in the trees around us.

"So polite, manners are so rare amongst us demons," Dantalion says. I can't quite tell if he's mocking me or not. "I'm not." he helpfully adds. "It is a pleasure to finally meet you, Heir Raum. I've been expecting your coming for about seventeen hundred years. Raum was always so certain you'd show up eventually, and he's usually right about these things. I take it he was the one to tell you to summon me? Or did you just decide to summon a Great King for fun?"

"My Ancestor left a message in his Grimoire, advising me to summon you first," I admit. Making the faces of the animals curl up into an unnatural smile.

"Smart of him, he got me to thrice swear to deal with his descendants fairly." Dantalion admits easily. "So tell me, what do you desire, Heir of Raum?"

Before I can answer, he chuckles.

"Ahh, power, knowledge, secrets. How ambitious your little mind is, you'll fit right into Hell. I have something for you. Normally, I would demand sacrifices for it, but Raum made me hold onto this power for his Heir, and he was good at making people thrice swear to go along with his plans," Dantalion admits. Making me take a moment to thank my ancestor who is guiding me from the grave.

The circle flares up, and before I can even glance at it, my eyes darken, an intense burning feeling rushing through them as I grasp at my face, biting my lip to hold in my scream as I fall to my knees.

It passes as quickly as it came, my vision clearing. Clearing everything looks the same?

"A gift from your ancestor, you'll understand soon enough. As my favour for your sacrifices. Normally simple beasts wouldn't be enough to gain my favour, but consider this an investment for the future of Hell. Now, what do you want the most? Power to crush your foes with fire and lightning? No, Ahh... I see it now." Dantalion says as my body starts to burn up again. "Oh, yes... that reminds me. This will hurt."

'Hurt' isn't quite how I would describe the feeling of my magic itself, burning me from the inside, agonising seems more applicable.

"Impressive, they usually scream." Dantalion adds as I rise from my knees, glancing to the back of my hand, the Seal of Raum burnt into the flesh. "A word of advice, Heir of Raum. If you choose to summon me again, I expect human sacrifices. Preferablynuns or religious people, though magic users make for a decent sacrifice as well. If you summon me again with animals, it will be your soul I take. Do remember that my kin are not as polite as me. Goodbye, Heir of Raum." Dantalion says calmly, before a cacophony of screams fill the area, the sacrificial animals screeching as they burn, the smell of fire and brimstone filling the air and burning my nose.

Within seconds, it's over and there is nothing but ash and blood remaining, the animals surrounding me coming to their senses as they flee in abject terror.

I just want to go and collapse onto my bed, my body aches from whatever he did to me, but I can't yet.

Vanishing the ashes, I use some basic household cleaning spells to gather up the blood into an enchanted vial, blood can't be vanished after all. Then I undo my work, turning the circle back into grass as I cast as many air-freshening charms as I can to dispel the smell of sulphur and death.

Dropping my spells, I look over the clearing for even the slightest hint of evidence, before sighing to myself. The magical traces can't be gotten rid off so easily, I'll have to look up spells for that. Something that will be hard because those kinds of spells are outlawed since they make it very hard for Aurors to do their jobs.

It'll dissipate over time, but for the next week or so the traces will remain.

Next, my clothes. I can't have the house elves washing blood covered clothes, which is why I wore an old pair of jeans and a long sleeved shirt.

Taking them off, I simply burn them then vanish the evidence. Why can you banish the ash of something bloody after burning it but not blood itself? Might have to look into that. My boots join them as well.

Heading back to the manor, I sneak back to my room, wearing just my boxers and socks, taking a quick shower before I head to bed. I want to try and work out what I gained... but right now, I'm barely staying awake.

- Next Morning - 18/08/1994 -

Sitting at the table, I eat my breakfast with fervour, barely noticing as the house elves place more food in front of me, simply devouring it all easily.

"Do slow down, dear... you're a Pureblood Noble, not an animal eating from a trough." Mother adds as she enters the room, making me pause, slowing my eating.

"Sorry, I'm just... hungry." I admit, looking up at her, my eyes widening at her state of dress, or undress as the case may be.

Wearing only a small black corset, barely containing her breasts, and a tiny black thong, she walks into the dining room with her usual cool smirk on her face. Taking a seat next to me her breakfast, a far smaller plate of fruits, bread and jam, appears in front of her.

Mother has never been shy, nor does she tend to wear that much around the house. But normally she'd at least have a dressing gown on, giving her the weakest illusion of modesty.

Biting into a plum, she lets out a wanton moan, her juices dripping down her chin, falling onto the top of her breasts.

"You're staring, dear." she says calmly, pulling my gaze away from her breasts as I feel my face flush at her droll tone.

Pulling my eyes away from her, I focus on my food, which actually helps since Gluttony is also one of my sins.

Glancing back at her, I frown as something in my mind whispers to me, it's hard to explain how I knew how to do it, but sending some of my power into my eyes, my vision changes and words appear around mother.

Yennefer Raum nè Black

Faction – The Lodge of Sorceresses

Thoughts about you – Love, Ambition

Lesser Secrets – She's a Demonologist, She's part of a secret society, she's testing your control

Major Secrets – ?

Biggest Secret – ?

Trying to focus on the missing information, my head starts to hurt, whatever this magic is, it's not enough to find out her larger secrets.

The Lodge of Sorceresses... never heard of them, but the fact that mother is a Demonologist tells me she knows a lot more than she's admitted... and testing my control? Curious.

"Is there something wrong dear?" Mother asks, raising an eyebrow as I realise I was staring.

"No, it's nothing." I say, looking away.

If she's testing my control, she knows I've changed. I can all but confirm that mother knows that I'm a demon. Whether she knew that I'd find the potion and Grimoire I can't say for sure.

"Are you feeling better now?" she asks, making me smile slightly.

"I am, sorry for worrying you." I reply calmly.

"Wonderful, and I see your mental barriers are back in order. Well done." she praises, wait, when did she test my mind?

As she picks up one of her berries, my eyes are drawn to her lips as she eats it, they're just so pouty and full.

"Still, Occlumency is only one half of the mind arts, now we need to make sure your Legilimency hasn't weakened. Enter my mind, as always I'll try and hide something from you, find it." she orders calmly, locking eyes with mine.

Diving into her mind, I start my usual search for her weaknesses I can exploit, finding the tiny hole she left in record time.

As usual, she throws her memories in my way, but what isn't usual is the memories she uses.

Removing her dressing gown, she stepped into the bath, sinking into hot water. Leaning back in the large bathtub, she moaned in satisfaction, her hand moving to her breast as she tweaked her nipple, the other moving lower.

Shaking my head, I almost break the connection as she stares at me with a smirk.

Forcing down my arousal, I try again. Predictably, every memory in my way is more of the same, her writhing around on her bed as she fingers herself, stripping down as she looks over a small selection of toys. Something about a stuffed unicorn? It flashes by too fast for me to see it properly.

Focusing, I push through.

"I have said this three times now, it will be fine." Yennefer said with a roll of her eyes.

"You'll excuse me if I'm worried about my godson, you saw him." Triss argued. "I can't just go watch some idiots chase a ball while my godson is literally screaming in pain."

"You can, and will. We knew this was going to happen and I need the others out of the house when he wakes up. Morrigan, as antagonistic as she is, would no doubt enrage him, and we have no idea what his sins will be." Yennefer pointed out.

"Fine, dammit. You're right. Why you didn't stop Morrigan from becoming so aggressive, I don't know, but we can't risk her causing him to lose control." Triss admitted with a deep sigh.

"I didn't stop her because she'll make a fine member of the Lodge in the future, she shares our thoughts even if she doesn't quite realise it. She's no more antagonistic than Philippa is, and she's already started exploring the dark arts." Yen pointed out. "I have plans for her to study under Philippa, and taking her anger out on some idiotic classmates isn't a problem."

"Until she tries something against Damian or Gray. And you realise that Philippa takes liberties with her apprentices?" Triss added.

"Morrigan would never hurt Gray, and Damian can protect himself. And please, that's the worst kept secret in the Lodge, I don't think there's a single one of us that hasn't caught her with some simpering apprentice's head between her legs. Morrigan doesn't like men, and she could use some discipline. Besides, Philippa never forces them." Yen scoffed.

"Fair enough, take care of Gray while I'm gone, you'll be testing him?" Triss asked.

"Naturally, I should have a handle on his sins before you return." Yen agreed.

"He's a fourteen year old boy, I can already guess one of them." Triss said with a laugh. "Especially if he is anything like his father, I'll help test him when I see him. You know Philippa is already starting to push for access to him?"

"I do, but he's my son and she'll wait until I say so. Good luck with those three, do try and stop Morrigan and Damian from killing each other," Yen said dryly.

"I'll try." Triss replied, just as dryly. "Keira and Gray, even with his new changes, are nothing compared to those two." she laughed.

As the memory ends, I blink taking in what I just learnt. Aunt Triss is a Lodge member as well. So is someone called Philippa... I know that name, we've never met, but I've heard Triss and Mother mention her, she does... something in politics? They were never clear about that.

"What... who are the Lodge?" I ask, my temper flaring up at the idea of some secret society using me like a pawn, with two of the adults I look up to the most being a part of it. "What do you want with me?" I ask, making her sigh as she rises, holding out her hand.

"Come with me, we need to talk." Mother says as I take her hand, leading me to the living room. Despite my anger, I can't stop my eyes from falling to her swaying ass, her ass-cheeks practically devouring the little string of her thong.

Pushing me into the chair, she smiles at me.

"You've been doing wonderfully controlling your sins, Gray." she says, making my eyes widen at her actually admitting she knows, even in a roundabout way. "But I need to be sure, your major sin is lust, isn't it?" she asks.

"It is, Greed, Envy and Gluttony are my other sins, and Wrath is a minor sin." I admit, despite everything I do trust her. Why show me a memory basically admitting the Lodge is interested in me. She gives me a small smile at my honestly.

"I'm not surprised there's no sloth... you've never been lazy, and pride is one of the more dangerous sins, many Demons have lost their lives due to arrogance." she says proudly. "We are going to play a game, Gray." she says making me frown slightly, games aren't like her. "I will answer whatever questions you have, and as long as you stay in control of your sins, I will answer truthfully."

There it is, that's more like her.

"Right, can we start now?" I ask, making her smile as she climbs into my lap.

"Of course, ask away." she says, stroking my hair before she reaches for the lace of her corset.

What to ask first? I have a thousand questions, but where to begin?

"Did you know I would find the potion?" I ask, my eyes lowering to her breasts as the corset comes loose, a hint of pink nipple peaking out as it starts to lower.

"Of course, you've always been good at finding hidden things." mother admits. "Did I know you would drink it? Not really, I thought you would, but there was always a chance you'd choose not to."

"And if I had? If I had put it back and left it?" I ask as her corset comes off, her breasts bouncing as they are freed from their prison.

"Then we would have had to change our plans, I wouldn't have forced you, no matter what the Lodge wanted. Morrigan would have taken the power boost immediately, but she's far more rash than you, she'd likely get herself killed in her haste." Yen admitted. "We'd have to take her in and keep a much closer eye on her, which wouldn't be ideal." she says easily. "Her Occlumency is worse than yours as well, her anger makes it hard for her to focus her mind."

Yeah, I can see that. Morrigan is arrogant and eternally pissed off, that's not a good combination for someone summoning demons, so she was the spare just in case.

"What does the Lodge want?" I ask, biting my lip as she takes one of my hands, placing it on her exposed breast. "Did they plan all this?"

"Yes, we did. Even my marriage to your father was for this, though I did truly love him, even if I wasn't expecting to." she admits with a fond sigh. "As for our goals? Short term, taking over Magical Britain. Long Term, we want to control the governments and schools of every magical country."

"Your short term plan is taking over a country? An ambitious lot, aren't you?" I ask with a small smirk, still... if they are powerful enough to even attempt this, I need to tread lightly. "So where do I fit in?"

"The Lodge needs a weapon, we might be strong, but we can't fight the world, and we can't act openly without drawing unwanted attention. We need someone that can act in the open, eliminating our foes and weakening countries for us to move in. They want to start a war, with you leading the Demons. Shattering our society so we can pick up the pieces and put them back together in our image. We've been planning this for a very long time." mother admits as I scowl.

"So you raised me to be your weapon?" I ask, seeing her wince in pain, looking down at where my hand is gripping her breast, my fingernails digging in, I forcibly calm myself and loosen my grip.

"That's it, calm yourself, deep breaths." she says soothingly, grinding herself against me slightly. "And no, I didn't. I taught you to be independent, to think for yourself, I even taught you how to spot manipulations and lies. I wouldn't have done that if I wanted to make you an obedient weapon." she explains, making me pause.

She's not wrong.

"Then what's your angle?" I ask, gritting my teeth to keep my control as she grinds herself along my hardened length.

"Two decades ago, I agreed with the Lodge completely. With idiots like Fudge and old men set in their ways like Dumbledore in charge, our country is stuck in a dark age. We wanted to change that, to lead our country to success and glory. A magical golden age, a magical renaissance. I still agree that Fudge needs to be replaced, and Dumbledore needs a retirement home, not three of the most important jobs in Magical Society. Anyone would be hard pressed to do one, but he's held all three for a long time, and he is spreading himself far too thin." she reasons.

Hm, I've never spoken to Dumbledore, but I can't say she's wrong.

First Year, a troll almost crushed Granger, and our Defence teacher was possessed? Maybe? The rumours got weird. Also, what was that about avoiding a room if you didn't want to be killed? He's teaching a school of teenagers, he basically dared everyone to check it. And I know Damian and the Twins went there on the second night.

Second Year, people got turned into statues by something? Also, our defence teacher was an utter fraud, anyone who had read a single one of his books could tell that.

Third Year, Dementors and a serial killer. Hard to decide which is worse. Also, our teacher was a werewolf. A cool werewolf who was good at his job though, so I'll give Dumbledore the benefit of the doubt for that one.

It's a miracle no-one has actually died yet.

I'm sure next year will come with something wonderfully dangerous, and that's just Hogwarts, I have no idea how he's handling being the Supreme Mugwump (stupid name) and the Chief Warlock. All three of those are full-time jobs, and there's only one Dumbledore.

"You didn't answer the question." I point out, my thumb stroking her nipples.

"I was just giving you some background towards my motives." She admitted, moaning slightly. "Like I said, I truly agreed with their goals, and I still do. But after you were born, Philippa pointed out that your weak magic would give you an advantage with Mind Magic, and that you'd be more willing to give up your humanity for power. Before then, Morrigan was our focus." mother admits. "I agreed, but as you grew, I started to doubt. Not that you weren't the best choice, but I couldn't bring myself to squash your growing inquisitiveness, your independence, so I changed my strategy. Philippa is too used to people doing what she wants them to, and she hates children so she never checked in on you. And Triss adores you too much to want to use you, she fell into the 'auntie' roll far too easily." Yen laughs slightly.

"So you disobeyed the Lodge?" I ask, making her smirk.

"Technically, we don't have a leader. Philippa acts like the leader, and she's good at getting people to follow her orders, but we have no official leader. I am loyal to the Lodge's goals, I just disagree with their methods. But yes, Philippa would say that I betrayed them, scoffing at the idea of maternal love getting in the way of our goals."

"I, thank you." I say, making her smile at me, leaning in and placing a kiss on my cheek, the edge of her lips touching my mouth.

"I love you, Gray. I have since I first held you in my arms. Never doubt that." Yen promises.

"I love you too." I admit, making her smile at me, her hips still grinding against me. "But I know you, you still have a plan, don't you?" I ask, making her laugh.

"Of course I do. Like I said, I agree with their goals, just not their motives." she agrees. "I want to do the same, and I have a plan for it. Demon Lord's have the power to dominate the minds of lesser beings, and a natural charisma that makes it easy for them to gather followers. I want you to do what the Lodge wants to do, just, without the Lodge being in control." she admits, biting her lip as her hips speed up, her face flushed.

"You want me to take over Magical Britain?" I ask, my mind pulled almost completely away from the pleasure of her grinding against me or the soft flesh in my hand.

"I do, and I want you to form your own group and take over the Lodge." she says, her tone laced with pleasure. "I am on your side, and Triss would be an easy one to recruit, she's hated the idea of using you since she first saw you, she always was soft-hearted. The others won't be easy. Philippa especially, but I have faith you can do this." she says, her hips speeding up again, her nipple rock-hard beneath my hand.

"Where would I even start? You didn't exactly teach me cult building." I point out making her laugh.

"No, I didn't. My advice? Work with the Lodge for now, we have time while you gather power before they try using you. It might even be worth going along with some of their requests so you can work on the members. Margarita, one of our members, has planted herself in Hogwarts on Philippa's orders, she'll be teaching you next year and she's another soft one. Keira and Morrigan are both marked for recruitment as well, and Keira already adores you." Yen says making me smile slightly in acknowledgement. "Morrigan has her issues, but I have faith in your ability to work through them and turn her to your side. Additionally, Hogwarts is filled with the next generation of Magical Britain. Young, pliable minds, everyone has something they want and as a Demon, taking advantage of that is just natural. Focus on gaining power, gathering followers... the rest can come later."

"I see. Use the Lodge and it's resources until I can stand on my own, while turning its members to my cause." I say, something deep within me approving at the idea of having my own cult of worshippers. "Do you have any advice on how to turn Triss?" I ask, thinking about my godmother.

"Mhmm. You heard her in the memory, she wants to help test your control, my advice? 'Lose control', and get her to help you with it. Triss loved your father, and even if she hasn't noticed it yet, she has moved those feelings onto you. She excuses it as innocent affection, but she adores you. Or you could use her guilt over her playing a part in training you to be the Lodge's weapon, confront her, 'lose control' of your anger and make her submit by force. She wouldn't be able to bring herself to hurt you." she suggested.

"Hm, I'd rather not use force, she has taught me a lot, and I do care for her." I admit, getting a fond smile from her. "I think that's everything I have to ask for now. Wait, no, one more, why did I overhear you talking about a Betrothal contract for me at the start of the summer?" I ask quickly.

"Because I was talking to the mother of a potential spouse for you." she admits. "Your Black blood is highly sought after in the dark families, and your Raum blood is even more sought after in certain circles. I have been putting it off, but I can cancel the negotiations if you want. I suppose you could call me your first follower, if you object to my actions, you simply need to command me to stop." Yen says with a smirk.

"Who were you arranging it with?" I ask, Betrothal contracts could be annoying, but depending on the details and the fiancée chosen, it could also be an asset.

"I was speaking with Anastasia Greengrass, Daphne and Astoria's mother, and the contract with for Daphne." Yen admits easily.

Hmm, Daphne Greengrass, the Ice Queen of Slytherin. I think I've exchanged maybe three sentences with her in as many years.

"Does she know about this?" I ask, making mother smile proudly. Always gather as much information as possible.

"Daphne both knows, and has accepted that it might happen. The Greengrass Family uses betrothal contracts, so either way Daphne would end up in an arranged marriage, and she's gotten some offers from much older and less appealing men than you, she isn't necessarily happy but you are far from the worst choice. As for Anastasia, she is a member of the Lodge, lower ranked than the Council which Triss and I are on, but a member all the same. She's hoping the demon blood will result in much stronger magic for the Greengrass Lineage. The former Lord Greengrass was killed in the war, so she's been controlling the family affairs ever since." she explains.

Daphne is in the top twenty overall in our year, the top ten in charms and runes. Smart, beautiful, I could do a lot worse.

"Aside from her, Natalina Zabini has been trying to get me to agree to a betrothal with her daughter, Blaise." Yen continues. "She's in the Lodge as well, but I don't trust her."

"Natalina 'seven-time widowed' Zabini?" I ask, making her lips twitch.

"Exactly, and yes, she killed her husbands. She has earned her Black Widow title, and she is very interested in you, I'm not sure why but I am looking into it. Be careful, Blaise will almost certainly approach you when the year starts, don't let her trick you into anything." Yen warns.

"Blaise is a wall-flower, I don't think I've ever heard her speak." I say with a frown.

"And yet her mother is such a good seductress she was able to talk her latest husband into marrying her despite the rumours. Don't underestimate either of them." she says, making me nod.

I can't remember anything about Blaise, she's just kinda just, there? Usually sitting in the corner quietly. I think she's got decent grades, but I've never seen her on the top twenty list.

"What are the terms of the betrothal contract with Daphne?" I ask, making her smile, despite her still grinding hips.

"It's mostly in your favour, as I said, Anastasia is very eager to get both the Black and Raum Blood into her family. You two will become the next Lord and Lady Greengrass when you come of age, though in your case you'd be Grayson Raum-Greengrass, can't lose the Raum name since it has power in certain circles. You'll have to have two children, either gender with no time limit, one of which will carry on the Greengrass name and become either Lord or Lady Greengrass. Daphne will have to take a magical vow of fidelity to prove she is remaining loyal to you, you won't have to. You taking on mistresses or other lovers isn't unexpected, especially considering your nature . There's some exchanging of funds, but that's mostly just for tradition. Aside from that, it's a fairly simple contract." Mother explains.

As far as contracts go, that is a simple one. I've heard of ones that have dozens of conditions, rules and requirements.

Plus, Daphne is presumably a future member of the Lodge if her mother is a member, which gives me more influence over them in the long run.

"How early do the Lodge recruit?" I ask, making mother smile at me, stroking my hair.

"Seventh Year, and yes, Daphne is marked for recruitment." she says proudly.

"I see. Then arrange it, Daphne could be useful." I say as she nods.

"You really are my son, in more than just blood." she says with a soft smile, before she climbs out of my lap, making me frown slightly.

The front of her thong is clearly wet from her arousal, and I am painfully hard at this point.

"Patience, my dear." she says teasingly, leaning forwards and placing a kiss directly on my lips, moaning slightly as my tongue pushes her lips apart. Breaking the kiss after a moment, she smiles. "I know you want this... and I do too, but let's not rush this."

"Fine." I ground out, I'm not going to force her, even if I am incredibly horny.

"Hmm, tell you what, let's make it a challenge, if you want me, I want you to get one follower other than me, and you can have me. Prove I was right to put my faith in you, and I'll submit to you completely." she offers easily.

"Fair enough, challenge accepted." I say just as easily, making her chuckle, her breasts bouncing as she does.

"Now, if that is all I have an appointment with my toys, before I let my lust overwhelm me." she admits, pulling her thong down her legs, standing before me utterly naked.

Tossing the thong onto my lap, she gives me a sultry smirk and walks away, her naked asa swaying as a trail of arousal leaks down her leg.

As someone who has mocked the incestuous nature of a lot of Pureblood families, I shouldn't want her as badly as I do, but it just seems so appealing.

Is incest a sin? I'm gonna have to bust out a bible and do some research.

First I have something to take care off.

Grabbing the thong, I head to my bedroom. She's not the only one who has to worry about her lust overcoming her common sense, and the knowledge that she's masturbating nearby is enough that I'm having to stop myself from rushing to her room.

- Later -

Lying on my bed, I levitate my clothes (and a soiled thong) into the clothes basket.

Pulling out my Grimoire, I frown. I need to work out what Dantalion did to me. The power that reveals secrets is probably what Raum left for me, it hurt my eyes to get it after all.

So what did Dantalion do to me? To my very magic?

Fortunately, it isn't even hard to find out, it's written on the page after my status.

Grayson Raum's Skills

Potions – Expert Level

Defensive Magic – Adept Level

Charms – Adept Level

Transfiguration – Adept Level

Herbology – Apprentice Level

Ancient Runes – Appreciate Level

Elemental Magic – Appreciate Level

Arithmancy – Apprentice Level

Household Magic – Apprentice Level

Magical Creature Taming, Training and Caring – Apprentice Level

Dark Arts – Novice Level

Alchemy – Novice Level

Grayson Raum's Demonic Skills

The Eyes that see the Truth – Greater Rank Skill

Allows the user to see that which is hidden, revealing the secrets and hidden knowledge.

Mindslaver Magic – Greater Rank Skill

The Demonic Art of bending the will of the casters victims.

Enslavement methods available – Contract, Ritual

Slave types available – Doll, Unwilling

Boons available - None

Looking over my status again, I frown... there's a single new line that wasn't there before.

Demonic Essence – One

This is what I need to improve my demonic powers, it's the crystallised essence of sin and negative emotion. I can either use it to imbue myself with power, getting closer to my evolution to a stronger demon, or I can use it to improve my powers.

As it stands, I can't improve anything, and I need one thousand to evolve to a stronger demon, so one is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

I'm going to be walking a tightrope with this, I want to get as much as possible, but if I indulge too much, I could endanger myself, or ruin future opportunities for a momentary gain. Worst of all, I could reveal my nature to the world.

Mindslaver, searching the Grimoire, it doesn't take me long to find what I am looking for. Say what you want about Raum, but he knew how to sort a Grimoire. If half my schoolbooks were this well organised I would have passed my Newts by now.

The Art of Mindslaving is as old as Demons ourselves, originally used to force mortals to sign contracts, binding themselves into slavery where they would be forced to obey the orders of their master. This is what I call the Contract Method and the Unwilling Slave Type, the slave can still act against the master, as they need to be ordered, their minds untouched, they can interpret orders differently, and more than one demon has met their end from a poorly worded command, or the contract itself was destroyed, breaking the agreement and freeing the slave.

Raum continues, and I search for the other options I have.

The Doll Method is not as useful as I had hoped, the minds of the slave are suppressed for as long as the enslavement is in effect, they will follow any order without compliant, little more than automatons. I have improved it to allow them to take care of their own needs with their master setting up a time-frame and location for them to do so, but they are utterly incapable of acting independently. More inconveniently, the enslavement is extremely noticeable, as the blank stare of a Doll is impossible to mistake for the stare of a regular mortal. In the end, this method is fairly useless tactically, though it can be entertaining to see your former enemies obediently serving your every whim.

Huh, I can see his problems with it. I can't use it to further my mothers, my ambition, since anyone I use it on will be obviously controlled.

The Ritual Method is amongst the most useful methods of enslavement, though it is not without its own flaws. Unlike the Sigil, Anchor and Parasite methods, it cannot be broken unless the caster or an outside influence with enough talent in the mind arts removes it, and it is far harder to be dispelled by an external force than the Hypnosis and Telepathy methods. The downside, however, is the considerable preparation that is required for the ritual itself, and the time it takes to complete the ritual (ranging from ten minutes to six hours depending on the will of the victim). Unless the victim submits willingly, they must be first subdued and taken to a private place as if the ritual is interrupted all progress is lost.

Hmm, right now... this isn't that useful. Unwilling Slaves will fight my control of them, and I'd have to word every command carefully, probably work out a list of commands to stop them from betraying me, or hurting me or my family.

But, mother said I should build a cult leader, whoever said they all needed to be willing followers? Isn't brainwashing a part of every cult?

I need to practice with this, learn its limits and capabilities. If I can make this work, I could have an army of enslaved minions embedded in the different factions.

But that's for when I have someone to practice on. Hmm, where can I find someone to practice on? The Ritual method seems the best, but I can't just kidnap someone at random and hope I don't get caught... where would I even keep them?

Mother would understand, but if Morrigan and Damian found out?

I need a lair, I need somewhere I can perform my demonic deeds in peace.

- Next Day - 19/08/1994 -

"Ridiculous, it was an utter waste of time." Keira growls as she throws herself onto my bed, waking me up with a jolt.

"I see you had fun." I drawl as I sit up, making her scoff.

"Please, you got lucky. Damian and Morrigan were at each other's throats the entire time, the entire ground was full of drunken and unhygienic louts. Then I got to watch two idiots chase a tiny flying ball around while more idiots hit things at each other. Oh, and then terrorists attacked the campsite." Keira scoffed.

"Wait, what was that last one?" I ask, sitting up straighter.

"Oh yes, 'Death Eaters', ridiculous name, attacked the campsite." she scoffs, her lips twitching. "Since when did you sleep shirtless? Also, when did you get muscles?"

"Since now, and they're a new thing," I deadpan. I do have muscles, small ones, but they are there. "You weren't hurt were you?" I ask quickly, making her roll her eyes with a smile.

"Please, Aunt Triss was there, a couple of morons tried causing trouble, and she incinerated them on the spot. The rest fled the moment they realised that someone was actually going to fight back. Honestly they got lucky, Morrigan looked like she was about to just slaughter them herself, and I'd put my money on her over those idiots any day." Keira explained. "Aunt Triss had to go to the Ministry, she's not in trouble obviously, but she sends her love."

Ouch, I almost pity them. Aunt Triss is very good with elemental magic.

"Good, I'm glad you were okay." I say with a smile, making her roll her eyes despite the small smile on her face.

"Now that we have gotten that out of the way, what the hell have you gotten yourself into?" she asks sternly, glaring at me. "Do you know how much I panicked when I found you unconscious?"

"I can-" I start, thinking about my answer.

"Oh? You can what? Explain? Wonderful, then explain this." she retorts, pulling a very familiar potion vial from her skirt pocket and tossing it at me. "Brimstone, Sulphur, plant based ingredients I can't find a single match for it. Oh, and it radiates traces of dark magic. So, Grayson please, do explain." she growls, making my tighten my grip on the bedsheets at her tone. "You're getting angry, you don't get angry, you get snarky at most. Is it drugs? I swear, if those idiots in Slytherin have gotten you addicted to something, I'll purge them from existence. I knew I should have made Dumbledore put you in Ravenclaw, his hat was clearly broken." she rants.

"No, Keira it's not drugs, it's, it's complicated." I say hesitantly, feeling a burst of guilt at the hurt look in her eyes.

"Gray, I won't push you, if you want me to stop asking I will, but we've always told each other everything." Keira says sadly. "You've been secretive ever since you started spending all your time in the restricted section"

"I, sorry, Keira. You're right." I say, giving her a kiss on the forehead.

Me and Keira have always been the closest in the family, and I have told her almost every secret I have, I'm pretty sure I know all hers as well.

In fact...

Keira Raum

Faction – Ravenclaw House

Thoughts about you – Love, Affection, Concern

Lesser Secrets – She trades favours with her brother to get away from homework and essays, she vanishes her elder brothers homework to get him into trouble and blames it on her sister

Major Secrets – She runs a small smuggling ring of contraband in Ravenclaw

Biggest Secret – ?

Huh, I knew about her little ring... and they say Slytherins are cunning, but she has a secret I don't know? I assume I can see her major secret because I already know it. I also knew the other two, I'm her alibi when Damian gets suspicious after all.

So what is her biggest secret?

"Do you want me to stop asking?" Keira asks, looking down slightly.

"No, but I need you to keep this a secret, more than anything else you know about me." I say, making up my mind.

If I can't trust Keira, I can't trust anyone. She's easily the person I am the closest to in the entire world.

"Of course, you have my word. Do you want me to swear it on my magic?" she asks immediately, making me sigh at how easily she said that. Swearing on your magic is not something to be done lightly, it can leave you a squib if you aren't careful about the wording.

"No, I trust you." I say, making her beam at me. "Demons are real, and we are the descendants of one," I start. Making her stare at me in confusion. "While I was exploring the forbidden section, I found this." I say, calling my Grimoire to me.

Something I found out I can do last night.

Keira doesn't speak as I explain what's going on, not hiding anything from her, the summoning, the Lodge, Mother's plan, my Sins, my plans. It might be a mistake, but I don't want to lie to Keira.

Watching as she reads the letters from Raum and my stats, scowling in places and looking thoughtful in other places.

"So to summarise, mother is part of a secret cult trying to take over the world, but she wants you to take over the cult and then the world yourself. And our ancestor was a demon lord who left a potion behind so one of his descendants could take over. Now you need to feed on sin and make sacrifices to get stronger, and if the wrong person finds out what you are, you'll be killed?" Keira says with a stern look.

"Pretty much? It's been a weird couple of weeks." I admit.

"And your sins are Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Envy and Wrath?" she asks, making me nod. "This is utterly insane, of course, but you wouldn't lie to me about something like this. Which means it must be true. Which is ridiculous." she deadpans, rereading the letter, before her lips twitch. "'You will be a God before this path is done, but you cannot do it alone. No man can truly stand alone, build your faction, gather followers and servants to assist you in your quest.' you know what that means?" she asks with a growing grin.

Oh no...

"I was right, naturally, even our demon ancestor agrees that you are too much of a loner. Hmm, does that mean I have demon blood?" she asks herself.

"Yes, any of us could have drunk the potion and turned." I admit.

"Well, better you than Morrigan, and Damian as a demon is as ridiculous as it is stupid." she deadpans. "I would have made a fetching demon, but I suppose if any of us should have done it, it was the one with the years of Occlumency practice." she agreed. "So, now what? I assume you have a brilliant plan already?"

"I haven't got a clue." I admit with a sigh, making her eyebrow raise.

"You? My little genius brother, has no idea what he's doing? You always know what you're doing." Keira protests.

"Mother is right, I need to build my own faction, if for no other reason than to protect myself. Something drove demons of Earth and back into Hell after all, and apparently even descendants of demons are incredibly rare now. Those demons were stronger than me, and they were still driven away or killed. I have no idea who or what did it, mother only knows rumours as well. And even if there isn't some secret society of demon slayers, the Lodge wants to make me their weapon. So I need to take them over just to stop myself from being used as a tool." I say. "Which means I need power and followers, but that's where I am stuck. I just, don't know what the best way to advance is." I admit reluctantly getting a soothing smile from Keira, I have an end-goal, what I don't have is a path to get to it other than 'Get stronger and get followers.'

"Well, you have mother on your side and you have me, so you are guaranteed to succeed." she says with her nose in the air, making me chuckle.

"Joining Team Demon, huh?" I ask, making her smirk.

"Well, I'm not suggesting we jump right into sacrificing puppies in the moonlight to the Demon Lord Balthazar or anything, but you're my adorable little brother, and becoming a demon isn't going to change that. Besides, animals are used in potions and alchemy all the time, why should ritual magic be any different?" she asks. "So yes, I'm joining Team Demon."

"Thank you, Keira." I say sincerely. Unlike mother, Keira doesn't have some master plan or scheme going on, she's just helping me.

"You're welcome. Now, are you actually wearing anything under the quilt?" she asks, making me pause.

I never did get dressed after I was done.

"Nope." I admit.

"Wonderful, get dressed and meet me outside. I have an idea." she says calmly getting off the bed, kissing my forehead and leaving the room.

Well, this should be interesting.

Throwing some clothes on, I head out to see her tapping her foot impatiently. She never was one for being kept waiting.

"Come on, this way." she says, grabbing my hand and pulling me through the manor.

"Wonderful, the weakling is awake." Morrigan mocks as we pass her.

"Do me a favour, Morrigan, and go die in a fire." Keira helpfully replies as she pulls me passed our older sister.

Morrigan Raum

Faction – Herself

Thoughts about you – Love, Concern, Worry

Lesser Secrets – She practices her curses on the younger year Gryffindor boys. She castrated one of her Slytherin classmates for not taking no for an answer, took him deep into the forbidden forest then obliviated him, leaving him to his fate

Major Secrets – ?

Biggest Secret – ?

Hang on... her thoughts are what? Where's the scorn, hatred and anger?

Also, a possible murder was one of her lesser secrets? The fuck has she been up to for her major and biggest then? I mean, I don't care if she killed a classmate who got pushy. And I do think I remember hearing that someone in her year went into the forbidden forest and got killed, but that was the year before I joined. So she would have been in her third year?

It was a big thing, but they eventually wrote it off as him doing a dare or a test of courage.

Damn, that's badass. I haven't even got the hang of the memory charm yet, and she was wiping memories and killing classmates in third year?

Glancing back at her, I catch her looking at us with a strange expression before she scowls and storms away, tossing a glare at me.

"Bitch." Keira scoffs.

Pausing, I tell her what I saw, making her eyes narrow.

"Morrigan, love anything? I think your eyes are busted, or maybe there's a lovable little girl buried deep inside her... like, the centre of the earth deep, but I doubt it. Can't say I'm surprised she has killed someone, but I can't say I care, he sounded like he had it coming. I think we need to work out how to improve your eyes so they can see every secret, it'd make finding people to recruit much easier." Keira points out as we reach the kitchen.

"True. So, did you drag me all this way for a snack?" I ask, making her smirk.

"Nope. Elves! We need food and drinks, as much as you can prepare." Keira orders loudly as she enters, sending the elves into a frenzy. "Gluttony is one of your sins, so you're going to eat until you can't eat any more. Stuff your face with as much food as you can, and then when you're ready to explode or collapse into a food coma, we will see if your essence has increased." she says as the food starts to pile up, sandwiches and fruit to begin with.

Here we go...

- Three Hours Later -

"Come on, you can finish it! Do it, do it, do it!" Keira cheers as I struggle to take another bite of the last slice of cake. Where did the elves even find such a ridiculously large chocolate cake?

Around me, dozens of dirty plates are piled up, and those are the ones that haven't been cleaned. I stopped drinking from goblets and glasses and just started drinking wine straight from the bottle (Keira's idea, since I'm underaged it might be a sin), turns out I don't get drunk, like at all.

I have emptied the kitchen of all juices and non-alcoholic drinks, an entire barrel of ale emptied, dozens of animals worth of meals devoured... but my seemingly bottomless hole is finally filled.

Finishing the last slice with some struggle, I fall back in my seat, groaning as Keira cheers in celebration, the elves joining in for some reason.

"You know, we are going to have to bring you to one of the Ravenclaw parties, it'd be hilarious to watch you drink my housemates under the table." she says as I summon my Grimoire, cracking it open despite my... heaviness.

Demonic Essence - Five

"Well... it did something. Now I just need nine hundred and ninety-five more." I say making Keira smirk.

"But it is an easy method and now we know it works, every meal you just need to eat as much as possible, and we can easily afford to replace all the food you've just eaten. Plus, there are banquets every day at Hogwarts." she points out. "It's repeatable and it won't get you in trouble." she says, getting a nod from me.

"True, it'll add up over time." I admit, I only got four essence, but I can do this daily if I have the time.

Leaving the kitchen, the house elves clean the carnage I left behind as I wobble along.

"Come on, we can talk in my room, weroom don't want Morrigan or Damian overhearing us." Keira says, pulling me along.

Getting to her room quickly, she makes me sit on the bed, sitting in front of me with her legs crossed.

"So, Gluttony is easy. Wrath seems like more trouble than it's worth and it's only a minor sin anyway. Greed and Envy are going to be harder, do you need to start making hordes of things for Greed? Take what belongs to other people for Envy? We are going to have to experiment with it, maybe once we get back to Hogwarts, so we have more test subjects there." she says with a smirk. "But your major sin is Lust, perv, which means you can probably get more essence from it than anything else, you probably got that one from mothers teasing, right?" Keira asks.

"Probably." I agree.

"Did you jerk off afterwards?" she asks bluntly, rolling her eyes as mine widen. "Really, you'll tell me that you're a demon, but whether you stroked yourself after mom got you hard is too much?" she asks sarcastically.

"Yes, okay, I did. I needed to get my lust under control." I admit with a tiny blush.

"So, it could have been that as well... are you a virgin?" Keira continues.

"I, yes, I am." I say, making her shrug.

"No shame in it, so am I, but we might have to deal with that. How do you feel about one night stands? We could sneak out into the muggle world, an ageing potion could get us into a club, and even if you can't pick up a drunken muggle, a drop of a directed lust potion could help. I saw a book on those in the library. Oh, don't give me that look, Mr Mindslaver. I am not losing you, everyone else comes second to making sure you get strong and stay safe." she says, my body going warm at her words.

"I don't know. I feel like I'd get possessive?" I say, thinking.

"Maybe your envy and greed? Which means one night stands aren't going to work. What if. No, we couldn't bring them back here, not with Damian and Morrigan around." she says to herself. "I know a couple of girls from school who would be down to come here and get fucked, but they're pretty smart and we can't risk them finding anything out yet." she says, still mostly talking to herself. "Well, I still have a plan but we can come back to that later. Next, your power, this Mindslaver thing, we need to find out how it works, and to do that we need to test it." she says, making me nod. "And unfortunately, I'm the only one we can test it on without drawing attention to ourselves. You can make contracts right? Let's do it." she says, summoning some parchment and a quill.

"Wait, seriously?" I ask, as she writes quickly.

"Yes, like I said, I'm on your side, and we need to know how effective it is. Here." she says, passing the parchment to me.

It's a basic contract, claiming that once signed it will bind Keira Raum to Grayson Raum as a Doll-type slave for thirty minutes or until the phrase 'Morrigan is a bitch' is said.

Reaching out with my power, I imbue the contract with demonic magic, the text turning red and the parchment black.

"Well, that seems to have worked." Keira says, taking it back. "First, give me a simple order, something irrelevant, then try something you don't think I'd want to do. and Then something I would hate. See if there is any difference in my actions, any hesitation or signs of me breaking free, got it?" she asks.

"I do, are you sure about this?" I ask, making her smirk, the quill going down to the bottom of the contract.

A single signature later, and her smirk falls off her face completely, her arms falling to her side.

"Keira, get off the bed and jump on the spot." I order, to start with, taking the contract and quill from her as she moves to obey immediately.

With an utterly blank expression that frankly creeps me out on her usually expressive face, she jumps on the spot without end, even after five minutes she is still just obediently jumping with no sign of stopping.

Her expression is creeping me out because it's Keira, I don't think I'd care if it was anyone else, but seeing her like this just seems wrong.

"Keira, stop." I order, watching her fall still.

Something she'd dislike...

"Keira, kiss my foot." I say, watching her fall to her knees without a moment of hesitation, her lips lowering to my bare foot as I sit on the edge of her bed. Keira is prideful, and yet here she is repeatedly kissing my foot all over without a single sign of hesitation or anger.

"Keira, stop." I order again. "Stand up." I order.

Now, something she'd hate... sorry, Keira, but I'm gonna use your secret fear against you.

Transfiguring a random piece of clothing that is laying around on the floor, I smile as I pick up the very life-like rat in my hand. It even acts real, skittering around in my hand.

"Keira, hold this." I say, passing it to her. There's no hesitation in her actions as she takes it, staring blankly at me even as I charm the fake-rat to run up her arm and onto her shoulder.

Nothing, even with it in her face, she just stands there.

Turning it back, I throw the skirt away with a smile.

"Morrigan is a bitch." I say in amusement, watching her blank face immediately change. The contract bursts into flames, not damaging the bed it is resting on.

"Eww! Eww, Eww, Eww, Eww! It was crawling all over me... wait here, I'm going to take a shower or three." Keira says as she holds in her vomit, fleeing to her en-suite. I can taste her disgust as it radiates off her.

Yup, Keira despises rats, or any rodent actually.

I'm only mildly surprised that it takes her almost an hour to come back.

Seeing me go to speak, she holds up a hand.

"Don't, it was a good idea... and this was my idea after all." she says, just wearing a towel as she lays back down on the bed. "It was horrible... I was completely aware of what was happening, I could see and feel everything, but I was a prisoner in my own mind. No matter how much I tried to throw the rat off me I was just, it was horrible. If anyone really angers us, this is how to punish them." Keira says seriously.

"Right... so you couldn't break free at all?"

"Couldn't even twitch a finger." she says, summoning more parchment as she writes another one...

Looking it over, it is identical... except for the slave type.

Imbuing it with power, she signs it and then looks it over.

"Hmm, I feel the same. Order me to do something." she says, looking herself over.

"Keira, pass me the contract." I order, watching her arm shoot up as her eyes widen.

"I... didn't do that." Keira points out. "Do it again, something I wouldn't like, I'll try and keep still. No rats."

"Like what?" I ask, watching her roll her eyes.

"Whatever, as long as it isn't rats."

"Keira... undo your towel and hold it open." I order, making her eyes widen as she blushes, her hand coming to the towel, immediately pulling it apart, revealing her wet, naked body, her breasts hanging free, perky despite their size and lack of support, each topped with a cute little pink nipple.

Huh, I figured she'd shave her pubic hair completely, instead there is a very neatly trimmed small patch of blond hair.

"I'm trying to close it but my hands won't obey, you were too specific you pervert." she explains, her tone even despite her flushed face.

"You can stop." I say, watching her close it again. "You said to do something you wouldn't like." I point out.

"Well, you are a hormonal teenaged demon-boy, so I should have seen this coming." she admits, not sounding particularly angry.

"Any other tests?" I ask, making her frown before she sighs.

"Yes, order me to do something that you think I'd hate. We need to test it after all, ugh, this is going to suck." she groans. "But no rats!"

"Keira stand in front of me and take off your towel." I order, making her roll her eyes even as she obeys, dropping the towel as she stands in front of me.

"You really have a one-track mind, you know that?" she asks, hand on her hips. "I can't move from this spot, but I can still move my body." she explains.

"Good, now walk to your fireplace and floo to Diagon Alley" I order, her eyes widening in shock and horror as her body starts to move towards her fireplace.

"Wait Gray, I'm sorry, I was just teasing, you can look all you want! Please, don't" she begs. Tears starting to form as I watch her grab a handful of floo powder, unable to stop herself from igniting the fire and slowly walking towards it, she's slowing herself down, but that's because I didn't specify how fast she had to move. "Gray? Please?! We can't risk people finding out about your powers? Wouldn't you prefer to have fun with me?" she bargains as I watch her blankly. "You're a lust demon, don't you want to try your lust out?! Just, just say the word and you could do anything you wanted to me." she points out desperately as she moves at a snail's pace towards the fireplace.

Keira takes her reputation very seriously.

"Keira, stop." I say as she steps into the fireplace, making her drop to her knees.

"Oh, Merlin, thank you, Gray. What- what do you want me to do instead?" she asks defeatedly as I walk towards her. Standing in front of her, my eyes widen as her hand comes to my trousers without my order. "Let's just try this instead, right? We get to test your power, your lust and you get some pleasure out of it? That's better, right?" she asks, unbuttoning my trousers.

"Keira, stop. Morrigan is a bitch." I say, making her freeze. "Sorry, but like you said, I needed to test it." I say apologetically as she rises on shaky legs.

Almost immediately, she slaps me.

"You were never going to make me streak, were you?" Keira asks as she stares at me, uncaring of her nudity.

"Of course not, you are min- My sister, I'd never do that to you." I promise, seeing her eyebrow raise at my slip of the tongue. She doesn't comment on it.

"You really are a demon" she says, before she laughs in relief. "Damn, you're a good actor. I honestly thought, nice work, it was a good test. I, wow, that was terrible, I was struggling so much, but all I could do was slow down... you said I had to go to Diagon Alley, and my body just stopped listening to me. I like to think I'm fairly sstrong-wille but I couldn't do anything. That is, powerful. Horrible to be under, of course, but you realise what this means?" she asks, slowly growing excitedly.

"That we can do this?" I ask with a smirk.

"Oh, we can definitely do this. Hogwarts has no idea what's heading its way... we'll have control of Ravenclaw and Slytherin by Christmas, the whole school by the end of the school year." Keira says, hugging me.

A nice thought...

"Now, I need to get dressed. Yes, yes, I know, you're very sad to lose sight of this work of art, but Aunt Triss is coming around once she's done with the Ministry... and she's your next target isn't she?" Keira asks.

"You don't mind? You've always looked up to her." I point out.

"Before I found out she was part of a plot to turn my favourite person in the world into a weapon, I still admire her. I even like her, but she is a threat until you have her under your control, a spy reporting to her secret society, and we need to change that." Keira says seriously.

Well, when she puts it that way...

- Bonus Scene – Daphne -

"So, it's official then?" she asked, looking at her mother with a cold expression.

"It is. Myself and Lady Raum have signed the contract, you and Grayson are now engaged, to be married when you both are of age." her mother agreed. "I expect you to make an effort to get close to him." she pointed out.

"I don't believe I have a choice, do you have a copy of the contract?" Daphne asked icily, taking the offered contract, just a copy with no magic in it. "I am going to my room, I do not wish to be disturbed." she said bluntly, leaving without giving her mother a chance to speak.

Heading to her room, she threw herself on the bed with a deep sigh.

It wasn't that she didn't get the reason the contract had been made, the Greengrass family was wealthy but not particularly influential due to being a reasonably new noble family, only a few hundred years old. Both the Raum and Black bloodlines could claim thousands of years of Pureblood lineage and that came with a lot of respect. She could see the benefits for her family, and this was definitely something that benefited them more than the Raum's.

With the wealth and business connections of the Greengrass family and the lineage and respect of the Raum and Black's, their children would be powerhouses in politics and business.

The Greengrass's had gotten a far better deal in the grand scheme of things.

Which was why the contract was so heavily in Grayson's favour.

"So it's official then?" Tracey asked hesitantly as Daphne groaned into the bedsheets, her Occlumency barrier down in the privacy of her room.

Sitting up, she looked at her best friend, and servant, with a scowl.

"Yes, it's all here. It might as well be a slave contract for how controlling it is.

'Heiress Greengrass will allow her betrothed, Grayson Raum, whatever intimate acts he desires with her.'

'Heiress Greengrass will make a magical oath of loyalty to her betrothed, Grayson Raum.'

'Heiress Greengrass will make a magical oath of fidelity to her betrothed, Grayson Raum.'

'All debts owed to Heiress Greengrass will transfer over to her betrothed, Grayson Raum.'"

she read off with a deep scowl. "Sorry, Tracey." she said, making Tracey smile slightly.

Life-debts are a weird thing, it was the kind of thing that could leave someone enslaved to their best friend if handled poorly. Like if it was handled by a pair of dumb ten year olds. They'd never cared that much because Daphne would never take advantage of her friend, but now her leash was in anothers hand.

"Maybe it won't be that bad? I mean, Grayson isn't the worst choice, right?" Tracey asked.

"I have no idea, he uses Occlumency more than I do, he could be a shy wallflower, or he could be a bigger asshole than Nott. There's no way to know since he hides all his emotions." Daphne pointed out.

"Well, he's smart? And he isn't ugly?" Tracey, ever the optimist reasoned.

"He's brilliant, but magically weak. It's why Granger always comes first, she beats him in the practical exams. And sure, he's not ugly, but he isn't handsome either." Daphne, ever the pessimist pointed out.

She accepted that this was going to happen for one reason... if it wasn't her, it would be Astoria. She forced her mother to agree that if Daphne agreed to a betrothal contract, Astoria would be left to choose her own husband.

She wasn't that bothered that she was sacrificing herself for her sister, but she was not happy that her mother had gotten back at her by including Tracey in the deal.

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