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A Sorcerer's Ambition

Chapter 24: Mother-Daughter Competition

Ginny Weasley –

"Are you fucking my mother?" Ginny asked, making Gray blink and look up from the book he was idly reading.

"Hello to you as well, Miss Weasley," Grayson deadpanned, closing his book as she blushed at his dull tone.

She was a blunt person, and she wanted to get this particular conversation over with, but perhaps she should have started with a 'hello' before jumping to the accusations.

Molly was living in Hogwarts now, but her mother was awfully quiet about exactly what she was doing for Gray beyond being his maid. If it was just cooking and cleaning she'd have been honest about it, but Molly always hedged around actually answering.

She knew Gray was a horny bastard, their flirtations proved that, so it wasn't a hard jump to guess what Gray was doing with his… vassal.

"Are you?" Ginny asked, crossing her arms as Gray sighed and stood up.

"Follow me, we can speak in private, rather than you loudly besmirching your mother's name in the middle of the library," Gray said bluntly, making her pause, glancing around before she nodded quietly. Fortunately, nobody else seemed to be around and she wasn't that loud.

Following behind him, she bit her lip as she considered things. Gray didn't say no, but even if he admitted it… she was smart enough to know that she couldn't actually stop him from using her mother however he pleased, that was the price of them becoming his vassals. He could use her just as easily if he pulled rank and told her to get on her knees or spread her legs, she didn't have much of a choice if she didn't want to endanger her family.

Her mother almost certainly knew the risks going into this, it was probably why Molly handled the negotiations instead of her father, if she was smarter she probably should have just ignored this entirely. They reached Grayson's rooms, Gray taking a seat and gesturing for her to do the same.

But she was a Gryffindor for a reason, charging forth into danger and uncomfortable conversations alike.

As she went to speak, Gray held up his hand and pulled out a small bell with engraved runes glowing slightly on the bronze metal, ringing it once and putting it back into his robes.

Waiting a moment, she watched as Molly walked into the living room and the reason for the seat he'd gestured for her to take became apparent, the large chair concealing her from view enough for Molly to not notice her immediately as she looked at Grayson.

"You called for me, sir?" her mother asked, Ginny's eyes widening at the sight of her prudish mother. Gone was her frumpy heavy dress, replaced with a maid costume that was undeniably slutty.

The tiny skirt barely covered her mother's large ass, wide hips wrapped in the thin but expensive looking material, her massive breasts barely contained by the matching black and white top as she gave Gray a bow. Her hair was tied back in a simple ponytail,

"Do you require my… services again?" Molly asked, a slight blush on her cheeks as the undeniable answer to Ginny's question presented itself. "Would you like my mouth today, or would you prefer another hole?"

"Mum!?" Ginny asked, shocked and confused as Molly jumped in surprise, just now noticing her in the large armchair.

"Ginny?! Gray, what is this?" Molly asked quickly, an accusing eye turned to Gray who simply raised an eyebrow, Molly catching herself. "I meant what is this, sir."

"You failed to hide your true duties, Ginny asked me, in public no less, whether I was fucking you. I simply decided to show her the truth, as clearly you don't mind her knowing if you've done such a poor job hiding it," Gray drawled bluntly, Molly's face turning increasingly red as she tried to cover her body.

"Ginny, this isn't-"

"This is exactly what it looks like, your mother is my maid, attending to all of my needs. She entered my service fully knowing my intentions for her, to save the twins from their stupidity," Gray cut in, making Molly flinch and look away, ashamed. "Is that a problem?" Gray asked, challenging her to make a scene as his violet eyes drilled into her.

"Yeah, my mother having an affair is a problem," Ginny said, Molly's head snapping to her. "But I'm not stupid, I know I can't make you stop."

"I'm fairly certain your father is well aware of his wife's… duties," Gray said simply.

"Doesn't mean I'm happy about it, so use me instead," Ginny said, stuttering slightly as Gray's eyebrow rose. "Mum can be your maid for the normal stuff, but I'll take her place for the other stuff," Ginny offered, her face burning red.

She wasn't dumb enough to pick a fight with the guy who basically owned her family, but she didn't want her mother being used like this either. She was attracted to Gray and was probably going to end up sleeping with him anyway, even if this discovery had certainly lowered her respect for the quiet Slytherin.

"Ginny, no. It's fine, I don't want you acting like a slu- like a scarlet woman," Molly said, making Gray chuckle.

"Molly, be quiet. Ginny, you understand what you are offering, correct?" Gray asked, making her nod as her mother went quiet.

"S-sex," Ginny answered, making Gray smirk slightly.

"Yes, but I want to make sure you understand exactly what you're volunteering for. Molly woke me up with a blowjob this morning, afterwards I fucked her in the shower. Molly is at my beck and call, I ring this bell and she answers regardless of what she's doing," Gray explained plainly, Molly going red as he spoke. "Her ass, mouth and pussy belong to me, last night I decided I wanted her while she was asleep, I didn't even bother waking her up before I took her."

It was strange to see Gray, the posh and proper lordling, be so crude, but it was effective.

"You would be in the same position, my own personal sex toy. At any moment I could pull you aside and use you for my pleasure," Gray continued as she hesitated, unable to meet his gaze as she pictured him simply pulling her into a broom closet, lifting her robes and fucking her, sending her back to her friends or to class with his seed leaking from a freshly fucked pussy.

"Sir, you said you'd leave Ginny alone-" Molly started, going quiet as Gray sent an annoyed look her way.

"And I planned to, until she approached me," Gray said simply. "Now be quiet. Are you sure you want to offer yourself in her place, Ginny?"

"I-" Ginny started, hesitating. "I am."

Molly clearly wanted to speak, but she remained silent, unwilling to earn Gray's ire.

"Prove it, strip."

Molly's eyes widened as Ginny went red, looking between her watching mother whose eyes were pleading for her to leave and the observing Gray as she stood up.

Molly closed her eyes in defeat as Ginny's robes hit the ground, her hands fumbling with her shirt's buttons, exposing her pale flesh to Gray's hungry eyes.

Her skirt joined the rest as she stepped out of the pile of clothes, hesitating briefly before she reached back and unclipped her Gryffindor-themed bra.

As it fell to the floor, she went to cover her small breasts, her frame far more slender than her mother's curvy one, but she stopped herself and ripped off the band-aid, pushing down her panties as she stood before Gray completely naked.

Her virgin slit had a small tuft of red hair above it, small pink nipples slightly hard much to her shame.

"So, you want to take Molly's place. Molly doesn't want you to take her place, quite the predicament," Gray said, turning to Molly. "What do you think, Molly?"

"Ginny wouldn't even know what to do, and she has classes and homework that will keep her busy, I'm a far better choice," Molly said quickly, making Gray chuckle. "And you love my massive breasts, Ginny is still just a little girl."

Despite knowing that Molly was trying to protect her, Ginny bristled at her mothers' words, didn't she understand that it was better for Ginny to take her place so Molly could stop cheating on Arthur?

"Please, Gray already wants me. I'm not a little girl, I'm just slim," Ginny said, hand on her hip as she gave Gray a smirk. She knew he wanted her, his eyes roaming her naked body.

She was slender, with far smaller breasts than her mother, but his gaze made her feel sexy all the same, the hunger in his eyes as he took in her toned body.

"She's right, I'm inexperienced, you were my first kiss, but I'm a fast learner. All my firsts are yours," Ginny countered. "I've already touched myself thinking about you, this is just… speeding things up, and I know you want me. Just say the word and you can fuck me right here on this table, you'll be the first and only man to enjoy my tight pussy."

"Ginny, stop talking like that!" Molly gasped, making her scoff.

"Look who's talking, you're a married woman with kids older than Gray and you're here dressed like a slut, eager to take his cock," Ginny countered, making Molly frown.

"I'm doing what's best for our family, Grayson was generous enough to let those two idiots avoid spending a couple of decades in Azkaban, in comparison to that, what's a little sex?" Molly said, hands on her hips. "Grayson has been nothing but merciful and gracious to our family, I'm simply repaying his kindness in the best way I can. The way he wants me to."

"On your back?" Ginny scoffed, making Molly blush even as her eyes narrowed. Her mother was a bit of a control freak, and she wasn't used to any of her children talking back to her but Ginny wasn't giving up on this.

Her dad was probably at home heartbroken because his wife was busy getting railed by a teenage boy.

"Oftentimes yes, or on my knees, or in any other position Grayson wants me," Molly admitted, making Ginny's eyes widen at the blunt admission. "Grayson has been nothing but good to our family despite the rough start, thanks to those foolish brothers of yours, and if he wants me on my back to repay our debt to him then that's how he'll have me."

Grayson himself just watched the argument in amusement.

"What about dad?" Ginny countered, seeing a hint of shame in her mother's eyes.

"Your father was well aware of the chance that Grayson would use his new power over me for… baser purposes, and while he's not thrilled with it, he agreed it was the best for our family," Molly argued, sounding like she was trying to convince herself as much as she was anyone else.

"So let me take your place, you-" Ginny started, trailing off in frustration. "Gray, send my mum home and you can do anything to me. You've had your fun with her, but she's an old woman, replace her with the younger, prettier model," Ginny said, hands on her hips as she gave him a little smile.

"No, sir, please send this little girl back to her room, and I'll happily remind you why more experienced women are better. I'm sure you have enough schoolgirls in your bedroom as it is," Molly said with a surprisingly sultry tone, hesitating before she pulled up her top causing her massive breasts to bounce free as she moved closer, her breasts pressing against Gray's arms as she whispered into her ear. "I want to feel you inside me again, stirring my insides up in ways Arthur never could."

Her skirt unclipped, falling to the floor as Ginny glared at her slutty cheating mother.

"Send the old woman away, Gray, I want you to pop my v-card, I'm much tighter than her. I want to feel you splitting me in two, your fat cock filling me in ways I've never been filled before."

Two could play at this game.

Molly Weasley —

"She might be… tight, but she can't please you like I can, virgins are overrated. Do you think she could worship your cock like I do? She'd be all teeth, barely able to take half your length before she was pulling back, and you know how good my mouth feels wrapped around your fat cock."

Why in Merlin's name could Ginny not just listen to her? This was so degrading, but she wasn't going to back down and let her little girl be used like she was.

"Maybe I'd be worse, at first, but like I said, I'm a fast learner, you could train me to pleasure you exactly the way you want. I want you to reshape my pussy, to make it a perfect fit for this big fat cock," Ginny said, her tone sultry but embarrassed as her voice cracked slightly, and yet at the same time Ginny reached down and grasped Gray's cock through his trousers. "Make me your perfect little cumdump, to be pulled into broom closets and used, you can send me back to class with your seed leaking out of my tight little cunt."

How lewd, where did Ginny even learn to talk like that?! But playing the scandalised mother wouldn't stop Gray from taking up her offer, no it'd just annoy the man who now got to decide both of their fates. She had to play along to win Gray over to her side, no matter how scandalous this was, as she pressed her naked body against her owner's still-clothed chest, her daughter doing the same on the other side.

She was well aware of the dangerous game Ginny was playing, because if Gray told them both to join him in his bed they'd have no real option but to obey, only his word kept Gray from taking both her and Ginny together in a truly debauched act, and Ginny was testing that word.

Gray said he'd leave her alone, but that didn't account for her literally throwing herself at him.

"Do you really want to lose out on this, just because Ginny has decided you shouldn't be allowed to use me?" Molly asked, grabbing Gray's hand and moving it to her breast, pleased when it immediately squeezed the soft flesh. "Arthur knew the risks, it's not Ginny's business to interfere in our deal."

"I'm not interfering, I'm offering him a better alternative," Ginny argued back, seeing Grayson listening to her.

"You think you're offering a better alternative, but Grayson already has the best option," Molly said, giving her stubborn daughter a stern look as she undid Gray's belt and extracted his rock-hard cock, stroking it as Ginny immediately joined in.

Their hands touched, almost fighting over the meaty shaft as she felt a burst of shame at how degenerate this was, giving Gray a twin handjob with her own daughter.

"You two do realise that I don't have to pick, right? I said I'd leave Ginny out of my… degeneracy, but she's the one who came to my room and stripped for me," Gray deadpanned, making them both freeze. "What exactly was your plan if I decided I wanted you both?"

"I-" Ginny started, hesitating as she realised her mistake.

"Didn't think of that, because you're still a child," Molly cut in, seeing an opening. "Sir, I'm terribly sorry about Ginny's reckless actions, especially after you were so generous as to leave her out of our agreement."

As she spoke, she kept stroking his cock with her slender fingers as Ginny blushed.

"Please, pay her no mind. She's just a silly little girl who is trying to pretend she's a grown woman," Molly said, kissing his neck. "Send her away and I'll happily show you my gratitude."

"Mum, listen to yourself! What would Dad think, hanging off someone Ron's age?" Ginny tried, making Molly sigh.

"And what would he think of his only daughter trying to sell herself into sexual slavery? This is a lose-lose situation, and Arthur has accepted that my body belongs to Lord Grayson," Molly explained simply, making Ginny bristle. She was a very stubborn girl.

"Ginny," Grayson cut in, making them both flinch as he finally spoke up himself. "I won't drag you into a threesome, as much as I'm tempted, but if you are so determined to free Molly from my grasp…" Gray said, slapping her ass roughly as he spoke to show his control over her as she gasped. "I'll give you a chance, next week if you do not change your mind you can join Molly as my maid, and sex toy, for the entire week. I won't fuck your pussy, but that's the only exception you get. If at the end of the week, you've shown that you can and will serve me in the same fashion that Molly does, better than Molly can, I'll take you as a mistress of house Raum and free Molly from her servitude as my maid."

Molly gasped, feeling almost betrayed but unable to speak as Gray gave her a warning look. Ginny went quiet, looking between the two before she nodded.

"Molly, you have until the end of next week to prove that you are the better choice, you claim that your experience makes you the better servant so I'll give you a chance to prove it," Gray said bluntly, making her nod as she gave Ginny an annoyed look, which was returned by her rebellious daughter.

This was far from ideal, but nothing about this had been ideal since the twins had decided to try and blackmail a powerful lord. Ginny would end up dragged into their games, but at least she could avoid Ginny giving up her virginity as long as she won this little game.

Gray liked his games, and while he'd handily won the last one, she was at least sure she could beat her daughter in the bedroom arts. Even Ginny's handjob was shaky and inexperienced, compared to her own deft massage of Gray's impressive shaft. It shouldn't be hard to show Gray why he should keep her and put an end to Ginny's ridiculous offer.

She had some ideas of how to blow Ginny out of the water, but she hoped it didn't come to that, because most of them were degrading, and would ruin her reputation among both her family and the public alike.

Gray was spiteful, and one of her ideas was for her to take him back to the Burrow for him to use her while the twins had to watch as a disciplinary action to show them the price of their failure.

She just hoped Ginny was smart enough not to take things too far on her end because the only winner of this game would be Grayson.

"Fine, deal," Ginny agreed stubbornly, head held high despite her nudity, her perky body on full display for Gray to take in.

"Very well, but for now I suggest you leave, I'm about to use your mother like a two-knut whore and if you stay, you're joining in," Gray said crudely, making Ginny blush and step back.

"R-right, so… I'll see you Monday?" Ginny asked, making Gray nod.

"Until Monday, unless you change your mind," Gray agreed, making Ginny jut out her chin, the picture of stubbornness. It was too much to hope that she'd give up and back out. "Leave your underwear, oh and don't wear any on Monday," Gray ordered as Ginny went to grab her clothes, hesitating just a moment before she obediently left the red and gold underwear on the floor.

Ginny slowly got dressed as Gray watched, not even hiding his interest before Ginny took a deep breath and moved forward, capturing Gray's lips in a short but rough kiss.

"I'm going to rock your world, and make you forget about this old woman," Ginny whispered, not quite as confident as she was trying to sound as Gray gave her an indulgent smile before Ginny moved back with a hint of darkness behind her eyes as she glared towards Molly.

Wait, was Ginny jealous of her?

Walking away with a sway to her hips, she looked back to make sure Gray was still watching before she left the room.

"Sir-" Molly started, stopping as Gray turned to her.

"You have three days head start, if you want me to keep you I suggest you get to work proving why you think you're better than Ginny," Gray said bluntly, making her go quiet before she nodded.

"Yes, sir. How do you want me first?" Molly asked submissively, making him smirk.

"Surprise me, but let's move this to the bedroom."

Grayson Raum-Black –

Pulling out of the now-unconscious Molly, I give her curvy body an appreciative look as I smile to myself. There's no way in heaven or hell that I plan to give up Molly, and Ginny is unknowingly serving herself up to me on a silver platter.

Turning Molly onto her front, I place my hand on the womb tattoo I gifted her, my demonic brand giving me access to far more than Molly will ever realise.

Molly is an unknowing mindslave, she'll follow any order I give her but she rationalises them in her mind. I planted a few simple thoughts into her subconscious, of course, she's something of a test subject to be perfectly honest.

Most of the orders are to make her see my happiness as her family's safety and prosperity. With our upcoming competition, I make a few tiny changes to her subconscious commands, influencing her mind in subtle but important ways.

Ginny truly is a Gryffindor, because she didn't even notice that even if she wins I certainly never said I'd stop treating her mum like a cheap slut, I said I'd free her from her maid duties. She'll still be my vassal, nothing is stopping me from freeing her from her maid position and then fucking her anyway.

I have plans for Molly and plans for Ginny as well. To be honest, I have plans for most of the students in the school at this point, by the end of this year I intend to have near complete control over Hogwarts, staff and students.

With the recent attack from Heaven, I simply don't have the time to go any slower. That said Dumbledore remains one of the main roadblocks towards this goal, but I have a few ideas of how to deal with him. Non-violently, of course, I'm not brave enough to try and take on Grindelwald's slayer in anything even remotely resembling a fair fight. Fortunately, he seems busy with this tournament and the mess with the 'fourth' champion is serving as a good smokescreen.

The fake Mad-Eye is almost certainly responsible, I worked that much out immediately, this is merely Rose's yearly adventure. A scheme by the followers of Voldemort? I can use that, as long as they lose in the end.

I can also use the not-so-subtle Auror bodyguard I still have, Nymphadora has taken to following me around under an invisibility cloak since I kept ditching her before, fortunately, I'm not so easily tailed. I've felt her arousal, she's been forced to watch entirely too many liaisons with my many lovers, never seeing anything incriminating of course. Even right now, she's outside the suite since she doesn't want to trigger the wards and accidentally 'reveal' that she's been following me.

The pieces are starting to move into place, I just need to nudge some of them into position.

But leaving Molly to her sex-induced coma while my new alterations find their home deep in her subconscious, I set off out of the suite again, sighing as I get all of five steps before someone interrupts me.


"Hello, Miss Delacour, is there something-" I start, seeing the indignation in the veela's eyes.

"Yes, you can STOP AVOIDING ME," Fleur says, wand sparking as I raise an eyebrow at her.

"I realise that this may come as a surprise for you, but the world doesn't revolve around you. I have simply been busy, given your position as a champion I would have expected that you have been equally busy," I say simply, unconcerned by her fury.

I have 100% been avoiding her, the ball Duchess Henrietta is holding is next Sunday, and she's rapidly running out of time to get the painting her grandmother wants. My growing collection of unaware slaves and my familiar, Tyche, have helped me avoid the increasingly desperate veela.

If she wants to achieve the task her grandmother gave her, which is clearly important to her, she has basically no time left since she doesn't know how long it'll take me to paint the portrait they want since she wants it for the ball itself (I've done my research, the Veela society is very matriarchal and her grandmother is seen as the de facto leader of all Veela in France).

The almost manic look in her eyes tells me she doesn't quite believe me.

"I have been looking for you all week, and you have the balls to say you aren't trying to avoid me?" Fleur scoffs, making me blink.

"You know, there is such a thing as coming on too strong."

Fleur's indignant screech is music to my ears, but I suppose I can stop playing so hard to get. I think she's nice and marinated at this point.

Bonus Scene — Edna var Attre

Entering Karkaroff's office on the ship, she couldn't deny she was slightly nervous.

The headmaster had a dark reputation, but she knew her family name and pureblood status would protect her.

"You called for me, headmaster?" Edna asked, making the older man turn to her.

"Take a seat, this won't take long. It's just a check-in, I'm doing it with all the students we brought to this school," Karkaroff said, disgust in his tone as he gave Hogwarts a glare through his window.

The Durmstrang headmaster made his opinion of Hogwarts and its claim to be 'the greatest magical school in the world' very clear even before they set off for the tournament, it was why he was so excited to have Victor win… and why he was so agitated over Cerys becoming the champion instead.

He was a sexist pig, everyone knew it, if he was allowed he'd have banned any other student from putting their name in, but she supposed he was truly convinced Victor would win. He didn't think Cerys deserved the position as Durmstrang champion, but he certainly wasn't going to try and get rid of her when she was the daughter of Crach an Craite, one of the most respected men in the Nordic parts of the magical world.

Mostly because Karkaroff was also a coward and Crach would challenge him to a duel that would almost certainly end in the headmaster's swift end.

Still, knowing the reason for the meeting, she relaxed as she took her seat, one of the house elves causing a cup of tea to appear in front of her.

His questions were inane and boring, trying to make sure they weren't fraternising with the 'enemy', and she sipped her tea out of politeness as she waited for this dreadfully boring meeting to end.

She didn't even remember passing out, the drugged tea taking her into the realm of Morpheus.

Waking up, she didn't think much of the boring meeting as she got to the far more important task she had ahead of her.

Bobbing her head, she looked up into the violet eyes of Durmstrang's sponsor, her mouth wrapped around his cock as she worshipped Lord Raum-Black's manhood.

Grayson was the secret saviour of Durmstrang after all, he was entitled to anything he wanted from the staff and students alike, it was an honour to pay back even a small part of Durmstrang's debt to him with her mouth.

Her twin sister, Rosa, scowled as she pressed her naked body against Grayson's, peppering his face with kisses as Gray groped her firm backside, Rosa's tomboy antics giving her a far more athletic build than her sister.

Rosa might not see it as such an honour, but no one from Durmstrang would refuse a request from Lord Black.

It was the great secret of Durmstrang, never spoken aloud, but every student knew it. They owed everything to Lord Black, so even the rebellious Rosa didn't put up a fight as Grayson pulled Edna to her feet.

Rosa found herself tossed onto the bed, looking away with a look of annoyed acceptance as her legs parted to allow Grayson to mount her, Edna watching with enraptured curiosity as her twin sister lost her virginity to the cock of the illustrious Lord Black.

It wasn't long before Rosa's legs were wrapped around his waist, even the stubborn rebellious tomboy unable to deny the pleasure and honour of serving Grayson like this as Edna whispered sweet nothings into both Grayson and Rosa's ears, awaiting her time.

Rosa's grunts and muffled curses turned to pleasured moans and pleas for more as Grayson pounded her tight pussy into the bed, clutching the sheets as she arched her back in ecstasy.

Grayson didn't spare her womb, pumping his seed into her sister's fertile womb, making Rosa gasp as she climaxed while Edna watched in wonder, her own pussy dripping as she wondered whether he'd breed them both.

It would be the highest honour to carry Lord Black's children, she could only hope he deemed her womb worthy of being flooded with his powerful seed.

Pulling out of Rosa, he turned to her and without a word tossed her atop her sister's exhausted body, their breasts pressed against each other as she felt him grab her hips and take aim, a single thrust leaving him sheathed inside her formerly virgin slit, filling her in such magical ways.

At no point did she consider this strange, enraptured with the sheer honour of giving Grayson Black her first time, knowing no other man would fill her like he was.

If it was anyone else, she'd have been terrified of the idea of harbouring a bastard, but as Grayson flooded her womb with his cum she screamed in pleasure.

She, as all students of Durmstrang should, adored their secret patron, and to feel his seed moving around inside her womb was a dream come true.

If only she could boast about this, but the secrecy of Grayson's connection to Durmstrang took priority over her desire to scream to the world that she'd been creampied by Lord Black.

Rosa gasped as he moved again, Edna watching with tired but happy eyes as her sister's anal virginity was taken next, and with Grayson's command she captured her sister's lips in a deep kiss, eager to please her master.

The night continued, delving into acts of depravity with Grayson and her sister both, acts that she'd have seen with such disdainful eyes before, all to please the most important man in the world.

Grayson Raum —

Karkaroff gives me access to the entirety of the Durmstrang student body; my mother gave me a powerful gift indeed.

I have access to the heirs and heiresses of most of the eastern European noble houses, as I lay between the sleeping bodies of Duke Henry var Attre's twin daughters, a powerful noble from Germany whose family supported Grindelwald's rise but escaped the majority of the consequences after his fall.

This has accelerated my plans considerably. I can take my time with Hogwarts under Dumbledore's watchful eyes but my power and influence will quickly spread through Eastern Europe.

The students of Durmstrang, one after another, have been unknowingly turned into my tools, and through them, I will claim their parents. Not to mention, the Durmstrang students being at my secret command gives me a lot more tools to play with, I have big plans for them.

In one move, I've just claimed one of the three schools competing in this little competition before the first task even begins, half a continent falling into my grasp.

Heaven tried to kill me, but they'll find me more prepared for their next attempt, because I have some big plans to go on the offensive against the holy bastards.

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