Okay. I know. Another story that isn't the previous ones, but this idea was just so enticing. I mean, who doesn't like a clash between actors and the real deal?

I opened my eyes, and everything was dark. I looked around, knowing I was standing even though there wasn't any feeling of gravity to tell me so. Was I underwater? I waved my arms around, feeling them move through what felt like water, confirming my previous thoughts. I didn't feel very wet, but I must've been... What was going on? I took a breath, but it seemed like there was nothing to breathe. Not air, nor water... Well then. I looked at where my hands should be in front of me, slapping myself in the face with how close I put them, trying to see anything. There was nothing to see. No light, not even psychosomatic hallucinations.

"..." My mouth moved, but nothing came out, "...!" My throat constricted as I tried breaking the silence, throat ripping itself up without anything filling it to make sound with. I felt myself fall to my knees, no floor to catch me as I started falling.

Suddenly everything came into sharp focus, and I watched the glimmer of the surface of water. I struggled towards it, my arms and legs seemingly held behind my back. I saw bubbles escape from me as I roughly looked behind to see ropes binding my legs and hands together. Murder? What? My eyes sought the glow of sunlight, and I opened my mouth in a wordless goodbye as all the bubbles of air I had left escaped. A figure stood, blocking a small part of the sunlight. Was that my murderer?

Swim. Swim. No usable limbs. Snake. Float. Breath. Hold breath. Eyes wide, then closing, entire body struggling, held back... Bricks. I was tied to bricks. Who would kill me? Who... Why... Who was I? What was going on?

Was it a nightmare?

I closed my eyes, counting to ten. When my eyes opened my limbs were free and I was grinning at a familiar man. What? I've never met him. An actor? I looked to the sky, still laughing as I mentioned it was almost sunset. The man chuckled too, coming closer. I took a few steps back when he got a bit too close, laughing as I held up my hands, grinning cheekily at the man.

"Ah, man, no way! You just fell into the river! I don't want my outfit ruined," I chuckled, wondering why I was so confused earlier. I was with my friend, we'd been hanging out all day after he said he wasn't feeling well, and had been working at cheering him up all day. When I had been about to leave he'd asked me to stay longer, that he had to tell me something.

That had been hours ago, but I didn't mind. We were the best of friends, and I didn't look forward to going back to my empty apartment. There wasn't much there, and I'd happily be exhausted for work tomorrow if it meant hanging out with him longer.

He chuckled, shaking his head as he strided forwards, backing me up to the river. It was a small beach, and was just a bend of the river. Not deep enough to drown in, you could just stand up in it. My smile faltered. Where'd that thought come from? I grinned at my friend shakily. Was- why'd his eyes look so dark? I blinked and the moment was over, him lifting me up in the air and spinning me around as I shrieked in laughter.

He tripped and we both ended up in the river. Standing up coughing, my smile widened even as I pulled him up. He was grinning too. We stood there, me looking up into his eyes happily as he was gazing down into mine.

His gaze faltered, glancing down at the water, then eyes dragging themselves over my soaked form, "You've been working out," He mentioned, voice quiet.

I nodded excitedly, "I know right? Look at these abs!" I patted my belly, which in fact was flat but absent of anything that could be close to being called abs.

He took a step closer, and I blushed as I tried taking one back only to be stopped by his hands on my shoulders. My blue eyes met his hazel gaze. What was he doing? He knew I couldn't stand when people came too close to me. I was like a cat, I'd happily be affectionate, but I'd rather be the one to approach.

His eyes lingered, before slowly sliding down, hands following his eyes as he slowly traced his fingers down my arms then started brushing against my smooth stomach, "You're mine, you know that?" He said oddly, not looking up at me. I frowned.

"What? Dude, I'm not anyones. Freedom, and all that," I said, eyebrows scrunched up. His eyes stayed on my stomach where his fingers were tracing meaningless figures. At the lack of a response I took multiple steps back, giving him a bewildered look.

The man- my friend's gaze slowly went up to mine, and my mind flickered. Agree, my mind shrieked. Agree or run! Please! I blinked, what? He'd not drown me. I frowned, where'd that thought come from? I took another step back even as he laughed, shaking his head, "I meant my friend. We are best friends, right?"

I relaxed, a peaceful smile making its way to my face, "Of course. In that way I'm as much yours as you are mine."

His eyes observed me, and I felt my skin crawl. Run, my mind quietly whimpered, run run run run, "Do you trust me?"

Run run run run run, "Of course. Oh! Want to come over to my place tonight? We can watch the Avenger series together, I haven't seen all the movies yet, and I know you're more of a DC fan."

An odd smile came onto his face, and my heart pounded, adrenaline rushing through my veins. Though my expression didn't change my smile was frozen and my mind was wavering. I've known him since childhood... Just how dangerous was this man? My mind stuttered. What? I've never met this man! I've never seen him in person! My smile fell, and I just stared blankly at the man before me. Wasn't his the figure that was drowning me?

"Sure. Let's go. I'll even drive you to work tomorrow," He offered, holding out his arm.

I stayed where I was, observing him. What was going on? His happy gaze slowly slipped into confusion.

"-?" He asked, voice sounding far away even though I knew he was saying my name. What was my name? Who was I? Who... Who was he? I've never met the man. Why was I seeing him so clearly?

"... Yeah," I said dully, giving him a confused look back, "Sorry. M'a bit hungry, haha..."

What the fuck was happening? Mr. Moon was fucking with me, because he was the only thing in existence I knew who could fuck around this much with someone's memory.

We got in his truck, and I frowned. It was too perfect. Everything was too perfect. It was the perfect day... What the hell was going on?

"Too good for hell, too jaded for heaven, where do you belong?" The radio sang, "Where do you belong?"

I turned the radio off. When did it get turned on? What the hell was going on?

"Sorry..." I said aloud, looking over to see the stranger driving. He glanced over with a smile.

"It's fine. I know how much you hate that song," He claimed.

Suddenly what happened came to me like a shock, and I felt the blood drain from my face. I had gone out like I usually did, and decided to see if someone had accessed the abandoned church yet. It was getting dark, and I had walked in, alone, phone light swaying around. It was entirely terrifying, with all the devil's worship idiocy spray-painted everywhere, typical teenage wreckage in the shape of smashed walls and rubble everywhere.

The area wasn't so much condemmed because of disrepair as it was closed down due to teenagers with issues. Me being one of them, I had admitted to myself as I walked around. I had seen a figure in the church just standing there, and I froze. They had been wearing all black, and pale flesh had stood out against the light of my phone. It took both of us about an hour to realize that the other was a human being and not some sort of apparition. After that we both laughed it off and explored together, as any alone adventurer was wont to do.

It happened suddenly, a particularly abused wall collapsed inwards, and I had tripped at the same time. I accidentally shoved the kid away, for he was only sixteen. A loner in school, he went there to escape the pressures of life. I had been in the middle of giving him helpful advice about life soon after adulthood, which I had currently been going through. It was quick. A support beam knocked me out soon after a shard of glass impaled me in the leg. Then there was darkness, and then the odd events.

I was dead. It wasn't very honorable, either. I died taking someone else's place by pure accident.

I frowned. I had a pretty shaky view of religion, but I knew for a fact that I didn't believe in any heaven or hell. Wouldn't that get me put directly into hell? Did it? If so, why the hell was I taken out? Or... Was I still in hell?

I glanced at the stranger once more. Was this what happened before I got tied up and thrown into a river? I sighed silently. Even if it was hell or heaven, why use him? Sure, he was one of my favorite actors for a single tv show, but beyond that he didn't really mean anything to me. Why use him? Why not use, I dunno, one of my friends from real life? Or someone I'd never known? Why specifically use someone that looked like some random actor?

"If you stare any harder at me I might get set on fire," The man admitted, a blush rising on his cheeks.

"Mm," I said, not really caring. Now that I remembered my life, I felt nothing for the man sitting next to me in the car. I observed him. From what I could tell, he was just the actor... From the dark hair to the color-changing eyes depending on the light.

When I was done observing him, I looked out the window with a drawl, "Wouldn't want that, would we?"

I didn't understand. Who the hell was I acting out, anyway? I didn't give a fuck about proximity. Nor was I afraid of something as stupid as an odd look or a murderer in the making. I'd punch Hitler in the face without a care in front of all his bodyguards if I wanted to. I genuinely gave no fucks. If Hannibal invited me over to his place I'd grin and say "after you". So... Who the hell had that been?

Biting my lip, I forced myself to point out the similarities. I'd easily stay awake to hang out with any of my friends, let alone a best one. I'd avoid getting wet at all costs, but totally would try soaking a friend if I were the one wet. I'd say I had abs even if I didn't. I'd skip work to hang out with a friend if they weren't feeling well. I'd also not seen all the Avenger's movies, but that's where the similarities ended.

I recalled the memories of this other-me and frowned. Whatever I knew was from when she thought of it, and I wondered how different this chick's life was to mine. I looked the same, I admitted, and I had been working out before going to the church. The body-shape was the same... Well, the entire body seemed to be the same. I knew I had blue eyes still, too, and my wild brown hair was only marginally longer, from just below my shoulders to just below my shoulder blades.

"Do you have anything to eat at your place?" He asked, interrupting my thoughts.

"Uhh..." Shit. I didn't even know where the hell I lived, dude. I only knew what it looked like on the inside, and that there was a stack of unwatched Avenger disks next to a flat screen, "Dunno."

"..." He turned to look at me at the red light, arm moving to rest against the back of his seat as his eyes flickered over my slightly-damp form. It was silent for a few long moments before he spoke slowly, "Not many people realize when they're in hell... Good job."

"Oh thank fuck," I said, relieved, "No more pretending. I have so many questions."

His lips twitched, "It took a while to find your worst fear. At first we thought it was feeling helpless, but after hours of you just thinking of ways to release your limbs or to swim to the surface, even as your lungs burned and your body felt like it was on fire, we gave up on that. Right about the time you started thinking of moving like a snake," He laughed at that, "So we tried heights and falling. That didn't work at all, your mind just shut itself off and all you could think of was how nice the breeze felt even as the floor came closer. This was our attempt at the feeling of being close to a murderer, and you just ignored every attempt."

"Ah. Classical torture not enough anymore? Using people's worst fears now?" I mused, everything outside of the car turning black as whatever was making it probably gave up.

"Your only sin was telling God to go fuck himself at the ages four, five, seven, fourteen, and sixteen," The person said dryly, "That's not enough to deserve eternal torture. At most you get a five-year sentence of your worst fear, but it's been an entire day and we haven't found it."

"..." I thought about it for a moment, "I mean... Jumpscares only work for a few hours... Yeah, no, I don't think I really fear anything enough for it to become a five-year thing. I really dislike some things," I offered, "Would that do?"

"At this rate an apology would probably lessen your sentence enough that we'd only need to hold you for a few days..." He muttered to himself.

"... Mm," I said distastefully, "Five years is kind of worth it."

The actor lookalike gave me an incredulous look, "You'd rather have your worst fears shown to you 24/7 for five years than apologize to someone?"

"I mean, not gonna lie, if the "he made everything" thing is true then he's kind of a dick. Like. Like who makes mosquitoes? I believe that was one reason I told the big bad guy to fuck himself, and other than that I never really believed in the dude, so... Eh," I shrugged, "I'm just a bitch like that."

He gave me an incredulous look, "I lived an entire life with you, you are in no way a bitch."

I gave him a blank stare in return. Her memories were real? Wow. Wow, that could've been me. I frowned, slumping, "Ah, heart broken. So I am a bitch of circumstance? I mean. I guess. Not everyone has loving parents, a good childhood, and a lifelong best friend, though, no matter if said best friend was supposed to be close to killing her," I explained.

He frowned, before opening a book that wasn't there before and watching an extremely fastforwarded version of my life, "Oh. Ouch. Oh shit," He muttered to himself, wincing sometimes. An hour passed in silence before the screen-thing flickered to black, "No wonder you cursed anything and everything. You just had no luck, did you?"

I shrugged. So. Hell. I was in hell. Not for not believing in the big bad, but for cussing him out once every few years. Huh. Makes sense, honestly, I'd give someone a slap on the wrist too if I created them and they cussed my very existence out. Then again, I'd totally understand their situation and probably would just say "saame" while further ignoring them.

My mind wandered to what little memories of her life I knew, and my heart hurt. I was so jealous, honestly. My afterlife was better than my actual life, and I was in fucking Hell of all places. In what realm is that fair? Then again, being alive was my worst fear, and now that I'm dead it doesn't really come into play, does it?

"Okay. One last question, before I pester you with more questions. Well, maybe we can actually watch the Avengers movies after this, but eh. Why do you look like that?" I asked.

He looked confused for a moment, "Why do I look like... Me?"

"Yeah. The actor?"

His expression cleared up, before mischief entered his gaze, "Are you a fan of his?"

"Eh. He was a good actor in one show. Didn't really like his work in the one other film I could find," I shrugged. He slumped.

"Can't win them all. I'm him. This is my afterlife. I'm a demon," He shrugged, "I made a joke and now I'm stuck like this for all eternity until Earth dies or humanity ends."

I snickered, before full-out laughing, "Oh, that fucking sucks man," I tried covering up my laughs, but couldn't, "Oh what a fucking- that's hilarious, I'm sorry."

The demon glared at me, pouting. His pout faded, and his expression turned contemplative, "You were... Way different without your memories..."

"Well yeah. I would be," I said, giving him a careful look, "Again. A happy family and a good best friend changes people. I know so many people that would be entirely different if they had a family like mine. And my family setup wasn't even the worst out there, just shitty parenting and lots of bad luck."

"... I don't think you deserve to be in hell," He admitted. I rolled my eyes.

"I honestly give no fucks. What can Heaven give me? I don't like my memories tampered with, and with how generally shitty everything in life was I don't really think I'd be very happy anywhere."

"... It can do more for you than Hell can."

"Can it? Can it really? Because, from what I've heard, Hell can give you your worst fear. And, if you hadn't noticed, some people's worst fear is dying and that being it. And that was what I'd hoped for in death for the longest time. Hell sounds pretty fucking great in that aspect," I defended. To a demon. What a joke, was I less innocent than a demon? That'd be ironic.

The book glowed, and the demon looked down at the book. He read something before sighing, "Okay. Found another fear."

"What is it this time? I can just tell you if it'll work," I offered.

"Being entirely alone in the world," He said. I laughed.

"I mean. It'd hurt, yeah. I'd be lonely and in pain, but being afraid of that? I was afraid of that in elementary! Jesus, that's... That's long since passed..." I said sadly, recalling all the times where I was alone. It'd probably comfort me to be entirely alone but without also being surrounded by billions of people.

"Well then what are you afraid of?" He snapped.

I thought of it for a long moment. Really, I was only afraid of one thing, "Having to exist. I'm already living my very nightmare just by having been created. Makes sense why I'd not really be afraid of anything else..."

"As a demon, I can tell when someone's lying," The man said dryly.

"As a human, I can't tell shit. What do you want me to tell you? Most of my fears are baseless and formed entirely around friendships. Most of my fears aren't long-term things. They're temporary, they're shitty, and they only affect me for seconds before I shut it down and turn fear into disappointment. Just- I don't know, put me in some random horror-movie. I don't give a fuck."

"Just apologize to God and we wouldn't be having this issue!"

"Just ask God what to do with me and we also wouldn't be having this issue!"

Then I was alone in the blackness once again. I sighed, closing my eyes as I hummed myself a silent song in the suffocating silence. My voice didn't work once more, and I was left to my own devices. I stared at the blackness for a long time, allowing myself to mourn the life I'd never lived. Funny how a life in Hell was better than a life on Earth. Humans, actual, genuine humans were shitty. I hated life.

Well, no, not exactly. I hated living life. I hated the fact that I was forced to do something I absolutely abhorred. Where was Futurama's suicide box? Some people actually wanted to be alive, and those people should be the ones living. The only cure for depression was out-breeding it, after all. If little to no depressed people created more life, then how would the genes pass on? Pure genetics there, I mused.

Suddenly the man was before me once more, not looking happy, "He said to just have you go through what you hated most."

"..." I crossed my arms, "I hate everything equally."

"You don't deserve this!" He snapped out indignantly, "Just apologize! Honestly, he's not that bad of a guy, he'll probably waive your punishment on the spot!"

"Why would I apologize to someone who forced life onto me? Why would I apologize to someone who made the monsters that are humans? Why would I apologize to someone who can't brush off insults made in the heat of the moment, when life was truly shitty, or when I barely knew what the words I was saying meant? What the hell is there to apologize about, dude?" I snapped out, "Oh, Mr. God, I'm sorry for being a human fucking being that can't keep anything besides sadness for any length of time! I'm sorry that I hate the fact that you created all of existence and forced me to go through it without my consent!" I threw up my hands in frustration, "He's creating and creating total bullshit things without thinking of the consequences! Why should I give a fuck about his piss-poor emotions when he's done nothing but force me to live a life that I never wanted in the first place?"

The demon was silent for a long moment at my angry shouts, giving me a worried look. Suddenly the book glowed and he glanced down at it, "... You fear having your memories taken away most... Because you're afraid it will happen again, aren't you? You hate yourself because you weren't smart enough to see what would happen. Because you know that somehow you're fucking everything up and won't know what until it's too late."

It hit me like a brick, and I take a step back as suddenly my heart starts pounding at the thought of it. No. I hated that idea the most, but it was close enough to a fear, wasn't it? Enough to make my breath come out in short gasps. I'm silent, wondering how in the endless void we were standing in I was still able to cry. I fell to my knees, arms wrapped around myself, "Haven't I suffered enough?" I asked, voice broken, "I know... I know my life isn't the worst, not even close, but why can't I just be erased? Just rip my soul up and destroy every molecule of it, every triple-quantum component that makes up my being..." I begged.

"... I've been a demon since the beginning of humanity, despite having died long after it was borne into existence, and I've never heard of someone wanting their soul to be ripped to shreds. I've never heard someone after dying want to vanish into nothing. For most people, that's a hidden fear of theirs, and yet you're here begging me for that very thing," He murmured, kneeling next to my curled up form, body hunched over my knees, which were resting against the floor of the void.

Tears dripped from my nose and eyelids, and I closed my eyes in pain, eyebrows getting closer together as I sniffed and tried stopping the tears.

"... Your mental issues have been stripped, only your soul and memories remaining, and yet here you are, feeling worse than you did in life..." He murmured, and I chuckled bitterly.

"Yeah, thanks for that. You took away my mental issues, including the ones that were protecting me from all this pain, like my delusions and the emotion-numbing depression I had," I said bitterly.

He sighed and rested a hand on my shoulder, "It's in no way fair that this happened to such a good soul..." He muttered to himself, and the scenery changed, "Here, you can see what your life would have been if you hadn't had the draw of the short stick."

I gave him an incredulous stare. I was a rather typical human being with pretty good luck in life, if not the best in humans around me. Humans were shit, life was okay. I still hated the idea of living it, though. I didn't have any time to tell him that, though, because he vanished, and the TV started playing. It fast-forwarded through a few things, and I watched when her and the demon met.

I was about halfway into the "movie", casually telling the TV how obvious it was that the demon was acting the part of an obsessed incel or something similar when the movie cut out. He obviously wasn't one, but damn was he a good actor. I should have tried watching more of his series if this was how brilliant his skills were. Then, he'd probably had lots of experience in acting in his afterlife too. I frowned. Damn, she'd had one hell of a good life. It was boring and average, yeah, but it'd certainly make a good romcom or horror-romance in the future, depending on how the demon would have taken it. He took it the horror route, obviously, but still.

"Okay!" A voice shouted from right behind me, making me jump. I sighed, turning around unamused to see the demon that must've been assigned to me, "I talked to God, and he said to tell you that it was more about honor than emotion, but to go fuck yourself as well," He clapped his hands, "In more words, but I know you like things simplified. You have a few different options. You can become an angel, demon, reaper, ghost, or you can reside in heaven until the Earth or all of humanity ends," He listed off.

"So... The multiuniversal theory is wrong?" I asked, slightly disappointed.

"Well, no, but those options are for non-Christians or people who don't believe in the devil."

I blinked slowly, standing up and turning to him, crossing my arms, "I... follow the Goddess of Stories... And... uh, I haven't been Christian since I was young?" I asked, confused.

He gave me a blank stare, "What?" The book that I've come to realise is mine opens and is flipped through, landing on a page just as blank as the others, "Oh. How'd you get here, then?"

"Suspended disbelief, I suppose. I mean, I don't not believe in the big bad, you know? I just don't follow him..."

"Well... You suffered hours of Hell for no reason then!" He whined, "I knew you didn't deserve it! No Christian wants their soul rended or tells their God to fuck off!"

"Wait so you're Christian?" I asked, not having paid attention to the actor much in my life. I sat down and patted the area next to me. He gave me a distressed look before clenching his jaw a few times and sitting down.

"I should so be reporting you," He muttered.

"Then do. But I'd at least like to know more about you. I don't have Google anymore to tell me shit," I muttered. The man gave me a confused look.

"But you didn't even like most of my works! You only knew one," He exclaimed. I shrugged.

"Yeah? And? I've seen you acting your part for the better part of a day and I've grown attached, sue me," I muttered with a shrug, "Plus, I'm obviously a curious person if I managed to escape the mind-fuck that Hell did to me," I said, "So when, how, and why did you die?"

He didn't look happy at the situation, but did nothing to stop it, crossing his arms and leaning back against the couch in the void, "Acting accident. I have no clue when it was, it's been centuries upon centuries."

I hummed, nodding, "Okay... What joke did you make to become a demon?"

"I asked God what happened if I worshipped the devil. Jokingly, of course, but he made me a demon anyway," The man said with a sigh.

"Okay," I nodded simply, "Do you have wings? A demon form? Any superpowers?"

"Yes, no, and yes."

Silence reigned, and she rolled her eyes, "What a tsundere. Okay. Can I see your wings? What superpowers do you have?"

"I am not a tsundere!" He squaked, "You shouldn't be here and I'm going to get in trouble for not immediately reporting you!"

"Uh-huh. Then why aren't you?"

"... Shut up," He muttered.

My lips twitched, "Do you like your job as a demon?"

His face twisted, and he looked like he'd not deny it but wouldn't agree either. I hummed.

"Okay. Lastly, can I talk to God? I have some beef with him, and I can explain my own situation quite well," I asked, giving him a curious look. He looked vaguely uncomfortable but my eyes immediately started burning at the pure white light filtering into my soul's retinas.

"Ow, ow," I closed my eyes and blocked them, "Bitch, ow, that hurt."

"Why have you come?" A voice that wasn't a voice asked. It was like a thought, except shrouded in silence. No one spoke, yet everything vibrated with the intentions given through the voice that wasn't a voice.

"Heya, can you R-O-B me and him? You fucked up big bro, and I was unjustly put in Hell as a part of a different religion. I'd like my boy and me to be free of your machinations and to be able to have fun in various other universes together."

"What?! I never agreed to this! I'm so sorry, sir, I had no clue she'd ask for this," The demon said, sounding extremely indignant.

"Why would you take a part of my workforce from me?" The voice asked.

I didn't bother trying to uncover my eyes, but I shifted as if I were staring the dude in the eyes, "He's not demon material. Plus, does time even affect you? He could go gallivanting off with me and be back before this conversation is even over."

"I'm asking why I should allow such a thing to happen."

"Because you mildly inconvenienced me, and it's only fair I mildly inconvenience you."

The silent equivalent of a huff was given, my ears ringing at the pure silence radiating off of the person.

"And how is you treating me with such disrespect not an inconvenience?"

"Are you a Karen?"


"Are you a Kyle?"


"Are you an incel?"

"..." The disapproving silence continued for an hour of similar insulting questions, listing anyone who would be offended by my treating them like a normal person.

"Great. Seeing as you aren't Stan Lee, I don't see why I should give you any respect, dude. You spent eternities making things that barely want to exist. How, in any which way, does that require respect?"

A heavy, silent, head-numbing sigh was given from the big bad, and he spoke again, "You are interesting. Sure. I'll... R-O-B the both of you, on one condition."

"Mm?" I asked, slowly uncovering my eyes and staring directly at the white emptiness.

"You will work for me afterwards as a demon in his place, and he will become an angel," The big bad said.

I looked over at the actor, who looked stunned. I tilted my head, "Eh. Sure, long as I get a lot of days off. I wasn't known as the Champion of Sloth in my last life for nothing," I muttered with a shrug.

"Most of what you will do, you'll see as fun, but of course. There are break-rooms outside of time and eternity that you may use if you don't feel like working."

"Not bad," I shrugged, "Sure."

I winced and both the actor and I started screaming as something started happening. Falling to my knees, teeth gritted even as my throat clenched itself raw, a low whine escaping my reluctant lips, bloody and dark feathered wings ripped out of my back, bloody and white ones ripping out of the actor's.

Eyes blurring, I gasped on my hands and knees even as I started laughing, "Can I- Can I use these fuckers in wherever you put us?"

"Of course. He will show you the extents of your powers as you adventure, and when you both are worn and prepared to come back to work, I shall have you both taught of your responsibilities. Now... All of the stories you humans have written are actual places, where do you wish to go first, and as what?"

"Doctor Who," The man gasped, still shaking from the pain, "Time Lords."

I blinked, giving him an odd look. I mean. I guess that'll be fun, "Want to steal a TARDIS together and adventure that universe?"

He chuckled, voice still raspy and tears streaming down his face, "Sure. How are you so unaffected by the pain?"

"Oh it hurts like a bitch, but doesn't everything?"

I watched as he was suddenly plucked from where he was, seemingly flying back into nothing. Huh. That was- oh shit! I flailed as much the same was done to me. Ah, fuck, the glories of being slave to one man's wishes. Fucking ROBs.