This is a minor rewrite and extension of the last scene between Roz and Frasier in 'No Sex, Please, We're Skittish'. I thought the conclusion of the episodes spanning the Roz/Julia/Frasier situation fizzled at the end and seemed a bit pointless. I also thought the writers could've expanded on Frasier and Roz reconciling. Julia was pretty awful, though.

There was a moment of awkward silence after Julia had slammed the door of Frasier's apartment behind her. Frasier and Roz looked appraisingly at each other, as if weighing all that had happened. Roz sighed heavily, swallowing her pride, and broke the growing tension.

"Look, Frasier, I'm sorry about...well, everything. I shouldn't have made you choose between me and Julia," she said with a wan smile.

Frasier stepped forward to hug her reassuringly, and Roz willingly accepted the embrace. Realizing that she had come so close to destroying nearly eleven years of friendship had scared her more than she wanted to admit. She'd almost lost her best friend over some petty rivalry with Julia. However insulting and rude Julia was, it hadn't warranted her behavior. Roz didn't even want to guess at how it must have felt to Frasier. Could he ever forgive her?

As if reading her mind, Frasier spoke again.

"I'd never let one skirmish destroy our friendship, Roz".

"I know, but I was such an idiot," Roz muttered.

She turned away, but Frasier put his hands on her shoulders and gently turned her until she was facing him again.

"Everything's going to be all right," he said. "We'll pick up where we left off, and we'll be all the stronger for it. And..."-here he smiled teasingly- "if you keep apologizing, I'll go into full psychiatrist mode and lecture you about obsessing."

This made Roz laugh, and the tension cleared. Her boss-and longtime friend-beckoned her to the table and then slipped back into the kitchen without a word. He returned with a small pitcher of sauce (marsala-infused marinara) and two plates of roasted chicken.

"'Would be a shame to waste this food," Frasier explained, setting down the plates and pitcher before pouring wine for each of them. "And I think we should have a toast. To friendship!"

As Frasier and Roz clinked their glasses together, she smiled for the first time that night. Everything was all right now that she saw that nothing had changed between them. Content, she dug into the main course, and was pleasantly surprised.

"All right, I have to admit, Julia is a really good cook," she said with great effort.

"There's a lot more to her than you think, Roz," Frasier declared cheerfully. "She is a very outspoken woman, but once you get to know her, you realize that's one of her strengths. I'm sure you'll grow to like Julia in time."

Roz forced a smile.

"I suppose anything is possible."