In a pitch-black room, either deep underground inside an island that could not be found or completely removed from the dimension of Earth, dwelt a being known only as the Underking.

The Underking himself was as dark and lonely as his abode, the Under Realm, a place where living beings avoided at all costs. The subjects of his realm were wraiths and phantoms and revenants and other such beings, not remotely companionable creatures.

The position of Underking was made for someone who wouldn't mind being alone and in the darkness all of the time.

However, the current Underking had a bit of a problem with that.

He didn't know much about the differences between the way he was and the way he was supposed to be. If he were to choose for himself, he would've been somewhere warm and maybe bright, with lots of people to talk to.

Although, sometimes he thought the loneliness was preferable to the alternative.

But all he knew was that he was the Underking, and so he needed to be able to do the things that came with it.

Sitting in the cold and dark throne room of the Under Realm, the Underking wondered, not for the first time, how he ended up here, his only company his dark subjects and the voices of Underkings past that spoke only inside his mind.

Even now, their voices whispered, grating on his mind. He knew they were part of the position—essentially part of him now—but he still found them somewhat unnerving. Any normal person would, he supposed.

But then again, he didn't exactly count as a normal person, did he? He didn't know about being the Underking, but he knew just about as much about being himself otherwise. Even before he'd become the Underking, all he had ever known was people chasing him down and trying to pull him to their sides of some huge disagreement. For all the different stories he'd heard, they could've all been lying about everything they told him.

The one thing each opposing party could agree on was his name: Seth.

do we hide like beasts?

cry like beasts?

lie like beasts?

die like beasts?

is this our story?