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With the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic our world is going through, you can only imagine how stressful it is for me and it's taken a toll on my writing. I've been trying to calm myself down but all I see on the news are bad news and more bad news. It's been tough but Doom Eternal has been strangely relaxing for me. Don't know why but it helps. Because of this, I'll be devoting most of my writing to this fic since it calms me down in the face of this crisis.

I will be doing short chapters in quick bursts but should otherwise be a good read. I may diverge from both canons a little but this is fanfiction after all. As much as I want to put up some author's notes, I've decided to keep you guys guessing. Big shout out and thank you to Gamerjay whose stellar RWBY x DOOM story inspired me to make this!

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Chapter 1


They are justice, integrity, courage.

They are the embodiment of hope and peace.

Your enemies are rage, brutal, villainous, without mercy.

But you?

You will be worse.

Rip and Tear until it is done.



The Spider Mastermind's bulbous cerebral cortex exploded in a shower of gore as the BFG cell ripped straight through its insectoid face. The force of the blast sent the Doomslayer skidding backward across the lake of viscera and entrails, his BFG still in hand. The Slayer picked himself up and looked at the remains of the biomechanical arachnid that used to be Olivia Pierce as his Praetor Suit dripped with blood.

It was over.

Once again, he had stopped Hell from taking over the Earth…or at least an alternate version of Earth, not the one he originally hailed from. It was also hard to believe that he would encounter another version of the Union Aerospace Corporation. But none of that mattered now. The Well had been destroyed and the Wraiths of Argent D'Nur were finally free from their torment and corruption. Hell had lost a key component in their plans and suffered a crippling blow for the umpteenth time.

With no way for the UAC to monopolize Argent Energy and the invasion on Mars grounded to a halt, the Slayer was free to continue to his warpath through Hell and straight to the Dark Lord himself. The Maykrs were also next on his list. Pocketing his BFG into his hammerspace backpack, a sort of extradimensional storage that the Wretch designed for his Praetor Suit, he searched for a way out of the cavern-


Shit. Somehow he forgot about that.

As his body floated upwards, arcs of energy began surging around him, disintegrating the blood that was caked onto his suit before a bright flash teleported him out of Hell.


2149 AD

When his vision came to, the Slayer found himself floating over the same teleportation pad seen in Kadingir Sanctum and VEGA Central Processing. But he immediately felt that something was very wrong. He couldn't move any of his limbs; they felt like they were shackled by invisible chains which also meant he couldn't access his armaments.

He looked ahead at the darkened room before him; he noticed something walking towards him via the steam-shrouded walkway.

It was Samuel Hayden.

"You've won. It's over." The UAC chairman spoke as he approached him. "You've stopped the invasion and closed the portal. But it's come at a price: Argent, VEGA, this entire operation."

The Slayer glowered at the cyborg. He didn't like where this was heading.

Hayden now loomed over the Doomslayer. "You see, I've watched you work. Come to understand your motivation. You think the only way is to kill them all, leave nothing behind…and you may be right. But we can't just shut it all down. Without Argent Energy it will be worse. I don't expect you to agree."

He then held out his hand that instantly magnetized to something inside the Doomslayer's hammerspace backpack. It flew into Hayden's open hand and the Slayer's eyes widened in shock.

The Crucible!

"But with this…we can continue our work!" Hayden marveled as he gestured to the corrupted blade.

The Slayer violently thrashed around in an attempt to release himself from his bindings. Didn't this fool know what that thing is capable of?! It would be the invasion of Mars and Earth all over again! He had to stop him and destroy the Crucible before it was too late! He reached out towards Hayden's head but his hands stopped short due to his bindings. The chairman could see the Slayer's rage-filled orbs glaring wrathfully at him from behind his helmet's visor.

"I am not the villain in this story." Hayden professed. "I do what I do because there is no choice."

"REROUTING. TETHER COORDINATES COMPLETE." The intercom announced. The Slayer's head shot up to the ceiling. Where was this bastard sending him?!

"Our time is up. I can't kill you but I won't have you standing in our way." With a flick of his mechanical wrist, a glowing blade of red-colored energy ending in a double-edged tip and covered in runes shot out of The Crucible. "Until we see each other again…"

As Hayden turned around to leave, the Slayer tried in vain to escape but to no avail as he felt himself being lifted into the air. The last thing he saw before he was blinded by a white light once more was his hand reaching out towards Hayden…


JUNE 23rd, 2149 QE

Wiping the sweat off his brow, Izuku Midoriya smiled at his handiwork. He had received his All Might model in the mail and had just finished assembling and painting it. The inheritor of One for All cleaned the paint off his hands and gently paced the model next to countless others on his shelf. Izuku was in a good mood today. Class had gone by smoothly and his friends were eagerly awaiting the test results from their end-of-term exams.

A knock was heard on his door and his mother, Inko Midoriya, came into his bedroom.

"Izuku, honey! Dinner's ready!" She said with a smile.

"What are we having?" Her son asked, eagerly hungry.

"Well, I thought we could try something different so i-"

A loud noise reminiscent of a thunderclap caused the two to jump in surprise and looked towards Izuku's window to see multiple flashes coming from the sky above their apartment.

"That's odd…the weather forecast didn't say that there would be any thunderstorms tonight. Not even a cloud in the sky at most." Inko noted while Izuku looked confused. Suddenly, they saw a green blur fall from the sky and straight into the ground! Izuku and his mother ran over to the window and looked down to see the shape of a man lying motionless in a crater next to the apartment building entrance. Inko gasped in shock while her son wasted no time running out of his room.

Within the crater, the Doomslayer laid flat on his back. Darkness was the only thing he could see but he slowly began to regain consciousness. But as he did, his anger surged tenfold. Hayden had betrayed him and sent him to God knows where. Most likely back in Hell. As soon as he found another working teleporter, he was going to rip and tear that motherfucker into iron filings and no amount of pleading was going to save him. Moving his arms a little, the Slayer prepared to face whatever pit of the Dark Realm he was in-

Hold on. He felt something he hadn't felt in what seemed like eons….grass? His eyes fluttering open, the first thing he saw was not the red-tinted, cloud-choked skies of Hell but the cool night sky glistening with stars. He slowly sat himself to get a good look at his surroundings.

For the first time in his life, the Doomslayer was at a total loss.

He was in a city. Not Hell, not Mars, not Argent D'Nur.

A regular city.

He couldn't believe it. Was he back home? Did Hayden send him back to Earth? It had to be a dream; this was too good to be true. Looking down at his left hand, he felt the grass again to make sure it was real. The receptor pads in his gloves confirmed that it was healthy, well-maintained grass.

Getting himself up onto his feet, the Slayer took note that he had landed near an apartment complex. He noticed a billboard on top of a building nearby and saw that the advertisement was in another language. He recognized it as Japanese, confirming that he was on Earth. But why would Hayden send him here?

"Hey! Are you okay?"

The Slayer turned towards the entrance of the apartment to see a young Japanese boy with freckles and curly green hair. A short, rotund woman following closely behind him had the same color hair he had. Most likely his mother. Izuku quickly went up towards the man and was almost immediately taken aback by how tall he was. The full body armor he was wearing made him look frightfully imposing and the tinted visor made it hard to make out what he looked like. Regardless, Izuku wanted to make sure he was uninjured.

"Are you hurt? We saw you fall from the sky and thought you might've been injured!" The boy rattled off as he looked at him up and down. The Slayer didn't answer the boy as he looked down at him, his helmet picking up what he was saying and translating it into English (most likely an upgrade from the UAC). He also noticed the scars he had on his right arm.

"Are you a Hero on duty? I can call an ambulance if you're hurt." The woman offered as she brought her cell phone out.

The Slayer blinked. Hero? Where did that come from? This conversation wasn't going to get him answers or lead anywhere so he strode past the boy and his mother. "Sir?" Izuku called out as the man continued down the street, his heavy footsteps echoing through the night as he disappeared past a street corner. Izuku and Inko were left rooted where they stood, unable to make heads or tails on what just happened.

The Slayer walked down the street, the light posts dimly lighting the sidewalk. He looked all around him and he took in his new situation. It was strangely comforting to be back home. After spending so much time on Argent D'Nur and fighting through Mars and Hell, he never thought he would be back on God's sweet green Earth ever again. But now was not the time for nostalgia.

As much as he wanted to enjoy a little reprieve from decimating legions of demons, he knew he couldn't rest. He had to find some way back to Hayden and stop him from using the Crucible. He didn't care if it was to help humanity or not, it was too dangerous to use and had to be destroyed. The first thing to do was to find a teleporter to get him back to Mars but he had to ascertain if this was his Earth or Hayden's Earth.

He heard some people talking to each other across the street to his left and decided not to pay attention, focusing on his thoughts. But he saw something truly bizarre about them out of the corner of his eye. He glanced at them and his eyes widened a little when he saw the young girl talking to her boyfriend who had skin made out of paper while she was made entirely out of water!

As the Slayer stared at the couple who continued on their merry way someone bumped into him, causing the Slayer to shift his gaze to a flustered businessman. "So sorry!" The man quickly apologized as he bowed. He turned around to leave and the Slayer noticed a third arm sticking out of his back, carrying his suitcase as he left!

The Doomslayer's eye twitched. It was now apparent to him that this was neither his Earth nor the dimension he had just come from.

Where the fuck did Hayden send him?!



To be continued…

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