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Chapter 15

The Destroyer

Part 1


Normally when people or tourists came to this little spot in the Japanese countryside, it was mostly to enjoy the view and bask in the lush forests of Japan. Now it was mostly deserted, save for Tyrael who stood alone near the edge as he observed I-Island far away out in the distance. He could see the mushroom cloud beginning to dissipate while down below the cityscape, emergency vehicles screamed down the highways.

His ears began to pick up the sounds of gunfire coming from the island. The Doomslayer's retribution upon the Steel Sabers had begun. Tyrael could only imagine what was going on over there. The sheer, unspeakable brutality being carried out on that island would scar the world forever. As much as he wanted to intervene, he knew that it was not his place to interfere in the realm of mortals. He was bound by law to observe and could only directly take action if he was granted permission.

He heard the sounds of footsteps approaching him and turned his head to the right. It was a woman wearing the same brown robes as him with a fair skin tone, mesmerizing blue eyes and golden blonde hair that seemed to shine a little. This woman was his sister: Auriel the Archangel of Hope. Walking up next to his brother and looking out to the distance, Auriel swallowed fearfully. Tyrael placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"It is okay to be frightened, sister." Tyrael assured her.

"I know." Auriel lowered her head. "But his presence has the entirety of the Ascendant Realm questioning what must be done; even the Prime Council is at a loss. He is, after all, the prophesized Destroyer."

"Do not forget, Auriel. The Helix Stone described him as the Destroyer of evil. Not the innocent." Tyrael reminded her. "He went out of his way to save those schoolchildren and their teacher, he did not harm those U.A. students and did not kill any of those Heroes who tried to stop him. I am fully confident that the Doomslayer will rescue the hostages and All Might. He is not our enemy."

Auriel cupped her chin in thought, eventually concluding that her brother had a very valid point. "If that is the case, then I pray that their lives will be safe in his hands."

They heard another explosion come from I-Island and the gunfire began to increase in intensity. They felt a chill when they sensed the Hellwalker's rage all the way from where they stood. The Archangels could only hope that the Saber's deaths were quick and painless…


(Sonic Mayhem-Descent into Cerberon)


The Saber's torso was sent sailing over his panicking comrades when the Slayer blew him in half with his Super Shotgun. Swapping his favorite weapon out for the HAR, he began racking up headshot after headshot as the 50 caliber bullets tore through the skulls of the attacking Sabers. He then followed up with unleashing a barrage of missiles at the remaining mercs who were messily blown apart. Another squad of Sabers rounded the corner of a building to witness an utterly grisly sight: a lone man in green armor standing amongst a literal sea of blood and dismembered bodies with several APCs reduced to burning scrap behind him.


Bolting towards the squad as the bullets shattered against his plating, the Slayer drew his Super Shotgun again and blasted through them while grabbing one of them by the neck and tore out his jugular. He put away his weapon and threw a fist that went straight through the face of a Saber, grabbed his assault rifle and gunned down several of his squad mates. He launched himself at the sergeant and slammed his foot down on his ankle, breaking it before grabbing him by the sides of his head and tore it right off his shoulders.


The terrified Saber who uselessly fired his pistol at him was promptly scilenced when the Slayer brought a downward chop upon his skull, splitting his head in vertically in half. The sounds of a 30mm gun spitting hot lead at him turned his attention to an APC and several squads of Steel Sabers on each side of it were charging towards him down the road ahead. Running towards the small army without a hint of fear as they fired what amounted to several thousand bullets and shells at him, the Doomslayer brought out the Combat Shotgun and attached the Explosive Shot mod.

He launched a grenade into the nearest group, hopped up on top of the APC as chunks rained down on him and bent the barrel of the turret. He tore off the hatch and launched another grenade into the interior of the APC; the explosion catapulting the Slayer into the air and taking out several more Sabers. He pivoted himself around in midair and began blasting the surviving Sabers with his shotgun as he fell downwards. Landing onto the skull of a soldier and reducing it to paste, the Doomslayer unloaded more shells into the Sabers and finished the last one off by throwing a combat knife into his throat.

The emergency generators came online at this moment and all of the lampposts as well as the lights inside every building on the island flickered back on. Looking up at one of the now-activated security cameras near a signpost and figuring that Nine was probably watching this, the Doomslayer went over to a dead Saber and ripped off his head. He held up the severed head in front of the camera, following up by crushing it in his grasp and sending blood and brain spilling onto the street. He glared at the camera threateningly, giving Nine a clear message: he was coming for him.

His HUD showed him the map of the island, showing thousands of red blips nearing his position as well as displaying how many Sabers were left on I-Island.

5,261 of them remaining. Time to get to work.

Bringing out the Chaingun, he swapped out the Mobile Turret mod for the seldom used Gatling Rotator mod. It may not have the destructive capability as its predecessor but the incendiary ammo was a nice touch. Running down the street, he made a sharp left and kept heading straight until he heard the telltale sounds of running footsteps and APC engines. He spun up the barrel just as he emerged from the street corner to come face to face against a small army of Sabers and Several APCs.

Since the barrel of the Chaingun was already spinning up, the Slayer depressed the trigger and the first few Sabers in from of him were shredded apart. But it didn't stop there: the bullets continued drilling straight through the ones behind them. The superheated rounds tore through the crowd, the slightest graze literally lighting them on fire and detonating the grenades around their belts. The tungsten bullets perforated the APCs and ignited the fuel inside them; creating more explosions amongst the army. Screams filled the air as the Sabers were cut to ribbons, blown to pieces and lit aflame in a domino effect of destruction. The Slayer walked forward as his Chaingun spewed white-hot death at the army before him as blood flowed across the concrete like a stream.

Once the last of them was gunned down, the Slayer heard several APCs approaching from behind and fast. Dispensing his Chaingun into his hammerspace backpack, he turned around and charged towards the APCs. There were eight of them in total barreling down the street and firing their coaxial turrets at him. The 30mm rounds that were being fired out of the barrels were capable of destroying a fortified bunker, tearing apart a lightly armored vehicle and vaporizing live targets. So it pretty much came to a jaw-dropping shock when the main gunners inside the APCs saw that the 30mm rounds were bouncing off the Tango Primary's armor like fucking golf balls.

The Doomslayer could feel the fist-sized bullets impact his armor but not stagger him in the slightest. It wasn't surprising given his first fight against the Sabers in his hideout; if the Hell-forged plating of his Praetor Suit could protect him from Hell energy and Demons alike then it had no problem repelling modern firearms. He closed the distance and jumped on top of the first APC and tore off the TOW launcher next to the turret. The Sabers inside the APC began to flip out.


The Doomslayer aimed down at the APC and pulled the trigger to fire a missile point plank at the vehicle which exploded into a ball of fire. He leapt off the wreckage and landed atop the 2nd APC, bringing out his Rocket Launcher and switching to the Lock-On Burst mod. He locked on to the other three APCs and launched the rockets at them before double jumping off the APC he was on and firing another rocket at it. The force of the explosion propelled him up into the air just as the APCs beneath him exploded and he locked on to three more vehicles as they fired up at him. He pulled the trigger to deliver his destructive ordinance again and fell downwards towards the last remaining APC just as the others were enveloped in massive explosions.

Balling up both of his fists, the Slayer slammed down upon the APC and crushed it with the force of a falling wrecking ball. The APC seemingly folded in on itself due to the extreme force and the occupants inside were instantly killed. His HUD began to pick up three very large groups of hostiles approaching his position from the three way intersection he was in. Looking down at the ruined APC beneath him, the Doomslayer easily tore off the coaxial turret and wielded it like a giant warhammer.

The first group of Sabers easily numbering close to a thousand arrived on the scene just in time to see the Tango Primary charge towards them while carrying a ruined APC turret in his hands!



What happened next could only be described as an utter bloodbath. The Doomslayer swung his makeshift weapon downward at the Sabers and splattered them like they were flies. He charged at the mercs and while swinging his club to and fro so hard that most of them exploded into viscera from the force and weight of the weapon. Sabers were sent flying with a majority of their bones reduced to paste and slammed into building or through windows in broken, crumpled up heaps. The Doomslayer continued to crush the opposition in a frenzied fury, each soldier exploding like a balloon from every swing of his club. The gore began to splash over his Praetor Suit, literally painting him with the blood of his enemies and further demoralizing the Sabers who wildly fired their weapons at him. The Slayer began to spin around like a top with his club in hand, utterly destroying the Sabers and sending them hurtling into walls where they splattered against them and staining the buildings red. He finally threw the ruined turret into the crowd, shredding apart most of them in its flightpath before slamming into a building while pancaking more unlucky mercs against it.

He pulled out his chainsaw and leapt into the fray with all of the rage-filled zeal he had during his fight against the Demons in Hell. He became a walking storm of hate and rancor: he ripped and tore his way through the crowd with his saw as their bullets ricocheted off their armor and back into them. Time seemed to blur for the Slayer as he sliced several heads off in one swing. It was one of those rare moments during the eons in the Dark Realm where he entered a berserker state without the use of a Berserk Sphere. He put away his Chainsaw and grabbed a Saber by the sides of his head, tore him straight down the middle followed up by shoving his fist through the chest of another Saber before back fisting the head off the one next to him. He then dove into the middle of the army and began ripping off their heads and limbs while punching though their bodies and sending most of their blood and entrails splattering across the ground. Time lost all meaning to the Doomslayer and he tore through the mercenaries. All he could hear were screaming, bones breaking, flesh tearing, gunfire, men barking orders and blood spilling across the ground.

After what seemed like mere minutes to him, the Slayer finally snapped out of his haze and could only see red in his vision. Wiping off the blood covering his helmet visor, he found himself standing atop a small hill of eviscerated corpses with an ankle deep lake of blood around it with more dead bodies floating amongst the remains and fires dotted all over the place.

The first of the two large groups arrived at the scene and stopped dead in their tracks. Many of them were shaking with fright or outright vomiting inside their masks. They never took their eyes off the armored intruder who was quite literally drenched in blood and standing atop a hill of their comrades, all of them dismembered and butchered beyond recognition. It was like they were looking at a vision of Hell.

A fate that awaited all of them for murdering innocent Heroes for years.


The Slayer instantly spun around while pulling out his Gauss Cannon and fired at the sergeant. He was instantly railed into oblivion along with dozens of Sabers unlucky enough to be behind him. He leapt off the bodies and quickly exchanged his Siege Mode mod with the Precision Bolt mod as the Sabers opened fire. The Doomslayer began scoring multiple headshots, each kill detonating the body of the dispatched merc in a volatile discharge which took out anyone near the blast radius. Due to the Sabers being so densely packed against one another, the Precision Bolt blasts were rapidly thinning them out and covering them in the steaming blood of their vaporized squad mates. The Sabers at this point were now completely demoralized and began to flee for their lives. The Slayer followed after them while launching more ionized flechettes at them before putting it away and turning to the third Squad coming at him from the opposite street.

He pulled out the Chaingun and HAR, dual wielding them with ease and unleashing a hailstorm of incendiary tungsten rounds, 50 caliber bullets and missiles at the army before him while slowly marching towards them with his fingers on the triggers. The Sabers in the front barely had time to bring up their weapon as they were mulched into red paste along with the others behind them. More and more of the mercs were killed in droves until the ones in the back that hadn't been killed started to run for their lives as fast as they could.


The Doomslayer stopped firing and watch the Sabers run away in the other direction, leaving their dead or dying squad mates behind. His HUD began to show the Sabers in the central quadrant of I-Island retreating to the central tower or staying near the vicinity of the tower; most likely fortifying their positions. He was almost going to head right on over to the central tower and take them out along with Nine but then he noticed there were still more Sabers located on the right quadrant of the island which hosted their expo events.

The Doomslayer stood still, deep in thought. He could attack the central tower now but that would still leave potential reinforcements holding him up if they ever grew brave enough to stop him. That and if the Heroes ever decided to storm the island then they would end up in the Sabers crosshairs. Not wanting to have any more Heroes die at their hands, the Slayer drew his Super Shotgun and made a break for the right quadrant of I-Island. The Slayer mentally remarked to himself how easy this was as he ran through the gore soaked streets.

Eons of fighting in Hell had rendered any non-demonic opposition virtually powerless against him. It made the Doomslayer feel oddly comfortable, figuring he needed a break from fighting Demons for so long. But then there were the super-powered beings of this world. He really hoped he wouldn't have to fight them.

Not that he couldn't easily beat them but rather because they were genuinely helping or saving innocent people. He didn't want to be lumped together with these Hero killers. Speaking of which…

3,724 remaining.


Within an abandoned factory, the sounds of a television set could be heard within the hollowed out assembly line. Up in the empty office area, a woman was seated at one of the remaining desks watching the TV. She was intently observing the news report as she plucked out strands of her blue and pink two-tone hair and molding them into bullets like they were made of clay. She never took her eyes off the TV as she loaded her specialized ammunition into her arm, which opened itself up into a magazine-like compartment made of muscle and bone.

An obnoxious American reporter was losing his shit right in front of the camera as police, military and Heroes were running around all over the place. The footage switched to the speck of I-Island out in the distance, thin trails of smoke coming from it along with the occasional popping of gunfire. Changing the channel, the woman watched another news report that showed a playback of the Vigilante who plowed his way through the port and put several Pro-Heroes in the hospital.

The man, shockingly enough, was powerful enough to one-shot the Flame Hero himself. Couldn't have happened to a nicer douchebag.

She switched off the TV, flipped open her personal laptop and scrolled though the internet until she came upon pictures of the Vigilante on social media. She eventually found a particular picture of him tearing off the arm of Tomura Shigaraki, confirmed by some sources to be the leader of the League of Villains. She zoomed in on the Vigilante and leaned in closer to the screen. Taking on the LOV was quite an accomplishment but waging war against the most feared mercenaries in the world? This guy had to be tougher than tungsten and meaner than Hell.

"A man after my own heart." Lady Nagant smiled as she brushed aside her locks of hair. "Hope you live through this..."

To be continued…

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